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1965 - Lum's at 2900 NW 79 Street, Miami

Miami, Florida

I loved the beer steamed hot dogs and sauerkraut at Lum's, along with the beer when I was legal. This Lum's was located due south of the Northside Shopping Center which was on the north side of 79th Street. We used to patronize this Lum's at lunch or dinner time while working at Sears Northside in the early 70's and it was nothing to drink two huge beers with our meals and then go back to work.

One original Lum's was still in operation on Davie Road just south of Broward Community College and FAU's Broward Campus. Their hot dogs and beer are just as good as the old days and it's a great trip back in time to eat and drink there. Unfortunately the new owner closed the Lum's and re-opened as the Flashback Diner. The Flashback Diner is excellent and they still offer the Ollieburger which tastes just like the Ollieburger from Lum's.

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Guest 18-Sep-2015 06:57
I just found your site after looking up the A then ' s Fruit Shippers in Miami Beach. They were located right next to my Dad's bar- Lum's! The bartenders were Don Michelin and his brother, Billy, and Lenny Zlotziver, who was my father! I used to sit in the big red leather booths and have lunch there. I never really liked the burgers, my faves were either the hot dogs or the oversized ham sandwiches! The original owners of the fruit stand next door were Gustav and his wife, Evelyn, and Pete. I used to play with George and Tom, who now run the place! On the other side was Augustino's, a very, very lovely, classy Italian restaurant owned by Junior Augustino. His mother sat by the front door, always in a formal, old-fashioned black dress, and greeted you. His brother's equally famous restaurant, Raimondo's, is still around, I believe. But, for me, Lum's was where my Dad worked from the late 50 ' s to when it closed. I also remember the Perlman family, who owned it, and playing with Richard , their son. Yes, lots of great memories of the beach back then. Dad met many famous entertainers who would stop in for a quiet drink after playing in the nearby hotels. I remember one lovely gentleman the most; he sat me on his lap, and told me to "tweak his schnozz" ! It was the funny and charming Jimmy Durante, who took a few minutes to be kind and amuse the bartender ' s little girl! Ahhh, Lum's!
Guest 2 03-May-2015 02:46
Lums was the best. Loved the Ollie Burger used eat at the one by the Civic Centre near the bridge. Also by the Hospitals. There was one on Biscayne Blvd. itself & another one by the Airport. They even had one in Nassau Bahamas.
Guest 20-May-2014 17:46
I keep returning to this particular page every few years to see how it has 'grown' in new comments. Heh.

To the one who made a comment about Lum's using the slogan, "Use it, but don't abuse it..." Of course they were referring to the ketchup and other condiments for their food items. but it actually originated as part of the 'hand-written' cards that populated the original Ollie-Burger' restaurant back in the day, on 23rd Street in Miami Beach... *yes the Home of the original Ollie-Burger* which Lum's later bought the recipe out (but never could fully duplicate in quality).

These 'motivational' signs were generally hand-written, and spread out over the Ollie-restaurant seating area (he had about 5 booths and some bar-stools for seating in the small establishment). The reason for the, 'Use it, but don't Abuse it' sign, was a 'compromise which Ollie made for having ketchup and mustard jars even made available at the eating tables! See... Ollie (and most ALL his customers) believed that his hand-crafted burger 'masterpieces' were perfection on a bun, and of course he was right. They were THE best burgers. So it would sort of 'tick him off' when he would warily watch some 'Ollie-burger' eating 'newbie' come in, and ruin those creations with a liberal amount of Heinz-57 slathered all over the juicy-meat and melted-cheese. Horrors! Ollie would even sport some genuine outbursts over this seeming atrocity, and come after the fool with his spatula, telling them to, "STOP RUINING MY BURGERS" (even though the customers had paid for them)! So over the years a compromise was reached (or Ollie just finally accepted it) and the customers were no longer getting berated for their choice of adding a topping to the burgers. A hand-written sign was placed out that simply said (in regards to the bottles of ketchup or mustard toppings) "Use it, but Don't ABUSE it!" And the Ollie regulars there knew what that sign was in reference to!

Another such 'motivational' sign was posted upon the front door of the Ollie Restaurant: "The Taste of the Ollie-Burger is Long Remembered... After the Price has been forgotten." Very true. Back then in the late sixties, early seventies. Ollie was sporting his classic Burger-meal for $1.65. That cost is *laughable* now, but back in those days it was not cheap for a restaurant-made hamburger! So that was just another little reminder from Ollie and Company, that the patron just had.. literally.. the BEST Burger in Town! :)
Guest 13-Sep-2013 01:12
My family owned the Van Dyke apartment house o Lincoln Road in the 60's and rented downstairs to Lums I was told it was the first of their outdoor cafes.
Bruce Fender 28-Jul-2013 23:35
This particular Lum's was one of the first places I went to eat when I started driving in 1966. I discoverd fried clams at Lum's, still a favorite of mine. I also frequented the Lum's on the Palm Springs Mile in Hialeah.
jmore 19-Jul-2013 07:36
how about nw 12 ave and just south of the river
or 27 ave and sw 1 street
Darlene Garcia (formally Hall) 01-Apr-2013 16:02
I use to live right behind this Lums in J Bar J Trailer Park. I can remember asking my Mom for money after school to go there for a hot dog and fries. The waitress would always give me a free drink. We use to play ball in the back parking lot. There was a Firestone tire right next to it. I even rememeber when they closed this place down, we were all so sad to see it go.
Stephen P Stacy20-Jan-2013 22:59
I was to this location but mostly the one on Palm Springs Mile on 49th in Hialeah. Didn't they get the name from an old radio program called Lum and Abner? (my step father used to say that...)
Hylan 24-Aug-2012 12:22
Did you know that the first Lum's was a small bar on 41st street in Miami Beach? My mother used to send my dad to get those famous hotdogs steamed in beer. Back then, blacks were served in the back of the bar, with a separate entrance in the rear as well.
Guest 07-Jul-2012 16:49
I bet Dennis' recipe for the true 'Ollie Burger' fails to mention the ashes from Ollie's lit stogie he used to sport as he sweated over the hot grill all day long with his signature spatula in hand. ;) Ollie was typically dressed in a short-order cook attire (short pants, t-shirt and cooking apron) and you could just see the beads of sweat on his brow.

But who cares, Ollie DID make the absolute best burgers around (We Use Colorado Beef - Nation's Finest). And sorry, the Lum's chain tried, but could not make the Ollie-burger anywhere near the quality size, flavor and texture of his original-style hamburger. Plus they never EVER had any 'special sauce' put on the buns, that was a Lum's trick only.

His wife, Terrie (Terry?) would handle the register in the small hole-in-the-wall diner he owned (on 23rd Street, MB, FL) and she would at times have to calm her hubby down when he caught a customer using a liberal amount of ketchup or mustard on his perfectly-seasoned culinary masterpieces.
Shawna 16-May-2012 16:44
Hi there everyone... I dont know if you all can help but I am trying to locate the owners of the Lums off of US1 and Kendall. I have searched the web high and low and cannot find any info on that particular location. Any suggestions?
Bill Fisher 24-Feb-2012 23:27
Hey guys,..don't forget the Lum's on west 49th street in Hialeah. Went there a lot in the '60's. Not there anymore, but it was fantastic! Yummy yummy!!
Guest 24-Apr-2011 02:40
OK! Someone please post the secret recipe for the sherry flavored kraut.
I found the one for the beer steamed dogs. and I think that caraway seeds were major to both.
jgalitz23-Feb-2010 23:47
Here is the email address to purchase Ollie seasoning. This is the real one. I used to go the original Ollies near Beach High. The way I make Ollie burger is I mix half lb chuck and lb half sirloin with one egg. Then mix in a small amount of seasoning into the mix (about 4 tablespoons). Each burger should be very thick about 1/3-1/2 lb each. Next I coat the entire outside of the burger with seasoning. Ollie used most of the seasoning on the outside. Cook the burger no more than medium rare or medium. The way I make Ollie fries is I clean a large potato and leave the skin on. Then I cut large wedges to make a steak type of fry. I boil the potatoes for about 5 min with 4 tablespoons of seasoning in the water. Then remove the potatoes with skin on. Then lightly coat the wedges with a thin film of olive oil and then coat the wedges with seasoning. Then bake or convection (at 350) the wedges until golden brown (about 20 Min.) Remember that both the burgers and fries were spicy. Also hello to Scotty P..
John 17-Feb-2010 23:18
I still have a bunch of Lum's stiens/glasses and a beer keg from the Lums at 27th ave and about 179th street. The glasses used to be stored in the freezer and were ice cold.
guest 01-Feb-2010 02:48
We use to eat at the Lums in Margate on state rte 7 what I would give for a Lum"s hot dog, live in Atlanta now and go to the Varsity but rather go to Lum's. Someone mentioned A&W in Wilton Manors that was a great place to go but guess its long gone to.. I sure miss the 70's Miami and Lauderdale had some great places to eat..
Larry G 07-Jan-2010 18:28
There was a LUM's on 17-92 in Winter Park next to the old Winter Park Mall. Never ate there in the 60's but we had one at least.

EHS '67
Dan Lemonde 10-Sep-2009 15:27
I want an Ollie Burger so bad.. Tried to copy it but never quite an Ollie Burger.. Also a nice cold schooner of beer to wash it down with.. Those were the good old days..
Randy 19-Jul-2009 07:41
I ate at this Lums while on family business two years ago. I was shocked to see one still operating although disappointed that they didn't serve a Lumburger. As I recall it was a sloppy joe on a huge bun. The Lums I remember the most was on seventh ave and about 130 street nw. In the old days it was open air in the front. That's no front to the building. Just like the old standup Royal Castles. Thanks for letting us know that the last Lums has closed.
Susan Howell 30-Jun-2009 17:33
The last LUMS (in Davie FL) closed on Sunday June 28th. My 19 yr old daughter and I had our farewell lunch and enjoyed the famous Ollie Burger. The owner said she was keeping the Ollie burger on the menu of the newly named restaurant as well as the Weinerwald chicken. I spent many childhood Saturdays at LUMS on Kendall and Dixie with my Mom before heading over to the Dadeland Mall in the late 60's early 70's. We never ate at McDonalds. The owner of the Davie LUMS was kind enough to sell me a jar of the secret Ollie seasonings for $10.95 and after reading Jeff's story I know to "baste" my burger with worchestershire sauce and the spices to attempt to recreate the ollie burger at home. I'm a 4th generation South Floridian (1903 greatgrandparents came with Flagler) and love historical photos. You have a beautiful collection, I may have some photos you've not seen yet. Keep in touch.
Don Boyd28-Jun-2009 04:46
Diane, thank you very much for writing and for your nice comments. I'm ecstatic that the old images on the site are of benefit to you in regaining your memories. You and I were at Northside at the same time in 1971 but I was just part-time in Sears, usually nights and weekends. One Lums that you and the band could have visited was on the north side of W. 49th Street just west of the Royal Castle and Post Office at 6th Avenue or the larger newer one on the south side of 49th Street in the 1300-1400 block. Best wishes for your continued recovery.

Don Boyd04-Jun-2009 01:03
Thanks Scott, I hope you find some and send them to me so I can post them on the site for the enjoyment of many.

Scott 03-Jun-2009 21:32
Don, will try to find some old photos for you.

Fred was absolutely correct with the first Lum's located on 41st in Miami Beach.

Linda patroned the second Lum's store on 71st, next to Athens Fruit Stand (who has sinced moved a few doors down from their original location). Linda was also correct in some customers having "tabs" and paying their bill at the end of the week.
Yes, the good old days.

The store on 23rd and Collins (closest to Beach High) was the number four store and the one on Lincoln Road, at the Van Dyke Hotel, was the number 10 store and the first with outdoor seating.

A little FYI.
Bob Sara 30-Mar-2009 00:50
The Lum's we went to most often was on N.W. 10th Ave between 14th and 15th street. It's long gone, along with most of 10th Ave, as JMH has built right over it. My dad had a grocery store up the block on the corner of N.W. 7th ave and 15th street called Quality Food Market. One of our suppliers was a local meat company called Dirr's Gold Seal Meats, They produced the hot dogs for Lum's. I worked for Dirr's when I got out of college in the early seventies.
Cathy 02-Mar-2009 22:49
Lums on Bird Rd was between 67th Ave and 72nd Ave, my old neighborhood. Great memories of good eating! Now I live in Delaware (!!) and they recently closed the last Lums around, STILL miss that place!
Karin S 08-Feb-2009 20:35
We always went to the one on Federal Hwy in Ft. Lauderdale. Fries and Lumburgers (the sloppy joe type) was all we ever wanted. I would kil for that recipe. There used to be one in Davie, but it wasn't the same. The only time we went anywhere else was when we stopped at A & W on 5 corners in Wilton Manors when coming back from the beach.
Dale Reed 02-Feb-2009 23:17
Yes there was even a Lum's in Nassau Bahamas. Remember the Ollie Burgers they started on Miami Beach as I recall and you would draw his wrath if you dared to put Ketchup on his masterpiece.
Richard Adams 18-Nov-2008 21:40
I remember LUM's restaurants from when I was a young child growing up in east central indiana. My parents and grand parents used to always take us to the one on Route 4 in Hamilton OHIO and the one in Gatlinburg, TENN. I have never had a better hotdog or burger.
Guest 24-Sep-2008 01:49
My dad, Angelo and I would go to the Lums across from the Miami International Airport and have hot dogs steamed in beer. Later on in 1979, I worked for Lums in the training and development department. Our job was to taste test (SO MUCH FUN!) all the new products and photograph them for our new menu. Those were the days!

Lisa Hoffman (MHS Class of 1971) GO STINGS!
Lew Azar 14-Sep-2008 20:19
Ah yes, I remember Lum's well at the corner of Hollywood Blvd and Hwy.441 after the Drag Races at Hollywood Speedway.
Duane 28-Jul-2008 18:13
Found this while surfing down memory lane today. I worked at the Archway Oceanic in 1974-5. There was a "Hole in the wall" Lums close by it. Some said it was the original Lums. It was just a working man's type bar with a few tables and their great hot dogs. The bartender there was a Don Rickles type. Loud and king of the insults. He would insult all the customers and entertain them. Greatest beer and entertainment on the beach at that time.
Guest 22-Mar-2008 15:59
There was another Lums at Lincoln Rd & Jefferson now VanDyke Cafe.
Guest 22-Mar-2008 13:25
I remember one of the more distinct Lum's that was located on the corner of Ocean drive and Biscayne street (south beach). It was right on the corner in a pre-existing building. It would capture all the buisness from the Dog track at night. During the day it had a lot of activity from the beach, being in a direct path to the pier.Sure loved the hot dogs...I was too young for the Frosted schooners of beer. For nostalgia's sake I do visit the one in Davie that is still in business.
Fred 21-Mar-2008 14:02
First Lums....41st. Street on Miami friend Victor Johnson was a contractor for Lums...and built most of them in South Florida...I imaging I was at the 41st St. 1948...student at Beach High.
ENRIQUE LOPEZ 02-Mar-2008 03:50
Allen Carr 26-Feb-2008 16:52
Allen I didn't finish Jr College because of Lum's. I had morning classes 7-11 and then would go to Lum's on NW 36th street. After a couple of schooners of beer really didn't want to go back to do anything. Thats my story and I'm sticking to it. Thanks for the Memories. 1952 MHS grad.
Linda 15-Jan-2008 20:28
What a trip in time this site is giving me. I used to eat lunch at this Lum's on 79st. From about 1963 to 1966 as I worked on 71 st. It was so mom and pop that you could run a tab for your lunch everyday and pay the bill at the end of the week, AND I am not referring to credit cards! They never asked for ID and never had paperwork to set up an account, they just knew your face and that you worked in the neighborhood and trusted you. Those were truly the "good ol' days".
John 13-Jan-2008 01:20
Remember Holsom Bakery? You could smell it all the way down Dixie Highway. Break out the honey buns!
Guest 09-Jan-2008 04:26
Ah, Lums. I used to patronize the one in North Miami and later the one on NW 27th Avenue near the Palmetto Bypass. My wife still steams some hot dogs in beer every now and then and we always think of Lums.
Dave the Guest
Juan R. Pollo 24-Nov-2007 20:21
The Lum's on US1 west of Le Jeune became a Japanese restaurant called Sakura (pretty good sushi). The Depot on US1 just east of Sunset also became a good sushi place called Akashi. Book Horizons is still across from UM, D'Pizza next door is history, KC Cagney's by the baseball stadium is now the Titanic Brewery. About the only UM hangout still standing is Duffy's on Red Road north of Coral Way.
Guest 11-Nov-2007 18:00
I was at U of M from 1963 to 1968 (5 year plan) and my girlfriend and I used to go to a Lum's on Dixie Highway north of campus. Anyone remember that one? They had a juke box that played videos. I think it was close to a Hot Shoppes also on Dixie. What a great web site! A sat all day reading the comments and looking at the photos. I have so many wonderful memories that I'd love to share in the future. Did anyone go to the Varsity Inn on South Dixie near the campus? (I think there was one on Key Biscayne as well.)
By the way, it says on your site that it's better to 'register' instead of commenting as a 'guest', but I don't see any place to do so.
By all the comments on the pictures, I see that 99% are from people who grew up in the Miami area. They probably think that we who attended U of M were just 'interlopers' or 'carpetbaggers' from the North, but I still have wonderful memories that I'd love to share:
Late-late nights at Holsum's on South Dixie;
Coral Gables thatres (Miracle, Gables, etc);
Shorty's south of Kendall (the 'boonies' then);
Tyler's Cafateria (pre-sweetened iced tea);
Would love to hear from others. Thanks again for a wonderful trip into the past. And thanks to 'Jeff' for that great story about Perlman brothers.
Jeff 02-Nov-2007 00:17
Scott, thank you for setting me straight about the Abner's Roast Beef and Laugh-In Restaurant portion of my story. I never mind being corrected by the actual facts.

The first Lums I ever ate at was the one on Jefferson Avenue and Lincoln Road in the corner of the Van Dyke Hotel. In earlier days it was a retail store prior to Lums moving into that location by the early 60's.

I'd also patronized the one on Collins Avenue and Espanola Way, diagonal from Hoffman's Cafeteria and also the restaurant at 23rd and Collins near Beach High.

Have you or any other family members ever thought about trying to revive the chain? I think it would still fly if it reverted back to their old-style (and succesful) ways.

Please post any comments you may have on the main page of this site so that everyone can enjoy them - even if they haven't surfed the photo galleries.
Don Boyd01-Nov-2007 23:41
Thanks for writing in, Scott, we appreciate it. If you have any old Lum's photos, menus, etc., I'd love to add them to this site. A lot of us loved Lum's, as did our parents who took us there when we were growing up. Don
scott perlman 01-Nov-2007 15:31
It is not often when you are able to explain the Lum's story and have people understand what you are talking about. In fact, some of the info below is quite accurate (The Ollie Story selling to John Brown). In reference to the Abner's and Laugh In Restaurant discussion, my father and his brother, Cliff started that in the late 60's, not John Brown. Additionally for the restaurant buffs out there, we opened a steak restaurant called Steakthing with the first location was on Biscayne Blvd around 131st street.

There are many other interesting stories, but it was certainly some unbelievable times from "Hot dogs steamed in Beer to rolling the dice in Vegas"
Jeff Jenkins 08-Sep-2007 22:23
Lums was great!! I think the one we used to go to was on Bird Rd.? Anyway, their hot dogs were excellent! But later, the taste changed, and it was no longer the same. And then the one we used to go to, as well as many others, closed down, of course. I can't believe that one is still open! And that their hot dogs are still as good as the original!
Alex 17-Aug-2007 22:21
I used to go to Lums all the time in Miami Beach when I was a little boy. I tried to wikipedia that place, cause I knew it existed and I wasn't crazy. I used to go with my friends and act all grown up, as we sat down and ordered a plate of french fries. I made sure to tip the waitress. :) Those were the best days of my life. Crazy that I am in Las Vegas now, where the owners bought cesears palace....if the story on this page is true.
Guest 14-Aug-2007 05:01
I used to eat at the Lum's on Miami Beach when I was a kid. Rode my bike there and could eat hotdogs steamed in beer and Sherry-flavored sauerkraut and a Root Beer. Couldn't sit at the bar but no problem sitting in the booths right across from it.

Ollie's burgers were fantastic. They were funny with all their attitude and slogans like "Use it, don't abuse it" posted about the ketchup and what have you. I miss those places!
Stephen LeQuier12-Aug-2007 05:06
I once lived right behind a Lum's restaurant NW 167th St. The last time I was in Gatlinburg Tennessee, there was a Lum's restaurant there.
Jeff 17-Jul-2007 00:12
Let's set the story straight about Ollie's... Ollie Gluckenhouse [spelling?] ran a restaurant on 23rd Street in Miami Beach since the late 1950's. His Ollieburger was famous for its secret blend of herbs and spices that he developed over a 20 year period.

Ollie told me that the spices worked so well because they were "basted" into the meat during cooking by using worcestershire sauce.

One day (back in the 70's), then-governor John Brown of Kentucky [who was married to former Miss America Phyllis George] was visiting South Florida [he had purchased the Lums chain from the Perlman brothers].

A friend insisted that he try the burger at this little restaurant called Ollie's on Miami Beach. Upon eating an "Ollieburger" he was smitten with its unusual taste.

He offered Ollie a million dollar contract for the rights to his recipe. Ollie accepted the deal, but told me he never made the million dollars - but had one hell of a good time traveling the country and promoting his product. Here's why...

Regrettably, the Ollieburger never took off as a Lums menu item - it only did well at the original restaurant and at the short-lived Ollie's Trolley in downtown Miami.

Gov. Brown was deeply into restaurant operations. He first purchased KFC from Col. Sanders [later selling it to Pepsi], then acquired Lums [selling that to the Austrian gentleman who featured his "Weinerwald Chicken"], opened an Abner's Roast Beef chain (to compete with Arby's - but was sued by the creators of the "Lum 'n' Abner" radio show for trademark infringement) and another short-lived chain, Laugh-In Restaurants - based on the late 60's - early 70's TV show.

Ollie moved from 11th Street on Miami Beach to an apartment just North of the Old Zayre store in North Miami Beach. He passed away years ago...

As for the Perlman brothers who purchased the single Lums restaurant on 41st Street in Miami Beach from the original owner and built it into a local favorite... they didn't do too shabbily after selling Gov. Brown their restaurant chain... They went out to Las Vegas and bought themselves a small operation out there...

Perhaps you've heard of it?......................Caesar's Palace!!!
Diane 16-Jul-2007 20:45
There never was and hasn't since, been a better hot dog anywhere! Used to be a real treat for us to get to go to Lum's.
Guest 15-Jul-2007 05:13
.....and what about that cold beer? I worked at a company at 35th avenue and 79th street so I went to this Lums for lunch and after work all the time, Brought back fond memories.

Chris Male
Guest 15-Jul-2007 05:11
.....and what about that cold beer?

Chris Male
Sharon H. 26-Jun-2007 13:38
I too, grew up with the Lum's at Kendall and US1. I loved their italian sub; they would steam it to make it hot! And their fries with seasoned salt...yum! I've been to the one in Davie, just not the same!
Guest 20-Jun-2007 19:45
Bob MHS Class "51" 17-Jun-2007 23:03
Thje Ollie Burger originated on Miami Beach. I ate many at Ollies on the beach around 23 street off Collins Ave. He sold his burger to Lums...
Tyler Penny 16-Jun-2007 12:25
The Lum's I grew up with was at US 1 and Kendall. The Davie Road Lum's is good, but they no longer serve Lowrey's Seasoned Salt with the fries. The Lumburger was replaced with the Ollie Burger (for Popeye's burger munching buddy), but I do not recall when. The Ollie Burger began with Ollie's Trolley and there was one near the Federal Building in downtown Miami in the early 70's.
Harriet V. 29-May-2007 04:37
a-a-a-a-h the Lumburger with die for! Remember the fried clams?