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2007 Howard Kleinberg

Great book for nostalgia fans - The Stingaree Century by Howard Kleinberg - SOLD OUT! See Books & Books

Front and back covers of book shown in image

This is an outstanding book detailing the 100-year history of Miami High School and the Stingarees. It is full of old photos, historical information and other great memories. I bought the book to gain some historical perspective and I'm glad I did even though I went to Hialeah High. The author is a Stingaree (MHS Class of 1951) and well known in South Florida from his days as editor of The Miami News and from his days as a columnist on South Florida history in The Miami Herald.

Unfortunately as of July 18, 2011, this great book is sold out at the Miami High Alumni Association which sold quite a few through this site. However, you can obtain the book through Books & Books at

Please do NOT send inquiries about availability to which is the photo hosting company for this website - they have nothing to do with the book. Thank you.

There is a great old 1929 video of a parents meeting at Miami High at . This priceless black and white silent video was uploaded by the Wolfson Archives.

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Fred DArwick 13-Dec-2013 03:08
An update to confirm that Books and Books still have 10 copies. Fred Darwick MHS '52
John oates 20-Feb-2010 16:57
Just had this site sent to me by a classmate- Class of '60, Rodney Reynolds. What great memories, both in the pictures and the comments. Shirley's was the best of the nearby hangouts. Did anyone really eat in the cafeteria on good weather days? Anyone remember the "theft " of the Coral Gables High "Rock". Benji Tecler where are you? Thanks for the nostalgia-always a "Sting" John Oates
Ray S. 24-Jan-2010 16:42
I was a Stingaree from 1973 to 1976 when I graduated. What times we had at the school good and bad. Lets start with the bad Ms. Levine for history...did anyone have you 1973-1976 and if you did , did you pass ... but also the good memories of my friends, the great teachers like Ed Rivas for Civics and the crazy things that went on. Skipping 1st, 2nd periods.. going to 3rd period (Mr. Larsen's french 2 class) for attendance then heading to Sambos (corner of 27th Ave and Flagler St.) for the rest of the moring coffee. Damn I miss those times.
Tom Poppino 10-Oct-2009 13:25
To all Miami High and or Edison High grads, I have a copy of the video docu called Mooney vs Fowle.....1962 Miami high vs Edison game played in the Orange Bowl, incredible as it goes inside the schools, pep rally, bands, interviews etc etc.......LMK if you would like a copy, no charge but I might charge the mailing cost, runs 1 hour Tom Poppino
Charles Knight 28-Jan-2009 04:00
Class of '74!
Guest 02-Jan-2009 00:40
Gema M. 16-Dec-2008 02:00
I am currently a student at "The High" as many like to call it now. It's my senior year and I dread the day that I have to say goodbye to what's been my second home for the past four years. I've been a majorette for the past two years and practically eat and sleep everyday in the Million Dollar Band's bandroom. Amazingly enough, "the pool on the fifth floor" is still talked about in the first week of every school year, and there's always at least a couple of Freshmen that fall for it. I hope that tradition never dies.

Gema M.
Class of 2009
usmcwife23-Oct-2008 14:23
I am a proud graduate of '73 and my mother was a grad of '40. I just ordered the book and can't wait to see it. As we all know once a Sting always a sting!!!!
Guest 12-Sep-2008 22:33
Mayra R. 30-Jul-2008 06:12
I am a proud member of class of 1976. It was so funny to read the previous comments about the pool on the top floor. We were still using that line in 1976! We sent all the Freshmen up the stairs to find the pool. Those where great days. I miss them...
Rrrrrick Lackey 11-Feb-2008 01:05
Proud member of the class of 66 ,still remember telling all the new 10 th graders about the private swimming pool up on the roof that never existed. Even looked for it myself when i first arrived.Remember charlie murdock from wqam radio being the marching band announcer at all the football games in the orange bowl.spent many a good time on that field.GO STINGS.
Joe Gonzalez 03-Feb-2008 16:53
I was saddened to hear the Orange Bowl will be demolished, where during my years at MHS, we played our home games. I was fortunate and privelaged to be a member of the team during the '62, '63, and '64 seasons. There was no greater thrill, I believe, for a young man at that time, than to step on to that field on game night and hear the crowd, ours and the opponents'. The midnight blue pants, jerseys, and the black helmets we wore added to the experience since they looked especially cool at night!

As for our beautiful and beloved school, I hope the announced restoration will achieve the return of the building to what it was. The dropped ceilings and dividers in the hallways are dreadful; hiding the beautiful arches and the view of the corridors.

The athletic field has been reduced with the addition of new structures but I'm certain that there remains traces of all the sweat, and some blood, we left there. At the end of practice we ran wind sprints, while Coach Carlton shouted, "These are the best days of your lives." He was right.

Joe Gonzalez, Class of '65
Ron Valdes 01-Feb-2008 19:38
I am a '56 Grad, my Mother, her sister and brother graduated from Miami Senior High School. There is so much history in that school. I couldn't wait to get your book. Good job! Does anyone remember Shirleys Rest., they had the best burgers and shakes. Wow what a book. You have brought my memories back one more time. Many Thanks fro writing your book, Ron Valdes
R 22-Jan-2008 03:42
Rachelle S. MHS 1957 - 1960I live in North Texas and havn't been back to Miami since I left after graduation in 1960.  The cover shows the beautiful grassy lawn of Columbia Park, that covered one city block, in front of the school.  Remember when it was converted to that awful blacktop parking lot in the late 50's or when our principal bought a new Ford Edsel the first year they came out?  If he only knew!  How about Mom & Pop's corner cafe where we could get lunch for 25 cents and still have half our allowance left? I also remember climbing four flights of stairs to attend chorus class in the "room at the top". Try that now without being late for class. It took me 43 years to achieve my nursing school goal and then decided to retire. I think MHS has brought back many fond thoughts for the majority of its alumni. Sadly, many have passed on but will be remembered with kind thoughts from those who knew them. May they rest in peace.
Guest 08-Sep-2007 00:51
Barbara Corvo
Class of 1990-1994
Guest 08-Sep-2007 00:50
Barbara Corvo

I'am so proud to be a Miami Senior High Stingaree, i just love knowing that i went to a school that taught so many people, and helped as well along the way! I became a Majorette my freshman year until my sophmore year & the experiance was absolutely amazing, i have made a great deal of friends. And i love Miami Senior High for it. Go Stings!!!
Bob Drake 30-Jul-2007 13:49
I ordered the book, I am looking really forward to reading it. I am a "66" graduate of MHS.
DDeBoer 06-Jul-2007 17:17
I am 65. I met my wife of 45 years at MHS. She was a majorette and 1962 grad. We moved from Illinois in 1955 and I started MHS in 1956. Anyone remember the Miami Jackson vs MHS football game at the Orange Bowl? It opened our season and ended in a reversal of calls for the winning touchdown at least 2 times. I think we won. There were fights all over the stands. Had my Stingaree jacket on and got beat up by Jackson fans twice. Ah, what memories.
Don Boyd26-Jun-2007 05:27
Thank you Fred but it my pleasure to help promote a great book like Howard's. Miami High is the dean of all high schools in this county because it was our first high school and so important to our community in the early years. Don
Guest 25-Jun-2007 19:45
Miami High grads and the Miami High Alumni Association appreciate the support of this TERRIFIC
The memories that continue to be generated by the new pictures and the enthusiastic response
from visitors make for enjoyable visits.
Thank you very much, Fred Darwick MHS '52