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4,000 IMAGES

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DSC04097.jpg my last 3 pads are ISLAND SUNRISES like my profile image... also see my barn gallery for more.... DSCN8628.JPG 24xxx198 DSC09617.jpg
DSCN0042handheld3inarow.jpg DSC01838two.jpg DSCN4154.JPG DSC04979harryeyes.jpg HARRY at PORTLAND STREET DINER... my show goes up on these...
DSC09317.jpg 'MERMAID' after one large splash at portland headl light.. a figure appeared, submerger and... DSC00511.jpg sunset the cliff's of Moore... this light made it so we never ever really got there :) DSC03245falls.jpg/14/21 137DSCN2797.JPG 31
DSC04456.jpg DSC020873flowers.jpg DSC06844_2.jpg THE WISPY MOMENT JUST BEFOR SUNRISE  at portland head light DSC02135boathut.jpg
TRUCKIN... the creative expressive artistic life! of an artist... bethlehem, N.H. DSCN4153.JPG DSC06849.jpg 38DSCN3194.jpg lobster traps pattern an old harborside home Southport, Maine
DSC00267.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE by donald verger DSC03799.jpg in the beginning DSC03864.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES by donald verger sunrise :) october 1 DSCN4147.JPG//8
DSC00463wedding.jpg DSC00951.jpg THE LIGHT first shot hand held on arrival this am... with nor easter approaching P1050565.jpg see this wonderful home/barn/structure in this gallery and DSC03341johnyanname.jpg
50. Karen Montanaro... see her center stage! DSC05450_2.jpg DSC04036.jpg DSC01846sisterdog.jpg/6/14/20
DSCN3464.JPG 5 DSC03525CANOESURF.jpg DSC00689.jpg early morning walk in Roundstone Ireland ... quiet light DSCN0569.JPG
TEA FOR TWO.............................................................................................4829_1 DSC09585.jpg I like this image alot!!! alot... well i love red, guess, and green to ans always white! DSC05350.jpg click!.... SUNFLOWERS SEEN THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS...
DSC00476irel.jpg DSC00057m.jpg just found ... portland head light enjoy the light of this day... PS... see yesterday's pad... maybe the fastest clicked! DSC09949.jpg
63DSC03682.jpg ill straighten it a bit later :), WHICH IS YOUR FAVE????  from this few hrs??? Pohnpein Eyes! what/2327 do the words on their shirts say? 9;DSC07215.jpg DSC07497.jpg new hopscotch friends, Talisha and Chris
setting moon.... moon set DSC00420.jpg see... DSC00061st1.2jpg TODAYS DAWN AT PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT ... THE QUEEN met Ian from England DSC08564.jpg
overexposed, badly focused... kind a like it... this is the pad i meant to upload  9661 DSCN4478.JPG DSC03812.jpg predawn MAGIC... a long story... but this moment lasted only about 30 seconds and was gone! portland head light moon... on my little peaceful pond!
DSC02326truck with music.jpg 2/19/23 DSC07212.jpg portland head light donald verger maine lighthouses 113DSCN0016_1.JPG59 DSC08090.jpg THE CURVED EARTH GENTLY SEEN portland head light donald verger maine lighthouses
DSCN3903.JPG 2/4 91 DSCN0393.JPG DSCN9713.JPG 35DSCN6501.JPG
DSC02008.jpg 69DSC09933.jpg Pemiquid Lighthouse Maine at sunset with crescent moon ... more lighthouses linked below DSC04467SHADOWSWITHPAUL.jpg 116DSC08950.may08added Rainbow over Nubble LIghthouse, which of these four would be best poster
DSCN4750.JPG  whoops!  wrong gallery DSC08311.jpg FLY THE WIND AROUND THE PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT RAINY MORNING DONALD VERGER DSC00303_2.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT DAWN WITH TINY GLOWING CLOUDS donald verger lighthouse DSC00251 BEACON PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT please seen the adjacent pad image linked below, it went on at midnight and
DSC04143.jpg DSC08440.jpg LYDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lost my focus on nubble light house! taken near the Weary Club, Norway, Maine DSCN9535.JPG
DSCN9670.JPG DSC00317.jpg PROUD LIGHT DSCN0062.JPG38 DSCN6982_1.JPG 70
2DSCN9288.JPG binary stars DSC06105.jpg 32...DSCN3962_1.JPG last nights sunset... hate it when i take a bunch and cant decide which i like best... this is 1 of 4
August 17th, 2005..8389.JPG DSC00078.jpg DSC07249.jpg DSC05284.jpg i bring only a bit of focus to things... found in the city scape here
DSC06767veticalgeranium1.jpg DSC02959MARKET.jpg DSCN7516.JPG DSC06740.jpg
DSC08040.jpg all these light house/sky images were last night... so varied, yet very ordinary light...almost left DSC02759.jpg DSCN9234.JPG 19quick shot...DSCN5327.JPG
DSCN6359.JPG DSCN0544_1monhegan shack.jpg 25.ICE OUT AT DAWN...MAINE JUST A MOMENT AGO......................DSCN0975.JPG DSC04408_2C.jpg... REVISTIED WIGGLY OLD FENCE LILAC BARN!!! lanscape
DSC09904.jpg also see DSC08479.jpg Nubble Light and Moon Light on the eve of the eclipse DSCN2151.JPG  109 127/139 FOR ERICH MANGLE!  RED AND WHITE ARE ALWAYS GOOD my cat barn white trimmed... the barn alone... my favorite image! :)
reconstruction/seeking... FINDING BEAUTY... 12eastern prom portland maine.. a few blocks from my new place... which of these two do you prefer 26DSC03226.jpg please comment on the one you like best and why??? thks, Ireland only Fiord DSCN2295_3.JPG 77
i now have 2006 calenders! $5 to hurricane relief... drop me a note if you'd like one DSCN0484.JPG P1100229.jpg 39DSC04286.jpg
4914.JPG i set my 8800nikon to whitebalance  flash minus 3 and used no flash after 18 hours of flying through coluds and sea... My first glimpse of  Kosrea! P1170695.jpg DSC00916.jpg see a lighter version next door in this gallery... portland head light
DSC05470.jpg can someone remove the green? :) DSC01788roosterboys.jpg/x/11/15 maine scene thru windshiel may 7th 06/9 29DSC09394.jpg wjocj= which of these two do yo prefer, why? tks
4. KAREN MONTANARO... renowned ballerina, dancer, mime, and teacher... DSC03812.jpg moments of magic before sunrise at portland head light 95DSC03393.jpg DSC07694650.jpg for scale see the yellow slickered brave person... 60+mph, PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT DONALD VERGER MAINE LIGHTHOUSES
DSC07201.jpg  live light DSC04855.jpg SUNRISE BREAKS over PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES BY DONALD VERGER DSCN5276.JPG DSC06262_2.jpg how might you improve this image?
DSC09797.jpg 200xDSC09687.jpg Vernazza, Italy ............... TWO WOMEN DSC05215.jpg 2,000,000 views yesterday
DSC04170lovers st scene.jpg.. happy moments DSCN0081.JPG 55 DSCN6502.JPG DSC02360walkalone.jpg
DSC00031.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE  by donald verger DSCN4143.JPG/0/1 i am trying to get ready for the open house tomorrow and saturday... and intern will help me twowalkers.jpgx/12/15
DSC00917.jpg the center moment of a pano i hand held yesterday... with seagull and lobster boat Portland Maine street scene by unfocused guy... Ps see yesterdays pad and... DSC00807.jpg ... :) DSC00530.jpg picnic umbrella girl :)
KAREN MONTANARO... :) 66DSC00186.jpg Little White Church Eaton NH drove there again, just made it in time DSC07660.jpg DSC04471PARKSTREETATANGLE.jpg
PRICELESS!.......hand in hand.jpg 65DSC02385jw2.jpg Nubble lighthouse patriots storm, do you prefer this one or the one linked below and why? thank you DSC01581.jpg DSC08182.jpg i like yesterdays pad a lot! bit dark?
DSCN2872.JPG 64/86 DSC03692.jpg my very last image 1/40 hand held, just got a tripod Jan 17#2 A SEA OF SEA SMOKE BLANKETS THE ATLANTIC OCEAN AND SURROUNDS THE PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT DSCN8309.JPG
DSC02755ricky+.jpg DSC052788800flip.jpg DSC01797dreamygirl.jpg/1 HARRY!!!!
DSCN9433.JPG Fasten your seat belts 8/31 feb4barntry2tiffpbase.tif my first real pano done myself with arcware software found by Lois and inspired/encouraged by her todays flowers before winter
DSC03436sf.jpg DSC04158.jpg alittle dark, ill try to lighten it in iphoto vectored back softly to earth... follow... follow the lights to settle back to earth DSC09825.jpg ATLANTIC SUNRISE seen from portland head light
DSCN3462.JPG 18/22/37/54 DSC05140.jpg Happy Sledding and Holidays! DSCN9812.jpg 1,000,000 views today... thanks for all your looking and comments!, don DSCN8616.jpg
DSC06779hooyhockbeuatyandjoy.jpg DSC09568.jpg seen ealry yesterday from PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT.. see them all at HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!! MAY the fire and warmth of life and light fill everyones day today! ps DSCN9670.JPG
ELM DSCN4271.JPG/0 DSC09649.jpg portland head light... 4th image...will pad an image soon DSC09852.jpg :))))))))))))))) portland head light this am... goin lobserin
DSC08428.jpg as as friend Maureen says...  the light house sees all these moods of ocean and sky DSCN0458.JPG DSCN0079.jpg 162DSCN2444.JPG 85
DSC00318.jpg OH! how i like this quiet purple sky. shot as i saw it... portland head light by donald verger DSCN2859.JPG 3/24/33 DSCN3880.JPG 8  62 DSC03458.jpg
DSCN0003.jpg a rembance to look thru old images... see images from an amazing morn on this lake DSC00436.jpg not portland head light for a change Nubble light york harbor 88DSC03503.jpg
DSC04264boat.jpg 113DSCN2640.JPG DSC02811.jpg Ram LIght at early Dawn DSC04040.jpg
52KENNETH LITTLE HAWK DSC03032friends.jpg 0/18/25 DSC03160.jpg rock at the base of what else? PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT DSCN9552.JPGv 20
DSC02773.jpg DSC08185.jpg please comment here... are YOU sick of light house images and never want to see DSCN9772.JPG 127DSC00765 Lightning Strikes over Portland Head Lighthouse quick moving storm front,not sure i should have stayed on the rocks
DSC08266.jpg 2;DSC07256.jpg can the car be photoshopped out i wondered?? DSCN8171.JPG
9DSC04503.jpg DSC02362littlewalkercloser.jpg DSC09817.jpg 425DSC00953.jpg Nubble Lighthouse cape neddick york beach maine... see more below
DSCN2649.JPG Splash of sun... red surprise... a detail from my yesterday's ..1 new picture a day gallery DSC00196.jpg balanced on rice bag on car window, HOLIDAY MAGIC at NUBBLE LIGHTHOUSE YORK MAINE DSCN9670.JPG
DSCN0164.JPG 86DSC01827.jpg  New Brunswick ~ Head Harbour Lighthouse CAMPOBELLO ISLAND SMALL PINK CLOUD/ todays sunrise... MY LAST PAD was the most clicked ever!!! of world renowned ballerina/mime Karen Montanaro DSC04530.jpg
DSCN0027.JPG ireland_sample-1.jpg 34one glorious day at a time...DSCN5204.JPG DSC07352.jpg dawn over portland harbor , from my deck :)
DSC00016.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT ligthhouses by donald verger homeward bound september 26 49Barn... dew drop...DSCN5025_1.JPG DSC00433.jpg not portland head light but nubble lighthouse like a doll house handheld :( by donald verger the Stadler Art Gallery... i will have the show in this wonderful! space...
DSC02441fourboys.jpg DSC02150.JPG 33/5357 DSC01057.jpg DSCN1205.JPG 66
DSC06716.jpg TODAY WILL BE HIGH IN THE 50'S, but rain coming tomorrow so gather nuts today! DSCN8959.JPG DSC09828.jpg BLUES trying to RETURN... portland head light
DSCN0512_1.JPG DSCN9189.JPG 6,DSC08222.jpg DSC09632.jpg
August 23 05 Dawn Breaks on Cats Feeet....8667.JPG DSC00101.jpg EIDER MIGRATION and SPRIIRT of EVERST and PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT donald verger Tugs lighthouse maine waikikiview.jpg DSC03534_2.jpg the Nor Easter with 8 inches of rain... abated abit, and i shot out the open window here
DSC00824.jpg DSC01867.jpg DSC01866.jpg THE VIEW OF DAWN FROM MY NEW LITTLE APARTMENT overlooking!!! :) Portland Harbor!!! DSC02418walkers.jpg
DSC02683threegirlseyesup.jpg DSC07386.jpg Blue Green Flowery Door... goodmorningeveryone 11. karen montanaro...   PLAY BALL!
DSC07426.jpg PLEASE COMMENT ON THE EXPOSURE YOU LIKE BETS AND WHY, THANKS, DON DSC04750.jpg was locked out of park this am... hiked in to this dawn PORTLAND HEALD LIGHT DONALD VERGER DSC00174.jpg LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS... HOPE DSC08499.jpg
DSC07430.jpg ''PROMETHEAN SUNRISE PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT DONALD VERGER LIGHTHOUSES CAPE ELIZABETH MAINE DSCN1177.JPG GREAT FREIND!!! BEN AND HIS POHNPEIN BBQ!!!  have a fresh cocunut after school! greenbarncroppedtight.jpg do you have any favorites in this growing effort to make panos???
DSCN0234_3.JPG 39 40searching for the light......DSCN4928.JPG DSCN3750.JPG 0/11/11/19  90
DSCN7258_1.jpg DSCN9227.JPG DSC00017.jpg THE QUEEN thrilled to find this image! of Portland Head Light back from september 4, 2006 DSC00860.jpg
DSC04084.jpg see this giant April storm at Nubble lighthouse york beach maine at... DSC07245_2.jpg Nubble Light Maine 45DSC03444.jpg i have finally decided that i think the image linked below is my FAVORITE for alot of reasons!.. DSCN0840.JPG
DSC00669.jpg we are all watching... WATCHING him, me, the cows... making hay while the sun shines! DSC09673.jpg DSC04310.jpg TATTERS DSC00136_2.jpg
DSCN0235.JPG 20. DSC09188small.jpg Karen Montanaro... Misteries Unfold! 3DSC08124.jpg yellow flower/peak thru
wildclouds.jpg... testing... THANKS TO Emmanuel Panagiotakis (epphoto) !!! for all his generous help... see his.. DSC02302.jpg while photographing the goat the HORSE just appeared and then disappeared... would you crop it closer??? DSC08436.jpg my sony only goes click click click 3 times... this was one quick click, while on cell phone with Lois DSC07501.jpg see a 2nd image4 of this bounddary marker and other new images at...
DSC00390.jpg DSCN3778.JPG 0 3/5  76 DSC08003.jpg borders book store parking lot last night... wild wind, life is good DSCN1336.JPG
approacingpohn.jpg/0 DSC02121.jpg DSC00333.jpg DSC07203800.jpg
DSC03337motherson.jpg DSC04013 LAST LIGHT AT PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT DSCN5413store purple open.jpg5/20/23 DSCN4599.JPG
DSC06347.jpg portland head light donald verger pinksky sea smoke 12images.jpg draft pano... DISTANT SEA SMOKE, BELOW ZERO PORTLAND HEAD DSC02275BLUEHARBOR.jpg DSC02025.jpg
DSCN0090_1interestingassemblage.jpg friends! Pam and Uttham... bethlehem, HH, oldest US theater, poetry capital 27DSC00199/57.jpg thanks to Dick Lowthian for photoshopping out my car mirror from the corner! DSCN5897_1.jpg
29DSC03504.jpg BLACK SNOW SQUALL tornado out to see in other images DSCN9914_2.jpg P1170707.jpg i love this little farm DSC07858.jpg
DSC08433.jpg DSC08766.jpg DSC08031.jpg DSC00340.jpg
DSC08234.jpg 23DSC02660_2.jpg do you like this one or the one linked below better for a postcard, thanks DSCN0041.JPGx128 DSCN5877POWWOWFRIENDS.jpg
DSC00902 jpg. WHICH is your FAVE???    left early sat for cold dawn hoping for seasmoke, heard geese behind me- :) DSC02412storedarker.jpg/2 DSCN5267_2.jpg this is the image... maybe alreday posted? that led to the moments... amazing grace milesqroadpano_2800.jpg i just took this yesterday and just made it, what do you think??? and
December 25, 2004 DSC07181.jpg DSC03055.jpg TWO NEW FRIENDS! on the first summery day in Portland! i am off to Camden! with my girlfriend! :) DSC00015truck.jpg
DSC09466.jpg  yes, i know it is crooked, BUT IS IN in focus for a change....................4778.JPG DSCN9488.JPG dec 15th again... ps people seemed to like yest pad... and in past days P1160832.jpg Lois has been matting a lot of my and a bit of her work :)
DSCN3395.JPG 58 DSC02836_2.jpg DSC02046.jpg out in the rain in Roundstone :), i have a tighter one but without the flower, DSC09856.jpg OUT TO SEA fishing the atlantic dawn
DSC05078pad, I Will be putting other images of this moment in the gallery linked below... DSC08170.jpg DSCN2809.JPG 33 DSCN2821.JPG 40
DSC01224.jpg rolled my car window down to shoot out passenger side after snow... and took this DSCN0011saw dusk shack.jpg DSC01761POHNPIE 14/26/30 DSCN5019.JPG
hey! noone saw my pad posted late last night :) last 5 or so pads have been sunrises same spot DSC00817.jpg in the pink :) Dorothea's Birthday Garden.....Kissed by the Light... a Birthday gift from Stanley :)
DSC00444.jpg 22/DSC07266.jpg DSC05460openstudioearly.jpg DSCN0426.JPG
DSCN1676_4.JPG 58 please see IMAGINE... images for peace... my first gallery and see Cory Bamburg's image DSC08038.jpg DSC03338twogirlsatairort.jpg
DSC04440.jpg DSC09743.jpg  CLOUD GULL at portland head light DSCN9811.jpg DSCN9371.JPG 26/34
DSC00078irl.jpg knocked on this door after landing... my girlfriend doesnt feel well... shot thur car windshield DSC00396.jpg THREE LIGHTS this wonderful crescent moon sky occurred 1/2 BEFORE sunrise! DSC00297.jpg DSCN0574.JPG
DSC09696.jpg quiet dawn at portland head light... see... DSCN9992_1nycstreetscene.jpg 105DSCN2648.JPG DSC03339.jpg last moments of quiet light and magic
DSCN0063.JPG43 DSCN1639.JPG 123 DSC02684GLEEoverexplosed.jpg DSC06531.jpg which is a better explosre?
DSCN7260_1.jpg 1st day of the release... asked permission... left my copy on a table... never DSC05852peakofflowers.jpg DSCN9876.jpg DSC06158.jpg  distant Ram Light Lighthouse portland maine at sunrise
DSC00066.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT lighthouse by donald verger september 22 DSC04783.jpg portland head light donald verger DSC02304.jpg rushing to get out earlier for the pre dawn right now DSC09129.jpg i like that this image of nubble shows the bit of wave as well
DSC03222.jpg Ram Lighthouse at Dawn, portland maine Karen Montanaro... see her face to face DSC05944nhflowers.jpg more flowers for the flower gallery and... DSC05283.jpg Flip! at the portland street market... winter is coming!
DSCN5243salvagecloseup.jpg DSCN4414.JPG/32 DSCN6800.JPG DSC00262.jpg
DSC07432.jpg DSC09714.jpg DSC06747.jpg IMPRISONED SKY DSC00350.jpg
DSC00007set.jpg VENUS SLEEPS last moment of hand held light, venus sets over the New England landscape DSCN0121.JPG DSC02829stairs.jpg/9 DSCN0436.JPG
DSC05982.jpg .............. last light DSC05235.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT ... COAST GUARD JET SEARCHGIN FOR LOST SEAMAN... SADLY DSC02470moreofrobsclassroompostedalmostatmidnight.jpg CLOUDS1.jpg
60DSCN2737.JPG DSCN0076.jpg a Christmas card??????? DSC03328.jpg from Ireland only fiord.. see other cloud images in this gallery DSC00691 PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES by donald verger october 4
DSC00618.jpg DAY BREAK at Portland Head DSC02775don.jpg DSCN9240.JPG DSCN2775.JPG
DSC07241.jpg DSC07346.jpg pre dawn! portland head light donald verger maine lighthouses DSC01752green.jpg DSC00138.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES DONALD VERGER SUNRISE
DSC00025.jpg DSC09784.jpg DSC026802girlspohnpeibench.jpg DSC06642.jpg
DSC05883hybiscusme.jpg HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOIS :)))))))))) 4DSCN9287.JPG eclipsing moon DSCN6992.JPG
DSC06458slinky.jpg Me? well a bit of stream of consciousness for a moment... DSC01498.jpg DSC07257.jpg more distant, more isolated, more quiet, to me more iconic and mysterious, see more at... 7DSC09715.jpg HERE COMES THE SUN
easterplaisteddawn.jpg just taken, would you crop this and is so where??? ps this is on a sloped hill DSCN0135.JPG DSCN2061.JPG sharply focused guy/200 DSC03333.jpg
DSC02033.jpg DSC01529cockpitdarkertpseeflightplantheislanhopper.jpg DSC06987.jpg American Flag and barn filled with hay not seen... this is my laundry line barn earlier DSC01539terminal.jpg
DSC00074.jpg DSC07861.jpg DSC00194.jpg DSC04552GREGORY.jpg
DSCN2536.JPG 24/44 DSC08640.jpg see similar image in my recent PAD... DSCN0077.JPG
DSCN3944.JPG 1  49 DSCN0858.JPG 6DSC00177.jpg DSCN8838.jpg
DSC01765.jpg 1/20 DSCN4536.JPG CARROT TOPS!!! portland market... please comment/vote your fave of the 4 recent lighthouses seen here DSCN9661.JPG
DSC08472_2.jpg 66 P1010025.149jpg 93 spotted in a window on long island maine... a quick hand held little image... available as a poster... DSC09796.jpg last shot last night 9/12 something different DSC01652wetwindow.jpg
DSCN9294.JPG...  quiet, a cloud blocks the sunligt DSCN7250_1.jpg DSC00143.jpg DSC00738.jpg
KAREN MONTANARO DSC06688.jpg portland head light donald verger lighthouses... handheld after the park closed DSC00316irealnd.jpg DSC04018.jpg
DSCN3909.jpg DSC00502.jpg see the link below :)))))) DSC00048l.jpg SEA SMOKE OVER THE ATLANIC Portland Head Light or THE LIGHT LIT Karen Montanaro
also see 2,000+ and 1,000+hits galleries and my barn gallery to see one like this 58mDSC03799.jpg DSC03902_2.jpg we just found this image DSC09636.jpg see them all, a still growing experience with the light and skies of portand head light
DSCN0455.JPG DSC06403.jpg DSC03165clouds2.jpg 57DSC00661.jpg Portland Head Light LIghthouse Seasmoke at sunrise see links below
DSCN2231.JPG These are prints of Rob's photographs on the inside of his classroom door revealing Pohnpei These three children are the ones i walked behind in a Pohnpei giant rainfall... and DSCN9204.JPG
x307xP1180489.jpg254x VERMONT~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! postcard picture state! DSC07898.jpg portland head light dawn DSC04812.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT AT DAWN DONALD VERGER MAINE LIGHTHOUSES DSC01459.jpg  Escher clouds the center of of a possible pano i could knit
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