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Teresa Russell at Paradise Store 5-10-08

This gallery features photos of extraordinarily gifted guitarist/singer/songwriter Teresa Russell, performing at the picturesque Paradise Store north of Santa Barbara, California on 5-10-08. Teresa records and plays regularly with her popular and awesomely talented band Cocobilli, comprised of Teresa on guitars and vocals, bassist Billi Breland, and drummer Coco Roussel. She is also a long time member of the cajun/zydeco band Acadiana. Here Teresa is performing her "solo" show in which she has already "layed down" bass and rhythm tracks etc. on her computer and sings and plays her guitars live to these accompaniments or her "band in a box". ;) Covering scores of popular rock and blues classics, as well as several albums worth of her own rockin' originals, these shows are truly astonishing to behold and a privilage to attend. I first met and heard Teresa play at Oxnard, California's Strawberry Festival in 1996. My family and I were on our way, and never made it :), to hear the band "War" perform on the main stage. Off in the distance, I heard the most incredible blues guitar soloing drifting through the air... pulling me in that direction! We took a detour and discovered Teresa doing her solo show, and I've been "hooked" ever since! I go to MANY Teresa gigs, and EVERY ONE is special! This jaw-droppingly talented woman is truly a musical treasure! Lately she has been brilliantly experimenting with live electronic looping technology, (including singing into her acoustic guitar bodies to create beautiful background choruses) and is definitely developing into the "queen of loop"! :) Teresa is one of the most gifted and exciting guitarists that I have ever seen! Her soaring and electrifying solos on her own GREAT songs and covers of others, easily equals and often succeeds those of Hendrix, Clapton, Vaughn "et al" and... she's much prettier than any of them! ;) Singer/songwriter/guitarist Bonnie Raitt once jokingly told Teresa, seeking her out backstage after seeing her play, "pretty good for a girl"! :) Male or female... Teresa is simply one of THE best there is! Further information about Teresa and music samples can be found at: Teresa's web-site: MySpace: ** Teresa Russell and Cocobilli music is available on iTunes ** *Viewing Tip: To give more desktop space for viewing photos hit F11 key*
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