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This is the official site of the 2011 Street Drinking Permit. Those persons posted have been accepted after review of the applicant's personal, psychological and criminal history. The persons that are displayed herein have applied for and received a 2011 SDP in their chosen assignation because they have passed the rigorous and stringent standards that we at the New Orleans' Street Drinking Permit Task Force have imposed. Only those with responsible beverage consumption habits who also pass the MMPI, (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory) are extended the privileges that a 2011 Street Drinking Permit allows. Background checks will be pursued on all of those who apply and wish to have their approved permit displayed on the 2011 Street Drinking Permit gallery for downloading, printing and laminating via the web. Felons may apply, but only if they have been dismissed by their parole officer in the state in which they were originally charged with a crime.

It is our intent to make the streets safe for the reveler. When asked the reasoning behind the new 2011 Street Drinking Permit, and its hopefully positive effects, SDP Task Force Sergeant T. Baggin replied:

"Obtaining your Street Drinking Permit is an annual rite for citizens who are law abiding, self-respecting individuals. Those who bear a valid 2011 Street Drinking Permit are those who respect a society of laws. Well, the ones they like, anyway. Now, excuse me, I must go, as I have something wrinkled and warm I must drape over someone's forehead."

Consuming alcoholic beverages on the street without a valid permit could be a reason for your arrest during Mardi Gras. Many revelers without permits escape the eye of our local SDP officers on patrol...but many do not.

We ask that all applicants send a ten dollar minimum donation for each 2011 SDP desired, which will go to The Tipitina Foundation. The PayPal account address is listed below. Your donation will become part of a fund designated to purchase instruments lost by the musician's community in New Orleans due to Hurricane Katrina. After notification of your donation, a complete criminal background check, and assessment of your current credit rating, doing a drive by of your personal residence, scanning the interior for explosives, sex toys, illegal drugs, and protein spills, we will issue your certified 2011 Street Drinking Permit. Only those responsible and wise enough to keep their sex toys and illegal drugs buried in the back yard in PVC pipe may apply. We assume the protein spills are personal issues.

For those of you who don't know if this is on the 'up and up' here's a link to Tiptina's Foundation, and the address as stated. Feel free to wander about their website. Even if you do not wish to apply for a 2011 Street Drinking Permit, this is a foundation worthy of your consideration as a charity for the musicians of New Orleans who have lost their instruments.

Tipitina's Foundation
800 Baronne Street
NOLA 70113

Tipitina's Foundation has a business relationship with New Orleans Music Exchange, and they give the foundation a huge break on instruments purchased through their charity, so that funds collected can do the most good, and purchase the most instruments. Your donation is maximized and basically is worth triple with this purchasing arrangement.

We thought you'd like to know that.

If you would like a customized SDP with the assignation of your choice, please tell us what you want to be written on your SDP in your email to our offices. Attach a digital image of the applicant as well, and we will insert the digital image into the 2011 SDP along with your chosen name or coded assignation. Please, no profane words that have more than four letters. (Except those profanities that are a combination of two words. We use those ourselves.) We can't handle imagination, and are confused enough.


Send to:, please put "Attn: Sargeant Major Meinfoque" or "SDP Application" in the subject line, and we will begin processing your request, after confirmation of your donation.

We have had to set up a PayPal account for this purpose only, and will make you an SDP and post it on the gallery only if you donate through this account, again a minimum 10.00 donation per SDP.

Donate through paypal to:

Last year, the Street Drinking Permit Gallery raised 1376.00 for Tiptina's Foundation. We would like this years to surpass last year's drive, and buy even more musical instruments for those in need.

To print your SDP at home, go to the 2011 Street Drinking Permit Gallery, at, and find your personalized 2011 SDP. We recommend you make two prints of your personal SDP and put them back to back prior to laminating, so that even if your SDP flips while walking, you will be recognized as one who may legally imbibe on the streets of the French Quarter, as well as a contributor to this charitable cause.... and will not be falsely arrested, nor will a fellow SDP bearer pass you by on the street without recognizing your mutual dedication to responsible alcohol consumption practices.

Many marriages have occurred after random SDP meetings on the streets of the French Quarter that only days later ended in divorce or annulment. While enjoying Mardi Gras, we ask that you avoid marriage, real estate transactions, or investing in anything the people sitting next to you are selling.

We recommend you laminate the SDP, using a thick stock of laminate material, and attach to a strand of beads or a lanyard. Get the more durable, heavy stock of laminate. Mardi Gras is similar to an athletic endurance test of revelry, and you want your 2011 SDP to live through it, so that it can be saved as a memento of your time spent at Mardi Gras in New Orleans. We take ours to
Fedex Office and ask for the heaviest laminate.

We at the Task Force would like to take this opportunity to thank Detective Don May,formerly of the New Orleans Intelligence Fraud Unit, for the use of his personal web site as well as the fine work of CSI Lt. William Minter for his dedicated assistance in creating the 2011 Street Drinking Permit. We are extremely grateful to Detective John Clancy, for promoting the resurgence of the 2011 Street Drinking Permit, and offering his insight and creativity in the management of the endless tedious details that managing the Street Drinking Production Facility and Gallery require.
We would be remiss without extending thanks to all of those who make up the Mardi Gras Forum of as well as those members of Facebook, for their annual support of the Street Drinking Permit, and keeping the spirit of Mardi Gras alive all year long.


And remember, when you are attending any parade in our city, and the tuba section comes by, it is necessary that you shout "TUBA! TUBA! TUBA!" to show your support for those bandmembers who walk over 100 miles carrying those heavy tubas during the last five days of Mardi Gras, all to entertain you and support their high schools. They're tired.

Cheer 'em'll get big smiles and maybe those tubas will be raised high in a grand salute to you.

Have a Safe And Happy Mardi Gras in 2011,

Lt. Major Mindfoque

2011 Street Drinking Permit Task Force