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Don Boyd

My Personal Memories of old Hialeah, Florida (commentary only - no photos) - click on image to read

Hialeah, Florida

These are some of my memories of Hialeah in the late 1950's, 60's and 70's. Please feel free to leave yours in the comments since I can't remember everything due to Heineken-damaged memory cells. There is a theory, that I saw in a film in a Coast Guard training session back at Yorktown, Virginia in the 70's, that what you are now is significantly dependent on what you were when, that you are affected by who you grew up with and that you have a lifetime bond with those people whether you like them or not because you all went through the same life-learning experiences together. No wonder we are all messed up! I'm joking, because most of us turned out just fine despite growing up in Hialeah.

You know you grew up in old Hialeah if you remember:

(1957-58 time frame) The farm fields west of W. 12th Avenue (between 53rd and 60th Streets) where farm hands would mow the hay which would get shot into large tall hay wagons with chicken-wire sides, pulled in a train of several wagons by a farm hand on a tractor. We would hide in the unmowed hay and hop aboard the tail end of the hay wagons and ride around for a long time bumping through the farm fields. I painfully learned never to jump off the hay wagon when the farm hand was driving south on W. 12th Avenue to the Roselawn Dairy that was located on the west side of W.12th Avenue, about a quarter mile south of W. 49th Street. The tractor and hay wagon train was moving about 20mph and I didn't want to walk that far home so I lowered myself from the last wagon in the train and ran as fast as I could while holding onto the wagon. I let go of the wagon and immediately fell forward onto the rough pavement for a few feet causing a serious case of road rash and ripping my shirt and pants. The road was old rock road south of 53rd Street and unpaved north of 53rd Street. Most of the Palm Springs area was once part of the expansive White Belt Dairy owned by Dr. John G. DuPuis.
There was a tall roofless silo west of 12th Avenue and 54th Street - you weren't a man if you couldn't climb all around the top of the silo's perimeter without falling to your death. We discovered some guy's hidden partially buried smut collection in a box one time near that silo and we all turned into big fans of women. We put the box back because we didn't dare take that stuff home and we revisited it a few times later until some other scoundrel took it.
Ludlam Road/W. 12 Avenue being a dirt road north of 53rd Street with deep ruts and huge potholes that would swallow a Volkswagen Beetle. It was barely more than an old paved rock road south of 53rd Street running south to the farm house south of 49th Street.
The Palmetto Expressway being built on the western edge of Hialeah, with grade level crossings at numerous intersections such as W. 49th Street, W. 60th Street, W. 68th Street, W. 84th Street, etc. There were 2 lanes in each direction, it had a speed limit of 70mph and had a grass median with no dividers in the middle to avoid head-on collisions.
The WAMI 1260AM "Whammy in Miami" radio station transmitter and tower located in the wilderness at about where W. 19th Avenue and W. 54th Street would be now. They were only allowed to broadcast during daylight hours and I got to turn the station off at sunset a couple of times because I delivered The Miami News to the station engineers for a while.
The horse ranches along the east side of the Palmetto south of W. 68 Street where you could rent horses to ride by the hour. SENGRA added a Miami Lakes Riding Academy in Miami Lakes in the mid/late 60's where people could board their horses and you could rent a horse for riding by the hour. Windmill Gate Shopping Center is now located where that riding academy was once located. People used to ride their horses around west Hialeah and Miami Lakes until both became more congested.
The "government property" east of Red Road and north of West and East 65th Street (NW 119th Street in county talk) and west of LeJeune Road. There was a chain link fence around it, with barbed wire on top, and signs mounted on the fence saying "U. S. Government Property - No Trespassing!" It was part of the former Naval Air Station Miami at what is now Opa-locka Airport. It became Marine Corps Air Station Miami in February 1952 and the Marines pulled out in 1959. The military never developed the land south of NW 138th/135th Street and they probably used the land for bombing exercises or something during World War II. Fortunately a big section of the land was donated to Dade County for use as a regional park and that park opened in the 1990's as Amelia Earhart Regional Park because she took off on her ill-fated flight around the world from the old Miami Municipal Airport which was located to the south and east of the park. Other land south of NW 135th Street, west of Amelia Earhart Park and east of Red Road was auctioned off to the highest bidders (developers).
The U-pic strawberry fields along the east side of the Palmetto where you picked your own strawberries from the fields and paid dirt-cheap prices when you took your filled-up baskets back to the front shack. Klaus and Katie Sjogren, , future neighbors of mine in Miami Lakes, owned the fields and they sold some of their land to the state so the Palmetto Expressway could be built, along with the acreage now occupied by the Palmetto General Hospital complex.
Red Road/W. 4th Avenue being a barely paved dangerous two lane bumpy curvy road with a canal right next to it with minimum or no guard rails to keep cars from going in it.
There was a home on a couple of acres or more on the east side of Red Road around W. 58th Street that had horses and horse stalls but it was secluded. The property was later sold in the 1980's or 90's and redeveloped with a group of very large "McMansion" homes.
W. 68th Street west of W. 12th Avenue was known as "Rat Road" and thousands of rats could be seen running across it back and forth to the canal because of all the garbage that people dumped alongside of the roadway in the dense brush. In the mid-60's, W. 68th Street on the west side of the Palmetto was still completely undeveloped out in the wilderness, and a great place to park at night and make out with your girlfriends. I have great memories of making out with a young lady out there in the early morning hours in the weeks before I went into the Coast Guard in June 1966. She snuck out of her home at W. 8th Court and 64th Street on week nights and I ran into her again after Christmas Eve Mass at Immaculate Conception in December 1968 and she was gorgeous. We almost dated and I flew home from Tampa on a weekend but she had to babysit her next door neighbor's kids because the lady was having another kid in the hospital. I was so torqued over spending so much money for nothing that I told her it was over, which I regret to this day but I guess it wasn't meant to be.
There was an old crooked chain link fence across unpaved W. 12th Avenue just north of 68th Street because it was private property until developed a few years later.
There wasn't a W. 8th Avenue bridge across the canal between W. 51st Place and W. 53rd Street until the early 1960's. You either had to go east to Red Road or west to 12th Avenue to get around the canal. We used to cross the canal by shimmying across a large water pipe just east of where the bridge went in but it was slow going and slipping into the canal wasn't an attractive idea. The same canal ended at W. 12th Avenue so there wasn't a bridge there until they dug and dynamited a canal extension in the early 1960's west to the Palmetto. They went through hell digging around the high pressure jet fuel pipeline that runs from Port Everglades to Miami International Airport and Homestead Air Force Base (now Homestead Joint Air Reserve Base) under the FP&L high tension power lines around W. 14th Lane.
The oddball county section of homes that was surrounded by incorporated Hialeah. Apparently they voted against annexation by Hialeah so they retained county police service, county garbage pickup and county addresses. It ran from W. 4th Court to W. 9th Court between W. 56th Place (now W. 56 Street) and W. 60th Street and a section north of W. 60th Street up to W. 68th Street west from W. 4th Court to about W. 6th Avenue. W. 4th Court equated to NW 57th Court, W. 9th Court was NW 63rd Court on the east side, W. 56th Place was NW 110th Street on the north side, W. 60th Street was NW 114th Street on the south side, W. 8th Avenue was NW 62nd Avenue through the county section.
The Hialeah City Dump located between 12th and 14th Avenues from 53rd Street north a block or two - the city sold the land to a developer and they built apartment houses on top of the old dump.
The three lakes running from about W. 6th Avenue to W. 12th Avenue between W. 60th and 64th Streets. The easternmost lake was Lake Tahoe and triangular in shape, and rectangular Lake Laurence East and Lake Laurence West. There were no homes built on the lakes for a couple of years and the public came out to swim and boat on the lakes, especially on weekends when it would get crowded on the strip of land (now W. 10th Avenue) between Lake Laurence East and Lake Laurence West. That strip of land had humongous dirt and rock hills from dredging the lakes and we enjoyed many hours of driving our bikes down the steep sides of the hills, trying to avoid boulders and death. I remember Eddie Sullivan being physically forced by his older brothers to go down a really bad area on his big thick tank-like bike with big springs on the front wheel, and he hit a log near the bottom which caused him to catapult over the front of his bike to land on rocks below. We thought he was dead but he survived. The lakes were nice to swim in though the water didn't taste too good when swallowed. Eventually homes on large lakefront lots were built and public access was eliminated. It's too bad the City of Hialeah leaders didn't have the foresight to purchase some of the lakefront land at dirt-cheap prices for a public park and beach for residents to enjoy for eternity.

Brand new Palm Springs Junior High and adjacent Dr. John G. DuPuis Elementary opening in September 1957 (50-year anniversary in 2007, believe it or not) to throngs of kids from the Palm Springs section of Hialeah. The schools had a large open grass field between them and basketball courts and monkey bars that could be used by kids after school hours and during the summer. I didn't transfer from Immaculate to Palm Springs until 8th grade in September 1960 so it was three years old at that time. They held a vote to pick a nickname for Palm Springs Junior and the students allegedly pick "Pacers" as in the "Palm Springs Pacers" but I've read where the student council president or someone involved in the election picked that name over another name in a close vote tally.
The church on W. 12th Avenue west of Palm Springs Junior High where there were fights between guys who couldn't get along. Word of upcoming fights would spread throughout the school so there was always a crowd to witness the gladiators duking it out. The school was full of bully boys, some who were older, larger and who had failed a number of times and they were driving cars and motorcycles to school. The real hoodlums in Hialeah went to Filer Junior High on W. 29th Street or so we thought at the time.

Home delivery of milk, notably McArthur Dairies and Velda Farms who had fleets of trucks and drivers who made early morning deliveries of milk, eggs, and other dairy products to your front or carport doors. You left your future orders in the returnable empty milk bottles that you placed back outside by the door. The thought of your milk getting warm outside before you got it into your refrigerator doesn't sound appealing now but it was great back then and I loved McArthur's milk and ice cream.
Ice cream vendors, mostly independent operators but notably the Good Humor truck, who peddled ice cream treats in neighborhoods daily and who would park on swale areas a block from area schools. We had a vendor or two park on our street one block east of Palm Springs Junior High and they always did a good business after school, sometimes on credit.
The "tomato boys" who would swarm into neighborhoods peddling fresh farmed tomatoes in brown baskets. They were young black guys who were hired and transported to neighborhoods to peddle door to door. We often bought from them because the quality was good and the prices were cheap. However, when you heard a knock on the door and yelled out "Who's there?" and they would reply "Tomato Boy!" it was pretty funny stuff and we often called our buddies "tomato boy" as an insult.
The Charles Chips home delivery drivers and trucks. We didn't buy from them but some neighbors did for a while and they delivered fresh potato chips and pretzels on home delivery routes. You can still buy Charles Chips at an independent reseller at or from

Hialeah Municipal Auditorium, bought by the city from Food Fair, was home to weekend dances sponsored by WQAM, the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) and other organizations. It was a great place to meet buddies and ladies on weekends. The CYO dances were chaperoned more than the public dances and there was no dirty dancing that I can remember. The air raid siren mounted on top of Municipal Auditorium tall concrete sign, that went off for testing every Saturday at 1pm and could be heard all over Hialeah.
The Essex Theatre on E. 4th Avenue and Hialeah Drive (NW 54th Street). We quit going there after Wometco's Palm Springs Theatre opened up on December 20, 1962, on the east end of Palm Springs Shopping Center after the center had been open for a few years. See
The Hialeah Roller Rink on the south side of W. 29th Street opposite Filer Junior High.
The Rustic Roller Rink near SE 11 Avenue, not far from Okeechobee Road, and close to the Dixie Lilly grit factory.
Hialeah Speedway off Okeechobee Road which held weekend stock car races from 1954 until 2004. Photos from one of the last races are located at . You couldn't go there without running into people you knew from either school or the neighborhood. On race nights you could hear the roar of the cars all over Hialeah and into Miami Lakes if the wind direction was from the south.
Amelia Earhart Field (former Miami Municipal Airport) located just east of LeJeune Road between the canal at E. 53rd Street and E. 65th Street (Gratigny Road). Old historical photos of this airfield are located at .
Hialeah Park, a world famous horse racing track with the prime winter racing dates for decades. Thousands of race fans, mostly snowbirds from up North, descended on Hialeah to attend the races every day of their season, clogging every road around the race track with traffic. The race track first opened in 1925 and was the premier race track in the country in the winter. The Florida Legislature took away Hialeah's thoroughbred license in 2003 under a law that a track must have run live racing in 2000-01 and 2001-02 race years. Hialeah Park started winter quarter horse racing in December 2009 and a new casino is being built in the northern part of the grandstands. 250 flamingos still live on infield course lake.

The "Juvies", Hialeah cops assigned mostly to juvenile crimes and prevention of juvenile crimes. They were famous for enforcing the nightly curfew Hialeah had imposed on kids under 16 or 17, yet the city sponsored dances at Municipal Auditorium that lasted after the curfew. The "juvies" would stop and question you while walking home from the dances and threaten you with a curfew violation citation requiring a court appearance.
Hialeah Police officers seemed to be everywhere, especially if you were driving and committed an infraction - some were nice, some were total a-holes and when I find my old traffic tickets I'll name some more. Sgt. Baldwin lived at W. 8th Court and 51st Place and he was a great guy. I thought John Lake was a jerk and he lived on my Herald route at W. 8th Lane and 56th Place. Bill Samardak was a great guy and I used him as a real estate agent to buy two townhouses and to sell a house in Miami Lakes. Sgt. Harry Wilson was a good guy, especially since we hung out with his son Duncan and he knew we weren't bad kids. Unfortunately Sgt. Wilson lost his wife when she was going to church, crossing the Palmetto at the grade level W. 60th Street crossing, when she was hit by a tanker truck that caught fire.
Hialeah's long-time mayor Henry Milander who was re-elected so many times, including a time or two after being indicted for something. He had his butcher shop Milander's Meats on Palm Avenue, a block or so away from City Hall.
The Home News, a great little weekly Hialeah/Miami Springs newspaper chock full of stories about crimes and criminals, including our city councilmen not to mention the Mayor, in Hialeah and Miami Springs, along with great engagement and wedding photos and stories of all the Hialeah and Miami Springs sweeties getting married off. It also had photos and stories of Hialeah and Miami Springs servicemen during the Vietnam War, where they were, etc.

The Hialeah City Council in 1964 consisted of William H. Lockward, Council President, Vernon J. Ashley, VP of Council, Francis "Tony" A. Benedetto (a barber), Jack M. Cherry (a Cities Service gas station owner on Palm Avenue across from the Catalina Shopping Center), J. Hosea Smith, Charles A. Whiteacre, and Lewis B. Whitworth Jr. who later went on to become a state supreme court justice as I recall.

The total lack of environmental sensitivity by the City of Hialeah and Dade County for decades, not to mention their horrible zoning practices that have led to much visual blight all over the city. There used to be significant densely wooded areas west of 12th Avenue, north of W. 58th Street and south of W. 68th Street with massive ancient trees that we used to explore and play in. None of the giant old trees were preserved and everything was flattened in order to dig lakes and build Adler-built homes and townhouses. I remember thinking that this is really screwed up when I saw those forests flattened and replaced by treeless concrete and asphalt. The city and/or county could have bought some of the land for a lushly shaded park (like Greynolds Park in NE Dade) instead of giving us the puny ugly skinny treeless Sparks Park on W. 60th Street between W. 12th and 14th Avenues where they later planted young ficus trees. It's no wonder that I despise virtually all politicians these days.

Plantation Pit Barbecue on East 49th Street and 9th Avenue, owned by "Big" Jim Bazemore.
Julius Caeser's Broasted Chicken on the NE corner of E. 49th and E. 4th Avenue - a favorite lunch spot for kids from Hialeah High and owned by Marc Lusardi's parents who lived near me on W. 60th Street and 9th Court.
Boyer's Meat Market on the west side of Palm around 47th Street, the road that leads to Immaculate Conception Church and school.
Jon's Steak House on the NE corner of Okeechobee Road and Red Road/W. 4th Avenue - they had a great sweet key lime bisque dessert similar to Tyler's Restaurants that makes 99% of key lime desserts taste like bitter mush.
The Hideaway Lounge on East 49th Street just west of the railroad overpass.
Mae and Dave's, an open-air bar with a canopy over bar stools along the sidewalk on the east side of Palm Avenue at E. 13th Street with great pizza - my dad patronized them from time to time over the years. My HHS senior year sweetie lived in a new one-story apartment row on the lot behind Mae and Dave's and I got to see a lot of Mae and Dave's when picking her up or dropping her off.
Betty's Barber Shop in a strip shopping center on the west side of W. 12th Avenue around 51st Street. She was the first barber in the area, to our knowledge, of using a long razor to cut hair instead of scissors. A lot of guys liked to go there because she was amply endowed and looked pretty good for an older woman.
Catalina Shopping Center on the west side of Palm Avenue south of E. 55 Street. It had a cheap off-brand (Direct?) gas station in front where you earned points for dinnerware, glasses, cups, etc that were on display above the pumps, a Food Fair grocery store with Merchants Green Stamps, a great Schell's Toy and Hobby Shop with the latest in aircraft models from Revell and Monogram, a Rexall Drugs and other stores. Across the street was Jack Cherry's Cities Service gas station and he later became a city councilman.
The shopping center at the southeast corner of W. 68th Street and W. 12th Avenue which had a 7-11 facing 68th Street and a Standard gas station in the corner. It also had a bike repair shop, Fusaro's Pizza, the infamous Diamond Inn (a long-time neighborhood bar that my dad patronized a few evenings every week - it closed a years ago and I need to find the article about it), Ed's Hardware where you paid list price for everything, Dr. Robert M. Wolf, a long-time West Hialeah dentist (in the early 1960's he had a beautiful dental assistant named Wanda Wesson and I believe she married a Hialeah police motorman) and a Moo Cow, a drive-up dairy product convenience store similar to a Farm Store.
Di Giorgios Italian Restaurant in Miami Lakes after the development opened in 1962.
Jerry and Joe's Pizzeria on E. 4th Avenue and 40th Street, loved by many. Thank you to Pete Migli and Terry for correcting the actual location of this fine establishment.
Jano's Sandwich Sub Shop (70's/80's) on W. 84th Street just south of the Big Daddy's/Flanigan's in the Palm Lakes Shopping Center. Great subs, salads, and catering. A photo of Jano's is at along with two other photo of Pete Janowitz in the same gallery.

Palm Springs Mile and West 49th Street.
Photos of the new Palm Springs Village Shopping Center are located at and . The Mile was built by R&R (Russell & Raulerson) who also built most of the homes in the Palm Springs sections of Hialeah. They built quality homes but they skimped on the landscaping by giving homeowners small plugs of St. Augustine grass that eventually grew into each other to form a complete yard of grass. Every homeowner had to manually pick up a couple hundred pounds of rocks in between the grass plugs that they failed to remove. Plus R&R planted two or three Melalueca paper trees in every yard that are now environmental public enemy #1 (now #2 after the African Pythons that have invaded the Everglades)
W. 49th Street with nothing on it west of W. 4th Avenue (Red Road) until it was developed into Palm Springs Mile from Red Road to Ludlam Road.
Cow pastures on both sides of W. 49th Street west of W. 12th Avenue out to the Palmetto Expressway.
Royal Castle being the first business to open on Palm Springs Mile, at the NW corner of W. 6 Avenue, with 5 cent birch beers, 7 cent jelly donuts, 10 cent glazed honey buns, and 15 cent hamburgers with grilled onions, cooked by guys with tattoos while they smoked cigarettes. Yum!
The construction and opening of the Palm Springs Village Shopping Center, with Grand Union supermarket, Western Auto, Grables Bakery, Ruffy's Restaurant (owned by John Ruffino's father), Neisner's 5&10 cent store, G. C. Murphy's, Jackson Byrons department store and numerous smaller stores including a Mayor's Jewelers, a Zenith TV store and a music equipment store where guys bought their guitars and drums.
The Zenith TV dealer where I saw my first color TV on display in the front window. People would crowd the sidewalk to watch it and one of my educated adult neighbors told me that it was all phony colors and that nothing was real - it sure looked real to me.
The great lunch counter at G. C. Murphy's with shakes, malts and cheap sub sandwiches.
The separate water fountains for "whites" and "coloreds" at Neisner's and G. C. Murphy's.
The Wometco Palm Springs Theatre opening on December 20, 1962, on the east end of the Palm Springs Village Shopping Center years after the center was built. It had a separate smoking section on the upper right side but the air-conditioning blew the smoke all over everyone else in the theatre. You could usually make out with your girlfriend while watching the movie but only until one of the ushers came by to chew you out and make you stop. The theatre had two doors down front, one on each side of the screen, and you could pop them open during dim scenes so your buddies could sneak in for free after the lights were dimmed and the movie started.
The Shell's Liquor Store built next to the Palm Springs Theatre facing Red Road with a large selection of intoxicants.
The Citizens Federal Savings & Loan Association building on the corner of W. 49th Street and 4th Court. It had a short tower with a huge clock facing the intersection. Their main branch was on the southeast corner of Hialeah Drive and E. 4th Avenue in an identical building.
The Jackie Gleason's Restaurant built out in the parking lot at the Palm Springs Village Shopping Center west of Citizens Federal. The chain disappeared after a couple of years despite good food and service.

The Stevens Supermarket on the south side of W. 49th Street to the south of the cafeteria and to the east of Richards Department Store.
The St. Clairs Cafeteria on the south side of W. 49th Street just west of Red Road.
The Richards Department Store (later Jefferson's discount store) built on the south side of W. 49th Street across from the Palm Springs Village Shopping Center.
The tall plastic slides that temporarily occupied the area between Richard's Department Store and the Super X Drug Store - Publix - Zayre line of stores to the west.
The Publix Supermarket (Store #86) that opened in 1962 and lasted 44 years until it was closed in July 2006 in a lease dispute with the Palm Springs Mile developers - it was the first Publix that many of us ever shopped in. Thanks to Terrence M. Duffy, a photo of the store in 1976 is at:
The Zayre Department Store just west of the Publix, one of the first discount stores in Hialeah - they had some mean but dumb store detectives who thought we were shoplifting every time we went in there. They always nabbed another guy or me for a partial strip search while our buddies walked out with half the store stashed in their pants.
Lake Bambi, a large lake behind Zayre and Publix, that was good for cane-pole fishing with worms.
The 24-hour Mr. Donut that was on the end of a strip of stores built on the western edge of the Zayre parking lot just east of Palm Springs Lanes. Mr. Donut baked the donuts in the early morning hours. The manager liked us Herald carriers and gave us each a dozen fresh baked donuts of our choice every morning either for free or some ridiculously low price like a quarter. They made one hell of a great chocolate glazed donut that went well with milk or coffee. My family and neighbors missed the free daily donuts after I quit the Herald route after high school graduation. Next to the Mr. Donut to the south was Bennett's Optical Supply, owned by the father of Dale Bennett who went on to become mayor of Hialeah after long-time mayor Henry Milander died.
The Palm Springs Lanes bowling alley, owned by Jim Facente, on the south side of 49th and around 7th Avenue. They kept the bowling alley open all night on the night of our senior prom in 1965 and many couples went there after the prom and a fancy dinner after the prom.
The Texaco gas station to the west of the bowling alley on the southeast corner of W. 8th Avenue and 49th Street. Their prices were always a penny or two higher than most other stations in the area.

The Eagle Army-Navy store next door to Royal Castle just west of 6th Avenue - a great supplier of cheap motor oil by the case for those with cars that burned or leaked oil like crazy, and cheap cigarettes at $2 a carton.
The U. S. Post Office next to Eagle Army-Navy. They couldn't name it the Palm Springs Station because of a community with the same name in Palm Beach County so they named it "Palm Village Station." My aunt, Norma Boyd, worked there as a window clerk in the 1970's after she had been with the USPS for a few years, along some of the other USPS offices in Hialeah.
The Lums restaurant chain (one existed until 2010 on Davie Road south of the BCC Central Campus) with the hot dogs steamed in beer and served with sauerkraut or chili if desired. There was the small narrow Lums at 681 W. 49th Street on the north side of W. 49th Street a few doors east of the U-Totem and the newer larger Lums on the south side of W. 49th Street west of 12th Avenue.
The U-Totem convenience store between W. 6th and 8th Avenues, west of Lums in the same strip of stores. They carried Playboy and other gents magazines that were scandalous at the time. They also had a free TV tube testing machine to determine which tubes were bad so you could replace them.
The A&P grocery store west of the U-Totem strip center and east of the Thom McAn.
The large Thom McAn's shoe store with huge glass windows on the NE corner of W. 49th Street and W. 8th Avenue. The manager's name was Mr. Finkelstein, he looked like Kojak but he was a really nice guy. Thom McAn sold Beatle Boots that were popular when the Beatles were the rage but I don't remember buying them. They also had the weekly WQAM top 56 music surveys available for pickup and a group of us Miami Herald carriers used to fold our newspapers there every morning prior to delivering them on our paper routes. Chuck Brooks from 1 Bentley Drive in Miami Springs was our Herald area delivery manager; he still lives there as far as I know and he was a good guy who demanded excellence.

Going west from there we had a Kentucky Fried Chicken on the north side of 49th Street just west of 8th Avenue and the professional building and drug store that were on the northwest corner. I used to slip out from a class in my senior year and take Ray Kyse's MG-A there to the KFC to pick up huge order of french fries to pass around in class.
The Gatsby's Restaurant further west of 8th Avenue. When Gatsby's closed it was replaced by My Friends Restaurant, owned by the Richman family, in the late 1970's that had really great food. The Richmans then opened the first Beverly Hills Cafe in the Cypress Village Shopping Center in Miami Lakes that took a lot of business from My Friends and My Friends eventually shut down.
The New England Oyster House west of Gatsby's. It was part of a national chain that somehow disappeared over time, probably due to Red Lobster growing nationally in the 1970's after they were bought out by General Mills at the time.
The Black Angus Restaurant (885 W. 49th Street) had a lingerie show in the bar area at lunch on weekdays in the early 70's. Beautiful models paraded around in negligees and panties trying to entice customers to buy their company's bedtime apparel. The Black Angus (the nickname was "Black Anus") shut down sometime in the 80's.
There was a Shell gas station on the northwest corner of W. 10th Avenue and 49th Street and as I recall their prices were usually the same as other gas stations in the area.

The McDonald's between W. 10th and 12th Avenues that instantly became a great teen hangout with open air seating outside - it opened around 1965 and it is still popular with the younger Hialeah crowd these days.

Switching back to the south side of the street, the Hialeah Fire Department had a nice fire station at the southwest corner of W. 49th Street and 8th Avenue. My buddy Bob Zimmerman and I would visit our buddy Artie Borreca when he was on duty there after he got on with the HFD in the 1970's. The first high-rise apartment or condo building in Hialeah was built just to the west of the fire station and you could see all of Hialeah from the top floor. We thought it was pretty ugly at the time but it was only seven or eight stories tall.
There was a Pizza Palace on the southwest corner of W. 49th Street at W. 10th Avenue and all the bad kids hung out there. There was an Arnold Palmer Putting Park next to the Pizza Palace where you could play miniature golf (see aerial photos in the photo gallery). The WQAM disc jockeys often had promotional events there. The military put Pizza Palaces on their "off-limits" list for military personnel in the late 1960's so there must have been some pretty bad stuff going on at them.

The intersection of W. 49th Street and 12th Avenue had 3 gas stations in the southeast, northeast and northwest corners. The Standard station was on the southeast corner and I believe there was a Phillips 66 on the NE corner and a Cities Service (later Citgo) station owned by Ike in the northwest corner (thanks Al Penfield). Behind the Cities Service station was a small liquor store just west of 12th Avenue where phony ID's worked well at the drive-thru window or you could just get an adult to drive up and get the liquor while we sat in the back seat.
The Gulf Oil station on the north side of W. 49th Street around 13th/14th Avenue. Mr. Gibson the owner had a son around our age named Perry Gibson. They had a slimy mechanic, and also their nephew/cousin, several years older than me working there who ripped me off on an air-conditioner for my Volvo in late 1965 - he never installed all the parts as promised and I blew big bucks for nothing. I distinctly remember paying 25.9 cents a gallon at this station, which was higher than the off-brand cheap station by the 103rd Street overpass on the east side of town, but it wasn't worth driving miles to the east.
The Lindsey Lumber on the north side of W. 49th Street around 13th/14th Avenue. A group of us Miami Herald carriers used to fold papers there every morning prior to delivering them until they ran us out and we moved to the Thom McAn at W. 8th Avenue. There was nothing but cow pastures on the south side of W. 49th Street between W. 12th Avenue and the Palmetto and the cow herds would stand along the fence looking at us folding our papers. The cow bells and mooing were a little unsettling in the quiet early morning hours. There was a Cypress Gardens Florist next door to the Lindsey Lumber.
The Palm Springs General Hospital was built a block or two north of 49th Street at W. 14th Avenue while we were in high school and some buddies almost fell down an empty elevator shaft while exploring it in pitch darkness one night while under construction. They had a nicely landscaped entrance off of 49th Street for a while but then a Big Daddy's Liquor Store was built on the corner to uglify the entrance.
The K-Mart Plaza on the south side of 49th Street. Figaro's Pizza was in the plaza, offering old time black and white movies on large screens while patrons dined.
The Gold Triangle store on the south side of 49th Street, west of 16th Avenue. When they closed it became one of the earliest Home Depot stores in the area. Home Depot later built a new store on the southeast corner of 49th Street and 16th Avenue.
Burdines opened a stand-alone store at the Palmetto and 49th Street in 1969, later to become the west anchor store for Westland Mall that was constructed a couple of years later. The east anchor store was Sears and the middle anchor store was J. C. Penney. All are still there except Burdines turned into Macy's. Burdine's had a second floor restaurant on the east side of the store with a glass wall that overlooked the mall after it opened but eventually it was closed and a solid wall was installed to replace the glass wall.
Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor was a popular place for kids and people of all ages at Westland Mall.

The Farmer's Market built on 103rd Street just west of the Palmetto where the water tower stood for many years (we climbed to the top at night once and it scared the hell out of us). It became numerous other things afterwards including The Other Place drinking and dancing hall, a skating rink and a BJ's warehouse.

Personal Recollections of People

Ted Clark, a WQAM-AM disc jockey, lived in the area near W. 9th Avenue and 64/65th Street. He used to drive the Tiger in a Mustang home every so often in the mid-60's, emblazoned with the WQAM call sign and a large tiger painted on the doors.

Girls who lived in the unincorporated section of homes (county addresses) east of W. 9th Court were Regina Harley, Donna Pignotta, Valerie Ciaccio, Sue Bottin, Linda Russell and others I've forgotten over time. Regina had a hell of a slap alongside your head if you got too friendly.

One of my highlights of being a senior in high school was Ray Kyse giving Dottie Leslie a ride to school a few times with me in the right seat. Because he drove a MG-A she had to sit on my lap for the entire trip and I kept praying for red lights to prolong the duration. Dottie was a friendly girl who is remembered fondly by a number of us. :)

There were a group of good looking girls my age or a year younger who moved into Palm Springs Estates, built by Lovell Homes in 1960/61 and later west of 12th Avenue from 59th Street south to 53rd Street. Adler Brothers built the half block from 59th to 60th and probably all of the homes from 60th to 68th Streets. I added this development to my adjacent Miami News route which grew to 200 subscribers at a high point a couple of times before they split my route numerous times. The first one to move in was Judy Bush (brother Rusty), followed by Charlotte Tidwell, Nancy Payne, Karen Hudson, Mary Ellen Cooley, Libby Sciadini, Karon Kell, Dorothy Walling, Kay Summmers, Linda Burge and others I can't remember right now. Guys who lived out there were Ruben and Raul Rivera, Charlie Ferguson, the Moye brothers, Clyde Hughes, Dean Burge and others I can't remember right now.

The mostly great NEIGHBORS I can remember were, with valuable help from Beverly Lavallie Cline, Donna Mehalko and the late Chris Martin:

This extensive list was moved to in the new Palm Springs Neighbors and Friends Gallery.

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Guest 25-Feb-2023 06:17
My Dad was in the fire department for years. He retired as District Chief. His name was Murray Reisman. Because of his job, I knew mayors Milander and Bennett. But I also knew Mayor Bennett because he had been my optometrist for years. He gave me a kiss at my high school graduation in '79.
Does anyone recall the high school couple that was murdered by a transient around 1978? I remember they were very popular at HHS. That was so sad. I recall they were expected at Farrell's the night they were killed and everyone was confused when they didn't show up.
marcos Gonzalez 15-Jul-2022 16:58
I remember Figaros on the North side of 49th street . Class of 70 crowd hung out after football games. They had a guy with a thick Italian accent who would announce your number when the Pizza was ready and we used to mimic him. Graduated Filer with Vince Kendrick and Gordie Teixeira in 67 and went on to HHS . I later went back and taught at Filer in 76-77. Our HHS class featured Bucky Dent and KC. My daughter and all five grandkids born at Hialeah Hospital. Guess I will always be a Hialeah boy even though have travelled the world. Thanks for the article and the memories. Late 60s and 70s truly were the worst and best of times. Blessed to be a TBRED.
Norm Rechtman 07-Mar-2022 02:05
My parents owned “Family Restaurant” on Palm Ave in the same strip where Tony Benedetto’s barber shop was, their parking lot on the north side of the building was adjacent to the railroad tracks, Stanley Penn & Son feed supply was on the other side of the track, I used to play with the owners son climbing on bails of hay inside the warehouse.
MARCIA CHAVIANO 02-Nov-2021 21:12
does anyone remember a story about a woman killing a child in Hialeah in 1977-78 and she worked at Twin Lakes Elementary or is it a bad imagination? She had a son named MIguel.
Guest 26-Aug-2021 13:25
We moved into our home at 18400 NW 81st Court back in 1968 and I was a little over 1 years old. My dad was Ronnie, mom Sylvia and I had an older brother named John that everyone called Chip. Went to Palm Spring North Elementary. We had horses on what we used to call the "back road." My mom used to play tennis in Opa Locka and there was also a community pool which is where I took swimming lessons. Wow! How things have changed down there. We moved up to Loxahatchee (Palm Beach County) when I was 10.
Joel 05-Jun-2021 17:20
what is the name of the old shoe store that was located in the same plaza where Miami subs used to be at !?!?!?!?!
brian conway 04-Oct-2018 20:32
I tried to read every comment but I gave up hoping to see stuff that really mattered to me prbly because my Miami only lasted until 1964 when I was 10 and my red neck folks moved back to Jax. Coconut shelling (sidewalk slams and screw drivers)/ripe Japanese Plums/tangerines/HALLOWEEN...THE BEST/ pick a beach I loved them all/Key West/trash picking/765 NE 5th st(now E5th) Benny Babcock, the industrial park SE of 8th Ave and the walk to the grocery store (I want to say Food Fair) just up 8th and my 1st fast food experience was the Royal Castle which must have been near the port where my father clerked for P&O Steamship Co. The major extra-cultural memories went unappreciated then but now may be one of my best Hialeah memories. Jacksonville is the southernmost city of GA...Miami was one of a kind.
actualité buzz au senegal 09-Mar-2018 21:23
Retrouvez tous les meilleures vidéos buzz du web.
Bob Reyes 15-Oct-2016 18:05
Just came across this site by accident. It brought back some nice memories. I moved to Hialeah in 1948 and lived on 25th street just off Palm Avenue. As a second grader I used to cut through the race track to go to school and an old guy from Calumet Farms gave me a job mucking stalls early in the morning and late in the afternoon for a half a buck each time (good money back then, for a kid). Moved to East 8th street and went to Hialeah elementary and Hialeah Junior High. I was in the first class of 8th graders to open up the new Hialeah High School. It was the largest school in the state when it opened. I used to hang out at the Essex theater and Benny Babcock Park and Pool. Sometimes I would venture across the river to the Circle theater in Miami Springs. I was in the south side of town so after the 8th grade in HHS I went to Miami Springs Junior High and then back to Hialeah for the 10th. Some of my childhood friends were Warren Smith, Larry and Judy Campbell, Eddie Sizemore, Bunny Wilson, and Marsha Turnipseed. If anybody knows them tell them I said "Hi". I used to sell the Miami Daily news on the corner of LeJuene Road and 36th street, in front of the old MIA and I would peddle the Sunday edition on Saturday night at Hialeah Speedway. I moved to west 42nd street and 7th Lane in 1956, finished High School and went into the service in '58. I sometimes drive through Hialeah to go see my doctor at Hialeah Hospital, but it's definitely not the place I remember growing up. Too bad.
Guest 06-Sep-2016 10:41
Guest 06-Sep-2016 10:20
Hi .glad i came across this page.. I am the 80s generation of the diebold family... I wanted to answer your question or statement on diamond's inn liquor lounge dad was murdered by another patron that regularly visited diamonds. . i still have the actual news clipping. My grandmother sued that place for 20.000 in blood money and i got half when i was 18 and my shitty half sister got the rest .. I was 4 years old at the time of the murder which occureed in 1990.. I was born 1986.. My dad was named larry diebold and was well known by the 4th lane gang and others.. Also i used to lov3 watching the crazy 8 bus races at hialeah speedway..they should have never took it down.. But anyways anyone that would like to chat about the topic or see the article. . give me a reply. . also you described the black angus as hooters.. Reason why i find it funny cause my grandma never struck me as a person that would work in that type of indecent exposure restaurant business.. Only if she was alive to have some follow up
Ron W 17-Apr-2016 14:37
I grew up in Hialeah
Guest 04-Jan-2016 07:21
Just found this page. I was going through some of my Mom's stuff. She used to do crafts using shells. She purchased from Miami Shellcraft Supplies, Inc. The city and state are listed as: Miami 50, Florida. No zip code. My husband and I were doing some research about zip codes and happened upon this page. Thank you for the memories. The listing about Publix Supermarket and the picture of Terrence Duffy is definitely a memory and I went to Hialeah Sr. High with Terry. We both graduated in 1975.
Don Boyd27-Sep-2015 17:26
Thank you Terry, and Pete Migli, for the correction in address for Jerry & Joe's Pizzeria. I have fixed it in the above comments.

Terry 27-Sep-2015 14:58
Pete Migli is correct about the location of Jerry & Joe's. The thing I remember most was if you ordered take out spaghetti they always ask you to bring your own pot. And no matter how much you ordered or the size of the pot, they always filled it up. Loved that place.
HHS '63
kathydaly19-Sep-2015 08:16
John T. Travers, my Dad moved to Hialeah as a boy in 1930's, maybe he went to school with your stepdad! Please read the early Hialeah memories of "Bud" on this link:
gazon26-Jun-2015 15:38
Nice gallery
Don Boyd09-Mar-2015 04:52
Thank you everyone for adding your comments and memories on this page. There are few people out there who can remember everything but a lot of people combined can get most of the facts together accurately. Please keep adding your comments and memories.

Pete Migli: you are most likely correct. I don't know where I got Jerry & Joe's location from, probably Facebook in one of the old Hialeah groups, and I'll change it soon. Thank you for the correction. I'm sorry for the delay in responding but I have so much stuff going on it's impossible to keep up with everything.

Tony Villella, yes, Dottie had a beautiful younger sister named Simone but I didn't know her personally. I don't remember Ann Scott at all so she was probably younger like you. Where did she live?

Tony Villella 08-Mar-2015 17:26
Don, I see where you mentioned Dottie Leslie. Didn't she have a beautiful sister named Simone ? Also a girl fondly remembered by us hormone lade young men was Ann Scott.
febangel37 01-Mar-2015 17:20
I grew up in Hialeah in the 80s. We lived on east 45th St. My brothers and I have amazing childhood memories! I remember going with my grandmother to Zayre's, Jefferson's, Jbyrons, Luria's, Diamonds, Savings Merchadise, Playworld, McCrory's, etc. On the weekends, we would eat at Hardee's or Mcdonald's. All of those businesses were located on 49th St. I remember going to Publix with my parents and collecting green stamps that were placed on a booklet. Till this day I have no clue what those stamps were for! LOL! I remember going to the Hallmark or Gift shops scattered throughout Hialeah or Westland Mall and the cool businesses it had. Do you any of you remember the pet store, or the costume/mask store, Kaybee's Toy Store, Burdines, Orange Julius? How about the movie theatre that had a 50s style with red seats on the 49th St? I wish I could travel back in time and relive those moments. Unfortunately Hialeah is nothing like it used to be. :(
Pete Migli 04-Feb-2015 02:24
Don, you mentioned Jerry & Joe's Italian Restaurant in NW Hialeah, but I'm only familiar with Jerry & Joe's Pizzeria, which was located on East 4th Avenue near 40th Street. It wasn't far from the Schwinn bike shop (Hialeah Cycle?) that Mike Hale mentioned. Those were just a few of the great businesses in that area of town. My family also frequented Woody's 5&10 (where I bought almost every plastic model I built), Marciano's Bakery ("Italian with seeds, please!"), Flamingo Auto Parts, and, of course, Dairy Queen. I can still smell that Jerry & Joe's pizza!
Marjorie Gustafson Shalita 27-Jun-2014 12:16
What a wonderful place to share memories...thank you! I am Marjorie Gustafson Shalita. My family and I lived on 47th Street, My parents, Gus and Mary Gustafson were one of the first residents in the area(1949) and lived in the same house for over 60 years. It was heartbreaking to have to sell it after they had both passed(Dad in 2004 and Mom in 2010). My sister, Julie Gustafson Barber, passed in 1975 at the age of 29 from breast cancer. My brother John and my sister Fay had moved to North Carolina in the 90's and I stayed in the area (South Broward) until 2007 when we moved to North Carolina and brought Mom with us to be closer to my siblings, and have settled here in NC, but Hialeah and South Florida will always be "home". Thanks for this is so special to stay in touch with folks from long ago and from far and near. I still have some cousins and an aunt and uncle down there.....and many friends and co-workers, too. I am sending by blessings to all! Here's to healthy and happy living! Enjoy each and every moment for life is so precious....Love to all~~
Dixie 06-May-2014 16:29
Barnbys was on 49th Street. I believe on the west side of the shopping center were K-Mart is located.
June Prichard Bowers 08-Apr-2014 23:48
Was it Kay Bee toy store that was in the Westland Mall?
Guest 02-Apr-2014 14:35
Does anyone remember what the name of the toy store was in Westland Mall when they opened?
Tony 19-Mar-2014 09:18
I also remember a place called Figaros pizza. It was on W 49th, don't remember where exactly but it was a nice place in the 70s. They showed silent b/w films as you ate and cartoons. A very nice place indeed.
SANDRA FIGLEY MAISAK 11-Mar-2014 00:14
Great site Don: I'm Sandra Figley-Maisak and grew up at 4599 Palm , across the street from Burger in a Hurry, Municipal and Red Over Restaurant (used to be Boyer's Market in the 50's) Dad worked for Pan Am and mom was a room mother and cub scout den leader. Our house was grand central for gathering kids. My brother Dan Figley (HHS Class of 68)was a musician from the age of 14 and there was always a rock n roll band in our living room. Some of the guys were Bill Lockmiller, Glenn Sime, Mike Morabito, Stan Romero and way too many others rotating in and out over the years. They were the Fortune Tellers, then the Chaps. Regularly attended the CYO dances on Sunday nite - just an excuse to get out of the house on a school night. Usually ended up at the IHOP in Palm Springs drinking coffee and meeting friends. I married Ed Maisak (5560 W. 2nd Ave) in 1969 and moved to Central Florida in 1970. Dan was married to Camille Caramana
(class of 69) Someone was also asking about Gilliamo's Pizza.....I remember it being the best in Hialeah.
Don Boyd18-Feb-2014 07:03
Edward, thank you for your comments, I'm glad you like the site and the memories of the Palm Springs section of Hialeah. It was a different far less crowded world back in the 50's and 60's.

Edward Delatorre 17-Feb-2014 20:23
wow! thanks for putting in the work. this site is amazing; ive been visiting it for a few years now.
i live on 11125 nw 62 avenue, been living here for the last 25 years. (right on west 8th avenue between 56th & 60th Streets) and its great to see the fun past this place had.

keep up the good work,
Edward D.
Don Boyd01-Nov-2013 20:00
Ken Griese, I'm sorry for the delay in responding. Thank you for posting your comments and memories, especially about Gene Sallie. I remember his name from way back but I don't think he was one of the Hialeah cops who hassled me during my youthful days.

Demity, thank you for posting your comments and memories of your uncle's Coffee Pot Restaurant in downtown Hialeah. It was a popular place to go judging from other comments that I've read on this site.

Hope Bennett, thank you for your posting your comments and memories of Bennett Optical. I remember them on Palm Springs Mile close to the Mr. Donut store but never had the opportunity to patronize them.

James, thank you for posting your comments and your memories of your dad's Victor Motel on Okeechobee and 29th Street.

Judy, thank you for your comments and your memories of growing up in Hialeah. I went to school with Kathy Bly (HHS 65) but I don't remember the others. Thank you for the information on Mr. Lester and the McConnell family and the Bacon family. I'm glad you enjoyed the site and hopefully it will grow to be much larger with far more comments and recollections of a great time to grow up in Hialeah.

Maria, you're right on the money with your comments and I thank you for posting them. Times really changed for Hialeah, and other places in Dade County, with a much higher density of people due to more townhouses, more apartments and zero lot line homes being built. There was a lot more open space in the developed areas and the wilderness was so close to us on the west side when the homes were new and only a few years old. In addition there were fewer cars back then because moms generally didn't work in the 1950's and 60's so there was no need for a second or third car in the family. I think the real increase in density came from people renting out rooms or additions being added to existing homes to rent out so that a lot of homes are now multi-family units or whatever you want to call it but it added to the number of people living in the city and contributing to the congestion that we see today. The City of Hialeah government has never had great zoning practices (which were in reality pretty awful) and variances galore have been granted to increase the density of the existing city.

Marfa 01-Nov-2013 02:38
I've lived in Hialeah since 1981 (I was 11 years old at the time). It sounds as though I would have loved the old time Hialeah way better than this concrete jungle that we have now.
Judy 03-Aug-2013 17:21
Wow. Y'all have a much better memory than I do! I was born in 1958 at Jackson Memorial. I lived in Hialeah until I was 7 ears old. I attended 1st grade at Immaculate Conception Catholic School. If my memory recalls correctly, we lived on 39th Place? I remember the cow fields before Westland Mall was built. I haven't heard any comment on the Bly family. Leo Bly was the postmaster in Hialeah for many years until the family relocated to Ft. Pierce. They had 6 children (Buddy, Cathy, Collene, Billy, Kellie, and Patrick). I was the same age as Kellie. I remember the bad car accident that claimed Billies life. A car full if Hialeah high school football players went into one of the canals and all the boys drowned. Also, I haven't heard any comments about the Lester family. Mr. Lester owned a music store, he was an band leader from the big band days, and his store supplied many of the instruments for the local schools. His wife Sylvia and daughter Diane relocated to the Atlanta area years ago. His son Glenn was a Miami Dade county police officer. Glenn also was a member of the high school band. The Mc Connell family who taught me the Irish jig as a child, the Bacon family (they worked for the Fountainblue Hotel on Miami Beach. My dad served in the Air Force as an air traffic controlled back in the 50's (Bob Ewerling). It was just really enjoyable to read about places and people I hadn't thought about in many years. Thanks! This site was great!
James 22-Jul-2013 18:18
Great stuff. My dad owned the Victor's Motel at the corner of 29th and Okeechobee Rd. We lived on 8th Court until we moved to Tennessee in the mid 70's.
Hope Bennett31-Jan-2013 19:15
I forgot to mention that we had a family business called Bennett Optical on the 49th Street Mile. My Dad, Grandpa and Uncle offered small town, quality service with a smile!!! My brother and sister worked there too!
Hope Bennett31-Jan-2013 19:09
I just stumbled upon this page when I was researching my Dad's name. My father was Mayor Dale Bennett (@Demity - he used to take me to the Coffee Pot Restaurant for breakfast when he'd take me to City Hall with him. We loved that place!). My brother Gordon, sister Robin and I grew up on 38th Street between Red Road and Second Avenue. We cheered/played football at Milander Park for Hialeah Optimist (we also enjoyed the rec center at Milander Park and the pool as well!). We ate pizza at Figaro's Resaurant after football games while watching the Three Stooges movies. We had Farrell's and Zips for our special ice cream desserts, and walked to school and back with our friends to Meadowlane Elementary, Henry Filer Junior High and Hialeah High School. We played box ball on the dead end streets, climbed trees and built tree houses (we had a huge ficus tree in our front yard where my dad helped us build our tree house, but google maps shows that it's gone now). We used to hear the church bells from Immaculate Conception Catholic Church ring on Sunday mornings. My friends and I always wondered what was inside that strange building on 21st Street... no one ever answered us,,, leaving the curious mind to create bizzare details of what must have been going on inside there.... haha. My sister had her wedding reception in the Patrician Room at Hialeah Race Track. The flamingos were beautiful! Hialeah was a fun, safe, and very interesting place to grow up back in the 70's and 80's. Great memories!!!
Demity 10-Jan-2013 18:47
What a great find! I was born in Hialeah! I was looking to see if my Uncle Dorsey's Coffee Pot Restaurant was mentioned: finally saw a post! My grandma Ann Tootle (one of his sisters who worked there; it truly was a family restaurant) she was the short order cook. I spent many happy hours there. I remember we used to deliver food to the Jail on the weekend.
Ken Griese 07-Dec-2012 23:28
Wow, what a walk down memory lane! I lived in Hialeah from 1954 until 1968. I remember most every place you mentioned in your account of the past in Hialeah. I lived at 50 W. 63 street, then in Palm Springs on the west tside of the canal running along Red Road at about 58th street and then at 40 E. 57 street. One of the policemen you didn't mention was detective Gene Sallie. He now lives in Sebring, Fl. He was a good guy and used to stop in to my mom's restaurant on Okeechobee Road...adjacent to the Pure Oil Gas Station. She opened that in Feb. of 1955. I graduated from ICS in 1960 and then drove all the way to Miami Central for HS. Thanks for the mental trip. I really enjoyed it. Take care.
Don Boyd22-Nov-2012 17:37
Guest from 23-OCT: there was a Big Daddy's liquor store and bar on the corner of 14th Court and 49th Street across from K-Mart if I recall correctly. Was that it?

Guest from 21-NOV: funny you should mention Barnaby's because we saw one in Tallahassee three days ago and my wife, who went to FSU in the 70's, was astounded that the Barnaby's was still there on Apalachee Parkway. Neither of us can remember where in Hialeah there was a Barnaby's - do you remember? Maybe if you provide the location then our memory cells will click. Thanks!

Guest 21-Nov-2012 19:27
Barnaby's ? They use to serve hamburgers and pizzas cut sliced in squares
Guest 23-Oct-2012 23:42
What was the name of the bar at the corner of the Kmart Plaza on 49th Street? The place turned into a Sizzler's later on, but the bar was great! Us girls that worked at Kmart would spend a couple of hours there after work, drinking and eating appetizers :)
Don Boyd30-Jul-2012 14:26
Al, thanks for jogging the memories! I've added the Cities Service to the northwest corner and Bennett's Optical next to the Mr. Donut.

Guest 30-Jul-2012 12:21
forgot to mention bennett optical sevice. next to mr donut and bowling alley on 49th st mr. bennetts son dale bennett became mayor. thanks al penfield
Guest 30-Jul-2012 12:16
gas station on 49th and west 12th ave nw corner was a citgo sevice station owned by ike. youse to sponsor one of my stock cars.
Christopher Nelson 23-Jul-2012 03:46
Does anyone remember a man, Sonny Nelson, back in the late '70's early '80's that was basically the watchdog for the city? He even managed to get the mayor to challenge him to a fist fight at a city meeting. He spent a lot of time making sure the city did what the members of council said they were going to do. If you have any info on him please contact me, via here or email, Thank you.
bob malarsky 16-Apr-2012 08:32
Don you really did bring memories back for me. I thought the Sugar Bowlrest. had the best fries ever greasy as hell but GOOD. By the way I knew
dottie too. I think she was cool but her brothers death had a bad effect on her. Remember DeLarms trading Post .My step brother and i got our fishing and drivers Lisc. there. We lived on 64terr.and saw the first airlift from cuba across the street at Masters Field . Loved the Royal Castle burgers and Farm Store Egg nog. Left Hialeah in 63 afterH.S. Innocent days back then -thanks for the Memories
June Prichard Bowers 27-Feb-2012 19:04
Wow, great to read these memories. It brought back alot of my own. I am June Prichard (Bowers), class of 66 HHS. I lived on East 49th street between 6th and &th Ave. When we first moved there, in the summer of 58, 49th street was just a two lane blacktop. My dad, who worked for Universal Firearms on East 8th ave, would test fire his rifles in the "swamp", which late became Westland Mall. I went to North Hialeah, Henry Filer and then HHS. My mom was the baker at North Hialeah Elementary from 1962 until 1980. Those dates are approximate.
Don Boyd26-Feb-2012 15:47
Mike Hale: yes, several parking areas around Miami International were popular with kids wishing to park with their dates and I preferred the one right up against the fence on the west side directly under the runway 9-left approach path. In reference to Amelia Earhart Field, those buildings you saw to the east were part of the Naval Air Station at Master(s) Field. The Marine Corps used it after the Navy. In the late 1950's/early 60's the federal government gave most of the land to the state/county so that Miami-Dade Junior College could be built and auctioned off all the land from 32nd Avenue to the railroad tracks that separated Master's Field from Amelia Earhart Field plus some to the north of NW 119th Street. See the Aviation gallery for old aerial photos of those airfields then and now.

Mary Anne C: thank you for your comments. I don't know the answers to your questions but hopefully someone else will provide some answers. I remember Tony Benedetto, the councilman in Hialelah. He had a barber shop on Palm Avenue near 21st Street as I recall.

Peter: regarding the drive-in that you described, perhaps it was the Golden Glades Drive-In Theatre on the Palmetto and NW 37th Avenue? I think most of the drive-in theatres had those mosquito fogging trucks running up and down the parking lanes during the summer and who knows what harmful pesticides we all inhaled while watching the movies or making out with dates with the windows open? There was also a drive-in on LeJeune, south of Hialeah and just south of the airport (now a Marriott complex) and another on NW 27th Avenue just north of Northside Shopping Center. Those were the closest drive-in theatres to Hialeah that I can think of.

Peter Sandler 25-Feb-2012 21:46
I was lookin g back at some of the pictures that I hadn't viewed before and saw the one with the balloon and the planes talking about spraying for med flies. that reminded me about the drive in theater (nearby, but not in Hialeah) and the little spiral anti-mosquito smoke things that you would light and plavce on the car dashboard while the movie was running. They never worked. Once in a while the drive in theater itself would run a Jeep up and down between each row of parked cars that sprayed a nice mist of mosquito killer all over the place. That solved the problem. I remember seeing Psycho there. Anyone remember the name/location of this place?
Guest 07-Jan-2012 04:36
Does anyone remember Frank Palichio. Him and his wife Rose had the store on Palm Ave and 15th street. He passed away this week at the age of 96
Guest 07-Jan-2012 04:30
I grew up at east 7th ave and 32nd street. I went to flamingo elementry and hung out at Bright Park. Does anyone remember the kid that sold Tomatoes in front of his house on east 32nd street
Mary Anne C. 11-Oct-2011 03:46
You are doing a great job keeping this site going. Thanks for all the memories. I was born at St Francis hospital in 1948, lived at 922 E 28th Street. Went to St Johns, Filer JHS and HHS, class 0f 66. Graduated UM in 1970. Have to say that growing up in Hialeah was kid paradise. My dad worked at the Hialeah PO and my mom was a seamstress at Tally-Ho on E. 4th ave, later at Bodin Knits. My dad was friends with Mayor Milander and my uncle was F. A. "Tony" Benedetto.
It helps having connections...I was in a traffic accident while at UM and had to go to traffic court in South Miami. I remember Uncle Tony came to the courtroom and just stood there with me, the judge dismissed my charges and I was out on the street without even a fine! I guess the judge owed Tony a favor.
Does anybody remember the name of the drive-in food place on the SW corner of E 25th Street and LeJeune Road? There was an old wooden house on the corner of LeJeune and E 26th Street that had a windmill behind was probably a farm from the 30s and 40s. I grew up when there were still cattle grazing on E 25th Street. I am older than dirt, but Hialeah is still a happy memory!
kathydaly04-Sep-2011 20:08
Prior to the twin conversion of Wometco Palm Springs Theatre, I remember during movies the side doors were notoriously opening and closing, someone was always letting someone else in. When Palm Springs Theatre converted to twin theatres, I was always riding my ten-speed around on the weekends in the '70's. It was great to do double feature on teen budget, simply go to the restroom between movie showings and return to the "twin" seat ;)
Guest 11-Aug-2011 03:00
These posts are so rich with information and memories. I've not read them all, but I read enough to be extremely touched. My parents moved into their newly built home on 51st Place (between 8th and 12th Aves) on Dec 21, 1957. My mother went into labor that same day and I was born. I attended Meadowlane Elementary and Palm Springs Junior High. Was slated to attend Hialeah High, but my parents divorced and my mother and I left FL. Nevertheless, I returned as often as I could to Hialeah to visit my dad and my childhood friends, many of whom with I still maintain contact. Black Angus, Lums, Murphy's, Neisner's, the racetrack, Farrell's..... Donna Wallace, Lisa Major (now deceased), and so many other lifelong friends. My name was Deon Vigil.
mike hale 06-Aug-2011 05:12
I was reading some older posts. One caught my eye. Driving to west side of the Miami airport to "watch the planes land". I don't even know how we found out about it but it seemed to be a popular place at the end of a date. Also, I learned to drive a standard transmission truck at age 9 at Amelia Earhart field . I vaguely remember looking across to the east and seeing some kind of terminal buildings(this is before the college was built). Any body remember the "illegal" drag races on the north side of the airport?
Don Boyd02-Aug-2011 15:08
Mike, thanks for posting and for the information about Jackson's/Byrons and the segregated water fountains. I rarely went into that store compared to my frequent visits to Neisners & G. C. Murphy's. I remember your family's Schwinn store and probably bought something there at one time or another. That was E. 4th Avenue, correct? That's the one I remember.

Unfortunately I don't recall when the Palm Springs Theatre converted to the Palm Springs Twin Theatre. I know it happened after I went off into the USCG in June 1966 because I used to take dates to that theatre up until then and it was the original large theatre.

I'd love to add some of those old photos that you mentioned to the site, despite having a huge backlog of other old photos yet to add. I'll give you credit on the photo and under the photo for contributing them. Please send them as e-mail attachments to if you'd like to contribute. Thanks!

Mike Hale 02-Aug-2011 05:10
Don, the Jackson Byron store at Palm Springs Plaza also had the white and colored water fountains. Our family owned the Schwinn Bike Dealership at 41st and 4th ave. I have plenty of pictures all the way to the early 50's. At a time we also sold garden supplies and lawn mowers(Toro and Lawnboys). Also , do you remember when the Theater at PSP was converted to two theaters?
Don Boyd25-Jun-2011 05:24
Hi Kay, thanks for responding.

Good for your brother Mike living the good life down in the Caribbean! It's a rough life but somebody has to do it. : )

Regarding Linda: a girl wrote in last year blasting me because in the narrative I put something about not including Linda in the list of pretty girls west of 12th Avenue and she said that Linda passed away. I had a smiley face after my comment to indicate that it was a joke but the girl was ticked off and I changed the narrative to include Linda. She continued to write numerous negative comments about the site, some of which I deleted and some I left up. Go to the "Guestbook" and scroll down to the 5th and 6th of May 2010 and you can see the comments. Unfortunately I deleted the original nasty comments where she mentioned that Linda passed away years ago as I recall her saying. I don't think she ever identified who she was/is but she was using as an e-mail address, which could be phony or real. I'm sorry to pass that bad news about Linda on to you.

The guestbook can be seen at:

Guest 25-Jun-2011 00:28
Hi Don. Kay again. I don't have any contact w/any of the girls. I tried to find Linda and her sister Donna but no luck.
Not too many people know my "real" name. Pretty bad, huh? ; )
On the subject of Libby Sciadini - my brother Mike took her to the prom! He's somewhere in the Caribbean living aboard his sailboat with his lady now.
Don Boyd23-Jun-2011 05:05
lfeld: very good on being the Sciadini's next door neighbor. The area was on my Miami News route and maybe I delivered it to your home when it was new? The Sciadinis were subscribers and I used to talk to Libby's parents once a week. I've been in contact once or twice with Cindy on Facebook - she's a friend of a friend. Her photo is in one of the DuPuis Elementary class pages in the Hialeah gallery.

lfeld325023-Jun-2011 01:48
don...i just saw where you mentioned libby sciadini...we lived next door to the sciadini's on w 12th ct...i was best friends with her sister mom just went to south carolina to visit mrs sciadini and cindy...libby used to live in texas-just north of houston but i can't remember where she lives now
Don Boyd20-Jun-2011 06:23
Hi Kay, wow, a blast from the past. Thank you very much for writing in. I'm sorry to hear that Steve Pauley passed away - I remember him. That's a funny story about Donna Arbogast - small world!

I've added you to the girls on this page and to the Palm Springs neighbors' names and addresses at . I looked you up in the HHS student directory from 1965 and learned your real first name. : ) Do you have any contact with any of the girls mentioned?

lfeld325020-Jun-2011 01:37
omg...the mister donut...i just looked at the pictures and remembered mom worked there when my brothers (bruce/billy baldwin) were little (early 60's)
Guest 19-Jun-2011 03:54
Hey Don! I was one of the girls in Palm Springs - Kay Summers. I hung out with the girls you mentioned - Linda Burge and I were best friends. I lived at 5985 W. 14th Lane. Graduated 1966. I Married Steve Pauley. We were together for 5 years. He passed away about 3 years ago. I think he was living in California. I'm in Connecticut now.
Don, I'm enjoying your site! Thank you for this. Does anyone remember Gilliamo's?
Here's a funny story: I was living in Ocala, Florida for awhile and found a stray dog which I took home with me. I called the 800# on his tag and they gave the owner's phone number and name of Donna. I called the person named Donna and when she picked up the dog I immediately knew her - Donna Arbogast!! She hadn't changed a bit and I knew her instantly. Talk about a small world! I'll keep checking this site. Maybe I'll remember another story. Seems I run into people from Hialeah no matter where I go.
Don Boyd18-Jun-2011 01:33
lfeld: yes, Three Sisters was in the Palm Springs Village Shopping Center and if you look in the Hialeah gallery there is a photo of a print ad for Three Sisters from 1960 at:

Yes, it was WQAM with the golf ball antennas.

lfeld325017-Jun-2011 17:28
sorry-that radio station is WQAM (right?)
lfeld325017-Jun-2011 16:52
and wasn't there a dress store at palm springs mile called Three Sisters?
lfeld325017-Jun-2011 16:50
remember the little red styrafoam balls everyone had on their car antennas for WGAM radio station?
Don Boyd17-Jun-2011 14:25
Guest, thank you for posting about Lou's Hardware because I'm sure most of Hialeah patronized them at one time or another. They were open before we moved to Palm Springs in 1957 and I'm sure my dad patronized them until Ed's Hardware opened at W 12th and 68th. Lou's recently moved to 7815 W. 4th Avenue in Hialeah (not Miami Lakes like their website says) and is now a police equipment store.

I don't believe that Lou's was the first hardware store in Hialeah because I have a photo of Don Freeman's Hardware Store from the 1920's on this site at:

Guest 17-Jun-2011 06:16
don't forget LOUS HARDWARE at PALM ave and 41st ST THEY OPENED BACK IN 1954 installing wells and sprinkler systems for all the houses in HIaleah they rented lawn mowers edgers pitcher pumps tools two man saws, they sold rubber worms for fishing cane poles bobbers nails hammers mason jars for canning nuts and bolts cement, fertilizer plumbing supplies every thing you needed for your house also they were the first hardware store in Hialeah
lfeld325014-Jun-2011 01:16
me again...john and cindy sciadini lived next door to us...the manns lived behind us (all "d" names) dana, dean, darlene...there were 2 catadella families on our block and glenn and gary wolf(e) lived across the street...ring any bells?
lfeld325013-Jun-2011 01:37
sorry to keep posting but i remember ms tally, ms addington and ms white from du puis and i do remember the movies being .25 (mentioned previously) did anybody out there know my dad-bruce baldwin?
lfeld325013-Jun-2011 01:25
susan flutie...are you related to a vickie flutie i went to du puis elementary with??? i remember she was a very fast runner!
lfeld325013-Jun-2011 01:13
omg...i just stumbled across this site and i saw my dad's named mentioned (sgt baldwin) my name is linda baldwin and i was born in hialeah...i lived at 5605 w 12th ct (across from du puis elementary) some of the places mentioned just brings back so many memories...sparks stores...palm springs mile shopping center with the bank in the parking lot...lums...the public pool...blast from thepast!!!
Pat (Hermansader) Brandt 26-May-2011 20:07
We moved to Hialeah in 1956 when I was 10 and my Dad got a job at Aerodex. We lived on E 65th St between 3rd and 4th Ave. I remember during the Cuban Missile Crisis the Marines were camped in the vacant field across from our house. I went to Palm Springs Jr High and graduated from HHS in 64. My dad was a really good bowler and used to bowl in leagues at Palm Springs Lanes several nights a week. Spent a lot of time there! You dredged up a lot of great memories!
Guest 19-Feb-2011 21:15
Diddn't mention in the post below, born and raised in Hialeah in 1949
Guest 19-Feb-2011 20:30
nobody mentioned the pizza palace on 163rd then it was off to the midnight drags. I grew up in hialeah, went to glenn h. curtiss, MS junior high and grad. from MS senior high, in 1967,enjoyed reading the posts
Peter Sandler 28-Dec-2010 03:09
Hi Tony Villella -

I guess your memories are the same as mine, just from the other point of view. Interesting to see your post all these years later. I remember that we sometimes got along, sometimes not.

Funny that you remember the CARE package routine. So do I. I guess I touched a nerve with my post, but like you said, Get over it! It has been a long time. I'd be more interested in hearing about the things we did together since we lived so close to each other. What's up with your brother, mother, etc.?

Do you remember those horrible spiny fish we all used to catch with bread in the canals?
Manny 21-May-2010 21:44
Hi Don, My paremts moved to Hialeah in 1961 on west 32st between 7th and 8th ave. i was born there in 1967. My earliest memory is of a pony ride that was at what is now the Ockeechobe station of metrorail, do you remember that? By the way great site.
Guest 21-May-2010 03:36
My family moved to Hiaeah in 1950 to East 56th street adjacent to Amelia Earhart Field. I went to Healeah Jr High on 9th street and would have been a 1957 Graduate from HHS if I had not made the big mistake of dropping out. I loved the memories of old Hialeah. I worked at a brand new Pure Oil station located at Lejuene Rd and E 56th street. It was owned by Charlie Monk who was a great race car driver at Opa Locka, Medley, and Hialeah Race Track. I truly adored him and his family. He was instrumental in guiding me in my early years and helping to shape me, even after dropping out, to work hard and develop a wonderful career from which I am retireing this month as a pilot after 53 plus years of flying. I am now 71. I remember hanging out at the drug store at the corner of 49th St and 4th ave. We used to camp out at the rock pit north of Gratigny Rd and East of 8th avenue. On one occasion we witnessed a Navy guard truck crash inside the fence at Masters Field trapping the Military Policeman under the truck. We made it over the fence and literally carried him accross the field to his headquarters for which they let us look over one of the old banana helicopters. That was a highlight of my early life. I never knew how the guy made out nor ever heard any more about the incident. I remember the Rustic Roller Rink, Frank' n' bun, Waxies (next to where National Airlines used to cross over Lejuene Rd, Red Diamond Pizza (I think), parking at the west end of Miami International Airport to "watch the planes ". Any way, many memories. Thanks Don, for the site. It is great.
Guest 15-May-2010 14:31
I remember a slide next to the Lionel Playworld on 49th and 12th. Also I used to love Haney's sandwiches accross the canal in Medley.
Guest 02-Apr-2010 22:08
My first job was at the Julius Ceasars it was a lot of fun.
Tony Villella 12-Mar-2010 19:08
Don, Terry Bocksey just posted on Robbins site and asked if there was a way you could give me his phone#. If not could you get him my e-mail address?
Don Boyd09-Mar-2010 03:21
Tony, thanks for the info on Harvey Bendfeldt. The entire time (years!) he lived from across from us in the private driveway I never knew that he grew up in Palm Springs over by you or that he went to Hialeah High, a year ahead of me. My oldest daughter liked his son Chad for a while in the early 90's and Chad was a good kid. I'm sorry to hear that Mrs. Bendfeldt passed away.

Tony Villella 08-Mar-2010 19:03
Don. I saw you mentioned that you did not know where Harvey Bendfelt was, He is living In Pembroke Pines working at the Air Port there, Which Airline I do not know, His sister JoMarie is living in Morganton,NC and is retired from the Goverment Dept of Defense. Harvey lost his wife not to far back to Cancer, As for Peter Sandler making the comment that my brother and I were not nice neighbors, All I have to say Peter. is you get what you put forth, Sorry Peter, but after 45 years , Let it Go! The neighborhood threw a party, right after your moving van departed with your familys belongings. By the way, Did you get your CARE Package yet?
kathydaly05-Feb-2010 00:38
Anybody remember a Hialeah "character" that dressed up as Uncle Sam and rode a three-wheeler up and down 49th Street, mid-'70's? Anyone know his name or where he lived, or was he homeless? Anyone know his story?
kathydaly03-Feb-2010 21:10
I just gotta give a shoutout to this comment for acknowledging Jimmy... I so remember him as a small child ! Working Okeechobee Road in the middle of traffic...amazing !

"Robbin P. Learned 31-Dec-2008 05:57
Does Anyone Remember, Jimmy, The Miami News Paper Man, At Flamingo Plaza in The 50's, and Early 60's ?????? He Had A Speech Impediment, and was 1/2 Crippled, and He Shuffled Up and Down The Walkway, at Flamingo Plaza, Yelling For People to Buy a Miami News Paper. The Poor Guy Could Hardly Walk, & Could Hardly Talk , But He was there, all The Time Trying To Make A Living, and Deserved a Lot Of Credit, For Trying !!!!!!!! The Kids all Gave Him A Last Name, Bubba, Because Of The way He Said Paper, it Came Out Bubba, So He was ; Jimmy Bubba !!!!!!! Jimmy Bubba, Another Memory , In The History Of Hialeah. "
Rene Chirino 01-Feb-2010 20:37
I moved to Hialeah in 1970. It was still a small but growing town. I remember when Burdines seemed like it was in timbuckto. One place that was a great Hang out in the '70's after the football games was Farrell's in the mall. It was loads of fun and could be a rumbunktious place when both fans of Hialeah and HML, gathered after games. They dressed in old style clothing and had speed eating contests. It was a blast if you were a teen.
What about the Putt Putt in the Kmart plaza. That was loads of fun too.
I can still remember the train whistles keeping me up at night. Hialeah was a special place.
Guest 28-Jan-2010 04:18
If anyone knows the name of that little restaurant WEST of the Palmetto Bypass before almost any other building , please advise. I was brought there as a toddler in early '60's and cannot remember the name of that place, I just remember I ate there!
kathydaly28-Jan-2010 04:05
I grew up on W 63rd St from '58 to '76. Hialeah had the best Halloweens back in the day, kids everywhere! We went in packs of kids, and would meet up at different parents' houses, and then keep going. All neighborhoods gave out candy, lots of candy loot to bring back home, it seemed it lasted for weeks back then.
Tony Villella 16-Jan-2010 13:57
In addition to getting old, sometimes I forget things, like Robin Roberts (Nancy's brother) also attended our reunion And to me the best pizzia from my era was from Gilliamio's, by Food Fair on Palm avenue and 54 th St.
Tony Villella 15-Jan-2010 20:55
Hi Don, my family moved to Hialeah on W.56 Pl in 57. Growing up there was great. This past year I have made contact with several friends from the neighborhood, Maxine Drummond, Lisa and Shari Foy (56 Place), Nancy Roberts (NW 110 St), Steve Fischer, Ron Tudor, and Dick Flett (NW 111 St). We just returned from a reunion in Orlando this past weeked. What a great time we had reliving our past and renewing our friendships. Talking about fishing in the red road canal, hunting in the fields by twin lakes, and just hanging out in the yard at night talking about nothing. Going to the shopping center and movie theater at Palm Springs Mile. We plan on doing this reunion every year, so if anyone from the neighborhood sees this give me a shout. I will keep you informed. In high school, I worked for Bill Bernstien at Recordsville, I worked with Paul Mazotas there and met my future wife, his sister Judy. We have been married now for 40 years. I went on to join the Army did tours of Duty in Germany, Viet Nam and Korea. And a shout out back to you Terry Bocksey. Thanks for such a great site Don. Keep it going. Tony Villella
Don Boyd14-Jan-2010 18:49
Chuck, welcome to the site and thanks for posting all those names. It's always good to hear from an ol' Hialeah boy regardless of where you lived in the city. Please feel free to post other memories because others like to read them too.

Chuck Par-Due 14-Jan-2010 18:38
Wow! I remember all this stuff. I grew up near Palm Springs Mile. My first job was bagging groceries at Publix. Mr. Harold Stepp was my boss. My Dad was a locksmith at Frank's Hardware. My Dad's best friends included Carl F. Slade, Grover Sallee(who owned the Sinclair station on 29th St), and Tony Benedetto. Red Oven, Villanova and Figaros' Pizza were awesome. I remember Royal Castle after a hurricane with long lines of people trying to fill pots with coffee because everyone's power was out. Thanks so much for posting all these memories.
Guest 11-Jan-2010 15:05
I ran across this site while searching for information on the Girl Scout Little House in Hialeah. Mrs. Tripp's seniors of 1966-68 are having a reunion. I grew up on Totolochee Drive and went to South Hialeah, Miami Springs Jr High, and Miami Springs High. My father was an Optometrist in the Essex Plaza and the first President of the Optimist Club. My mother taught math at Miami Springs Jr and Sr High schools.
Don Boyd06-Jan-2010 18:00
Terry, welcome and thank you for posting your memories. Please feel free to post more anytime you like.

Can you send me scans of those old photos of yours? You can get them done at FedEx Kinkos if you don't have a scanner. I would love to add them to the site so that many others can enjoy them and I'll give you thanks under the photo for contributing them.

Terry Hall 06-Jan-2010 15:39
I grew up in Hialeah from age 7 to 12 and lived on W. 68th St just west of 8th Ave from 57to 62. It was a brand new neighborhood and a great! place to grow up. There were lots of kids my age all around. I went to Twin Lakes Elememtary and still have a couple of class pictures of the 4th and 5th grades. I had more, but my dog ate them... honestly. Some of my favorite memories of the time were playing baseball with my friends on the field behind the Baptist Chuch at 68th St and 8th Ave and playing Khoury League baseball. Many of the games and practices were at O'Quinn park at W 2nd Ave around 62nd St. The team I played was sponsored by Eastern Airlines was coached by my dad (Howard Hall) and Mr. Burnside. I have a team picture from about 1960. Some of the other kids on the team were Danny Van Ness, Billy Cousins and Ernie Hosley. If any former teammates see this and would like a copy, e-mail me at
Jean Klouse Wellons 31-Dec-2009 15:11
I was born in 1959 at Hialeah Hospital. My sister Sonia and I lived in east Hialeah about two blocks from Bright Park. Your site brings back so many fond memories of my youth. Love the pictures. Jean
Guest 20-Nov-2009 04:11
My name is Christophe Shane Nelson and I was born in Hialeah in 1975. My fathers name was Norwood "Sonny" D. Nelson. I have been lookin for any brothers and sisters that I have through my father. Our grandmother's name is Pauline "Betty" Nelson. If you have these family members in your bloodline please contact me at Thanx
Guest 08-Nov-2009 13:20
Joelle 10-Jul-2009 16:51
Black Angus was there in the late 80's. When I used to go there I was 15, 16 and 17 and when I was 17 it was 1987.
Peter Sandler 26-May-2009 02:05
Thinking about significant 1960's memories made me recall Hurricane Donna. That was one of the major ones to hit South Florida. I remember my mother and older brother closing the awnings on our house to protect the jalousies from breaking. I remember staying up late the night the storm hit and watching through the carport window - the only one not closed off - the transformer boxes spark and blow on the power poles, and sections of my neighborhood go dark. Finally the one across the street from where we lived on West 55th Place blew, and there went our power. The electric was out for a couple of days. My brother worked at Publix and everyone had to go in to clean up the mess and spoilage. He was assigned to clean out the large freezer unit they had, and came home to tell me "did you know that chocolate ice cream floats over vanilla and strawberry?" Don't know if it's true, but the comment stuck with me.

There was another hurricane afterward, maybe a year or two, but I don't recall its name.
Guest 11-Apr-2009 17:32
If I remember, the filling station with the cheap gas on the other side of the Palmetto was named "Thoni's" (pronounced like "Tony").
Pokey 16-Mar-2009 20:29

If you have any info, you can reach me at

take care
Pokey 16-Mar-2009 20:24

Good to see you back, the reason I had ask, was to see if you were able to find out any thing on Nancy Britton from your brother.

take care
Cissy Rossano 14-Mar-2009 23:16
yes still reading this site
Pokey 10-Mar-2009 20:12

are you still around and reading this site.

Mike 08-Mar-2009 20:16
And those pots that Richie filled for his customers were enough to feed a family of 4, even though you were only paying for a single order of spaghetti. I'm still trying to figure out how he made the crusts on his pies; the ends had a slight burntness & were crunchy, not like the fluff you see in pizza shops these days. Yep, we were spoiled.
Mike 08-Mar-2009 20:16
And those pots that Richie filled for his customers were enough to feed a family of 4, even though you were only paying for a single order of spaghetti. I'm still trying to figure out how he made the crusts on his pies; the ends had a slight burntness & were crunchy, not like the fluff you see in pizza shops these days. Yep, we were spoiled.
Don Boyd27-Feb-2009 21:31
Thanks guest for clearing up that memory confusion. I've changed the narrative to include Gatsby's and that My Friends went in to that location and not the Black Angus in the late 70's. That explains how Mike remembers the Black Angus still alive in the 80's on 49th Street and I appreciate the information. As Mike mentioned, that high rise apartment building on the south side of 49th Street, just west of the fire station at 8th Avenue, was the first high-rise in the city that I recall.

If anyone else sees mistakes please don't hesitate to comment. The memory is fuzzy on some things yet sharp on others but with a bunch of us collectively remembering stuff we should get it right.

Guest 27-Feb-2009 18:32
Hey Don,

I just got back in here and saw a little confusion between Black Angus and My Friends. My Friends moved into what was once Gatsby's. I believe it was Gatsbys that you are thinking of that had the lingerie shows. Black Angus and My Friends were operating at the same time. I worked as a hostess at My Friends when I was in college and went clogging at the Black Angus on the weekends. I hope this helps.

Also, I second the unique quality of Fusaro's Restaurant. You could bring in your own pot and Richie would fill it with his wonderful spagetti and sauce. We liked the novelty of the idea, but he was probably just thinking smart. Saves $ on take out containers. This was "Thinking Green" before it was cool.
Don Boyd18-Feb-2009 05:21
Peter, thanks for posting those interesting memories. I remember the contest you spoke of and I think I won $5.60 on it myself. You might find more responders if you posted your entire comments in the radio stations gallery (the one with the WQAM image on the main memories page) at

Peter Sandler 18-Feb-2009 04:02
Here's a weird memory from around 1963. Anyone besides me remember Maximillian the Mechanical Money Monster? It was a contest run by WQAM. They would announce the contest, you'd call in and if you were the first caller you'd play. The game was a tape recorder calling out amounts of money, from $.56 to $56.00. I was listening one day and they announced that they would take the next caller from Broward County, but in the middle changed it to Dade. Since I had already dialed and hadn't hung up yet I got through. The DJ was Charlie Murdock. Maximillian started, and you needed to call out "gimme." The next amount stated by Max was what you won. I said "Gimme" and ended up with the second highest prize, $25.60. Charlie the DJ asked what I was going to do with the money, and I told him (with my mother's urging in the background) that I was going to spend it in NYC on vacation.

I actually bought an Aiwa tape recorder, I believe at GC Murphy (maybe Neisners or Woolworths?) and used it for years. Of course QAM was my favorite radio station from then on, especially when Charlie Murdock announced the next hour that I was the winner from the previous hour.

Any other Max winners out there?
Mike 09-Feb-2009 13:54
I'm almost certain that the 49th street Black Angus was the last one standing into the 1980's; the only other Black Angus locations I knew of were on Bird Road (now a La Careta), and also in Sunny Isles. Also, I think the New England Oyster House survived up until '86-'87, but it may have been operating as an independant at that point. What is the deal with that old high-rise on 49th street next to the firehouse? Isn't that the first multi story building in the city?
Don Boyd09-Feb-2009 07:38
Mike, that's the one I'm thinking of - on the north side of 49th Street next to BK. I know it was Black Angus in the early 70's because they had great lingerie modeling shows there at lunchtime where the models tried to peddle their negligees and undies to all the horned up guys in there after the show. In 1979, give or take a year, the Richman family opened My Friends Restaurant at that location. It was very popular until the family opened up the Beverly Hills Cafe in Miami Lakes which sucked the lifeblood out of My Friends. However, I don't know if there was another restaurant in there between Black Angus and My Friends or if My Friends was the first to reopen that location.

It seems to me that the Black Angus on NE 167th Street in front of the big Jefferson's store was open longer than the one in Hialeah. I don't know about other Black Angus locations in the area.

Mike 09-Feb-2009 03:46
There may have been two Black Angus locations; the one I remember most is the one next to Burger King on 49th street. Also, you mentioned Jano's deli on 84th street. Believe it or not, there was once an over-the-counter Jewish deli in Hialeah, on Red Road & 65th street, next to the Winn Dixie. It was called Abe's Delicatessen, and they made a terrific pastrami on rye. There was also a Hoover vaccum dealer in the same shopping center, and we also had a jewelry place called Olson's. All these things about Hialeah , you could write a detailed history & publish it, and no one would believe it!
Don Boyd08-Feb-2009 20:43
Robin: I'm glad you enjoy the site and I thank you for taking the time to post. I have a lot more to add in the future as time permits. I remember your dad quite well as Mayor after Henry Milander and I'm sorry he passed away as such an early age. I hope someone will come forward with a story or two about him. Refresh my memory: exactly where was Gatsby's and when? I'm thinking where the Black Angus was but I don't know for sure. My Friends Restaurant went in to the former Black Angus location in 1978 or 1979 as I recall but they closed a couple of years later after they opened the Beverly Hills Cafe in Miami Lakes.

Mike: I think you're right on Black Angus chain going into the 80's but I remember the one on 49th Street closed in the mid to late 70's. The memories fade with age and that's why I'm trying to get more photos onto the net to help people remember stuff. Thanks also for posting.

Mike 08-Feb-2009 15:56
I'm 100% certain that Black Angus steakhouse operated well into the 1980's, because I remember going there a couple of times while I was in college. They were replaced by Crab House after that (I was an accountant for Bayport Restaurant Group in the early 90's). The food, if I remember, was somewhat similar to Ranch House, except that RH was a dry establishment that catered mostly to families. I believe a single Ranch House still stands, over on 84th street. Also, a previous comment mentioned Fusaro's pizza as "The Best in Town". Not only was it the best in town, it was the best pizza in any town anywhere. I've lived in Broward/Palm Beach since the early 90's, alongside the NY Italian transplants, and have had pies at Umberto's, Rigatoni's, Anthony's Coal Fired, Sal's, Sebastianos, Big Louie's, etc. None of them approaches the pizza that was served up at Fusaro's.
Robin Bennett Morrison 07-Feb-2009 04:49
Thanks Don for creating this site. My dad was the once Honorable Dale G. Bennett, Mayor of Hialeah. He filled the huge shoes of Henry Milander. He passed away in 1997 at the much too young age of 55. He is dearly missed. I am wondering if anyone here knew him, and has any old stories to share with us (all those who miss him). Also a few memories to add to your mix.....Red Oven Restaurant on Palm, Gatsby's and Dipper Dans Ice Cream on 49th St, the yearly Optimist Parade down 49th St. (70's, poss. 60's?) between W.16th and 8th (ish)?, Mary Rankin taught me and my brother to swim, according to my mom she was the best in town and well known?
Pokey 05-Jan-2009 12:43
If your brother graduated in 71, he might remember Butch Herman, he graduated in 70, I think.

take care
Pokey 05-Jan-2009 12:42
Thanks, I would appreciate that, her name is Nancy Britton and I think she graduated in 70 or 71 time frame.

take care
cissy 04-Jan-2009 16:51
I have a brother that graduated in 71 from springs, will see if he knows who you are looking for
Pokey 02-Jan-2009 17:18
Cissy Rossano
I am looking for anyone that would have graduated around 69 -71 from the springs and new Nancy Britton

take care
cissy rossano 01-Jan-2009 15:26
I graduated in 1978
Pokey 29-Dec-2008 20:41
Cissy Rossano

what year did you attend Miami Springs

cissy rossano 14-Dec-2008 01:42
I grew up on S.E. 2nd Place. My brothers and I all attended St. Johns, and Graduated from Miami Springs. My dad worked for Pan Am until 74/75 then at Coulter until 92. My brothers all played football for the Hialeah Optimist and we all took dancing from Ruth Cater and Shirley Anderson. Hialeah has lots of great memories and the friends and neighbors from those days can never be replaced. Thanks for the memories.
Guest 22-Nov-2008 18:48
My niece and sister in law live in Hialeah and I go there quite often. This is a great site you folks have.

I go out to the beaches with my metal detector every time I go there. I have been to Crandon & Bill Baggs along with South Beach. I am trying to locate the older forgotten swimming holes where access may still be made.

If any of you great folks have any information on an old forgotten place they use to swim that I would be able to get in and hunt I would appreciate it, I mainly hunt in the water. Shoot me a email @ Again great site
Manocarz 23-Sep-2008 09:37
Thinking of Roy Ellis' comment about "Dogtown" and the kennels, I wonder if anyone remembers my grandfather and his leather shop behind his house on W. 10th Street in Hialeah near Red Road. His name was H.D. Worth and he also did a lot of work for some of the people at Hialeah Park. He hand stitched leather items for the dogs and the horses. He worked for 77 years, having started with his father when he was 13 and he worked until he was 90. He died in November of 1979 at 93 years of age.
carey-gigi 20-Sep-2008 07:33
Roy Ellis: I probably walked by your house every school day on my way to Miami Springs junior high I lived at 620 s.e. 1st pl. from 1960 to 1970 when I got married,. I remember at the end of the block at 4th ave. they moved I think 2 houses to these lots that they relocated from the I-95 road coming through Miami. Went to the Essex ,Dairy Queen Quite often, never left Hialeah I now live on Hialeah Dr.--------Later Carey
Roy Ellis19-Sep-2008 18:01
We moved to Hialeah from Miamuh in 1957 when my mother, Virginia, married my stepfather Johnny Dankward. We lived at 488 S.E. 5th Street. We ate at the Park Lane Cafeteria often as well as the Hitching Post on Okeechobee Rd. I went to the Essex on Saturday mornings for a dime. Got my ears lowered every other Saturday at Joe and Jose's Barbershop then had burgers and birch beer at the RC Steak House (Royal Castle). My favorite treat was a chocolate malt blizzard at the Dairy Queen on Hialeah Dr. and S.E. 5th Ave or a homemade ice cream cone at Rose's on E. 1st Ave. I remember the one room library in the round building (was once a water tank) next to city hall run by Mrs. Harshbarger (who years later my first wife worked under at the JFK Library on 49th St). My mother's uncle was John E. (Rooney) Miles
who was one of the pioneers in greyhound racing. He and associates built the dogtrack which was on the south side of Hialeah Park. He owned and operated kennels in "Dogtown" which was just to the west of Hialeah Park. My aunt Dolores Ray worked for Mary Lee Parsons at her dress shop, "Mary Lee's" downtown on Palm Ave and later in the Palm Springs Shopping Center.
Don Boyd09-Sep-2008 03:47
Susan, thanks for answers to my questions. I'm sorry to hear that the older Fluties have passed away.

Yeah, I talked with your dad one day about NAL and PAA and he was really straining my brain trying to remember things and people he talked about but I enjoyed our talk. He's friends with one of my neighbors (Nancy Gaines) who knew him way back when.

The girl from Sears - I can't believe I can't remember her first name - lived on W. 10th because I gave her a ride home a couple of times and as I recall it was like 4 or 5 homes north of 60th on the east side of 10th. I'm pretty sure her last name was Tanka because I always called her by her last name instead of her first because I thought it was cute. But then again, the Heineken over the past 40 years has probably rearranged some memory cells. The name Carol doesn't ring a bell. She was very short and very well built - I do remember that accurately. : )

susan zurawski flutie 08-Sep-2008 15:14
Don: Forgot to mention that I did get this from my dad and also a friend up here that was hired and worked for Ralph Renick. Yes, I do remember a girl last named Tanka but I don't think she lived on the lake. I thought she lived a few streets north...closer to Lana Clements, Lori Plummer , Diano Pupo, and Maureen Williams.
Susan Zurawski Flutie 08-Sep-2008 14:44
Sadly the elder Flutie's, Emil Sr.,Emil Jr, and Albert have passed away. Emil Sr. and Albert left Hialeah and moved down to the Keys in the 60's. My husband Michael and his brother Sandy(Emil Jr.'s sons) were both on the Hialeah Police Dept. as Sgts. until 2000 and 2001. Albert lost his son, Steve to cancer but Glenn is doing very well in Ft. Lauderdale. Yes, my dad likes to talk shop when it comes to the airlines. I remember the old MIA when it still had outdoor concourses. I think they were green. I remember not liking to climb the stairs to the planes when it was windy and cold. National Airlines picnics at Crandon Park were always such a big event. When the airport was still small enough and the building that is now George T Baker, they would drive the planes across the street to get there. By son went on to attend George T Baker while at HML. He presently runs his own successful avionic company. I saw your mention of Immaculate. I have a year book from the years 63-64. People talk about alot of kids in classes. You should see how many we had then!
Don Boyd08-Sep-2008 02:49
Susan: thank you for your comments and memories. I'll send Louie Carrillo an e-mail telling him to read your comments.

Are the elder Fluties still alive? Their neon shop used to be just west of a family friend's company (Jones Shutter) at 246 NW 29 Street and I used to wander in to the Flutie's shop back in the mid to late 50's before and after we moved out to Hialeah in 1957.

The Murphy's mom, Billie Anne, is still alive and kicking and a photo of her is at - I get e-mail jokes from her fairly frequently - she lives up in Jawjuh.

Did you know a girl by the last name of Tanka (first name escapes me right now and that will drive me crazy) on the east side of W. 10th (Lake Laurence East) several houses north of 60th Street who was about your age? I worked with her at Sears Northside in the 71-73 time frame.

Your dad and I have spoken about old Pan Am days and I get e-mails from him occasionally. Did he tell you about this site or did you discover it on your own?

susan Zurawski Flutie 08-Sep-2008 00:51
Another comment. I just ready a old blog from Debbie Livesey. Her mom and mine ran girl scouts at Immaculate. Also, Dr. Jerome Harold. You mention Emil and Albert Flutie. That was my husband's dad and uncle.
susan flutie 08-Sep-2008 00:32
What a great find. My name is Susan Zurawski Flutie. We lived at 6140 W 10 Ave. When we moved in we were the only ones on the block for Lake Lawrence west. I am married to Michael Flutie, who has been mentioned by Louie Carillo and the web master. I attended Immaculate, he attended DuPuis. We both went to Palm Springs Jr. and Hialeah High. Nanette Vaccarello I remember you. Louie if you follow up on this web site please let us know how to contact you. Michael and Sandy have both since retired from Hialeah Police Dept. We have contact with Bob Critcher, Art Jansik, and Jeff Blardenelli. My parents just moved up here (Jensen Beach) 7 years ago. I think they may have been the last originals on the street. So many memories were mentioned in previous comments. Did any one take dance lessons at Maridon? It was located on W 12 Ave by the MooCow , Eds Hardware. My best memories were growing up on our lake. The Whitakers across, Hammeetmans, Apostles, Murphys, Hursts, Browns, Willis' all on the lake. Tuesday morning summer movies, getting candy at the counter in Murphy's. I remember spending so much time out west of the Palmetto on "the land". Riding horses on the dirt road that now goes past Palmetto Hospital. Before we had "the mall" I remember the place to shop was Northside or 163st. I remember they built Burdines first and we all said WHY would they put a store way out there! Funny, we never were bored. Now days if you don't have a game system and cell phone you are lost.
Donn Roebke 05-Sep-2008 02:37
Taffee, I think my wife (Sandy) and I remember you as Taffee Pullen. My mother, Lee Roebke, probably taught you at some point at the old Sharon Church. I worked for Ted Pappas at The Keyes Company, Realtors, from 1970 to 1985. I still keep in touch with his son, Mike, who now runs the company. Cal Pappas, Ted's former wife, died several years ago. If you grew up in the same neighborhood as the Pappas family, you probably remember the Bradley's and their six children. My brother, Boyd, married Linda Bradley in 1978 and they have 8 children. They moved to Orlando around 1990. I also remember Joe and Loretta Roberson who lived across from the Bradley's. It's great to read these posts by different folks. It brings back great memories of Hialeah.
Don Boyd16-Aug-2008 17:16
Thanks Taffee, I'm glad you enjoy the site. Hopefully some more old photos of Hialeah will turn up someday.

Taffee Kedgley 16-Aug-2008 15:19
That is right...for the longest time I kept thinking you were Donn Roebke, then when he actually posted I got very confused!! Sorry about that. By the way, thanks to you for all you do on this site, it is really fantastic!!
Don Boyd16-Aug-2008 03:12
Taffee, I presume your comments were directed to Donn (with two 'n's') Roebke and not me?

Taffee Kedgley 15-Aug-2008 17:39
Don, I went to that same church...your mom was my SS teacher. I remember Sandy and Debbie Menn too. Do you still work for Keyes? We still keep in touch with Ted Pappas, he and my Dad went to school together in MI. Hialeah has changed "a little" since those days at Sharon Orthodox Presbyterian!!
Don Boyd13-Aug-2008 03:33
Again, thank you everyone for your comments and memories. Visitors to the site love to read them for old times sake and to refresh their own memories of good times.

Donn and Taffee, I knew the Coulter brothers from the airport when they were both with Pan Am and I knew Cheryl around 1977-78 when she was dating a guy who lived around the corner from some buddies of mine. I don't think I've seen her since the early 80's.

Donn Roebke 13-Aug-2008 02:45
We knew Edison & Mollie Coulter when we lived in Hialeah and went to the same church. They had four children. Ray and Cheryl were the oldest. I think Ray lives in Omaha, Nebraska and Cheryl is local. Later they had twins, Kim & Todd, who were flower girl and ring bearer in our wedding in 1973. I'm not sure where they are now. Edison & Mollie moved to Pembroke Pines in the early '80's and he continued to work for Pan Am at Ft. Lauderdale until he retired. Edison passed away a few years ago, but I remember meeting his twin brother.
manocarz 08-Aug-2008 03:35
Wow Robbin! Did you have to mention the great BBQ at Big Ed's!!! My brother and I still talk about how great that little place was. On the way home from South Hialeah Elem. we would often go into their take out entrance and buy a bag of those great hushpuppies for a dime and eat them on the rest of the way home. They are still unequaled to this day. Another lost little treasure.
tTaffee Kedgley 26-Jul-2008 23:55
West Hialeah brings back alot of memories. And some of the names in the other posts did too. Edison/Molly Coulter...Edison had a twin brother named Edsel and I beleive they both worked at Pan Am. I used to babysit for a family named Andreolas, but they lived on W. 7th Lane in Hialeah. They had two daughters, the oldest was Andrea and I cannot remember the youngest one's name. Marion Edwards also lived on W.7th Lane (we lived at 4182) - anyway, they raced cars out at Hialeah Speedway and I think they had a paint and body shop or a garage. Also on W.7th Lane was the Blake family, son Danny and daughter Robin. They had four big pine trees on the front swale. Next to them were the Schaffer's,Mel (Eastern Airlines) and Betty, son Brian, daughter Sherry. We lived next to them, the Pullens, Richard and Blanche, daughters, Taffee, Laura, Leslie, and son, Craig. My dad worked at Pan Am for over 35 years. Across from us were the Sciscoes, the dad worked at Delta, the mother was Corinna, they had a son Danny and a daughter whose name escapes me. Next to them lived a girl, Donna Nunnely. Behind us were the Remillards, Bruce, Debbie and Jerry were the kids. On the cross street was a family named Landry, the mom was a nurse, the kids were Michelle, Suzanne and Keith.
Anyone out there remember any of these???
Robbin P. Learned 08-Jul-2008 07:53
So Sorry To Read About Jackie Zimmerman. I went to Palm Springs JR. High School, with Her, and Had classes with Her, and I was in Love with Her. She was A Beautiful Girl. I Had Hoped to see Her Again Some Day, But So Much for that. May She Rest In Peace .
Robbin P. Learned 08-Jul-2008 07:39
I Remember the Rubber Webbed Trampolines, with the pitt with rocks in the pitt, in front of Western Auto, in Flamingo Plaza, and as a little kid, I jumped on those Trampolines, while my Mom Shopped, in the Plaza. They charged By the Hour, I think it was $ 2.00 an Hour. I also remember Big Ed's BBQ, and Big Ed, and He was A Big Man. I also remember Slade's Funeral Home and Ambulance Service, and their Maroon Fleet. I also remember MR. Slade, He was A Real Nice Man. I went to Miami Springs JR. High, with Ricky Slade, Carl's son. In the 50's, and Early 60's Hialeah Had no Rescues, only Fire Trucks, and when someone was sick or injured, you called Carl F. Slade Ambulances, and they were Fast, and Professional, I Saw them all the time, in East Hialeah, Growing up by Hialeah Lanes, on East 9th Street, just west of Lejeune RD. At Big Ed's BBQ, you got a Basket of A BBQ Sandwich, french fries, and Hush Puppies, for 55 Cents, in the Late 50's. I Loved Figaro's on 49th St. next to Taco Bell, The old Comedies, on the walls, The 3 Stooges, Silent Movies,ect. A Great Place To Go !!!!!
Robbin P. Learned 08-Jul-2008 06:37
Don, I Enjoyed this site so much, and I remember all of the Businesses Mentioned, sure Brings Back a lot of Memories. I was saddened about Jackie Zimmerman, as I went to Palm Springs JR. High, with Her, and I was in Love With Her, in JR. High, She Was A Beautiful Girl. I Had Hoped Always To See Her Again, some Day, So Sad, About Jackie, May She Rest In Peace .
Don Boyd30-Jun-2008 02:55
Okay Mike, thanks, you're 15 years behind me and you probably went to HML with kids from my Miami Lakes neighborhood (Sandy Vura, Janice Shields, Bill Potter, Bill Riggs, the Giattino kids, Geri Riggs, and a few others whose names I can't remember right now).

Did Edison Coulter work at Pan Am? If so I knew him back in the 70's and 80's at the airport. Did he have a daughter or had she moved out by then? I knew her in the mid 70's but she was older than you. Perhaps other readers will recognize the other names.

The first exodus of folks from Dade County started in the early 60's. There were a lot of kids who went to Palm Springs Jr. High with me who either never made it to Hialeah High or left Hialeah High before they graduated and since Hialeah was the only high school for us at the time I can only surmise that their parents moved from the area. The exodus of the early 80's was Mariel boatlift related.

Drop me a line when you have the old photos. Thanks.

Mike 29-Jun-2008 21:20
Thanks, Don. I didn't graduate from HHS but rather from HML in '81. I'm 44 now. I'd have to agree with you about Jano's. I've been on a quest for a number of years now in search of a sub and potato salad as good as what they served no avail.

Next time I visit my mother I'll grab some photos of Hialeah to send. My parents bought their house on NW 112th Terrace new in the late 50's. Mom and Dad were both Miami natives, but went to Miami-Jackson HS...lived in Alapatta (sp?) and then Miami Springs if memory serves. Dad worked at Pan Am and kept racing Greyhounds with his brother who owned Arista Kennels, also in Hialeah. Other neighbors on our the block included Bill and Maxine Jackson, Edison and Mollie Coulter, David and Kitty Ashley, and George and Betty Andreolas...not sure if any of those names ring a bell for anyone. It goes without saying that everyone's now moved on from the area, with the exodus starting in the early 80's.

When I was a kid I used to cut the grass (all 5 square feet of it!) for my pediatrician, Dr. Blinski, who had a little office behind Jackson-Byrons and the theatre. The only thing I remember about DuPuis was the mural they put up while I was there by a library....and Mr. Biance, by 6th grade teacher. Palm Springs JHS had an episode of arson while I was there...a kid who lived a few streets over set a classroom on fire over the weekend and we had a few extra days off from school. I see from some of the photo's here the old "gum tree" at Palm Springs is obviously long gone ;-) Good times...and to echo some of what I've read in your other comments, Hialeah was a great place to be a kid.
Don Boyd29-Jun-2008 04:15
And thanks Peter, Linda and Shirley for posting your memories.

Don Boyd29-Jun-2008 04:11
Hi Mike, glad you found us. I miss Jano's a lot. They had the best subs in the area. We also had several home parties catered by them and our guests always raved about the quality of the food.

What year did you graduate from HHS so I can have some kind of age reference? Yes I am interested in old Hialeah photos since they are rather scarce compared to Dade County. Thanks for posting.

Mike 28-Jun-2008 20:35
Hi Don: I found your "memories of old Hialeah" by accident while looking to see if Jano's Sub Shop was still around. Lots of great memories here. I grew up on NW 112th Terrace, in the "county" section of Hialeah and went to both DuPuis and Palm Springs Junior...and then onto HML. Hialeah was a great place 'back in the day.'

I'm sure I could dig up some old photos if you're interested.
Peter Sandler 23-Jun-2008 02:53
I am the Guest who posted the 3/31/08 comments. My brother Richard and I grew up in Palm Springs starting in 1956 when we moved from NYC. We sold the house in 1965 and my mother and I returned to NY. I was only 14 at the time. Richard was 22 and stayed in Florida. He'll post his own comments.

Other friends and people I remember, but can't give locations for (I was too young to drive and my mother would drive me to visit) are Ginny and Ray Lamont (sp?). He was a doorman at the Fountainbleau in MB. They had a daughter Debbie who was around my age. There was Evelyn and Neil Garfield. He was a cop - don't know where. I remember that my mother told me he had shot and killed a burglar somewhere. It was big news at the time. There was the Threlkeld family, who lived across the street from us. Behind us and to the left were Tony and Clell Villella - brothers who lived with their parents. They were not pleasant neighbors.

On free days my friends and I would take bamboo poles, fish line and bread crumbs and go down to the canal and fish. I always caught these ugly, nasty fish with spines. They were always thrown back. Totally turned me off to fishing. Somewhere else in these postings is a reference to Red Road, which ran along one of the canals. My mother told me it was nicknamed Red Road because of the number of accidents along it.

On Saturday mornings I would go alone or with friends to the Palm Springs Theater to see the movies. It was $.25 for admission. Sometimes there were two movies. The candy was equally cheap.

Sometimes on the way to someplace we would pass through Liberty City. There was also a drive-in there that we would go to occasionally. Even then it was a really run-down area. Those were the only black people I ever saw. None in Hialeah that I ever came across. Discrimination then was rampant, and sometimes violent. More on this in a later posting.
Linda Herring Crompton 11-Jun-2008 02:07
I remember Rustic Roller Rink at 975 S E 12 Street in Hialeah, In fact it is where I met my husband in 1962. The owners were Jimmy and Willie Finley. We went skating every Friday and Saturday night. There were 2 rinks to sjate on, an indoor and an outdoor. Most liked to skate on the outdoor rink and you could see every one who parked outside the rink at the fence and visit. I am Linda Herring Crompton. My husband, Bud Crompton came with Wally Duffy, Bill and Bobby Craver. It was a great place!
Shirley (Ross) Craig 03-May-2008 18:25
Wow! Does this take me back! Our family moved to Hialeah in 1959 and rented a house right across the field from Babcock Park. I went to Miami Spring Jr. High for a short time (7th & part of 8th). Then we moved to 40 W. 51st street and I went to Palm Springs Jr. and Hialeah High.(graduated in 1965 & so did my husband Jim Craig) Mark Lusardi, I remember you! Hialeah was a great place to grow up & HHS was a wonderful school. Remember those split shifts? I'll never forget Mr. Paul, the chorus teacher. (I am a music teacher myself now.) I worked at the lunch counter at G.C. Murphy's in the Palm Springs shopping center while I went to U of M.
and also at the Jackson Byrons next to the movie theater. My husband, Jim, lived at 1061 E. 20 St. and hung out in that neck of the woods. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane from us both!
Don Boyd03-May-2008 04:36
It's great to hear from you Chris. I'll e-mail you privately.

chris 03-May-2008 00:34
Don, I grew up on the same block as you.My name is Chris Martin. 5760 W9 lane.Gram or grammy as we called her baby sat us all the time. She had a parakeet named bluebird that could talk and you had a neat room full of model battleships. Our house looks so different. Recently I had the curiosity to see listings on properties in foreclosure in the Hialeah area. There was one listed on w.9th lane.Asking price? 375,000. Dad bought the house new in 1957 for 10thou. Times change. The Clarks,our neighbors,correct names are Frank,Kathy,donna and larry.I had a thing for donna when I was 6.Ha! Email Thanks for jogging my memories.Later.
Tom 11-Apr-2008 00:37
I certainly remember the Mejias. I lived on the other side of the block. It's seems like yesterday to me. I see Jano's on 84 st mentioned, he started out with his dad in the Kwik Check center @ Red Road and 65 St. His name was Pete, I can't recall his dads name. He referred to me as the General, I thought it was cool til I found it he meant General Nuisance.
He sold to Abe and Ros and moved to 84 st. I can't tell you how many cat fish and bass me and Brian Woodrow caught in the canal beside Twin Lakes El. Mike Mungovan is who showed me how to climb up on the pipes and shimmy into Twin Lakes and ring the fire bells. Thanks to all for the fond memories.
Don Boyd31-Mar-2008 04:36
Guest: it's a small world and I thank you for writing with your memories. Beth Block lived on Lake Laurence East at W. 8th Avenue just north of W. 60th Street. One of my friends married her in the early 1980's and they live up in west Broward. She has a daughter from a previous marriage to another Hialeah guy. Both she and my buddy were teachers at Palm Springs Elementary with my wife for years until my wife transferred to Hialeah Middle. All of them are retired now.

Harvey Bendfeldt worked for Pan Am until they died - he has a comment somewhere in the aviation galleries I think. He was also my neighbor in my cul-de-sac in Miami Lakes for years and his son put up my hurricane shutters in advance of Hurricane Andrew in 1992 when we were trying to get back home from a vacation in the Panhandle. We got home about 12 hours ahead of time and all the shutters were up. They moved a year or so after that and I don't know where they are now but Harvey's e-mail might be with his comment if you can find it.

Faith Palasin lived on W. 10th Avenue, facing the Dupuis/Palm Springs Jr. athletic fied, a block over from me and I knew her and some of her brothers/sisters. They are mentioned on the "W. 10th Avenue Gallery" at

Those are the only three names I can remember of the group that you mentioned. Again, thanks for writing.

Guest 31-Mar-2008 03:53
I have no idea why I thought of this today, but I was thinking about a girl I knew in the 60's, Beth Block from Hialeah. That's what led me to this site, thinking of her and old Mayor Milander (actually his reference, which I googled, is what got me here). She lived on a house backing on a lake. I moved with my family from NYC to Palm Springs into a brand-new house at 451 West 55th Place in 1956. We were there until 1964. Originally when I started school I went to Twin Lakes Elementary. John G. DuPuis opened when I was going into 2nd grade. I remember being surprised how colorful each of the outside classroom doors were - very different from Twin Lakes.

Our neighbors on either side were the Taylors - Sharon was the older sister and Kathy was younger. I visited the neighborhhod many years later and actually ran into Kathy. She worked for USPS and was delivering mail at DuPuis. On the other side were the Bendfeldts (sp?). There was Harvey the older son and JoMarie, who we called Joey.

Some other student's names I recall from school: Faith Palasin, Jolene Bahan, Stan Adkins, Debbie Lamott, Eric and Leslie Bystrom. I also remember teachers Mr. Bartell from DuPuis and Mr. Krizenecky (sp?). I liked them both.

I have lots of other memories, but will revisit and post more later.
Don Boyd27-Mar-2008 03:40
Guest: thanks for posting your great memories. Hopefully they'll be up on this site for years to come for people to read.

Cindy: thank you for your memories too. I graduated from HHS at the same time as Joe Elizarde and Marc Lusardi. Joe was married to my wife's best friend who was also a teacher at HHS with him (later divorced) when you went there, and they had two great sons who I've met a few times. Joe left the school system to join the Hialeah Police force and rose to the rank of Captain before retiring in the late 90's as I recall. He now lives upstate near Inverness, Crystal River, somewhere up there (the last I've heard). He attended the 40 year reunion for the class of 1965 in 2005 and we talked, mostly about the sons. He looks good for being an old guy like me. : )

rodgers26-Mar-2008 14:03
After viewing this site, I was amazed how many memories are out there! I moved to Hialeah in 1966 form Alaphattah! My stepfather was a Pan Am employee and retired after 39 years! (imagine?) My favorite memories are the roller rink across from Henry Filer Jr. HS (and the pom poms I made for my skates), the dances at Milander, Figaro's pizza after optimist football game (I cheered for the 140lb team) and just the overall innocence of growing up in a family neighborhood. It's not like that today. I lived on 4th ct between 33rd and 34th st. Remember how crowded the sidewalks were on Halloween? Remember how crowded the Football games were? Can you believe there was a smoking section outside the fence at HHS? Wasn't Coach Lusardi hot? Didn't he teach Science? And what ever happened to Joe Elizarde? The girls like his physiology class!
I could go on Thanks Don, great site!
Cindy Rodgers DeLance
Guest 01-Mar-2008 03:49
my parents moved to Hialeah in 1950 bought a house at 1002 east 19th st. the railroad tracks were one of our play areas down at the end of the block at 11th ave. we did,nt live in a sundeck they ended at 10th ave. i remember Ringling brothers circus when they would unload the whole circus at the horse track and go right past our house down to east 9th st. where the circus would set up. used to go to flamingo plaza almost every day . would collect bottles in the neighborhood and cash them at kwick check loved western auto every time we went inside you could smell the new tires. anyone remember the trampolines in front of western auto in the parking lot. went to Babcock park quite a bit loved watching a softball game at night in the old wooden grandstand. went to st. johns school and South Hialeah in 1960 when my parents moved to s.e. 1 st place had Mrs. Swezy and Mr. pickering. spent a lot of time at Saunders hobby shop bought quite a few model cars the models were discounted when the new year model would come out used to enter the contest where he put all the cars in the display window. does anyone remember the little 2 pump shell station on the corner of Okeechobee and palm it had a sign that said last chance for gas next 60 miles. we used to swim in the Miami river when it was really bad 1963 64. there used to be houses on the canal side of Okeechobee .we found half sunken house boats and would play in them. had a rope with swing near where the holiday inn is near Lejune. can remember there was no bridge at lejune rd. not much traffic back then around 1960. does anyone remember the air raid siren on top of the jai-alia bldg. every sat. at one p.m. they would test it, after the cuban missille crisis i though we would get bombed at one p.m. on sat. I still live Hialeah drive. I came from a family of six children three sisters and two brothers. my oldest sister Carol worked at mary jane shoes at flamingo plaza 1962 64 . I attended Miami springs junior high had mr. moffitt mr mary,lockerbie ,and the teacher who taught me things I still use everyday was Mr. jarlenski in graphics. I was in graphics class in eigth grade when the intercom came on and announced that JFK had been shot.
Don Boyd29-Feb-2008 05:58
Thanks for posting your memories, Mr. Mejia. I have photos of the blimp at Opa-locka in my USCG Friends gallery. It was there for two winter seasons while they built their base at Pompano Air Park after leaving Watson Island.

Guest 28-Feb-2008 16:59
I grew up in Hialeah (early 70's and 80's) across the street from Twin Lakes Elementary. We were the Mejia family (some people might remember the bus service my parents provided). We lived next to the Mongovans, Nelsons, Stokes/Stanfords, Old Mr. Jim behind us, etc. I went to Immaculate and Pace. My brothers, Jose and Danny, went to Hialeah High or Miami Lakes after being thrown out of private schools in the 60's and 70's. I remember Figaros Pizza, Mae and Daves, riding the trolly at Hialeah Race Track, and Taco Viva near Figaros (?). Has anyone mentioned the blimp in Opa-Locka? OH... What about the zoo at Crandon (?) park by the beach. And losing all the beautiful palm trees in the 70's because they got "sick." Great web site... M
Don Boyd24-Feb-2008 20:30
Thanks for your words Karon. I remember when you moved in, since I delivered the papers daily in your area and was always hitting on new homeowners to subscribe to the paper. I'm pretty sure your parents subscribed. You were gorgeous and it did not take long for every guy in the area to be talking about that new Karon Kell girl out on W. 53rd by the powerlines. If you only knew how many guys in west Hialeah who were in serious like with you!

Guest 24-Feb-2008 20:00
Don, I am flattered by your kind words (or that you would even remeber me at all). When I stumbled upon this site, I became enthralled by all the terrific photos. Also, your opening words struck a cord with me. So much of the pre-1960 history of the greater Miami area has been marginalized and even negated by some with that "sleepy swamp" mantra one often hears. Those of us who know better must be guardians of the true history, culture and heritage of the folks who established and built wonderful communities where their families grew and delighted in their environs and each other. Thanks again, KK
Don Boyd24-Feb-2008 14:08
Ah ha, Karon, I had your first and last name misspelled in the commentary and I've fixed it. I remember you well because you were on my News route and your home area was about the last section that the Lovell Brothers built before completing their Palm Springs Estates development. Thanks for writing in, it's always good to hear from someone I used to know or know of so many years ago. I hope all is well with you.

Hope, thank you too for writing in with your memories. I remember your dad as mayor very well and hopefully we will get a photo of him as mayor up on the site along with a photo of Henry Milander.

Karon Kell 24-Feb-2008 07:01
Hello. Like so many others here, I want to thank you for this site. I moved to Miami from Chattanooga in the 50s with my grandparents. So many changes in this territory, eh? By early 1960 my mother had remarried and we moved into a newly built home on west 53rd street and 14th lane in Hialeah. It was on the canal and that pipe that many used to traverse the canal was behind our house. I recall when the hospital was newly built behind us, our family observed a cow from the adjacent pasture go into the back entry of the facility; but, never did see it come out again! My mother continued to reside in that home until just 2 years ago when my stepfather passed away. But my oh my how the area had changed over those 45 years. Once again, thanks so much for your wonderful memories of Happy Days in Hialeah. BTW, I noticed the name Moye. I remember going to school with a Jack Moye. I probably went to school with others on this board, too. Greetings to y'all. Karon
Hope Bennett-Castelli 24-Feb-2008 04:27
Remember Figaro's Pizza Place on 49th??? Get a pizza and watch old silent movies or Three Stooges after an Optimist Club football game. It was a great gathering spot for all the families. We used to all go (still in our cheerleader or football uniforms and still dirty from the game, lol) and enjoy good food and old movies. It is a favorite memory of mine.
Don Boyd23-Feb-2008 15:46
Thanks Valdes for writing in with your memories, especially of where the Gold Triangle was. I remember the first Home Depot going in there. At the time it seemed great but the store was too small for their eventual normal size. And the Treasury too - I really liked the Treasury but their prices weren't so hot on non-sale merchandise.

It's amazing how many businesses have changed hands over the years on Palm Springs Mile and west of that along 49th Street. Hopefully someday I'll come across an aerial photo of the street before it was fully developed.

Marc A. Valdes 23-Feb-2008 05:34
Boyd -The Gold Triangle store on the south side of 49th Street, west of 16th Avenue. When they closed it became one of the earliest Home Depot stores in the area. Home Depot later built a new store on the southeast corner of 49th Street and 16th Avenue. (close recollection but it was a slightly west of 16th Ave and actually it's the street behind the Red LObster -or directly north of the Ramada or Holiday Inn on w 49th or whatever hotel it is now) Read below
Valdes- As a kid we (my brothers & friends) use to walk to this Gold Triangle (From Milam Elem) to get fishing supplies and I remember this vivdly. However, if you think back to that time: Gold Triangle was where the El Dorado Furniture Store is at now which was the Xtra Super Food Center open 24hrs-A monster of a store for all kinds of was massive in its time...True, the earliest of Home Depots in the area - but what was there prior to the H Depot was called The Treasury Dept. Store

BTW-I'm a nut for whatever history-love Hialeah when most people I speak with today despise it?? Go figure. I love it warts and all..My Mom and brothers still live there and I'm there all the time. When I retire, I WILL MOVE BACK TO H-I-A-L-A-E-H!! One way or another it has been with me-seems like forever. My Mom was a stewardess for EAL's lived in Springs, Hialeah Totolochee Drive..I know this from her stories which have added to mine..I read someone's post where they stated something to the effect that they are the man that they became, in part, because of Hialeah. I feel the same way..I grew up in a much different era and time. After visiting family in Hialeah for years we moved there in '77. I was 11!! Did all the things kids are supposed to do: went exploring in woods, saw cow pastures west of 12th Ave-threw pennies at cars, swam and fished in numerous lakes lakes most hidden for the most part, saw eagles, snakes, small moles/rodents of some kind, rabbits, explored, road my bike, canooed canals, skated Tropical Skating Center and the Westland Super Skating Center. Saw Jaws at the ESSEX Theater and Saw Grease and Saturday Night Fever at the Circle Theater in Mia.Springs-saw Star Wars and Palm Springs Theater (Wometco) at Murphy's lunch counter all the time and went there,with my Mom the last month they had that counter open...I could go on and on. I grew up there literally..girls I dated were from there, my childhood friend and to this day still my best friend got married at Hialeah Park. We both married girls from: Hialeah and still both married (I myself 10 years on 2/27!!!) I mean heck, I could go on and I'll just end it here by saying thanks Don. What a magnificent idea you have here...brilliant!
Don Boyd15-Feb-2008 03:46
To Lisa Kastle: sorry I just got around to correcting the spelling of your last name and adding the other siblings. I just noticed it.

To Guest: thanks for the information on the Albert family at 5660 W. 10 Avenue.

Guest 14-Feb-2008 22:57
Thank You John Travers for the name of Saunders Hobby Shop. One of my teenager (at the time) brothers took me there in '61 or '62 to have me pick out my first model car kit. I now have about 200 and still enjoy working on them (Hence: Man-o-cars[z] as my friends began to call me). Anyway, I have meant to post a request for the name of that shop on this site and I keep forgetting. Now I know - amd am truly grateful.
By the way Don, I'm not sure if anyone has ever mentioned it, but the filling station at the intersection of Red Road-W. 9th Street & Okeechobee Road was "Ernie's Atlantic" for many years. Ernie always bought the coke & soda bottles I collected in the neighborhood so that I would have some spending change, and he always let us reach into the big glass jar for free bubble gum (or at least we thought so - we were probably stealing and didn't know it.)
Don Boyd09-Feb-2008 19:14
Hi Ken, thanks for the info on the gas stations. That was a Shell at 10th and 49th, across from the Pizza Palace on the south side. Your home was on my Herald route, which I had from the latter part of 1963 until high school graduation in June 1965. I used a bike, like virtually all of the carriers in that area at that time but I had a friend who used a Vespa on his route for a while. We also used it a few times on my route in the beginning but it didn't last long.

Ken Hirsh 09-Feb-2008 15:40
Hi again Don, it's been a while since my last comment. I believe the other gas station at the corner of W. 49th and 12th was a Cities Service, then Citgo Station. I believe there was a Shell at 10th Ave. I just noticed you were a newspaper carrier for the Herald. You may have been our "paper boy." We lived at 5470 W. 8th Court from 1956 - 1977. Did you drive a blue Vespa scooter?

Ken Hirsh
guest 03-Feb-2008 15:14
Thanks for the photos. I spent what I call my 'formative years' in Hialeah. As with many who spent their adolescent years there in the 60's, I choose to have a selective memory. I frequented Mae & Dave's with my parents and wonder if anyone remembers the Pig Roast's across the street. And what about Mr. Softie, the ice cream man. My favorite passtime was to run around Hialeah Race Track in off-season. We would sneak on the track and even take the maintanence elevator to the roof of the stands, and don't forget the acquarium. I learned to swim at Babcock pool in mid 60's.
John T. Travers 01-Feb-2008 23:04
Since I grew up here and my step dad was born here in the 1920s there are many stories and memories I have of Hialeah. See if any of these bring back memories:
The Polar ice rink near 36th street in SE Hialeah.
As a kid I remember a wooden stadium at the NE corner of the baseball fields at Babcock Park.
Saunders Hobby shop in "downtown Hialeah"
The Circle Theater in Miami Springs, next to Stadnik's Rexall.
Go-Kart racing on E 9 street, next to the "pony rides" and Royal Castle.
Dressell's dairy behind the airport with the kid train and that great ice cream.
The train tressel that crossed the Miami canal at 12th ave. You weren't a "man" if you didn't try to climb it and jump off.
Hubbard's Cupboard restaurant near Old City Hall.
Dove hunting in the area that eventually became Earhart Park.
Sea Cows in the Miami Canal.
Our principal, Everett Pease, at Hialeah High.
The bike rack in front of Essex Theater.
Flamingo Shopping Center, man we were in the high times now, with a Western Auto, J.C. Penney and a Kwik Chek (Later to become a Winn-Dixie).
Why in the world would anyone build a Burdines in the middle of the cow fields at the end of 49th street? Nobody would go that far to shop. Shortly afterward Westland Mall was developed.
The "ice dispenser" next to Hitching Post on Okee and E 4 ave.
Here are some things my step dad told me about Hialeah when he was a kid in the late 20s and 30s:
E 4 ave was just a rock road when it went past his home on 37th street.
He used to trim the pine trees around Hialeah Park for $5 a week.
A hurricane in 1926 picked up their home on E 37th St and dropped it on E 39 St.
He often talked about shrimping right behind the Cheasepeake Restaurant on NW 36th Street and River Drive.

Maybe this will spark someone else to post some memories.

John T. Travers 01-Feb-2008 22:18
Hi Don. My name is John Travers. I am the Director of Community Development for the City of Hialeah. I grew up here in the late 50s on E 19 Street in the famous Sun Deck homes. Solid concrete walls and ceiling deck. We used to try all kinds of things to keep cool in the summer (who ever could afford air conditioning in Hialeah). I remember my step-dad putting bricks around the top of the deck and filling it with water to try to keep the house cool.
Guest 24-Jan-2008 21:09
How about Ann Nelson who managed the pool and Ruby who took the tickets?
Guest 25-Dec-2007 05:34
I grew up at Bright park and remember Ms. Lee, Coach Stevens, Coach Tripp and many others. I played all the sports. for the park rec teams. it was agreat place to grow up. Tim
Don Boyd21-Dec-2007 18:27
Many thanks Davey for filling in some gaps in neighbors names and addresses! I added your information to the list of neighbors. Let me know if you can remember more.

Your name is familiar for some reason, and not from the neighborhood. Can you e-mail me please?

Dave Byers21-Dec-2007 17:14
What a great site! I'm "Davey"Byers. We lived at 5801 W.10Th. Ave. My father David worked as an electrician with Eastern Airlines. My mothers name is Norma. My brother Christopher was born in Hialeah. We moved there around '56 or '57. I went to Dupuis Ele. and have fond memories of the school. The one room "portables" and one teacher in particular. I think her name was Mrs. Hamilton. The rock pits and the tar pits just beyond the school, where we lost a lot of shoes! LOL. My best friends were Gregory San Jourjo who lived right across from us on the corner of W. 58th St. His folks were Wally and Kika. They also had another son Wally and a daughter, Hortence (sp?). Right behind us on W.9th Lane were the Lays. Next to them were the Darches, Phill and Linda. Their two sons Phill and Freddy. On the other corner of 58th and 9th were the Strouses. Stan and Jane. Their son Stan Jr. Nick named Junior. Junior later was found dead after going AWOL from Parris Island, I think in '68 or '69.
A lot of great memories! It was a peaceful time. Thank you for having this site. Would love to hear from school mates and friends.
Guest 09-Dec-2007 00:12
my family owned the A&W on e. 4th ave. I worked there as a teenager. Also remember curley's drive in and frank and bun. patsy's pizza was also on 4th ave. we lived on the corner of w. 44 st. and red road and as a child I remember cars going in the canal, cows and horses wandering in our yard.
Guest 06-Dec-2007 09:27
Randy Paulsen 06-Dec-2007 09:19
Hey Don
Randy Paulsen here again.
I see that Nanette Vacarello posted a comment .
We were talking about her when the people that lived by Dupuis
elementary came up.
So if you hear from her again have her email me.
It would be fun to talk.
Guest 02-Dec-2007 21:50
I grew up across the street from Bright Park. Anyone rember Mrs. Lee at the park?
Guest 12-Nov-2007 10:41
Guest 11-Nov-2007 23:04
JEFF 01-Nov-2007 18:20
This site is fantastic. My family (The Carters) lived at 5600 W. 14th Avenue from 1960-2000 before my folks moved away and I moved to Northwest dade. I have so many good memories of that home, my friends, and the times we had in the late 70s, 80s and early 90s. My grandmother still lives in the neighborhood on 14th Ln., where she's been since it was built. I'll never forget Farrell's, Pasquale's, U-Totem, Grand Union, butt-scooting across pipes to cross canals, riding our bikes in the huge grassy, power-line area in the neighborhood, skateboarding at the mostly abandoned "spillover" parking lot for Westland Mall (it's a Publix Sabor! now), and so much more. Thanks for the memories.
Guest 19-Oct-2007 20:04
I graduated from Hialeah High in 1959. Anyone out there from then?
Bill Avery 27-Sep-2007 00:38
I just happened to come upon this site tonight and this is great! I lived in Hialeah from 1957-1967, and went to Immaculate Conception Elemetery School from 1957-1961, then to Pace High in Opa Locka. This sure brings back some great memories. My first job was at Burger in a Hurry on Palm Ave by the auditorium. I also worked at Ruffy's restaurant in Palm Spring Mile, but it was after John Ruffino sold it. I bowled at the Palm Springs Lanes.
Remember the old Liggett Rexall Drug Store in Palm Springs Mile Center with the soda fountain? It was right next to the Grand Union grocery store.

I also delivered papers for the Miami News and Dottie Cheleotis was my counseler too. I think that it was around 1962. We lived at 5430 W. 7th Ave first, and then moved across the street to 5451.

I was 1 year behind you at Immaculate Conception. Remember Mr. Brannen, the 8th grade teacher there? And Mr. Wall in 7th grade?

It was a lot slower times back then. Sometimes I wish we could all return to those fun times.

I left Hialeah around 1967, and just recently moved back to Florida to retire and settled in Titusville.
Guest 15-Sep-2007 04:27
I. Hambleton 29-Aug-2007 01:50
Just happened to come across your wonderful site. Was looking for info. on Southeast Park. My father-in-law, Denny Hambleton, who just passed away was the Director of the Recreation Dept. in 1950. At the time, there was only one park and one swimming pool. When he retired in 1977, 26 years later, 10 parks, 2 tennis centers, an adult recreation center, a gymnastic and ceramic center, five swimming pools, one tot lot and two multi-sport complexes were accomplished. He lived on the S.E. section by M & M Liquors. My husband, Bill, still talks about the wonderful times at Southeast Park, Mae and Dave's, and the famous Royal Castle burgers. Those were the good old days.
Don Boyd26-Aug-2007 00:59
Bill, thanks for the info - I knew he had to be related to you with that last name. I'm glad to hear he's still crazy. We got schnockered a few times at various parties back in the early 90's. Don
Guest 25-Aug-2007 16:36

Jim is my younger brother...he's living and working in Lima, Peru...still crazy.
Don Boyd24-Aug-2007 05:11
Thanks for your memories of the good old days, Bill. I'm not related to Bill and Debbie. With a last name like yours I absolutely have to ask: do you have a crazy as hell brother named Jim? If so, I used to know him at MIA when he was the regional maintenance honcho for U. S. Air in the early 90's.

Bill Nazarkewich 24-Aug-2007 03:24
Finding this site is kind of overwhelming...Grew up on Hialeah Drive. Delivered Mr. Milanders Hearald both at his home and his shop...4AM he was working set-up before he went to city hall. Still impresses the H___ out of me.
Are you related to Bill and Debbie Boyd (went to St. Johns). Was in class with Bill.
Police IDs were typed with an old royal typewriter. Erase the seven and put in a 2...that was gold at the Bahama Steak House drive in liquor store on 36 st (by Jai Ali).
My friend Victor Monzon worked at Patsy Pizza...proposed to my (ex) wife there (no further comment).
Gene Christian played at the Black Angus...He also played every sunday at Alabama Jacks...what a party.
Also worked at Bright Park pool '67 & '68. Lot of good people and good times.
Sofia 20-Jul-2007 02:11
Mrs. Howell -- the Treasury store you made reference to was located on the south side of 49th Street and 16th Avenue, across from Sears. There is a Winn Dixie and Marshalls in that location today. Treasury also had a grocery store in the back. I used to accompany my parents when they went grocery shopping there during the early 70's. They used to let my sister and I run around the actual department store while they did their grocery shopping. The Treasury grocery store had personnel who would place your grocery bags on conveyor belts and send them off to the east side of the store. You would then have to fetch your car and drive it over to the belts and they would place the groceries directly into your car.
Guest 13-Jul-2007 16:59
I would love to know who remembered me (Nanette Vaccarello). Someone anonymous posted a comment that they remembered me!
Don Boyd07-Jul-2007 19:40
KAI - thanks for posting your great memories. When did you live on NW 112th Terrace in the unincorporated area? You were between NW 62nd Court and 63rd Court (W. 9th Court on the Hialeah side) if you lived next to the Harleys. If it was late 50s/early 1960 then I know it was your dad who arranged for me to spend a few hours in the regional radar room and then the tower cab at MIA when I was 11 or 12 years old. Someone high up with the FAA Tower lived over there, which was only a block or two from my home, and the Miami News carrier in that area told me about him. I went to see him at his home and asked if I could get a tour of the tower and he said "sure, let me know when you want to come down!" and I did and I got the royal treatment at the tower. What a small world! And then weirder yet is that I arranged for my section's gate controllers to move into that same tower cab in early 1992 after Pan Am died in December 1991 and they're still in there assigning gates and handling airliner movements in the terminal area. I also remember hearing tales from the Port Authority oldtimers when I first got on with the airport in 1974 about your Port Authority grandfather passing away on the job while across the street. This is unbelievable! Don
Guest 07-Jul-2007 17:30
Hello Don... We have communicated about some of your MIA aircraft/airport pictures over the years. My dad Don Innes was a tower supervisor from the end of WWII to 1970. My grandfather Art Innes worked for the Port Authority as a ramp supervisor until he in the late 50's (laid his head on the lunch counter at a drug store on 36th street near the Pilot House Bar and never woke up. He was on his lunch break and in uniform.)

I literally grew up at MIA and can remember opening day of the current terminal. When my dad working midnights I would run wild through the terminal all night long. I was about 5-6 years old. I'd hit every phonebooth and collect nickels and dimes that people had left. Little kids could do that back then without fear of kidnapping or molestation like these days. Of course, all the Port Authority guys and PSD Officers knew me and kept an eye on me for my dad.

Growing ups we lived in several places in Hialeah and the Springs. My earliest recollection as on Glendale Drive in the Springs. Then we move to the unincorporated area (112th Terrace) in Hialeah. We lived next door to the Harley's (you mention Regina) and my sister (Karen) hung with the Nadine Ciaccio. I even remember them as they had this big huge circus ball in the back yard. I climbed on it and tried to roll it with my feet and fell. That hurt a little kid of about six.

My parents divorced while living there and my dad took up residence at 37th Street and 59th Avenue in Virginia Gardens. That was where I fell in love with Grace's and when I started working for Naples Airlines in 1970 I would go there everyday for a sub and would sit at the end of Red Road next to Prop Service and eat and watch planes. Over several years I worked for Executive, Shawnee, Mackey and Naples (PBA). I then got into air cargo when I am today. I left the south Florida area in 1978 to Nashville, TN and then here in Denver last year.

My mom (Rosalie) was a bartender for Dobbs House in the MIA terminal for years and we lived on E. 17th and 4th (across from the A&W), W. 45th and 5th and many years on 37th Place and 5th Court (under the old water tower). I used to hang with the Slade (Carl F.) boys (Mike and Rick) as part of Hialeah REACT as well as many of the Hialeah Police AIU (Accident Investigation Unit or better known as Alcoholics In Uniform) officers assisting at accidents and the like. I also went with Dr. Whaley's (Vetranarian Office at 16th and E. 4th) daughter for a few years way after living near the office.

Of course, like many that have posted the visions of earlier days is phenomenal. I can still see, taste and smell Patsy's Pizza and the red//white checked table clothes. The stale beer smells of Mae and Dave's as well as the Boots & Saddle (I think that was owned by Spanky McFarland of Our Gang fame). Of course I was way to young to drink but back it those days kids could go into bars and even sit at the bar.

I remember playing around in Government Field and Westland Mall being built. Spent a lot of time up and down 49th Street. Even worked for 2-weeks at the Zayre's store when I was 16. While doing "patrol" with REACT I remember EA401 flying overhead that ill-fated night while sitting at 49th and Red Road. Shortly after that directing (stopping) traffic at various intersections (Palm/E. 4th and 32nd mainly) to clear paths for police and ambulances shuttling between Hialeah Hospital, Palmetto General and the Coast Guard at Opa-Locka with survivors, doctors and equipment.

So many of the places mentioned brought back so many memories of my childhood and young life that it brought tears to my eyes when I would relate something that I remembered happening at one of them.

Thank you and your readers for that wonderful trip. Keep up the great job both here and the aviation side too.
Don Boyd05-Jul-2007 14:55
Hi Sandy, no problem on the wrong Don, haha. Yes I know Lefty McBride - his mom and my aunt were friends and worked together at the Hialeah Post Office back in the 70s and 80s and remained friends after they retired. Lefty retired from Delta after 30+ years in 2005 and sends out occasional e-mails regarding former classmates, deaths, etc. I have the same night owl problem - up late, sleep late, and spouse who is the opposite. Don
Don Boyd05-Jul-2007 07:14
Hi Sandy, thank you for your comments.

That wasn't me doing videos for a reunion. At the reunion in 2005 Mr. Donnie Simmons out of the Atlanta area did the videos. He graduated from HHS a year or two ahead of me.

You're right, I left out the Treasury and I'll add it when I figure out where it was. That's funny you mentioned Libby Sciadine - I just added a photo of her at < yesterday after scanning photos from the Palm Springs Junior High memories book from 1962.

Jack Cherry looked good at the reunion but I remember his badass ways way back when. I remember a hellacious fistfight he had with a buddy of mine at HHS one night in 1966 outside the cafeteria after a dance. We had graduated but went back because his girl was in the class of 66. I had to drag one of his buddies off of my buddy when he decided that Jack could win if there were two of them against one. The cops broke up the fight shortly thereafter.

Sandy Taylor Howell 05-Jul-2007 06:19
Don, I haven't spoken to you since we spoke about the last Hialeah High School reunion for the 64-67(?) for which you did the videos. The person who sent me this e-mail was a brother of one of my close friends in High School, Micki Eden, her brother is Tom Eden. I so enjoyed your memories of Hialeah when I used to know itin the late 50's. I grew up in Virginia Gardens and Hialeah was like so far away back then. I went to Miami Spr. Jr. High and when Mia. Spr. Sr. High was not finished, I decided to go to good old Hialeah High, graduated in 1966. Moved there when I married in '68 and lived at 151 East 55 St. until Aug.1995, when I took my flag and moved to West Pembroke Pines, Pines & 187th Ave., close to Hwy 27. Both my sons, Troy and Todd also graduated from there, they are 37 & 35 years old now and still live in the area. Todd was a pretty good football player there when he played as #84. He and his brother had some of the same teachers that I had, how weird was that? They also had Mr. Richey, otherwise known as class president of "66, Eric Richey as a teacher!! Hard to believe! I remember almost every single place you & the other mentioned along W. 49th St., but I didn't see any mention of "The Treasury", a rather large department store there on the south side of 49th St., down near the K-Mart area. It was there in the 70's, probably when you were in college or the service. I rarely go back to the old area, the traffic is so bad, it looks so rundown, and it makes me sad to see this! I used to date Jack Cherry back in 1964, when his dad's gas station was at the corner of where I later moved, but he was always getting into so much trouble with his friends, Teeter Price, Jimmy Stotler, and the others whose names escape me now, that he was always grounded and we hardly ever so each other! I saw him again at a reunion on Miami Bch. He still looks great, but he was still a bit shy. If anyone knows the whereabouts of Dennis Richardson, who used to live off E4th Ave. and about 43 St., had a few sisters, one was named Donna. He left for the Army in 1966-67 and was stationed in San Francisco for a long while. he used to go with Libby Scadini in 1965. I sure would love to talk to him, if anyone knows his address or e-mail address, please e-mail me.
Don, I certainly enjoyed the trip down memory lane, even though only some of the names you mentioned were familiar to me, keep up the great job, it's nice to know some of us still remember and care about the "good old days in Hialeah!"

Sandy Taylor Howell-Class of '66
Guest 03-Jul-2007 08:49
I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the daily entries on this site for many months now. On March 23, one of the children of Carl F. Slade posted a comment and indicated that there may soon be a photo or two of the maroon fleet of cars posted or made available to post on this site. It may seem strange to some, but for some of us, we would love to see this. We walked past the side of the funeral home each day as we crossed Palm Ave on the way to and fro South Hialeah Elem. In the mornings Mr. Slade would often stand there and greet us, knowing many of us by first name. He once gave me a guided tour of the funeral home. We would stop by in the afternoons on the way home and talk with the guy in back washing all the cars. I was so impressed by how nice Mr. Slade was, I entered funeral service (outside of Miami) and it was my life long work until I recently retired. When curious people have asked me through the years about what made me decide to work in the funeral profession, I have always referred to the example of professionalism displayed by Mr. Slade to a bunch of us kids as the start of my interest. So, if you could find those pictures, I sure would love to see them. I did buy a postcard of the 'new' Palm Springs location on ebay a few years ago, but I lost the color postcard Mr. Slade gave me in the '60's of the Palm Springs location with all the cars lined up in front.
Guest 26-Jun-2007 14:15
Hi, I don't recall all of the names but my mother Gilma Calle and my brother Roger Orozco and Helena (that's me) moved to Hialeah (Palm Springs lakes) in 1963. Our house was one of the first around the lake. I remember the Ornes, Yvonne, Jon, Elsie and Scarlett, the Bailey's Vicky and Sharon, the Bulington's Billy, the Teagle's Wayne. We all went to HHS, I graduated in 1970 and went on to college at MDC. I moved back to Colombia in 1971 and in 1995 came back to the US and I am living back in Miami. I remember the football games, the World, the Place with Amy being a dance girl. Tommy Hailey and Larry and Chris with Jon played in a band. Lots of great things happened when we were kids. My mother owned Helen's Beauty Shop on 12th and 50th St.
Guest 23-Jun-2007 13:11
I submitted that last comment (grew up on E. 40th). By the way, my name was Marie Hansen and graduated Hialeah High 1973. My sisters were Pat (later married Tom Sandridge) and Adrienne (married Tom Buckholts). Great stuff!
Guest 23-Jun-2007 13:04
Thank you so much for sharing these memories. They really were good times. I remember when Burdines was all alone on 49th and the Palmetto. There was no mall yet. There was only pasture surrounding the store. We would walk from the Bowling Alley across from Palm Springs Mile to Burdines (although there was a bus). I remember gathering coke bottles in the neighborhood. We would cash them in so we could go to the movies. Then there was the Red Oven Pizza on Palm. Good place to go after Hialeah High football games or the dances.

I grew up on East 40th near 10th Avenue. My neighbors were Scott Lowe, Hal and Michael Grubbs and Lee Embry. Wish I knew where those guys were now!
Debbie Livesey 18-Jun-2007 18:17
This is fantastic. graduated HHS 1970. Lived on west 40 place. hialeah was a great place to grow up, went back not to long ago.....sure isn't the same. All of my sisters graduated HHS (1966, 1970 and 1974) I went to those CYO dances at "Milander" auditorium and attended all the HHS football games there Go T Breds! what great memories. Also lived in OpaLocka after marrying a USCG Airdale.
Dr. Jerome D. Harold (ret.) 13-Jun-2007 11:46
I lived in Miami at 3814 NW 2nd Avenue, went to Robert E. Lee Jr. High School
on N.W. 5th Avenue. One of my best buddies was EMIL FLUTIE. Emil and his brother, ALBERT had a father that owned a neon sign company in Hialeah. Emil
Flutie was a very small guy, and was often teased over that but he made up for it by being taller than the rest of us in 'brains'. He must have had a sky-high I.Q. rating.
It surprised me years later to learn Emil went on the become a rather successful
jockey, riding usuaually at our own Hialeah Race Track. After that, I lost track of
both of them but later Emil became an uncle to a guy that became famous on his own as a football player at Boston College and came to Miami in 1964 to play the Univ. of Miami in the last game of a season that saw the U of M as one of the best
college teams. "Doug" Flutie led his Boston team in a surprising national upset
when he "invented" the famous "Hail Mary!" pass that beat the U of M on the last
play of the game. Doug later became famous in the NFL and the Canadian League
and today, 2007, he lives in a mansion at Melbourne Beach, Fla. I lost track of Emil
and Albert Flutie after I went to college in Indiana in 1950. My own best memory of Hialeah was the Amelia Erhart's departure on her last, fatal flight to go around the
world. About that time, a big Air Show was held at that airport, not yet named after
Erhart, whe the Governor of the Bahamas, the Duke of Windsor was there and I was
his person 'guard' as a Boy Scout. I spent a good bit of the time with him and his
wife in their private booth. I live now on Merritt Island, near the launch pads, but I miss those great days in Miami and Hialeah.
Lisa Hunadi 12-Jun-2007 16:40
this website is great. I just wanted to say that i am Lisa, one of the daughters of the "castles". the family name is spelled "Kastle". "Mary" is my Mom and she still lives in Miami Lakes, The Moors. "Dora" lives in Marietta , Ga and has been married for over 40 years to Bob Schultz. There are 3 other Kastle kids, Evelyn who lives in Lake Worth, FL, brothers Bob in Pembroke Pines and Richard in New York City. Dad, Robert Kastle passed away nearly two years ago. We have fond memmories of old Hialeah. Thanks for sharing this website.. I am glad i found it.. I will send a link to all the people i know that are interested.
Lanette 01-Jun-2007 07:34
To Joe Ramirez--do you have an older brother named Tony who went to Palm Springs Jr. High and was a sophmore at Hialeah High in 1964-65? I have been trying to find him for several years.
Don Boyd20-May-2007 03:14
Bill, I remember your name. Didn't we go to Immaculate Conception together? 57-58, 58-59 and/or 59/60? There a 1958 yearbook from Immaculate at < Don
Bill Burkett 19-May-2007 21:45
Hi Don,
I was born in Miami in 1947 and raised in Hialeah with my older brother Jack, Younger brothers Ben, Daveand Bob and Sister Mary. My Grandparents owned the property on the S W corner of W 4th ave and 4th street. Four blocks from the Essex theater. We learned to swim at the Babcock pool on w 4th ave and 6th st I think. My Mom and Dad bought their house at 3720 E 8th Court in 1951. I also delivered the Miami Herald and Miami News. My brothers and i hung out at Bright Park on thr S W corner of E 8th ave and 35th st. I worked fo Mr Sims at Sims Drugs Store on E 8th ave and 41st and then for Doc Mueller just north of 41st. I met My wife at her Mother's Pizzeria; Momma Mia's We married when we we're 21. Hialeah was great in those days, but I only go back there to visit my Mom who still lives in the same house. We've all told Her to take the American flag with her if she leaves. I hate what has become of Hialeah as do my family. Thanks again for the great memories and by the way the Pizza Hut was a great place to hang out.
Guest 11-May-2007 04:14
Ahh..yes..I remember Charles Chips used to be a regular staple in my folks' pantry....I remember the fudge pecans were really good.
Al 28-Apr-2007 03:40
What a great site! I lived in Hialeah from the mid 60's thru the mid 90's. Lived on the west side of town near 49th St. Went to Meadowlane Elemantary and IC Catholic School. Hialeah was really a fun place to live in back them. I'm trying to write an article on classic Miami TV and wondered if anyone remembers a TV show called Nightmare Theater. Man the promo for the show scared me as a kid. If anyone has any info or recollections of Nightmare please let me know, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
NNick 19-Apr-2007 16:55
I graduated in 1957, the first Graduating Class at Hialeah High School. Do you have any memories from l954 to l957. I lived in Opa Locka but spent all my time in Hialeah with my buddies. My best friend Ronnie Pierson was the Mayor of Opa locka. in the late 60's. I and several other friends went into the USMC om active duty after the 1957 grauation. We left by plane from Opa locka Marine Air Base on July 2, l957. Thanks to Charles Curry, us Hialeah boys thrived at Parris Island in the summer of 57. He recruited all of us and won a 1948 Chevy Convertable.
Joe Ramirez 05-Apr-2007 11:47
How about the endless days of summer exploring Goverment Field North of Opa-Locka Airport East of Red Road & West of E.12 Ave. and South of 65th street. Early 60's hunting snakes and late 60's early 70's moto-cross riding heaven for me. Awesome web-site. Let me think of some more fu times. Joe Ramirez 5885 W. 2nd ave.....Hialeah borm and raised. 1953 through 1981
Don Boyd23-Mar-2007 04:33
Chris: thank you very much for the great links you provided and the information on the county site. I'll be adding most of the pics when I get done painting outside and after my daughter's wedding in 8 days. Sorry for the delay in thanking you.

Dan: thanks for your additions to the memories. I'll add them one of these days. I totally forgot about Big Ed's. I've never heard of a Home News archive but what a treasure that would be. I have an old issue or two packed away somewhere. I'd love to add any old photos you have of the family ambulance business. By the way, I went to MDCC in 1970 or 71 and sat next to one of your brothers for a semester. It was a computer accounting class with those IBM punch cards that we had perforate so the computer nerds could run them and produce ugly faded printouts of our work.

Guest 23-Mar-2007 03:18


Thanks for the trip back in time. I grew up in Hialeah in the 1970’-80’s My father owned the Carl F. Slade Funeral Homes. Somewhere I will have to dig out a b/w photo from the 1960's of his ambulances parked in from of his original funeral home at 800 Palm Ave. We lived in the back for awhile. There was a 100 foot red and white radio tower behind the building. Remember the old the movie theater on 8th street and Big ED’s BBQ on Palm Avenue and 9th street? There really was a Big Ed and he wore all white including a chef’s hat and an apron bearing the stains of his home made BBQ sauce…and yes, he was a giant man.

There was also Dorsey Summerlands’s Coffee Pot restaurant near Hialeah City Hall and Bakers drug store on 5th Street. The water plant with the green water tower and large hills we would roll down.

Hey, What ever happened to the Hialeah Home News? Is there an historical archive some place?


Guest 17-Mar-2007 02:45
Don, that's about all the pictures I could find...if you go to the Miami Dade planning and zoning site ( you can access old zoning appeal records from their search zoning..and then click cases & files..all you would have to do is pick a location in unincorporated Dade...choose a year (preferably between 1953-1973..I guess they didn't require people to take as many pictures backing up their cases later on) and you'll be of course amazed at what you can find...I found out about this website from someone who had linked to yours and had a whole bunch of other photos categorized by era....managed to find stuff from the 30's which I never could....

The old Royal Castle is now a Long John Silver's? I think where KFC/ Black Angus (or Anus, take your pun intended) was, there's one of those made-famous-in-Hialeah 2-story strip malls (they always have a dance studio and a wire transfer business on the 2nd floor) painted pink, no less. Publix moved across the street from Westland Mall on w 18/nw 72 ave and has become Publix! Sabor! obviously taking on a Caribbean/Latin American influence. People still fly fish in the lake behind the former Publix, looks rather shady now..I nearly was clipped when this !@#*$ in a black Navigator-type vehicle comes barreling down the blind man's turn as I was heading out....stick with the canals on Griffin or something if that's your bag. Incidentally, if you want to regain a taste of the old-timey Hialeah stuff visit any of the strip malls on S.R. 84 in Davie....yes Davie has been given a bad rep but I think that's disseminated through dumb radio broadcasters like a certain DJ with a morning show who's name I won't mention. There's Kaboom's with the slot machines...Round Up, a country western bar...Carl's barber shop just below 136 ave..and a coffee house (not like Star--ks) where you can catch live folk bands. Most people in West Kendall have an aversion to places like that..wonder why. I dislike just about anything in Dade, except the northeast part of town which is more like south broward. And your stories about scaling the water tower, tiptoeing around the silo and riding down the rock hill dunes make me pine a bit for growing up in a space with a sense of identity and community
Guest 16-Mar-2007 08:42
An aerial view of the farm fields on Milander/ Palmetto/ nw 103 st (c. 1960)
NW 106 st and the Water Tower (c. 1967)
Guest 14-Mar-2007 07:55
Wow it makes me prone to wonder sometimes how these decidedly all-American establishments used to exist on Hialeah's main drags....pisses me the hell off.....try asking the average Hialeahan these days what a "list price" or an "off brand gasoline" is and I'm sure you'll be met with a torrent of responses :-) That Jano's sounded nice. I think that's where the Presidente supermarket is, now :-(. At least there's still Gino's and Dori's in Pembroke Pines/Hollywood. Oh, and the movie theater ushers...and the overabundance of cops!! Nowadays you can't get the time of day from the box office people and there seems to be no cops when you want them.
Don Boyd14-Mar-2007 03:07
Thanks again Chris, you have a great link there. Keep sending if you can. Don
Guest 13-Mar-2007 23:15
I found an old picture of nw 67 ave and the miami lakes riding academy (c. 1973)..the street resembled flamingo rd (before it was widened) in broward...duh it was rural back then...but either way. I just wish the city of hialeah had the same system set up with its archives..but oh well.
Guest 06-Mar-2007 18:28
Thanks to normr for the reminder about Burger Boy. I used to work there but couldn't remember the name of it. I remember the gas station in the Food Fair parking lot too. My Dad always filled up his '59 Plymouth there!

Do you remember Varner's Grocery store? I think was on the corner of E. 4th Ave & 50th St. or Pl. Mr. Varner also repaired/restored old clocks and he fixed an original Seth Thomas mantle clock for my folks that had belonged to my Dad's great-grandfather.

I'll be down that way this summer for my 40th HS reunion and plan to drive by the old homestead.
Ces 06-Mar-2007 07:00
Wow!! I was born in 1981 and raised in Hialeah (between Palm Ave and East 2nd ave & 54th Street) my whole life. I am currently a homeowner residing west of the palmetto behind Palmetto General Hospital (west 26th ave & 76th st). Its nice to hear the great memories my past genaration has left. I am a graduate of Hialeah Senior High class of 1999 and am proud to say the Carvel ice cream shop is still open, Santa is still arriving in helicopter the day after Thanksgiving at the Palm Springs Mile on the NW corner of 49th street & W 4th Ave. Westland Mall is still one of the main shopping attractions in Hialeah. Unfortunately, the Hialeah Speedway has been demolished and will be the site of a Target, Lowe's, and a condominium project. The Hialeah Race track is currently being demolished as well, all that will remain is the Historical Landmark, the remaining piece of land will also be a condominium project.
Guest 06-Mar-2007 06:17
Hey Don,

Your personal memories of Hialeah are alot like mine, I too grew up there, we lived at 6191 E. 1st. Ave. I hung out many hours at that shopping center on palm Ave where the Food fair and Snows Jewelers were, what was the name of the gas station out in the parking lot under the Food Fair sign? I used to love the slot car track there, I also remember jack cherry and his Cities Service station and then it became Citgo, I went to the day care on Palm Ave when I was 3 or 4 years old, I also played at o'quinn park and like I posted on the other site, my parent owned a restaurant called The Family Restaurant on Palm ave in the same building as Tony Benedetto's barber shop, there was also a pool hall next the my parents restaurant. You must remember Burger Boy, I loved that place. I remember a Carl F. Slade purple ambulance picking up my uncle in our restaurant when he was having a heart attack
David Steding 05-Mar-2007 16:26
Awesome job Don. June told me about your site so I just spent some time looking back on all the great spots. I was just down in Hialeah, traveled down to see the Canes play, and went by our old house, the high school and made a run through the drive-in at Farm Stores. What are you doing these days? I left EAL in 1987 and have been in sales for most of the past 20 years, now selling self-service solutions to airlines... Thanks again.

David Steding
Don Boyd04-Mar-2007 16:37
June: thanks for your memories and for writing! I knew John at HHS and he and I traded letters while I was in Baltimore with the USCG and he was at Gitmo with the USMC before he went to 'Nam. Then I met Dave while he was at Eastern around 1984-6 and we coordinated Eastern's flight schedules on airport gates at MIA and I found out he was John's younger brother. Give them my best regards, Don
June Steding 04-Mar-2007 14:23
Don - this is awesome! Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

I grew up in Hialeah and went to North Hialeah Elementary, Palm Springs Junior High, and graduated from HHS in 1967. We lived at 4935 E. 1st Ct. - pretty close to the school. My Dad, John Steding, worked for Eastern Airlines where I and my 3 brothers also worked for a number of years. My brother John graduated in 1965, sister Kathy in 1950, brother Danny in 1970, and brother David in 1971.

One of my favorite restaurants was Di Giorgios (sp?) in Miami Lakes. They had the best garlic rolls I've ever had!! Also Jerry & Joe's pizza and spagetti was the best!
Don Boyd16-Feb-2007 16:48
Anonymous: what time frame was that? I don't remember the Vacarello name at all back in the late 50's thru mid-60's. Randy: thanks for the Ale family name at 1000 W. 56th Place - I had forgotten the name. The Blardinellis (daughter Vickie) were opposite them at 990 and her cousin Ronnie Blardinelli lived around the corner at 55th Place and W. 9th Lane or Court - Vickie and Ronnie both graduated in 1967. Don
joan 14-Feb-2007 06:24
I still have a 1969 class ring from HHS.
$4 sale - to seek, to find to share.
Go T-breds!
Anonymous 14-Feb-2007 05:17
Also, just in front of PSJr.H a family and a girl named Nanette Vacarello.
Randy 13-Feb-2007 18:42
Don, I looked up your old address on Yahoo. 5691 W 9th Lane. I used to walk by the
end of your street going home from Palm Sprgs. Jr. every day. There was always an
ice cream truck parked there after school. He used to sell us ice cream on credit after
school. I still owe him money. Other people that lived close to you at that time were
Ale's and Blardinelli's just adajacent to the Junior high on the corners. I played little league baseball with them. This has been a real trip back in time. CYA
Don Boyd13-Feb-2007 17:02
Hi Randy: ah okay, you lived over near Pege Burke who was in the class of '65. Now I remember the fights at the church on 12th Avenue after school at Palm Springs Junior, sometimes a daily occurrence. The roofs are mostly shingle and barrel tile now but the gravel and spray on white paint, which was the rage back in the 60's, was a great idea if you wanted to reduce the heat being absorbed through the attic, especially if you didn't have A/C back then like most of us. You need to come back and see how different it is now, and not for the better. Don
Randy 13-Feb-2007 15:30
I do remember Ed's hardware just around from 7-11. Used to buy BB's there to go
shoot at the rats in the garbage a mile or so up the street across from the canal.
Also, below the 8th Ave bridge was good for way under age smoking. The church across from Palm Springs Jr. where fights were always held after school. I never tried the liquor store you mentioned. I used to go over by Walker Park and buy it at the Cuban stores. With or without a phony ID.
Randy Paulsen 13-Feb-2007 14:51
I lived at 5490 W 7th Ave. I went to both DuPuis Elementary and
Palm Springs Jr. High in that area. I finished high school at
Hialeah Sr. in 1970. I currently live in Dallas, Tx.
I have never been back to that area since I left in 1970 to go to
college up north. Do people down there still put gravel on their
roofs and paint it white? Randy Paulsen
Don Boyd12-Feb-2007 15:38
Thanks for your comments. I remember the Fluties now that you mention it; they lived on W. 55th Place west of 10th Avenue. Their neon shop was on NW 29th Street a door or two down from Jones Shutter Products which was owned by a family friend. As I recall one of the Flutie brothers became a Hialeah police officer. Where did you live in relation to the Fluties? Don
Randy 12-Feb-2007 03:36
I remember that tall silo. I went to grade school at DuPuis Elementary and I can
remember hiking out there with a classmate when I was in about 3rd or 4th grade.
His name was Mike Flutie and his father owned Flutie neon signs. (billboards)
I remember that silo was full of scorpions running around inside.
Pretty scary.
Ed Puccio 18-Dec-2006 03:52
Ms Davenport I remember you very well! I was your Miami Herald ( Paper Boy) circa 1968-1974 Call 954 232 6851, Past due bill! LOL
Ed Puccio 18-Dec-2006 03:43
Saunders Hobby Shop, Shells Hobby Shop, A & P,Lincoln's Sub Shop, Dogtown,Mae & Daves,ICS Cub Scouts Pack 207,Paper Boys News & Herald, Hialeah Race Track, swimming in rock pits,riding bikes to school, Bus drivers for ICS, Keller, Etc.
Don Boyd26-Nov-2006 16:38
Roberta, I delivered the Miami News to your home in the early 60's and I knew your mom and dad (good people!), plus your brother Jake who was my age (who sends an e-mail occasionally) and your sister Dottie briefly. Thanks for writing, Roberta.
Roberta Louden 26-Nov-2006 08:02
Remember the horse stalls in Miami Lakes and the BARN? It was alot of FUN growing up in Hialeah. It sadens me to come back there now BUT I will always remember the "good ol days"!!!!!!!! I lived on 58th and 9th Lane. I worked at the famous Julius Caeser's and was friends with Donna and Marc. McDonalds on 49th after the football games was the best! I went there last weekend and OH MY GOSH!!!
I am glad I moved!!! God Bless
Don Boyd26-Nov-2006 06:40
Thanks guest - that would have been around the age of the girl, or a year or two younger than her, that lived on the corner of 8th Court and 64th Street. I wonder if they knew her...... Don
Guest 26-Nov-2006 04:03
janice bazemore graduated in 1970 jackie bazemore graduated in 1971
Don Boyd25-Nov-2006 03:32
Thanks for your information and memories, Deborah; I've added them. What years did you and your sisters graduate from high school? Did you know a girl who lived on the NE corner of W. 8th Court and 64th Street in the mid-late 60's? Don
Deborah Carpenter 24-Nov-2006 00:45
What about Plantation Pit BBQ next to E 9 Ave and 49 St, or the Hide away lounge before the over pass? The Dog house resturant and Fusaros Pizza, "THE BEST IN TOWN!!!!", by the Diamond Inn. You would take your pots and they would fill them up. Lindsay Lumber. I use to live off W 8 Ln and 64 St. My dad built our house in 1956. Their me (Deborah), my mom(Mary) and dad (james) and my 2 sisters (Jan and Jackie) lived their. Hialeah used to be a great place to live. Our hangs outs were the Hialeah Speed Way. Big Jim (our Dad) built the Plantation BBQ that WOULD MAKE YOUR TONGUE SLAP YOUR BRAINS OUT!!!!!! Thanks for the memories. Deborah Carpenter (Formely Bazemore)
Don Boyd18-Nov-2006 05:51
Thanks Joanna for your comments. I used to walk through your neighborhood back in the late 50's while going to Immaculate and I got kicked off the school bus for a while. I forgot about Santa arriving at PS Mile in a helicopter. I sat next to one of the Slade sons in a class at Miami-Dade in 1970/71 and he was a nice kid. I went into the USCG two years after your dad built your house so your memories are somewhat different than mine but I appreciate them nonetheless. Don
Joanna Davenport 18-Nov-2006 00:28
Oh my gosh, what a blast from the past. I grew up on 51st Street between Palm Ave and Red Road, 2 blocks from the library. What about Figaro's Pizza? Three Stooges movies and lots of large cheese pizzas. We used to go to Murphy's and buy a bag of candy for 25 cents and go to the movies for $1.00. Every Christmas Santa Clause would arrive in a helicopter at Palm Springs Mile at the Centrust Bank for the kids...Before Farrell's showed up at the mall, we all went to Carvel across from the high school....I lived across the street from the Slade family. They owned the Slade Funeral Homes. My father built our house in 1964. My grandmother managed the Hialeah racetrack during the day and the Harbor House Hotel on the beach at night. WHat a blast from the past.....
Don Boyd17-Nov-2006 02:48
It's there - I added it earlier today after someone else mentioned it. Thanks. Don
Guest 16-Nov-2006 22:54
Hi - loved your memories but you forgot about the Black Angus on 49th.
Don Boyd16-Nov-2006 06:30
Many thanks to everyone for adding even more memories in their comments. Keep them coming!

Thanks to Tom for Pam's name from the Pena family.

Special thanks to Gene and Bruce Kayal for writing. I remember when they were born and I babysat them for spending money whenever Gram had another babysitting job to do. Your dad was a great guy and like a second father to me from age 10 until I left for boot camp at age 18. Your mom was great also.

Guest 16-Nov-2006 02:06
I really enjoy reading this flash back to the old Hialeah. I also remember the Black Angus on 49th street and the old Play World where my dad would that me if I was good that week. Thanks for the memories.

Johnny R.
Gene Kayal 15-Nov-2006 19:59
I have many fond childhood memories of growing up on West 9th Lane. It really was a golden age. I could play outside all day with my friends and my mother neither knew where I was nor worried about it. Something impossible for either my wife or I to let our children do today. The neighborhood was filled with wonderful people. However, we were especially lucky because we lived next to our best friends in the world, the Boyd and the Cheleotis families.
Richard Kipp 15-Nov-2006 18:18
You can,t forget the Library located on w. 49 st, we use to go there and hang out before going to Royal Caslte and Arby's to hang out. We would drive through Pizza Plalace just to see all the neat cars before they ran us out. The dances at Fireman's Hall we great as well
Tom Fitzpatrick 15-Nov-2006 13:58
One of John and JoAnne Pena's daughters names is Pam, and she and her brother work doing real estate appraisals. Their office is by the Miami Lakes Police Dept.
Guest 08-Sep-2006 20:38
My family moved to Hialeah in the 60s, and stayed there till the family largely broke up in the early 80s, (I moved to New York City in 1981, and then to California in 1988, not to return to Hialeah until a visit took me there very briefly in 2004). The younger Bill Samardak and I were very good friends; some of the good memories I have of those days involved hanging out with Bill Jr., watching football, driving around, celebrating the Dolphins winning two consecutive Super Bowls, and all the other stuff associated with growing up in Hialeah.

Although I did not have a happy family life, I cannot recall Hialeah with only negative feelings, since a lot of the bad was offset by the good of learning and growing, and I find that many of the choices I made as a youngster in Hialeah turned out to be good choices, so my recollections of Hialeah are positive as well as negative. I am happy as I am now, and where I am now, but Hialeah was a necessary and important part of making me what I am now.

Bill Conrad (then Bill Tuck)