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George W. Young & Gary Licko

1960's and 70's - Pizza Palace menus, 3099 SW 8 Street, Miami, Florida

Miami, Florida

These were from the Pizza Palace on Tamiami Trail at SW 31st Avenue. The 70s menu is on the left and the 60s menu on the right. According to George W. Young, they had good food and good service. He also says there was a "front crowd", a "middle crowd" and a "back crowd" who were the coolest. He says there was a cop named Brad who used to wait down the street waiting for guys to come roaring out of the restaurant so he could pull them over and write traffic tickets, and a good cop named Duffe who was in the area.

The other Pizza Palaces in the area were at W. 49th Street and 10th Avenue (SW corner of the intersection, now a Denny's) and on NW 27th Avenue a few blocks north of the Palmetto Expressway.

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Guest 31-Aug-2014 15:42
Grew up in Carol City in the 60's,right off Red road on NW 180st. First job bailing hay for Mr. Weeks. 10.00 a day. I could put 3.00 gas in my 57 ford and still afford to go to Golden Glades drive-in and get snacks. JMcCurdy
mike 29-Jul-2014 00:57
i remember the one on Bird and sw 87th ave
Guest 08-Nov-2012 01:58
TOMMY McALLISTER ---Pizza Palace on the "Trail". God, how many hours did I hang out there in my '55 Chevy Bel Air convertible. And guess what? While attending the University of Miami in '55, '56, and '57, I lived in a small rental cottage in the rear of a home on S.W. 7th Street. That little cottage, in the back-yard of an older couple's home, backed up to the wooden fence at the rear of the Pizza Palace. I was an "immediate next-door neighbor". Many happy memories of that place, and the Palace.
Annie Duffe 30-Dec-2011 23:12
My Father is Duffe the good cop. I am blown away by this!! Love it!! He is 80 years old now and I, his baby girl am 50 so many great memories.
Larry C. Coppala 31-Jan-2011 20:55
During 1958-1960 my '56 Chevy convertible could be seen at most of these Pizza Palace's at one time or another. It was black with gold scallops all over and the name "Night/Hawk" on the fender skirts. Would love to hear from anyone that remembers seeing us. The interior was turquoise and white.
Merry 13-Jul-2010 18:31
We hung out at the Pizza Palace in Carol City. It was the place to go after the movies at the Golden Glades Drive In.
Ron10-Jun-2010 01:24
Loved the midnight drags, rode in Murphys 427 fastest car I have ever been in, use to go to Tommy Mcconnels houese to watch Batman in color, wonder what happened to Penny from the Carol City Palace?
Melissa Y. 04-Feb-2010 14:21
we would get the "munchies" and go an order everything off the menu!!!!!
kathydaly28-Jan-2010 03:50
Yes, there was a Pizza Palace on 49th Street Hialeah in early 60's, then it was abandoned and became eyesore for years!
dino sclafani 22-Feb-2009 15:35
my name is Dino Sclafani,i lived in hialeah when it was all italians and hill billies > i would drive my 1955 chevy that was fuel injected to to 49 st pizza palace almost every nite then to to one in carol city looking for races ,thats what we did,we would race on red road when there was nothing but cow pastures there,same as west hialeahs cow fields,i remember sitting in the back lot at 49 st palace watching all the guys drive their hot and not so hot cars around and around the palace,there wasn't any drugs then ,but there was booze i remember going to the liquor down the street and look for older guys there to buy me some booze,that was the best time of my young life!!!
Guest 16-Feb-2009 22:46
MARCIA. Spent many hours in the back lot with the man I married. Took an hour to drink a coke or cup of coffee.
Michael Osman 15-Feb-2009 18:08
Another great drive in with memories of many slices of great pizzas. Eta Sigma Phi forever.
Dick Raymer 23-Dec-2008 22:53
Swear I remember Pizza Palace at the corner of Red & Bird Roads in the '50's & '60's
Phil 14-Dec-2008 21:02
The Carol City Pizza Palace was like a second home to me in 1963-65. It was a pretty rough place toward the end. We would hang out all Saturday night waiting for the races to begin. I remember seeing some pretty fast cars at the races out behind the funny farm in Pembroke Pines. A couple cars were even trailered. Lots of match racing. Ronnie Burkhart in his 427 Falcon (died recently), Vernon Jone's Hemi Cars (shot during the second riots) and the black racers from 22nd Avenue would go at it most every weekend. Yes, there was a Pizza Palace on 49th Street in Hialeah. We cruised over there once, but it seemed pretty far back then. I would give anything to spend one more Saturday night at the midnights. It was American Graffiti in South Florida. Never got arrested, but came close a few times...
marlene 28-Sep-2008 19:11
i remember when it was the orange juice stand also Victor. i,m 53 now but i was amzed how bit the orange grew ha ha . and they did have the best shrimp pizza ! was my favorite.
Guest 12-May-2008 15:43
Oh, my God! The best shrimp pizza in the world. I went to school right around the corner (private - Pan American Institute - no, not a mental ward!) I remember going there with my parents in late 60's. I'd love to see a picture, though.
Victor Mc 04-Apr-2008 13:13
Before it was Pizza Palace it was an oversized orange juice stand. I went there with my mother nad a neighbor when I was 5 or 6 (51 or 52). That's how the big round ball got there. It was painted orange at first.
rick 28-Feb-2008 18:30
i used to live on sw 33rd ave and hung out all the time at the 8 st location-had a lot of fun there
Warren Lawler 09-Feb-2008 19:55
I remember this place from being 4 years old and going with my parents in the "Rambler" station wagon for pizza.. ALWAYS a kid size mushroom.... I note the menu doesn't mention "kid size" so I gather I was duped by my parents into an individual size as my eyes USED to be bigger than my stomach.. now NOTHING is bigger than my stomach! My parents are Margie Cates from JAX 53 and Bob Lawler from Miami High either 52 or 53... if I'm wrong about those dates, mother, just remember you lied about the pizza ... LOL!!!
Guest 07-Feb-2008 11:32
Hung out there with Gary, Grove and who remembers who else

Ron Valdes 01-Feb-2008 19:48
This was a place for Pizza and cruzing in my '39 Ford. Ron V
Guest 22-Jan-2008 02:31
Ahhh Pizza Palace on 31st and the Trail, the great hangout of the creative side of Miami High in the late 50 and early 60's, the rest were at Paley's Big Wheel on 37th a block south of Coral Way, or the one on 57th and Flagler. If you werent just parked eating and visiting, you were cruisin' thru.
Chuck, Stingaree Class of '60
Guest 08-Jan-2008 22:12
Never got to this Pizza Palace but spent many evenings at the one in Hialeah and was very happy when one was built in Carol City on NW 27th Avenue. A bunch of the guys used to meet there and then drive out behind "The Funny Farm" or down to Flamingo off Hollywood Boulevard to drag. The was a Shell station on the corner of NW 27th Avenue and 183rd Street and we'd fill up with "Shell With Additives" before racing.
Dave the Guest
Don Boyd24-Jul-2007 05:25
Thanks for your memories Sharyn. Now, what year did you get arrested on Krome? I had a bunch of buddies arrested in the summer (June or July) of 1966 while I was in boot camp, including several who got additional charges thrown at them for warning everyone that an army of FHP troopers were about to move in from the north (US 27). FHP had undercover officers in the crowd and they radioed south where another army was going to move to the north and my buds got nailed. Don
Sharyn Lucas McNichols 24-Jul-2007 02:23
You betcha there was one in Hialeah on W. 49th Street! If one did not go there to talk and have a pizza burger, yum, we at least would drive through just to see who was there! After getting on with Eastern Airlines and working in Miami 10 1/2 yrs, I transferred to Orlando. Almost everyone in my department came up from Hialeah, and one day Pizza Palace came up in conversation. Well, one of the men got angry at me and said it was all my fault. I said, "for what?" He said us kids woke him up (since he lived nearby) and therefore, we were responsible for his last child coming into this world! Krome Avenue was a destination after leaving Pizza Palace and many were arrested there, including me!! I also remember other drive-in restaurants that were popular in and around Hialeah; Curly's and Frank N Bun.

My family moved to Hialeah in 1951 when I was age 5. I went to Mae M. Walters, Henry Filer Jr. and Hialeah High graduating in 1963. My brother drove stock cars, my Dad was an excellent mechanic, so I learned to love cars. I bought a '55 Ford that had been owned by many before me and each one doing a lil bit more to make it just the neatest car in the world to me. Now, at age 61, I am still a hotrod and presently own a 1930 Ford Model A streetrod. My husband and I have the best time taking our lil coupe to shows and receiving lots of comments and thumbs up at traffic lights on the way! Some folks just never do grow up, and I am one of em!
Jeff 12-Jul-2007 03:16
During its heyday, there was a number of Pizza Palace locations and one Pizza Tower (that I believe was run by a family member).

A few years back I located the owner of Pizza Palace who by then was a wine merchant. Regrettably, he had no pictures to furnish me...
Guest 03-Jul-2007 04:39
Does anyone have a picture of the Pizza Palace on S.W. 8th Street? I would really love to have one to show my kids and grandkids where I used to hang out in the good old 50's and where their mom/grandma used to go on dates. Please email to Thanks. Ken
Guest 20-Jun-2007 20:01
It was like the Pizza Palace, where now Denny's Restaurant is. And yes, Pizza Palace and Chrome Ave, they went together. At the time my boyfriend had a yellow Fairlane 500 with the works in it...we did had lots of fun, but there were accidents too.
Guest 12-Jun-2007 19:15
Spent many hours here from mid-fifties to mid-sixties. Got a lot of street drags out on Crome Ave (NW 177th Ave).Thought the State built just for mid-nite races. Drove a Dodge Hemi powered '48 Plymouth but had a lot of fun with with my '63.5 427 Galaxy (427 with duel quads), also. There was another Pizza Palace at Bird Rd & 87th Ave.
Lonnie Shepardson
Harriet V. 29-May-2007 03:33
Wasn't there a Pizza Palace on West 49th Street in Hialeah too? That was before the Westland Mall was built.