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Lucky Cole25-Apr-2011 14:43
You are a true artist Denise, I love all of your galleries.
Michael 23-Feb-2010 15:42
Great stuff here.
Seosaimhín Nic Rabhartaigh 02-Nov-2008 02:14
Hi Dee,
I found this website by accident. It is marvellous. Great job! Bravo for honouring your creativity! Nár laga Dia thú! (May God not weaken you!) Seosaí Nic Rabhartaigh
Rachel Wilson 15-May-2008 20:20
Wonderful to see more of your work.....really dynamic with a marvelous eye for detail.
jasminleblanc12-Feb-2008 18:03
i love your eyes
Patricia Lay-Dorsey16-May-2007 18:05
You have a unique eye, just as you have a unique voice. I see your images here on PBase and read your words on EditRed and know you are your own person. At 65, that's all I'm looking for in myself and others. I'll be back.
Rody Graumans07-May-2007 07:54
Really intense photo's i've seen here. Looks they come 'right out of your head' and are very personal, intiutive and poetic. Thanks for sharing Denise, i will come back for more
Norbert Fortelny06-Apr-2007 11:35
Very interesting work. Almost every photo looks like it is about 50 years old.
How do you do this? Is there a "nostalgia" filter for photoshop?
Very poetic all of it.
Bill Popovski06-Apr-2007 10:58
Hi Denise. Thank you for visiting and commenting in my galleries recently. You have some intriguing collections of photos in your galleries. I will return often to see your work. Bill
Guest 08-Mar-2007 06:59
Your photos have kept me glued to the computer screen for hours.
Guest 15-Sep-2006 06:58
Nice to find you on this site!!!
Sue Roberts08-Aug-2006 04:20
i found your galleries through another gallery and am impressed.. i put you on my favorites list and will be sure to return for more.
Guest 27-Jul-2006 02:45
Ann 24-Jul-2006 08:52
You have an outstanding good and well structured site. I enjoyed browsing through it 27-May-2006 22:20
keep creating... Kris
AL19-May-2006 03:37
Thanks Denise for your kind comments on my island gallery. Glad to discover your works, full of life and value. Many are strong and provoking too. Hope to see more from you and thanks for sharing.
Best wishes
Ai Li 19-Apr-2006 13:14
Fabulous site.
Eduard Lampe11-Apr-2006 16:55
Hi Denise, Really like your galleries. Thanks for sharing. Gr Eduard
abc31-Mar-2006 13:20
Hello Denise,

I like your polish and irish b&w gallery.
Their mud reminds me an old album.
Good job!

GM Holder 22-Oct-2005 20:47
Pozdravi Denise Dee.

A strange Inquiry here. For the past three & half years I have been compiling a book of ficiton on Bosnia, with a heavy emphasis on Sarajevo. To say the least, many of your photographs are quite compelling and I would like permission to use one of them if that would not be too negligable. I must warn you that this is not something that is being published presently. It is simply in the process and if something miraculous should transpire, i.g., such as the book does go into publication, I would like to sleep better knowing that I have your thoughts sway towards the notion, rather than away.

I have lived in Sarajevo and have been back many times. It is a second home. My wife was thriteen when the war sent her and her family out of the country. They all survived. I am telling you this becuase these photographs resound in that diaphonous, funereal gossamer light that drips over the city in my thoughts of it.

Let me know what you think.

Hvala vam Puno,

Tvoj Prijatelj,

GM Holder
Guest 12-Jun-2005 13:44
Thanks for your comments...It's nice to be appreciated for your work both behind and in front of the lens. You have some stellar images yourself.

Peruse at will, as I will be doing the same.
Guest 20-May-2005 13:36
Nice galleries. I like your perspective on things.
Besati11-Apr-2005 14:28
Thanks for visiting my "A Harbour For All Seasons" gallery and leaving your kind comments, Denise. You have very nice galleries here and I like "Where I grew up" very much. I'll come back to check your updates.

Best Wishes
Guest 03-Apr-2005 00:18
Thanks for popping by to check out my site.Your images are of interesting value,too.Cool stuff.I'll check back often!
Guest 22-Mar-2005 15:19
Interesantes fotografías
Gracias por compartirlas
Saludos desde España
Giacomino 02-Jun-2004 08:50
This link will give access to your main gallery index:
Album - The Little Dingle Art Gallery

These links will give access directly to this collection:
Guest 27-Mar-2004 07:12
love your guys capture life's beauty
Denise Dee06-Nov-2003 20:25
YEAH! i'm moving to Chicago, but i will try my hardest to be there. I'm excited. Denise
engelr 06-Nov-2003 20:14
In the late '70s, Pittsburgh experienced the birth of the punk movement. Bands were playing everywhere, from their  own basements, to the Banana to Flagstaff Hill. Three chords and a mike and you had a band. Part fiction, part truth, this lengendary film chronicles the early days of that scene. It’s also a delightful and nostalgic character study of some of the movement’s most colorful figures. features Bill Bored, Sesame Spinelli, and Reid Paley with music by The Cardboards, The Shakes, Hans Brinker and The Dykes. (Directed by Stephanie Beroes; 1980; USA; 40min)

Ms Beroes, who now lives in New York, will be present for this first public screening of Debt Begins at 20 in over a decade. She will screen other recent work, including footage from the contemporary music scene in Prague.  Live music (The Pain Dogs and The Cheats will be the bands) will follow the screening.
• Regent Square Theater: Sun, Nov 23 @ 7:00 - tickets for this closing night are $10, no passes accepted.
northstar3702-Nov-2003 22:41
I have come back again (and again) to look at your pictures. Also thank you for your generous words.
Guest 27-Oct-2003 13:32

Thank you for the kind words you left concerning my Many Moods of Trees gallery. I have looked through your work and left you some comments on your photos; I wish you the best on your creative endeavors both written and visual.

Sean Lensink04-Oct-2003 02:38
Thanks you for the comments and nice words about my photos. I really enjoyed your galleries and will check back from time to time to see any new shots

Guest 11-Sep-2003 08:27
Hello Denise,
Thanks a lot for your comment in my kid's gallery. Enjoyed your photos very much, there is a lot of life and humanity shining through them! Looks like youre from SF, I lived there ten years or so (Amsterdam now) and moving back there fairly soon, great city. Cheers, Lisa
Guest 10-Sep-2003 12:38
hi denise, thanks for that comment on my drawing, you have some great photographs too ^^;;
Guest 08-Sep-2003 17:26
Thanks for you kind word. The pony ride picture was taken in Dallas.(where we live) It was a carnival day in our community so no one did any double takes but it does seem a bit odd to be riding on the street. Thanks again
Dan Chusid01-Sep-2003 17:48
I always enjoy your images and thanks for your kind words on mine Denise.
Capt. Mark 27-Aug-2003 14:03
The gallery says you can buy images, but I don't see an e-mail contact address or
anything else that would explain how to do that. I would be interested in a photo
of the tug "Prairie State". Capt. Mark
blu25-Aug-2003 11:52
hi denise! thanks for stopping by at my galleries and leaving such encouraging comments (always a very nice read indeed...). i just had a glance at yours and will come back later (i shouldn't be staring even at nice pictures in my office :-)) so take care and keep your nice work up. warm regards from switzerland, uese
Mansour Mouasher25-Aug-2003 03:15
Thank you Denise for visiting my site "Jordan Photo Gallery" and for taking the time to express such nice comments. I have browsed through your web pages. Fantastic shots indeed!
Guest 07-Aug-2003 15:29
Denise, thanks for stopping by my galleries and leaving your comments. I thoroughly enjoyed browsing your work and can see where our tastes for subject matter overlap a bit.

I really enjoyed the panoramic montages, something I've been meaning to do forever, but have never gotten around to. Your sense of composition, use of selective focus and rendering of colors all combine to produce some distinctive and marvelous work.

Can't wait to see what's next!


Guest 06-Aug-2003 21:38
Ansel Adams said , 'a colour photograph is like a piano which sounds a little out of tune'... m
Guest 06-Aug-2003 13:34
Hi Denise,

First of all, thank you for your support and comments. I've had a look at yours and Sean's galleries, and I've compiled a list of fave pics. Generally, I like them very much, mainly for their authenticity of content and style, which is something I strive for myself. I can't tell you how boring it is to see endless 'technically-perfect' still lives or glamour shots... On the other end of the scale there are ordinary snaps. What I like is the idea that any person, any object, any lanscape, in any weather, can be turned into a beautiful photo. It's about finding the beauty within things, as opposed to just the surface.

I can see that Sean goes for colour, whilst you seem to prefer B&W. I have to say that for me, whilst B&W has the advantage of sparking the viewer's imagination, and can make ordinary things look more 'arty', it is also harder to express a simple message, especially when it's in the detail. For this reason I've marked a couple of your shots with *, where I think colour would have been better. ** is a good example of colour working really well.

Personally, I take more pics in colour, as I think that most ordinary viewers 'respond' better to colour, dismissing B&W as boring... I think it takes a special person to appreciate it. Also, sometimes I find B&W distances us from the subject, e.g I would feel more for the subjects of Sebastiao Salgado if I saw them in colour. I would be able to relate to the people more I think.

Anyway, here's my list of favourites

Denise: 17157927, 17157929, 17157931, 19257684, 16695805*, 16695817*, 17233041**,

Sean: 19527308, 16968330, 16894979, 16894988, 16968319, 16469091, 16894174, 19639560, 17155261, 16934148, 16743816, 16477371, 16893760, 16398108, 16105660

All the best and take care,

PS I'm still thinking about whether or not to caption my pics...
Denise Dee05-Aug-2003 19:00
Hi Daniel.

Thanks! I can only speak to my photos "pay attention" and "welcome". they were both taken on a $29 SLR camera. Sean scanned them and put them up on our galleries. I take my pictures with a sense of wonder at 'can you believe that'?
And even if I don't take a photograph, I'll often bring a friend to look at what excited me. Denise
Daniel Bell05-Aug-2003 18:48

I've just figured out that someone other than my friends have seen some of my images, and they enjoy photography as much as I do! Thank you for the comments. Now I understand why you want pbase supporters to leave comments... You get a chance to see others photography! I must say I have injoyed viewing your images. The ones that I really like are: "Wet Window", "Pie", "Honey Bear", Welcome" (great light & dark), "Pay Attention", "Mark in Car" (stunning portrait, wounderful colors and light) and... My all time favorite is "Mary". This is portraiture at it's best. Very moving. Composition, lighting, color, depth of field, this has it all just right!

Keep shooting.


Oh... Question: Are you shooting digitally or in another format and scanning?
stevenpa02-Aug-2003 03:54
I could see Poland again through the eye of your lens, and Japan as well. There "real life" from both photo collections is as tactile as it can be.
stower01-Aug-2003 15:41
Thank you for your kind comments on my galleries, I truly appreciate them.

Your galleries are wonderful... The black and white photos of Ireland are quite stunning (I hope to get there myself someday). I also really like the the saturated colors throughout your other work, it just lends such a sense of surrealness and beauty to them all.

I'll definitely keep checking back to see more!

onlyamoment24-Jul-2003 06:52
Hi Sean and Denise! This is Brian from Onlyamoment. After your nice comments I thought I'd stop by your gallery and browse a while. I really liked all the cat pictures, I have posted two of our favorite cat Levi as a memorial. He "went home" this last fall almost 20 years old. He was about 18 in those pictures.

I thought your B&W's of Ireland were compelling, nice use of the medium. I haven't been doing allot of B&W lately, but your shots inspired me to get back on it.
Keep shootin!
BTW, I live about 25 miles south of San Francisco.

Guest 23-Jul-2003 21:02
Hello Denise,
Thank you again for your comments. The Eifel is an area in the very west of Germany, between the river Rhine and the border to Belgium. Its a rural countryside with little villages. Next towns are Koblenz, Bonn and Cologne.
Bye, Jan
northstar3722-Jul-2003 22:39
Thanks for your kind comments at my album.
Eddy Meuwese September 7th 2016 4.000.000 pageviews21-Jul-2003 11:13
Excellent black and white photo's. They have power. Greetz Eddy
Guest 17-Jul-2003 12:50
Hi Denise
Thanks for your support. I've browsed through your galleries several times and been thinking of how to express my impression of your images the whole day. They are very good but your heart is getting heavy after watching them.
I believe life is not that perfect. I choose to avoid the dark side of it and struggle to find the beauty remained. But it seems you choose another way to tackle it. My English is lousy and can't find better words to express my feelings. Anyway, good job and keep it up.

Steve K 16-Jul-2003 19:12
Very nice pictures indeed.
They are so full of life, that I feel I was
there when you took them.
Nice with the b/w touch.
Guest 16-Jul-2003 01:07
thanks for the kind comments, I was beginning to think no one would notice. You guys have a special eye for making the ordinary-extrordinary
Denise Dee15-Jul-2003 17:44
Ginger, thanks for the compliment, but anyone taking a picture like this one of yours is not just taking "standard pictures". I would love to have this picture of yours on my wall. Denise
Guest 15-Jul-2003 02:20
Hi Sean & Denise !
Thank you for visiting and comments on my gallery.As a new comer of the photography,I just took a lot so-called"standard" picture,find something missing.After enjoying your works,I think I found what I missed.Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!
Guest 10-Jul-2003 18:34
Yo Denise!
So have you moved to Poland? I love that road shrine picture. I've been meaning to thank you for the heads up on that grant. I didn't get it but it inspired me to finish work on a video I've been doing. (Check out my website Please keep in touch (I know I've been shitty at doing that myself). At any rate, take care and peace always.
Lisa10-Jul-2003 04:22
Thank you Denise and Sean for your kind words concerning my gallery. I am intrigued by your Shrines and Graves gallery, particularly the "Weeping" photo. Thanks again, and keep up the good work.

Guest 08-Jul-2003 21:22
Thankyou both for your kind comments, your galleries are wonderfully eclectic and have a real spontaneous feal that is often missing from a lot of photography.
marie07-Jul-2003 08:45
thank you for visiting and for nice comments on my gallery
again denise and sean.
I especially 'gulped' at your picture of honey bear : )
(san francisco pictures)
you show good shots of happenings and subjects which
...maybe 'sometimes' are taken for granted in everyday life
very best wishes
Clayton Esterson07-Jul-2003 05:53
Thanks for your kind comments on my Petrified Forest gallery. I was lucky enough to visit there several times recently under ideal weather conditions. The compliments are especially meaningful coming from someone with obvious photographic (great use of colors) and writing talents.
Maurice Burke Photography06-Jul-2003 17:34
Thanks Denise, for really seeing into my children's images...Your comments reflect a warm and gentle heart. Best wishes and good work here. Congrats on "Most Popular Gallery"!
Derrel06-Jul-2003 04:10
Thanks for visitng my pBase gallery and looking at my photos. I was intrigued by your gallery's diverse,vibrant,eclectic content,and impressed by the breadth of content you included in your pBase pages. I like your use of color and texture,and your free way of seeing and recording your world and the places throughout our world. Peace be with you. Derrel
Guest 24-Jun-2003 03:58
Sean & Denise,
You have some very unusual and intriguing photos!
I just took a peek at them yesterday, and today. Have seen just those playful "sisters", and then wonderful documentary on Poland... There is so much more to explore -- I will definitely return!
Thanks for commenting on my galleries!
The Sigma Users Group Galleries12-Jun-2003 16:29
There is an other worldliness to all of your galleries which is transporting. Thank you for taking me back to many places I have visited in a life of travel some, stay at home some.

Laurence Matson
Guest 10-Jun-2003 08:12

thanks for nice comments. I really enjoyed your "Poland" gallery. My wife is from Poland and she had participated in a similar pilgrimage. As you probably saw from my "Nepal 2002" galleries, I'm a sort of a pilgrim myself, in a non-religious but still a very spiritual way of getting in touch with nature and people from different cultures...

Thank You. I'll keep checking in on your new stuff...
Vincent Belford07-Jun-2003 22:26
Thanks for the nice words.
Your galleries are cool and I've marked them for future viewing.
I like the Pittsburg gallery a lot.
The pictures have a snapshot look at first but there's a defined point of view that goes deeper and pulls you back in for more.
Vince B.
Guest 04-Jun-2003 20:44
Dear Denise and Sean and all you Cats,
Thank you very much for your comments on some of my galleries which will give me motivtion for my Photographic work.
I like of course cats and all cat-photos. But really interesting is your cemetery gallery in the style of the beat-Hippie-Time.Next I shall go to see the irish images.
Till later, Jan