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1970's - a newer larger Lums, a Publix and an Eckerd Drugs on US 441 and Margate Boulevard

US 441 and Margate Boulevard, Broward County

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Oscar 05-Jul-2020 00:11
Just to the left of Lums across the street at the Kwik Check ( Winn Dixie for you youngins ) parking lot corner was my favorite burger place called the Royal Castle.
Chuck johnson 01-Sep-2015 20:29
I ate at Lum's many times on way home from classes at FAU.
Guest 27-Jan-2015 19:20
My mom worked for the Coral Gables Bank after the Lums Closed.
Ron 13-Oct-2014 21:52
John is correct about Winn-Dixie. That store closed in the mid/late 1980s as it was a very small store by modern standards. Winn-Dixie was closing a lot of those small stores and replacing them with bigger ones nearby. I think the replacement store was a bit farther south on 441.

As a side note, I actually had a meal in the Lum's when it was still a Lum's. I've also been in that Publix and the McCrory that is hidden by Lum's in this picture.
john 30-Sep-2014 18:08
i believe their was a winn dixie across from publix back in 1970
Kathy 19-Mar-2014 00:05
I live in Margate and moved here in 1965, this is state rd 7 (441) and Margate Blvd. it's a field of grass nothing is there the shopping center S.W. corner is still there the drive in is gone as well as motel and swap shop.
erich 15-Aug-2012 17:13

I was a kid in Margate in the 70s and i immediately recognized this as 441 and Margate Blvd. There was a dime store in the plaza that i think was a McCrory's (it's blocked by the Lums in the pic). Across Margate Blvd there was a Mr Doughnut in that plaza. I lived across the street from the owners, down the street from Margate Middle. I also went to Prince of Peace Lutheran church, and it is still there. This and other pics like this are very cool..thanks.

Jeff Elman 02-Jun-2011 17:54
The Lums became a Coral Gables Federal and Savings Bank and eventualy a restaurant. All you see in this picture is now FLAT. Margate is trying to redevelop the area.
Lumified 27-Mar-2010 06:35
We had 5 Lum's here in Austin, Texas. I worked as a Asst Mgr. at most of them. I really liked the Lumburger and the roast beef sandwiches. The fried clams were great too! I would come in the morning and prep two roasts to put on display in the rotisseries on top of the counter out front. We had all the domestic and foreign beers you could name. Working at Lum's was one of my first jobs after high school. Most are gone now or have been converted into other businesses. The one on Burnet Road that I worked at was bought by Loftin-Libertore as a franchise store. They had one near the University of Texas that was very popular with the college crowd. I have a lot of great memories from working at LUM'S. If anyone worked at any of the Austin, Texas Lum's let me know.
guest 07-Jan-2010 06:31
Lums in Margate to the left across street was a Royal Castle, my brother worked at Henderson funeral home behind the Royal Castle. I remember when you walked into that Eckerd Drugs they had a tube tester machine for testing radio and tv tubes by the front door, i bet some don't know what a radio or tv tube looks like.
Don Boyd08-Oct-2009 05:59
A sincere thank you to all of you who identified the location for us, we appreciate it!

Brian Osinski 07-Oct-2009 23:38
sorry everyone, this is the NE corner of 441 and Margate Blvd. the picture was taken from across 441 at the old drive-in.That was the first Publix I was ever in
Adam 15-Apr-2009 07:27
This is on Margate and 441, the Publix moved long ago and the Space became something else, the whole shopping center still looks the same other than being a pink color, the old Lums building was torn down not too long ago, I think you're right, hurricane Wilma really did damage to this shopping center, and is now abandon, it's going to be torn down within the next few months.. pretty sad, history all gone
linda 18-Nov-2008 14:27
FWIW, there was a Lums in Cutler Ridge, on South Dixie, just outside of the Cutler Ridge Mall in the late 70's. This isn't it, though.

I can't believe there is still one open!
filmless 04-Nov-2008 18:30
Could this be Margate Ave. & US441 in Coral Springs? I just shot what's left of this two weeks ago, but concentrated on the arrow itself, but it kinda sorta maybe looks like that little strip mall in this pix. The Eckerd's is now a printing shop (and a failing one, by the looks of it.)

At first I didn't even realize it was an old Publix thing -- what got my attention (i'm a Googie enthusiast) was the "V". Looks like a giant shot an arrow into the building ;o)

This thing won't let me post links, but if you go to flickr, and search tags for 'notquitegoogie' you'll find my shots of this now-deserted store (and its dying, rotting mall). The whole area looks like this now, it's kinda depressing =o/

I'm pretty sure your pic is Margate Blvd & 441. Same location I shot. A friend tells me there's a live, active publix in US1 + Atlantic that has their original logo with neons n' all. I'll have to go see.
Peter 02-Nov-2008 20:13
Correction - 47'th Ave.
Peter 02-Nov-2008 20:10
There was a Lums on 27'th in Carol City where I saw Jim kick and Larry Zonka after a game my dad took me to. the neighborhood Publix was on Miami gardens drive and 37th ave, with a Grants City.
Guest 26-Sep-2008 04:21
This looks like the Lum's in Margate fl. in the late 60's or 70's we use to eat there all the time, what i'd give for a Lum's hotdog , growing up in S. Florida in the 60's and 70's were great
Guest 12-Aug-2008 22:35
BTW There was a Corral Restaurant where the Miami Subs is on the south side of Coral Way and 87. It was a fast food place that served steak sandwiches -- kind of like an Arbies. We used to hang out there when I was in Jr. High in the late 60's.
susan 12-Aug-2008 22:26
Definetly NOT Westchester. I worked there in the early 70's and grew up in the area. Publix is on south side of Coral Way, and Lum's was on north side where Pier 1 is now. At first I thought 107 & Kendall, but I don't think so. Don't forget the Lums in the Grove across from Peacock Park (but, of course this is not it). I believe there was also a Lums on South Beach. It's definetly not the one on Bird and 54th or Kendall & US1. I know there was still a Lums somewhere up in Broward 10 years ago -- I ate there. Anyone know if it's still there? But this picture...I give up!
Mizzy 05-Aug-2008 02:32
The Publix on Coral Way and 87th is now gone. All that's left of the mall is Walgreens and TJ Maxx now
lmartin23-Jul-2008 17:10
Was that a Burger Castle on the northeast corner?
michael tandlich 16-Jul-2008 05:22
you guys must be young, i graduated coral park in 68 there was a lums in the westchester mall later, but first we had BURGER CHEF owned by the BROWN FAMILY. Ellen Brown was in my class. her uncle owned a resturant on the sout side of coral way and 87ave but i do not remember the name.
Miamigrl 29-Jun-2008 06:52
A Home Depot is going to replace the K-Mart on Coral Way and 87th Ave in Westchester. Lila's and the rest of the mall has been torn down. The Publix is still there.
rick 28-May-2008 04:18
the kmarts gone. that whole mall is being torn down. anyone know who's comin?
lmartin23-May-2008 05:23
So now that we all agree this is not Westchester, where the heck is it?
Larry Martin
Keith 16-May-2008 08:09
Hi all,
Hi all,
This is not 87th and Coral Way. The Lums (in westchester was) on the North side of the mall. (the playworld side) As was the Eckerd drugs. The Lums in Westchester was where Pier One Imports now sits. (roughly) If this were Westchester there would be a Sears catalogue Order store next to Publix and that Lums would be a parking lot. I still live in this neighborhood.
lmartin10-Mar-2008 21:52
Again, Tim is right. The Lums was in the open Westchester Shopping Center on the north side of Coral Way that also had the Westchester Theater in the corner. There was a Lums in the wing that ran north-south. The Publix is on the west end of the Westchester Mall which is on the south side of Coral Way. It is bigger than this and there was a Jackson Byrons in the middle area of the east-west wing. K Mart made up most of the north-south wing of that Mall and as far as I know is still there.
Larry Martin
Tim Kallaher 09-Mar-2008 22:54
The Lums on Coral Way and 87th Ave was on the northeast side of Coral Way in the Play World Shopping Mall. It was on the south end of the mall. On the southeast side of Coral Way was KMart and J Byrons. J Byrons would have been in the space that this Publix occupies if this were the right mall.
Guest 19-Feb-2008 06:54
This is ABSOLUTELY Coral Way and 87th ave. I used to eat at this Lums as a child. There is now a Miami Subs in around the vicinity...Publix is still there of course. There was a restaurant in this shopping center called Lila's...may still be there.
Jonas 02-Feb-2008 05:03
I agree with Jerry below. This looks exactly like the shopping center in Margate on the corner of Margate Blvd and 441. The shopping center still stands to this day but was badly damaged by hurricane wilma. The old Publix building is still intact and Eckerd moved across the street a few years ago. The small strip of stores to the left of Publix looks identical to the way it looks today. Very little has been done to this center since it opened in the late 60's. Margate is in the process of trying to revitalize this section of the city.
lmartin30-Jan-2008 18:39
You may be right about Coral Way and 87th but I do not remember a Lums ever being in that location. Also, this would be on the south side of Coral Way where the "Mall" would have been and the stores to the left of Publix look open and not enclosed like the Mall. Further, there was/is an Eckerd's on the north side of Coral Way that and I doubt they would close this one and move across the street and sell to Walgreens which did happen to be in this location. So this is similar to the location at Coral Way and 87th but it just does not all fit.
L Martin
Guest 19-Jan-2008 00:46
Lourdes - Mike you are absolutely right... tis is on bird and in that shopping mall was the famouse j byrons which I beleive no is TJ Maxx and next to the Pubix is a Walgreens
Juan R. Pollo 25-Nov-2007 23:26
I think this is not in Dade County. In the 1980 Miami phone book there are no Lums and Publix listed in the same immediate area. The closest was on Coral Way and 87th, with Publix on the south side and Lums on the north side of Coral Way. But this picture is of a small shopping center, Westchester mall is much bigger.
Mike Hartnett 19-Nov-2007 09:24
I think this is on 87th and Coral Way. Westchester mall. Publix is still there.
Lums site turned into a Miami Subs? later on.
robert cruz 28-Oct-2007 08:28
this kinda looks like kendall drive and 107th ave to me. publix and eckerds in the right place but i dont recall a lums as theres a bank building in tha spot now.
Juan R. Pollo 10-Oct-2007 18:21
And for us Stings, the one on SW 27th Ave. and 1st St, and the one right next to the 12th Ave. bridge on the SE side. Actually, we had a lot of eating places around MHS, Sambo's, Golden Nugget and Lum's were all on the same block. Come to think of it, wasn't there a topless bar between Golden Nugget and Lum's? I'm going back to 1970.
russ 26-Sep-2007 19:14
P.S. There was a Lums on the North side of Coral Way and Sw 85 ave across from the KMart, also on Miami Beach at Meridian and 5th st, US1 and about 43 ave on the Northbound side- it was a oriental place afterwards and Bird and 59 ave across from the Goodyear Tire store west of Allen's Drug Store. I'll think of a few more as I sit here and reminisce.
russ 26-Sep-2007 18:55
There was a Lums on US1 and Kendall Drive (SE Corner of the intersection). My Mother work at Jordan Marsh in Dadeland on Saturday's till 1pm and my Dad would take us at noon to Lums for Roast Beef or Chili Dogs and beer, Busch for dad and root for us boys.
Guest 25-Sep-2007 22:29
There was LUMS in Homestead. I think it was either on Krome avenue or one block east of Krome avenue.
Guest 27-Aug-2007 07:59
There was a Lums in Kendall. I think it was on 127th Ave. My husband worked there.
Guest 09-Jul-2007 02:42
is it the one in c. creek with the arcade/skateboarding joint or the peppertree plaza one?
JERRY 02-Jul-2007 13:35
Guest 27-Jun-2007 13:07
I dont remember a Lums that far south, and the Eckerds [CVS] is on the east side of the present Publix on 107 and Kendall.
Don Boyd26-Jun-2007 23:55
There was no comment with the image so I don't know.
Guest 26-Jun-2007 21:19
What's the QTH for this one? 107 and Kendall?