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csmallari18-Nov-2013 16:41
Thank you Peter for your comment on my recent moon shot :-)
Guest 27-Dec-2012 16:32
Thanks Peter,
I dislike the over edited versions of some HDR scenics, I try to keep them as realistic as possible..
Chris Picard20-Dec-2012 06:21
Some of the best work I have seen on pbase Peter. I am extremely impressed, and I'm not easily impressed. Chris Picard
Andreas Berglund01-Dec-2012 18:33
You have really amassed an amazing collection of Images my friend. I'm so looking forward to your recent Argentina, Falklands, South Georgia and Antartic trip images, that should be an amazing treat.
Murray Morrison 23-Sep-2012 21:04
Hi Peter:

Wonderful photos. You are obviously very patient as you nail the wildlife at perfect angles & the landscapes are nicely timed light-wise. Really enjoyed the Gallery, which I searched after viewing your owls.
Murray Morrison 23-Sep-2012 21:04
Hi Peter:

Wonderful photos. You are obviously very patient as you nail the wildlife at perfect angles & the landscapes are nicely timed light-wise. Really enjoyed the Gallery, which I searched after viewing your owls.
Sheila14-Sep-2012 23:28
Great shot of the Fieldfare Peter. The dew on the grass is beautiful too.
Rosemary. 04-Aug-2012 02:14
Fantastic galleries, especially the South American birds. Thanks for sharing.
Michaela 05-May-2012 15:12
Dear Peter,
I enjoy all your photos.My girlfriend had taken your Photos to a Presentation to me with several special words.

Best greatings
Sheila17-Apr-2012 05:11
Pbase wont let me comment on your Yellow -rumped warbler shot. It is absolutely delightful, Peter !
Guest 25-Jan-2012 01:04
Thanks for tour. You sure can wield that camera.. Best J
Cat Listening 17-Jan-2012 00:01
Found your photo of red tail hawk on Birds of North America
Shaver 13-Dec-2011 15:17
Simply stated; fantastic photographs...
Dubi Shapiro01-Dec-2011 03:43
Your images are phenomenal!
Jacques Falardeau17-Nov-2011 03:03
Salut Peter!
Tu as un galerie fantastique
Hi Peter your galleries A++++ I've really enjoyed looking your birds
Lloyd Merkel12-Jul-2011 02:04
Hi Peter, I enjoyed your galleries, and am inspired by your great photograhpy.
Lloyd Merkel-Red Deer
Ton, Ben & Rob Nagtegaal17-Jun-2011 13:01
Hi Peter,

I really enjoyed scrolling thru your pictures again.
The owls will always be my favorites, but I also love your Peru trip.

todd marcus 04-Jun-2011 22:30
your pictures are some of the best inflight shots I have seen,I would love to use one of your pictures for a tatto to go with my Bald eagel, wolf,Moose,Couger,and Grizzly Bears!
Guest 12-Mar-2011 16:07
Thanks Peter
We have finally had a typical Montana Winter this year, 106 per cent of normal snow fall in the Bitterroots...
Claude Gagnon14-Dec-2010 03:35
Fantastic work Peter! All your galleries are outstanding and so interesting!

Claude ...I'm lucky to have found you! :)
Kelly Dobens 07-Dec-2010 19:17
I saw a poster of a photo taken by you of fireworks off a historic Bridge in Manchester, NH - this photo is perhaps form the mid to late 1980's.
I would love a copy of this photo or the poster if you know how I can get such a thing.
Thank you and very nice work.
Paolo Casali06-Dec-2010 20:23
Greatings for your shots, some very special birds here, BRAVO!!

Annie-Ying Molander 16-Jul-2010 18:51
Dear Mr. Stahl:

We are an image stock agency. We are very interested in your images. Can we have your email address? Thank you.


Annie-Ying Molander

AKM Images, Inc.
an nguyen28-Jun-2010 09:58
Thank you for stopping by.
I am very impressed with your nature view and perspective of photography.
Anne Nguyen
Robert Houde24-Jun-2010 02:46
Peter Terrific galleries. I am glad I stopped by.
Guest 12-Jun-2010 17:21
Your work is outstanding Peter. Your unique style combined with your capture of color, motion and suspension of time is really something. Beautiful work! Great exhibit.
Connie Rogan 08-Jun-2010 16:59
Hi Peter Beautiful as always. Please tell me again the name of the gallery in St Albert. I want to make a plan for this Thursday, Jun 10th to go see the show.
Thanks and enjoy the lake.
Connie Rogan
Ananth 28-Mar-2010 14:41
Hi Peter
My wife and I really enjoyed viewing your gallery, specifically the owl photos. Really great shots!

christi1954 18-Nov-2009 20:18
You are a very gifted artist. I would love to be able to do what you do! I looked through several of your galleries and it seemed you have gotten better and better as time goes by. I have a great love for nature, animals, birds etc. I can draw simple drawings but to be able to go out and see nature as it happens is a wonderful thing. Keep doing what you love!
Christi Stowell
Pamela18-Oct-2009 02:43
Hello Peter,

Back in Sydney after my stay at Bedarra and Lizard. Am looking forward to seeing your pics from Lizard. Have a few of Bedarra to forward to you. My email: Hope the rest of your holiday was a great success. Best regards,

Pamela de Groot
Pamela18-Oct-2009 02:42
Hello Peter,

Back in Sydney after my stay at Bedarra and Lizard. Am looking forward to seeing your pics from Lizard. Have a few of Bedarra to forward to you. My email: Hope the rest of your holiday was a great success. Best regards,

Pamela de Groot
Guest 03-Oct-2009 08:04
Stuart Smith08-Feb-2009 16:18
Absolutely love your owl images Peter! Amazing work.
Guest 25-Jan-2009 07:25
Hello Peter,If you can spare some time, I would appreciate very much your comments on the gallery:
Hope to hear from you. Thanks.

Guest 26-Dec-2008 09:12
Hi Peter,
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Joe merkle 21-Nov-2008 02:27
the dark Broad-winged hawk is actually a juvenile harlan's hawk
Guest 03-Nov-2008 00:04
Thanks for the nice comment and visit, Peter! I appreciate it! You have some stunning bird shots here!
Jerry liguori 07-Jul-2008 13:52
I would love to see more photos of the juvenile red-tail in fall colors....that is a fantastic bird.
jerry liguori 03-Jul-2008 02:21
Excellent photography. The dark hawk labeled "Broad-winged Hawk" is a Harlan's Red-tailed Hawk....fantastic picture though!
Alex Vargas01-Jun-2008 13:36
Amazing galleries Peter... tfs!

If you could and have some time, please drop me a line to: I'm pretty interested in knowing details about what company did you used in Africa and hear any advices you could kindly give...

After all, Africa is the only continent I'm missing and for a birdwatcher, is a must... isn't it?


Alex Vargas
...a Costa Rican in Thailand...
Toon de Smit15-May-2008 05:42
Thanks for your comments Peter,
Last 2 week the sun is very harsh. So after sunrise I only have 20 minutes or so with decent lighting. With the four spotted chaser I was almost too late. You can already see the shadow of the wing structure on his body.
Regards, Toon
Cathy Therrien 28-Mar-2008 16:40
Hi Peter - what fabulous photos! I am an artist in Thompson, MB and would love your permission to do some paintings using your photos as reference. Being somehwat disabled makes it difficult for me to get out into nature and take photos myself. If this would be okay with you please respond or email me at:

Cathy Therrien

p.s. Noticed you live in St. Albert - our daughter lives there as well!
Kat 24-Feb-2008 23:32
Oh my!!! You have just made my day!! I wanted to get a tattoo of a robin in flight.The pic u took of the robin landing on the rowan tree is just what I was looking for!! I can't wait to have it tattooed on me!! I'll send u a pic if I can. When its done!! THANKS so MUCH!!!!!
Patricia Cannaerts13-Jan-2008 02:34
You have great gallery's congr keep up the good work !
Steve Rutledge 25-Oct-2007 03:56
Hi Peter-
I've been enjoying your photos. I wonder if I might have permission to show some in my not-for-profit birding classes that are offered through the Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society. I'll be happy to send you details.
Thanks, Steve
DAwn 12-Oct-2007 13:29
I like your bee in flight. Hard shot. did you have the extra lights set up? See you soon
Monte Stinnett18-Jul-2007 05:15
Your bird galleries have to be right up there at the top. Thats saying quite a bit considering how many really good photographers are in Pbase.
csmallari10-Jul-2007 09:05
Thanks again so much for taking the time to look at my gallery, for the comments and the vote. I really, really do appreciate it a lot Peter :)
Guest 27-Jun-2007 14:11
When I get photoshop and a new camera, I'm going to model my work after you.
Raul Quinones09-May-2007 23:55
Excellent galleries, I'll be back often.
Guest 28-Apr-2007 06:10
Great Gallery
Guest 27-Mar-2007 03:27
Hi there Peter, I had the pleasure of viewing your bird and wildlife gallery in my lunch break at work. The diversity of your gallery makes it a pleasure to view and you have some stunning images. Thank you for sharing your work with us and I look forward to seeing more of your captures. Kylie : )
Guest 08-Mar-2007 07:30
Your photos have reignited my passion for photography. Thank you!
yoram shpirer24-Feb-2007 11:00
Hi Peter
You have many excellent images in your galleries, I've really enjoyed looking at your photos & will be back again soon for another look.
Guest 23-Feb-2007 15:26
Hi Peter, You have some really great and inspiring pictures. Glad I stubbled across the barred Owlet and where it led. Thanks to for liking my LBR's, they are always a treat to see and photograph. Callie
Guest 16-Feb-2007 17:08
Nice Gallery
Dominic Cantin26-Dec-2006 06:28
Excellent galleries of birds Peter !!! Keep shooting !
Dominic :)
dinah saluz07-Nov-2006 02:23
Hi Peter, I love particularly your Local Birds/Animals gallery!I'll come back.
Thank you very much for the message you left on my gallery.
Toon de Smit06-Nov-2006 22:08
Thx Peter for your comments, I enjoyed you pics as well.
I also like the way you present them!
Jean D01-Sep-2006 01:30
Peter, you have great image galleries! Truly well done.
FairEnigma03-Aug-2006 04:06
Great Shots! One & All! Thanks for Sharing~*
Manas Khan26-Jul-2006 23:14
Thanks for your appreciating comment on my image
Marco Valk07-Jul-2006 10:56
I really enjoyed your osprey gallery; I noticed that the 1D mark II images show considerable more detail than the 20D images although they both have 8 MP. Is this your experience too? The main reason I ask is because I,m thinking of upgrading from the 20D to the 1D mark II. I'm not very satisfied with the AF-performance of the 20D.

gang24-Jun-2006 00:39
Love your wildlife pictures, thanks for sharing.

akleja22-Jun-2006 19:09
Thanks a lot for the very kind comment, Peter! You have some amazing galleries yourself and I must say I am impressed!

Best regards

Manas Khan30-May-2006 19:28
Thanks for your appreciation on my photograph
Nestor Derkach23-May-2006 12:28
Great photography, with so many different birds you captured to show the world.
Thanks for sharing this talent with us.
Peter Brakop 16-May-2006 05:33
An innocent google search led me to your gallery website. A very quick overview but nonetheless most impressive.

All the best!
Guest 08-May-2006 22:29
Thank you for commenting on my tulips. I look for your photos every day. I enjoy looking at all the different birds and animals.
csmallari20-Apr-2006 03:51
Thank you so much Peter for all the nice comments and the visits to my PAD gallery :-)
csmallari10-Apr-2006 23:43
Thanks again Peter for the visit and the nice comments... really appreciate it :-) Those bee-eaters are indeed very fast. It's always a thrill for me whenever I see that I've captured a clear photo of any bird in flight - most specially the fast ones. Have a great day Peter.
Guest 08-Apr-2006 12:57
Thanks Peter for your nice comments on my images...
csmallari07-Apr-2006 14:03
Hi Peter. Thank you so much for the visit to my PAD gallery and the nice comments regarding the blue throated bee-eater :-)
Guest 30-Mar-2006 01:21
Thanks Peter for your nice comment on my geese image...
Arno Meintjes Wildlife15-Mar-2006 11:09
I have put a small gallery together about life in and around the Kruger National Park.
I hope this will give you an idea where we are off to every now and then.
You are welcome to visit it here :
Guest 12-Mar-2006 01:10
Thanks for visiting and commenting on my most recent PAD, Peter. I really like all of your of your galleries. You do such a GREAT job capturing the wild life. Regards, Chuck
Arno Meintjes Wildlife11-Mar-2006 07:23
Thanks for your visit and comment on the roller. I think it is a european roller
Ton, Ben & Rob Nagtegaal10-Mar-2006 16:22
Hi Peter,
Thanks for all you're visits and comments to our pictures, we realy enjoy them.
Arno Meintjes Wildlife09-Mar-2006 18:05
Peter, thanks for your comment on the leopard. Yes it is all from within our Ford Territory. Sometimes I get too close, but thats the risk you take for a good close up.
Raymond J Barlow09-Mar-2006 04:53
Great shooting!! I really enjoyed my visit here and all of you shots are wonderful.
csmallari07-Mar-2006 23:22
Hi Peter, thank you so much for the nice comments regarding the sunrise photo. Have a wonderful day :-)
arminb06-Mar-2006 20:02
Oh, yes, I will always enjoy a visit :o)
Cheers, Armin
Arno Meintjes Wildlife06-Mar-2006 05:03
Thank you for the visit and comment. Please have a look at :
Weather over the weekend in the Kruger National Park
Guest 28-Feb-2006 16:15
Thank you for your nice comments. The butterfly is called an owl butterfly.
Ton, Ben & Rob Nagtegaal27-Feb-2006 19:30
You got some very impresive shots here.
I aspecialy like the owl galleries.
Guest 24-Feb-2006 19:38
Peter your pictures are beautiful...and I was here to post a "thank you" for your comments. Hanna-Marie Walsh
csmallari24-Feb-2006 04:02
Hi Peter. Thank you so much for the visit and the kind comments. So glad that you liked it. Have a great day :-)
Ton, Ben & Rob Nagtegaal22-Feb-2006 09:02
hello Peter,thanks fot the vistit and vote on our gallery.
greatings Rob.
ps Fam stands for Family (my father, brother and me).
Arno Meintjes Wildlife21-Feb-2006 05:13
Thank you for your continued support and comments. I opened this album to the public, but be warned it is about injured and killed animals.
Guest 21-Feb-2006 04:14
Thanks for your comment on the bird image, It is a Swainson's francolin
Arno Meintjes Wildlife18-Feb-2006 17:09
Thank you for your visit and comment on “Jungle Giant” on land.
I had to show that he is a giant in the water as well.
Arno Meintjes Wildlife17-Feb-2006 19:21
Peter. re Rhino. Yes a lot of similareties but on the two images you can clearly see the diff. in mouth. Black eats from trees thus the "sharp" moutn and the white one eats grass thus the mouth that looks like a lawnmower. Regards. Arno
Arno Meintjes Wildlife15-Feb-2006 04:49
Thanks for your visit and comment on the white lioness. She is a "wife" for Letsatsi.
Guest 14-Feb-2006 16:59
Found you through a PaD comments. I do not see a Pad on your site but galleries are A+
Arno Meintjes Wildlife27-Jan-2006 11:02
Thanks for your comment on the turtle. Unless he just died he was most probably eaten by a lion cub or leapord or some type of other small cat. Arno
Guest 21-Jan-2006 18:13
Great galleries. I'll be back often
Found your site through FM excelent post of the snow owl.
"hydrog" on FM
csmallari16-Jan-2006 00:44
Thanks again for the nice comments :-)
coaster09-Jan-2006 05:12
You have some great galleries, Peter. I enjoy the photos very much. Keep shooting.

Bob Foisel05-Jan-2006 21:29
Thanks peter for your nice comments.
csmallari28-Dec-2005 13:38
Thank you for your nice comment regarding my owl photo. The owl is called the Philippine Eagle Owl
Sophie Edeburn 24-Dec-2005 04:56
Hi Mr. Stahl! Looks like you are still taking some amazing shots. I love the one of the owl, what stunning eyes it has and you captured them beautifully. I really enjoyed the time that I spent out at the lake with you and Kevin. I hope all is well and that your family has a very merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year. All the best!
arminb21-Dec-2005 21:03
Peter, all the best to you and your beloved ones! Merry chrismas, and may every wish come tue in a great 2006. Keep on clicking :)
Cheers, Armin
csmallari21-Dec-2005 10:24
You are a very talented photographer. I so admire people who have the patience to capture birds and most specially those that are in flight. I really enjoyed your different galleries. Looking forward to seeing more of your works.

BTW, thanks for the nice comment in my guestbook :-)
Guest 17-Dec-2005 17:10
I really enjoyed looking at your bird photo.. (raptors in particular) My wife and I enjoy bird and wildlife photography and its good to see what pictures are being taken in other parts of the world.. thanks for sharing your shots here on Pbase.