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POHNPEI,  SEEN FROM BLACK CORAL ISLAND TROPICS THUNDERHEAD Pohnpei Micronesia as seen from Black Coral Island 265DSC03042Pohnpei.jpg4/56/88/107 purchase photographs from my website linked below 137.jpg 36 at Nan Madol Ruins.. see the GROWING GALLERY OF POHNPEI VISIT AT... 353m105DSC02434BESTROOSTERKASELELIA.jpg I WAS DRAWN TO THE FAR AWAY BLUE!!! amid... rubble...
younggirl.jpg/11 KOOLAID.... please send me your email address...THIS HAS BEEN A LOST IMAGE FOR ME... BUT was just  FOUND overlooked image... Pohnpei, Micronesia from Black Coral Island... PLAY BALL! POHNPEI, 8/39/52 MICRONESIA... SEE THEM ALL AT... 192GREETINGS62/91/97/101 FROM POHNPEI, MICRONESIA!
328n205..lateTAKING CARE! a peaceful 11/51/67/68/77 moment in Pohnpei, Micronesia where my son  teaches H.S. 2055Pohnpeian Flower!39/57/71 ... see a now growing gallery from Pohnpei at... 104THE MAGICAL CHILRDREN AND BEAUTY OF POHNPEI, MICRONESIA... SEE THE GROWING GALLERY taken 1 minute ago71/100/111 on back path from my son's home to Kolonia, town Pohnpei! 219*children on Pohnpei! Micronesia52/97/104
These three children are the ones i walked behind in a Pohnpei giant rainfall... and DSC02112.JPG57/x/80/84 194SURPRISE IN THE TREE GIRL!!!//69/121//126 194bPohnpei!../23/37 231b116BANANA TREE GIRL DREAM/33//63//68///68 maybe my very favorite image! a surprise dream in the tree
238*FLY!!! SEE YESTERDAYS/50/83 PAD... A SEQUENCE... THIS YOUNG MAN IS BEEN LAUNCHED BY MY SON 163posted from Pohnpei,71/88/92/96 Micronesia by satalitte dish... see my pad= one pic a day DSC02185.jpg POHNPEI, MICRONESIA see from Black Coral Island surpriseonwaytopohnpei.jpg25/52/58 Pohnpei sunset! 49/69/71
todays dawn on Pohnpei,29/42/48 Micronesia... privious image is last nights setting THE FREEDOMS, TAILGATING... AND PEACE AND MUSIC AND BEAUTY OF FAR AWAY POHNPEI 145SUNSET ON POHNPEI,46/71/81 MICRONESIA LAST EVENING... I walked DSC01600SHORTFIELD.jpg 6 RIDING THE ISLAND 'HOPPER' FROM HAWAII TO POHNPEI rickyannareann.jpg 3/37 . Pohnpei High Scool.
this mornings POhnpian dawn..44/65/71  too suble for most... DSC01740allin.jpg/12 DSC02513.JPG 34/51/56 DSC02338charliestore.jpg Charlie... see.... All 5 World Teach Volunteers! two of their  Students and their wonderful Host MOM!!!
DSC01862BBQ.jpg..x/33/49 DSCN5428.jpg ....... LIFE >>> COLOR>>> EYES! Pohnpei Micronesia, my son  volunteer taught Pohnpei Classroom DSC02966fish.jpg 7/38 The Eyes of Pohnpei!
brother/17/ and sister at the end of Rob's driveway... in their banana tree play house FOOD FOR24 THOUGHT FROM GRACE'S SPECIAL BAKERY! these are the peace cranes i brought for the children of Pohnpei, Micronesia... .see... DSC02110fiveboysandog.jpg these boys are Rob's closest neighbor... sweet boys with dogs and roosters! DSC01532cockpit.jpg 0/33 new 737/800/900 series... runways 5700'
Family at fish market, Pohnpei, Micronesia! 9/29 DSC03264_2.jpg Ladies and Gentleman... we will be landing... land or sea DSC02383kids+.jpg0/32/45 DSC03259Anna.jpg..x/13/22
DSC03333becky+.jpg/12/24 DSC01935muchsearv+.jpg/20 DSC02516twoeyesup.jpg0/30/41 DSC01461curvedearth.jpg/17 DSC03236pohnman.jpg
DSC01976FOURFRINEDSANDBIGSKY.jpg Family!... Pohnpei Host Family and Peace Core Volunteer! DSC02709iconicgirl.jpg I LOVE THIS MOMENT AND IMAGE! I ALMOST DON'T CARE THAT IS IS A BIT SOFTLY :) FOCUSED! DSC01772sitting.jpg/x/17/21 DSC02583younggirl.jpg
DSC03340fmaily.jpg/19 DSC00965lookingdownatknitting.jpg 2/32/38 boysplayball.jpg 0/28/32 DSC02708_2croppedgirl.jpg DSC02135boathut.jpg
DSC01838two.jpg DSC03245falls.jpg/14/21 MUCH WATER, LITTLE LAND... island hopped in the new 737/800/900 series... DSC02326truck with music.jpg 2/19/23 Pohnpein Eyes! what/2327 do the words on their shirts say?
DSC03341johnyanname.jpg DSC03525CANOESURF.jpg maine scene thru windshiel may 7th 06/9 DSC01846sisterdog.jpg/6/14/20 DSC02959MARKET.jpg
DSC01788roosterboys.jpg/x/11/15 twowalkers.jpgx/12/15 after 18 hours of flying through coluds and sea... My first glimpse of  Kosrea! DSC02755ricky+.jpg DSC02360walkalone.jpg
DSC03032friends.jpg 0/18/25 DSC02109ROBSDOORANDROOSTERBOYS.jpg DSC02362littlewalkercloser.jpg waikikiview.jpg DSC01797dreamygirl.jpg/1
DSC02418walkers.jpg DSC02441fourboys.jpg DSC05470.jpg can someone remove the green? :) DSC02683threegirlseyesup.jpg approacingpohn.jpg/0
DSC02150.JPG 33/5357 DSC02275BLUEHARBOR.jpg DSC03337motherson.jpg GREAT FREIND!!! BEN AND HIS POHNPEIN BBQ!!!  have a fresh cocunut after school! DSC01761POHNPIE 14/26/30
DSC02412storedarker.jpg/2 DSC02684GLEEoverexplosed.jpg DSCN5413store purple open.jpg5/20/23 CLOUDS1.jpg DSC020873flowers.jpg
DSC026802girlspohnpeibench.jpg DSC02829stairs.jpg/9 DSC03338twogirlsatairort.jpg DSC01652wetwindow.jpg DSC03165clouds2.jpg
DSC01539terminal.jpg DSC02456storepalm.jpg 0/18/21/28 DSC02775don.jpg DSC02470moreofrobsclassroompostedalmostatmidnight.jpg DSC01529cockpitdarkertpseeflightplantheislanhopper.jpg
DSC01752green.jpg DSC01765.jpg 1/20 These are prints of Rob's photographs on the inside of his classroom door revealing Pohnpei DSC02579pinkgreen.jpg 3/15/16 DSC03317airport.jpg
DSC02345towshadowboys.jpg DSC01701landing.jpg DSC02423.jpg