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Eli Finkelstein04-Feb-2024 14:10
Hi, Dan, your work started out great and just keeps getting better. You have great artistic vision. Yes, whenever I post an image of old cars, I am imitating your style.
PAUL LAKIN13-Feb-2023 14:06
Thanks Dan. Re the Mosquito,taken at East Kirkby, home of the Lanc 'Just Jane' They have an airshow every year. The Mossie is taxi only until restored to airworthiness.
Ian Birch31-Jul-2022 17:12
Thank you very much for the comments on my IR work...iI was touched.

Regards Ian
Sue Anne Rush 01-Jun-2022 18:09
Hello - your galleries are awesome - thank you for sharing. :)

Sue Anne Rush
Guest 09-Oct-2020 16:18
Sorry, should have said in the comment a minute ago: this is Sid in Everett
Guest 09-Oct-2020 16:17
Are you the Dan Greenberg who emailed me today? I replied but it bounced from the domain of your address. I'd like to respond. Any other way to contact? You have my email, so no need to respond here.
Eli Finkelstein21-Sep-2020 19:01
Thanks for your kind remarks on the Eiffel tower photo, which used filters from photoshop and Topaz gallery. I dont know what Im doing but that is half of the fun. I believe that your rusted car galleries have the most skillful use of filters and postprocessing on this site, because I dont see any of the artifacts I associate with filters. How do you avoid getting halos around objects?
Paco López03-Apr-2020 04:39
You have an excellent work here!! Thanks for sharing it!
Tom Payne14-Nov-2019 17:44
Wow, I very impressed with your craftsmanship and the amount of work that you have obviously put into your art. Amazing galleries, I really enjoyed them.
Chun Lo03-Oct-2019 01:46
Thanks for your nice words on my images! I really appreciate it! Your galleries are a pleasure to look through.
Guest 18-Dec-2018 00:01
Oh Danny Boy, what an awesome job on these photos. So clear that you think your standing among the ruins your very self. Marcy
Graeme29-Oct-2016 12:21
Hi Dan, thanks for your recent kind words my friend. I always appreciated your input and views being such an amazing photographer that you are with your experience etc. i like your work as it's very versatile and your vehicle images are always beautifully presented. You also have a real talent and I like your rustscapes too! Unique to you.
Long Bach Nguyen17-Dec-2015 17:32
Long Bach Nguyen17-Dec-2015 17:32
Hi Dan
My wife and I sending you a electronic Christmas Card and wishing you and your family a lovely Christmas and prosperous New Year
Ceiling of Malaga Cathedral 268
hamery16-Nov-2015 15:05
Thank you Dan for visiting my gallery and is so nice to meet U in PBase. Thanks again for your lovely comments. Wishing U and your love ones here have a very happy 2015 and the years to come.
John Pratt18-Feb-2015 06:45
Dan: Have followed your work for sometime and continue to be amazed. Very inspiring. Hope to see more! Thanks.
hermankervel19-Mar-2014 08:36
nice pictures
Ruth G. Sikes 12-Mar-2014 17:29
I love your abandoned cars. I find great beauty in them. I'm also a photographer ( There is so much beauty in your photos! I often wonder about the lives these vehicles lived before someone dumped them. Thanks.
Nathan Elinoff 16-Dec-2013 14:57
WOW! These galleries are amazing! When are you going to have a gallery show in New York? That would give me a reason to go there in a split second!
Guest 30-Sep-2013 11:04
Bonjour tout le monde sa va ?
cory 21-Jun-2013 16:36
Interested in some photos, do you sell them and how big can you go. looking for some of the 1940 ford pictures.
thanks cory
John Lamb11-Feb-2013 00:37
I thought you might like the series Dan.
Frank Haver 28-Jan-2013 20:35
Hi Dan
can I have your mail adress? I have found one pic i love, and I wonder if I can have one original foto of this pic that I can make a big poster\wall paper to have in my shop??

John Pratt23-Jan-2013 05:36
Dan: Love your galleries! Your HDR work with automobiles is incredible...keeps me inspired! Keep up the good work!
hermankervel20-Dec-2012 08:39
nice work
XiaoBernard9913-Dec-2012 08:09
I have received since some days your book.It is a professional Album, the presentation and the printing are well done.I like the cover (hard version).
For the inside ...Is is rich and full of love for the Automotive Industry Stuffs.
A great Book for the lovers of Wonderful of our World
Guest 03-Nov-2012 12:58
nice work
Anitta28-Oct-2012 21:00
Hello Dan! Just want to thank you for sharing you amazing photos! Have enjoyed a lot browsing your galleries. You have a great eye for photography; colors, lightning and composition - all excellent! Thank you! - Anitta -
Patrick Goossens29-Sep-2012 14:36
Dan, I just want to say that I'm surprised by the quality of your Car galleries and the way you treated them. Their all little Gems! Keep them coming!

Neal P. Knight 09-Sep-2012 14:22
Nice to have meet you Dan, at Starliners 2012. I asked the 4x4 rat rod about his hood ornament he didn't know what it was either. Anyway, Enjoyed your pics have lots of my friends in there. :) Have a good one. Neal aka NEALS49
Mark Wong 30-Jul-2012 19:05
Your photos are awesome!!! They in a different way, remind me of my photography.
I photograph guitars.
Where are all these cars located? we were thinking of using parts like that for a display in our backyard.
All the best, Mark
terry tyler 12-Jul-2012 06:07
Dan: I own the 1940 international woodie and my brother owns the orange 55 coe next to it thanks for taking the picture of it . I want one how do i get one? thanks terry
Dan Greenberg25-Jun-2012 02:20
Thanks very much Richard for checking out my book and your favorable comments. The Blurb commenting thing is kind of strange - I am not sure how it works either.
Guest 25-Jun-2012 02:06
Saw your Car Magic Book on Blurb. Great work. You work is very inspiring. I tried to
leave a comment on Blurb, but it didn't seem to work.

Guest 22-Jun-2012 06:53
dear Dan
its a real plesure to wach your imprecive have the bigest car shots colection i have ever seen and they are so beautiful.
see you
Carol How07-Jun-2012 17:43
Hi Dan, your book is pretty spectacular and so very interesting! Love to see you do a large print show sometime too.
Kind Regards,
Rene Feil 07-May-2012 02:39
Hi Dan. Wendy Oppenheimer told me about your work and I would like to purchase a photograph. Can you please explain to me the process? Thanks. Rene Feil
bill birdsong12-Mar-2012 16:22
Fernandina Beach just had the Concourse of Elegance with beautiful cars shown on Centre St.; I made some abstracts of reflections. Your site serves as an inspiration and shows how far these images can be taken! Will keep checking back.
Bob Whitaker 30-Jan-2012 20:28
How can I purchase a print (or printable file) of a photo you did of my 1960 Invicta at the 2011 Grand National Roadster Show? I love your treatment of that image!
Thanks, Bob Whitaker
Ronald Potapa15-Jan-2012 15:45
Hello Dan, Thanks for your nice comments! Your photos and photoshop work are wonderful. You've created works of art.
Guest 12-Oct-2011 17:16
Dan, My name is Deidre Haska. I'm one of the show promoters of the Rocky Mountain Rod & Custom Car Show. Your work is absolutely amazing!! We ran across your gallery of our event. WOW!!! We'd love to chat with you regarding your work and the possibility of getting to use some of it for PR and advertising. In addition, we would love to invite you to participate in this years Art of the Automobile featured at our event. Can you please send me an email so I'm able to get an invite to you. Please respond at your earliest convenience. Thank you!! Deidre
Guest 14-Aug-2011 05:51
Just wanted to document my appreciation of your talent and your work posted here. Truly excellent.
Graeme28-Jun-2011 22:27
Hi Dan, Thank you so much for your continued support of my HDR galleries. Your kind words are very much appreciated. I love your work too especially the cars. I like the angles and perspectives, you have a great eye for them.
Kind regards,
Lolei Pavao 12-May-2011 01:34
I aspire to such greatness! My love affair with hotrods and quest to capture their soul through the camera lense, is ever so inspired by your work. Be it trailer queen perfection, or rusted-out bone yard beauties...
jim21-Mar-2011 02:00
Hi Dan-Thanks for the comments. I had to follow up to see your gallery. Some amazing stuff there. Will had to add you to my favorites. Thansk again, Jim
Andreas Bornemann 15-Mar-2011 18:37
Hi there Dan. I love the images and I wonder if you can give me some tips on where to go in order to find car graveyards, abandonned cars... I lived for 4 years in the States and that is where my interest for the abandonned cars developed. I am planning on coming to the States this summer and go from Los Angeles all the way to New York and if you can give me some advice I would appreciate it. If you come to Sweden I can give you some tips for this tipe of photography.
All the best. Andreas
Chet King 08-Mar-2011 07:37
Beautiful images Dan. Great talent.
Rick Collar01-Mar-2011 23:20
Jenny Foreman 20-Jan-2011 19:26

I'm interested in purchasing some of your work. Can you tell me how to go about getting pricing? I love it!

Raphael_E04-Jan-2011 10:28
Dear Dan,

I wish you a Happy New year and all the best to you and yours for 2011 !
Best Regards,
XiaoBernard9906-Dec-2010 15:04
Merci DAN to appreciate my work and to be so Friendly in your approach.
You get a great artistic eye when I look for the Cars Galleries.
You get a good smile and a Charming Wife Monique as I see the picture of your profile.

Have a good Life together
Jane Isaacs 03-Dec-2010 22:01
Hi Dan,
I'm a friend of Peggy Dietz and I am just learning about Focus. I saw your car photo gallery and wondered if you have ever been to CarHenge in Nebraska. I have some photos of it. I will hunt through my files to find them and send you one if you are interested. I'm not even a car nut and I went bonkers over the place.
Guest 17-Nov-2010 01:11
very exciting photography... thanks
Rosemarie Kusserow14-Nov-2010 06:45
I´m really in awe with your *Architecture at MIT* gallery Dan, every image is such a plesure to view for me, thanks for posting, have a wonderful sunday and thanks for your very kind comments on my abstracts, Rosemarie :o))
Guest 10-Oct-2010 14:49
Hi Dan,

Thanks for the comments that you made in my photos!!
I invite you to see my recent and new personal site:
Feel free to let a comment :)

Flávio Ruivo
Guest 13-Sep-2010 23:04
Thanks for the compliments. After viewing your galleries, it's even more appreciated. Very nice work all around!!

photogs18911-Aug-2010 18:56
I really enjoyed you KKOA pictures.
I was wonder if you tell me basicalloy how you got the effect for the 1st picture and the 1950 Pickup you sent to Jalopy Journal.

I take photogrsphs for our club website.
I want to brighten it up a little and that is why the question. Cruise Night Pictures

Thanks Pete
Stefan 10-Aug-2010 21:15
Hi Dan,
is very, very fine art i´m speechless!
best regards
from Germany
Guest 31-Jul-2010 02:45
Dan, YOU R THE MAN! your galleries have got the old mans blood racing. Racing to see the next picture and then the next gallery you have allowed us to see. I know everyone has a certain passion, and am I glad yours is cars, customs, rats, rods, leads, etc. Thank you so much for sharing. jb1rd
Frank Wilson15-Jul-2010 19:16
Just added you to my favorites. You may be the best auto shooter on pbase. Keep 'em comin'
an nguyen13-Jun-2010 03:21
Thank you so much for stopping by my galleries.
It seem you have a great passion for cars , those are wonderful to photograph.
Anne Nguyen
DUTCH van Atlanta05-Jun-2010 10:12
Monument Valley and Capital Reef (no plural in the name, btw) photographs are very nice. One of my favorite parts of the US.
Dave Bryan 24-May-2010 02:56

I am a classic car photographer in Kansas City. I have really enjoyed your gallery.

I have the best classic automobile show in the midwest coming up in late June.

Would you share some of your techniques? I would be wiling to compensate you for sharing as well to complete some images for me.

Thanks for the consideration.

Dave Bryan
Dave Baker 02-May-2010 16:35

That's my gold 50 Merc from the round up, beutiful work, how can I get prints to frame?
Dave Baker
Jasja van Leeuwen01-May-2010 09:08
Thanks for your visit and comments, Dan! I love your use of post-processing, and spent a little too much time wandering around your site (I'm at work...) Cheers.
Inga Morozoff28-Apr-2010 01:39
Exciting, bold, and outrageous detail in your shots. Your work is an inspiration!
Denis Vincelette27-Apr-2010 22:13
Thank you so much for sharing those splendid photos Dan ... My visit is absolutely not finished ... and I'll be back often ... You have a great photographer eye ! And I love your photo subjects too .... See you soon here !
fw dick06-Mar-2010 14:56
Hi Dan, Thank you for visiting my gallery and leaving the kind words. All I could say when I your work popped up on the screen is, "WOW!!!" I love the clarity and compostition of your work combined with the way you selectively push the colors. Surprise surprise, but I love the super saturated look. I also love the little details like the Jeep GC at the drive-in where the sidewalk kind of falls off the edge. Beautiful portfolio!! Fred in Snowmass Village, CO.
Fotis D. Tirokomos26-Feb-2010 08:03
and one thing more.
each time i visit your galleries i have a feeling of coming home and getting into wonderland at the same time.
Fotis D. Tirokomos23-Feb-2010 09:59
Hey Dan,

i just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration. Your work and process style in cars appeals to me so greatly. i keep coming back to your galleries to enjoy, admire, and get ideas.

Tom Webb 18-Feb-2010 20:09

Amazing work! How can I contact you for prints?

Tom Webb
CM Kwan18-Feb-2010 05:38
Thanks a lot for visiting my gallery and giving me encouraging message!
Jeff Real06-Feb-2010 17:08
Thank you so much for the kind comments. You are a truly amazing artist whose vision I really appreciate. I am in awe!
Corey Springfield 01-Oct-2009 02:04
How can I get a digital file of a picture you took of my hot rod?
DasBoogz aka Kathy Colby Kurasch18-Sep-2009 04:54
Thank you Dan for being my first entry in my guestbook! I appreciate you taking the time. Your photography is amazing and inspiring. Thank you so much. DasBoogz
Kevin Stone 27-Jul-2009 00:49
Dan do you sell your works?? also want to show you something i
Raul 02-Jul-2009 01:36
Dan, your work is amazing, thanks so much for sharing your time and expertise on my old clunker. It has never looked better! Raul Talk to you soon!
Guest 25-Jun-2009 23:01
dan, will be in pueblo friday evening and saturday will return early sunday morning i will be at la quinta in june 26-28 2009. hope we can touch base, Raul
1950 buick sedanette
Guest 11-Jun-2009 21:52
Thank you for commenting on my work. I enjoyed viewing your photo's. Great photo's, all of them.
Bill Patterson 17-May-2009 02:16
wow! great photos-real nice to meet you today at the the car show.
Raphael_E16-May-2009 10:48
Hello Dan,
Thank you very much for your visits and kind comments... and thanks to share your talented and creative work here !
Best Regards,
Nikon Mama - Birgitte Ott12-May-2009 22:34
Hi Dan,
Thanks so much for showing me the way into your stunning gallery!!! I've almost lost my tounge ... (good, that I can at least use my keyboard ;o)) You present a fantastic and impressing work; creative and very artful indeed! What a talent you have - I really admire your work! Your perfection is powerful as is your personal style - my hat goes off!!! All the best, Birgitte Ott, Denmark
Don Taylor10-Apr-2009 00:13
Dan,thank for the comment at my gallerie.The Chevrolet car show was the foothill region
VCCA in Pasadena California.
Tambra Davis28-Mar-2009 03:46
Thanks so much Dan for helping me identify the cars from the show. Boy, do you know your cars, and you are an inspiration for my photographing them. Your graphic creations are outstanding.
Barry McCartney05-Feb-2009 05:40
Dan, thanks for the comment at my site. You have a lot of great old car shots. Anybody ever tell you that you are obsessed with them?
How do you like your D300?
Dan Opdal04-Feb-2009 01:37
Thank You for your comment and vote on my Grizzly Bear image. You have a wonderful collection of galleries.
Dan Opdal
Alain Boussac02-Feb-2009 13:48
Dear Dan,
Many thanks for all your visits and for your fabulous comments of my pictures.
I admire your fantastic galleries full of creative and colored wonders. You make pictures with much visual variety and high visual impact. Your excellent work is very pleasant to look, my friend.
Congratulations and all the best for you, Dan !
Uta 05-Jan-2009 18:51
Dan, you ARE talented ! What great photos, I had no idea you had this in you...but always talking to Moni only ! :o)
Keep going, love to see more... Uta
Marc Demoulin06-Oct-2008 19:32
Time to write how I admire your passion for car imagery. A great inspiration and great achievement.
francine shore 12-Sep-2008 23:53
great photos..are you the dan greenberg i dated in nyc a few times in the 8o's.

many thanks
francine shore
Marcia Rules09-Sep-2008 13:29
You are too kind! Sincere thanks for the very uplifting compliments.....
Marcia Rules08-Sep-2008 22:35
i just thoroughly enjoyed perusing your galleries! I am glad you chose B&W for several images. Color is great, but B&W still shines! take a peek at my work; i am a new PBaser and welcome input ...marcia
Guest 23-Jul-2008 18:06
Your 56 ford reflections are both 55 Fords. The black Ford is a 55 There was no Y8 insignia on the 56 models. Instead there was a slender aggressive looking Thunderbird about 4" long with a small Y8 insignia The pchrome parking light covers are round, on the 56 they were rectangular.
The chrome on the car reflected on the Vickie in the background is definitly 55. The forward section of chrome extended past the vee at the front door by about three or four inches on the early 56 models. Later in 56 the chrome would split about 4" apart at the door all the way to the rear. The 56 also had exhausts that came through the lower part of the rear bumper. My Dad owned a 56 and my best freinds Dad owned a 55. Both were Police Interceptors. CB
Guest 01-Jul-2008 19:21

Thanks for the comments on my gallery! Looks like we live in the same great small town too! who knew?

Hope to see you around town!
Sabra 26-May-2008 04:30
The site looks great, and I'm lovin all those old cars....I see what you mean about the rt. click and your verbage about copyright... yes, I need to put that code in too.
Thanks so much for your help and comments.
Guest 04-May-2008 16:45
Hi, Dan:
Great website. I particularily like "Relics in the Wild". Your choices of environment just add so much to the car story.
Ali Majdfar20-Jan-2008 19:12
Hi Dan,
I appreciate all your wonderful comments on pictures; it seems you're a fan of civilization history. I admire your great work; keep it up and share it with us, please.
Lee 20-Dec-2007 19:53
Danny Barton sent me to your site. Nice work may want a couple of prints. Love them old Chevy's!!
Rosemarie Kusserow18-Dec-2007 08:53
Thanks Dan for your many kind comments and votes on my abstract works, I´m glad you liked them, Rosemarie :o)
Guest 30-Nov-2007 19:18
The site looks great! Great pics. See you at the next meeting.
Linda 28-Nov-2007 14:06
Dan,these photos are awesome! Congratulations on such fabulous work. Linda
tomr-photos26-Nov-2007 20:05
Hi Dan. Thanks for stopping by. Yep, we're on similar wavelengths with those cars, but I've only seen...maybe...about four or five of the real old/abandoned kind since the late 70's.