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1960's? Courtesy of Daniel Worth

1960's - Duke Mansene's Spaghetti House restaurant in Miami

291 NW 37th Avenue (Douglas Road), Miami, Florida view map

Thank you to Daniel Worth for contributing this great image of a great restaurant at the time.

The back of the multi-view postcard of Mansene's says: "Mansene's Spaghetti House, 291 N. W. 37 Avenue, Miami, Florida (Opposite West Flagler Dog Track) Phone 448-2356 A Complete Italian Dinner at prices that can't be equalled (sic) by anyone. Mansene's Italian Combination Platter which consists of Spaghetti, Ravioli, Chicken Cacciatore, Veal Scallopini, Italian Sausage and Meat Ball, is known Coast to Coast. Our spacious, modern Dining Rooms will accommodate Special Parties, Banquets and Weddings. Our business is known for its Family Trade, Home Made Italian Sausage and Pizza. Take Out Order Our Specialty, (We Sell it by the Mile!). Cocktail Lounge -- Restaurant -- seating capacity 400. Nofry "Duke" Mansene, Chef and Owner"

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Alex 06-Dec-2022 03:45
My dad use to work there in the 70’s, his name is Sylvestre Bacilio from Peru, anyone remember?
Mary Cloutier 30-Oct-2022 20:58
I went there in the 70s with my grandmother and mother. I remember there were stuffed fish on the walls, and a beaded curtain. The meatballs were excellent. I was probably 11 years old or younger.
Leighton 04-Oct-2020 23:45
Currently there is a funeral home on the site, and it is possible that they rehabbed the restaurant, rather than replacing it. They look very similar in size and shape.
Guest 27-Apr-2020 23:32
Anyone know the receipe mansene’s used for their meat sauce spaghetti?
Carlo Melchiorre 03-Nov-2015 09:08
Fond memories of eating spaghetti dinners at Mansene's, My dad worked at Pan Am and we would go there often after work. I went to St Theresa's with Jamie and would love to hear from her. Wonderful times in old Miami.
Guest 24-Nov-2014 17:16
Thank you so much Don! I really appreciate the help.

Don Boyd24-Nov-2014 17:09
Hi Tracy, unfortunately the images on this site are small in size and the resolution is only 72 to 96dpi. Printing requires 200dpi or more to get a decent print. I suggest that you check eBay's "collectibles" section in the "Miami" subsection and see if anyone is auctioning off old photos or postcards of Mansene's. If you find a postcard, like the above image, you could have it scanned at much higher resolution and size, and then have someone clean it up in Photoshop and then make a beautiful print for your dad at Costco, CVS, etc. from the cleaned up image. Whether you can do it before Christmas is doubtful unless you can find the image being sold on eBay right away. Also, Google "Mansene's" to see if there are other sites with old postcards or images being sold. Good luck!

Tracy 24-Nov-2014 15:24
Hi, my dad use to work here and has so many memories and great stories from this restaurant. For Christmas, I was hoping to find something (most likely a picture) from Mansene's. Is there anyway to purchase one of these photos? I would greatly appreciate any help for a memento.
Guest 25-Jul-2014 21:40
My name is Rick, and i worked at Mansenes the summer of 71 as a buss boy. I also worked at PBA Park operating rides about the same time. Both jobs paid 1.00$ per hr.
Harry B. Schrier, MD 01-Jul-2014 13:40
I worked at Mansene's as a busboy in '60 with my friend Jack Gilbert, 75cents/hr. Duke seemed gruff but deep down inside he was a pussy cat and a really nice man to work for. He ran a great restaurant with excellent food. I lived at 3885 NW 2nd terrace but moved to the same address on NW 2 street in '60, near Joe S. who I did not know. In the early '70s while training in Anesthesiology at Jackson, we would eat at Mansene's with our young daughters after an afternoon at Policeman's Park. What great memories.
Joe S. 18-Jun-2014 17:10
Me again. I lived just west of here at 3891 NW 2nd Terrace. First block west of the Flagler Dog Track.
Joe Scalise 18-Jun-2014 16:53
My first job was here a a busboy in the late 60's, early 70's.
Linda S 12-Apr-2014 20:17
I used to go here with my grandfather and family when he came to Miami for the winter, back in the late 50's eary 60's..what a treat, loved their desserts. Graduated from Southwest Miami High 1964 LGS
fb 25-Sep-2013 13:11
is it true its opening up again? if so where?
Jose 23-Aug-2013 18:04
I remember the restaurant as I used to go there two and three times a week, for lunch and dinner. I worked at the Royal Trust Bank at that time, and some of my most wonderful experiences were here.
Bob G 18-Jul-2013 03:10
I worked there as a busboy my last two years in high school in the late 60's. Great memories. My first real job. I do not remember how I got the job, but I really appreciated the experience. Plus Jamie joined a group of students from my German class at HHS that spent six weeks in Germany and Austria one of the summers (1967?).
Vince Mundo 16-Jan-2013 22:13
Mansenes was THE PLACE to go after high school football games in the late sixties. I
went by the building a while ago and found it to be a funeral home now. Same building.
Guest 23-Dec-2012 01:31
I worked there during my junior and senior years of high school along with Tom smith and Ed coiling. What a great place to is ashame that places like this are a dying thing. Best Italian food in miami
EARL SEDLIK 17-Nov-2012 08:48
My Dad, Nat Sedlik, took us swimming at Curtiss Pool every other Sunday and we'd come home with this fabulous glass jar with a wire-pressure-sealed lid full of Spaghetti and Meatballs! there was a deposit on the jar and we'd bring it back for a replacement jar full of Spaghetti - and that great irreplaceable marinara and meat sauce! Earl Sedlik in honor of Nat and Jay.
Don Boyd04-May-2012 03:48
Jamie, thank you for posting your comments and for setting the record straight regarding the children of Duke and JoAnn Mansene. I'm sorry that both of them have passed but obviously they will never be forgotten by many old Miamians.

Jamie 03-May-2012 18:54
I just saw this website for the first time.. It is sooo nice to hear such found memories about my dads resturant. I am sure he would have gotten a real kick out of hearing how many proposals took place in the resturant. I worked at there from the time I turned 11 and later managed it for dad. Just to clear up a huge mis understanding, Felix & Jim Mansene are not & have never been sons of Duke & JoAnn Mansene. They had 3 daughters only.. Our Mother passed Nov 2010 Both are gone now & missed. They both would have loved hearing the very nice memories the resturant created. I too feel very nostalgic as I spent most of my youth there. Jamie Mansene
hulka 01-May-2012 21:22
Steve Hulka here again. Tom Smith hasn't showed up yet. Shame. We worked the restaurant together in 1967. Jamie managed it when her Dad was off. We all went to the Bahamas together where the Duke did business. Carol Young or yum or something :) was with us too. Got chased out of a restaurant for bad mouthing the place. I dated Jamie till I moved to Boca. Lots of good times. I guess I'm the only one who remembers. One more thing, My friend Jim Powel was dating Marion Abraham at the same time; doubled a few times. She always had the first Vette in Miami thanks to her dad. Abraham, remember?
Guest 22-Mar-2011 00:38
don, my father and uncle built a building next door to mansene's just after WWII, 1945-46 as a tyke we all ate there and they were best of friends. now i'm looking for any pics of my uncles building if available.
denese13-Nov-2010 04:43
Wonderful memories of this place. The first place I remember going as a kid with mom and dad. Thanks for posting this picture. My other favorite place was Shorty's BBQ, and it's still there!
Guest 11-Nov-2010 22:35
hi, i remember eating the spagetti as a kid, and how great it was
and the big jar it came in as take out.
wanted to know if anyone has the recipe or knows where i might find
it for their spagetti sauce, ? its the best sauce i have ever had, and would
love to try to make it myself and share with my daughters.
thanks if anyone can help
Guest 17-Sep-2010 18:14
Just a small point...Duke Mansene, owner of Mansene's Spaghetti House, was Felix and Jim Mansene's uncle. Their father was Tulio "Babe" Mansene. Felix's lovely Mom used to call he and I "Pete and Repeat," based on how much time we spent together at their home, elsewhere, throughout our tenure at Gables High. Stu H. Onward and Upward
Suzy 04-Mar-2010 04:17
I live in Arizona now, that is so cool, his sons left Miami for AZ too!!!
Ralph Estes 10-Dec-2009 16:05
Duke's son Jim owns a Bar and restaurant called "The Mad Italian" 101 South San Francisco St. Flagstaff AZ. His other son Felix owns the "Route 66 Road House" Bellemont AZ.
Michael Stephans 15-Feb-2009 05:17
What fond memories of a great eatery! My mom and dad took my sis and I there regularly. The Duke knew that I was an aspiring drummer (even at age 12) and every time he'd come to our table to say hi, he'd smile at me and say, "Hey, Gene Krupa, How ya doin'?" I remember Sunny, a great waitress who was there for years. And the food: Spaghetti and meat balls for $1.25, great minestrone, and the best garlic sticks I have ever had!

There were no cookie cutter chain restaurants in those days and at Mansene's, you were always guaranteed great food, a great staff, and of course, the Duke, who brought his own special vibe to everything. I'm still a drummer and there have been miles and years and a lot of drumbeats since those days. If Duke is looking down, I hope he's proud to know that he was a part of my beginnings as a musician. I was so fortunate to know him and to enjoy that great restaurant. [Mike Stephans]
Harvey 21-Jan-2009 02:28
Great memories. This was the first date with my future wife. It was also in the same relative position as the Red Diamond on LeJuene Rd as this was on Douglas Rd.
Food was great. The price was right. The atmosphere was outstanding.
Guest 15-Oct-2008 13:04

This picture from the restaurant has brought me back over 45 years. I remember being 5 or 6 and going in the door thinking of my usual order; spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread, what a treat. Many years later, after I met my husband Harold he told me he grew up right down the street on NW 3rd Street. This picture is great.
teresa 27-Sep-2008 13:56
If you are interested in the Mansene's matchbook or other Mimi restaurant matches, my email is and I have hundreds of matchbooks from Miami landmarks (retaurants, hotels, bars, etc.) dating form the 30's-70's so feel free to contact me if you have an interest in purchasing any.
teresa 27-Sep-2008 13:49
I have a matchbook with Duke Mansene and the restaurant featured. I would like to sell it to someone who remembers the restaurant. I live in Ft. Lauderdale. Contact me if you are interested in this matchbook from Miami's past.
Guest 07-May-2008 13:37
I was married to Jamie for 14 years, she now lives in Ocala. Duke died about 5 years age. He lived in Ft. lauderdale from the late 70's until he died. His wife is living in the Ocala area. I grow up in Miami Shores but had a lot of good times at the restaurant.
guest 04-Feb-2008 19:09
Brings back memories for me too. I dated the Duke's daughter for acouple of years after th e trip to Europe. Worked at the restaurant and the Mansene estate to make money to take out Jamie. wonder where she is. Also Tom Smith. We were Hialeah boys and she from the gables. Steve Hulka
Anita 25-Jan-2008 04:08
What a great web site. I love it. I must have missed this one last time I looked thru. We went to Mansene's all the time. That was back when they used real table cloths and napkins. My father worked for Riverside Laundry and they delivered to Mansene's . Yes there was a Mansene's on Bird road south of Flager but before Coral Way. But the favorite one was this Mansene's. Great food.
Michelle 29-Nov-2007 21:41
What great pictures of Mansene's. Born in 1961, I was too young to ever visit it, as I believe it closed in 1966. It was owned by my great grandmother's sister and her sister's brother-in-law (Duke).
Bill Campbell 04-Nov-2007 17:14
My parents would take me to Mansene's at least once a month (back in the '50s and '60s) and we lived in North Miami Beach. Duke would always come over to our table to make sure everything was always was. Saw Mayor Robert King High eat there often as well.

This is a fabulous website.
Ray 11-Oct-2007 01:41
I think one of my high school classmates, Charlie Mahoney, was a busboy at Mansene's. This would have been about 1974-75 at St. John Vianney and then St. Brendan's 1975-78.
Don Boyd23-Jul-2007 17:02
Bob, it was a great restaurant and evidently you were a cunning guy to ask Debbie to marry you there. She was weakened by the great food no doubt and she accepted your proposal. Haha. Don
Guest 23-Jul-2007 16:42
I also lived on 36 ct and 1st street. I worked at Mansene"s around 1962 & 63. They had the best garlick breadsticks. I do know that is where I asked my wife to marry me (1973) and where she told me of being pregnent with our first child (1977).

Bob Drake
Guest 16-Jul-2007 06:45
I forgot to add my name to my post just now...I am Sally and thanks again for this great's wonderful!
Guest 16-Jul-2007 06:43
Mansene's was on N.W. 3rd. St and 37th. Ave. I know because we lived one block over on 36th Court and my mother WORKED there for years! We named our dog "Duke" after the owner, and knew the family. The Flagler Dog Track was right across the street..also on the next block north was The Quiniela Bar. We had no AC and you could hear the announcer and all the applause and noise from the track. But it was definitely NW 3rd st, not 4th. Our address was 3625 N.W. 3rd. St, and it was on our street. Haven't seen a picture of it ever...almost forgot what it looked like! Brings back so many memories. After one hurricane, the mansese's sign ended up in our front yard! This was in the 60's. Thank you so much for this great picture!!!
Chris 15-Jul-2007 05:29
It was on Douglas and NW 4 street, Red Diamond was on Flagler and Le Jeune.
Guest 14-Jul-2007 16:47
There was also a Mansenes on lejuene rd. and somewhere around Flagler.......
Parks Masterson 10-Jul-2007 02:31
I remember Mansene's well. It was on Douglas Road across from the Dog Track. There is a funeral home on that location now. Great spaghetti! I really miss it. I had my first taste of beer there. Miller High Life from my Dad's glass. Does anyone remember when it closed?
Don Boyd08-Jul-2007 16:47
Thanks Dave, I thought it was on Douglas but wasn't 100% sure and I couldn't remember the cross street on Douglas. Don
Dave 08-Jul-2007 13:36
Great picture! Thanks again to Don for taking the time to amass all these great pictures of our miami memories! As I rememeber , Mansenes was on Douglas Road and was a real old fashioned italian home cooking type of place.