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All photos by Chip Curley. Please visit my NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Websites and my Mardi Gras in New Orleans pictures and my other photo galleries including Mardi Gras in Nashville and New Orleans and how to make a King Cake. "Laissez Le Bon Temps Rouler!" (Let the good times roll!).
MUSIC CITY MARDI GRAS 2011: A Celebration of Hope," benefiting the Lisa Ross Parker Foundation, was held on Friday, March 4, 2011 at Limelight in downtown Nashville featuring the hottest band in Nashville - BURNING LAS VEGAS. The band features three powerful female vocalist, each with a distinct style. A tight horn section helps round out the powerful rhythm section which features some of Nashville's best players. The event also featured great food and a silent auction including autographed guitars by Dolly Parton, Alan Jackson, Vince Gill and Amy Grant, an autographed Brooks and Dunn tour jacket, lots of Titans autographed footballs and helmets, Predators tickets and autographed items, many restaurant gift certificates, TPAC tickets and many other great things!! .
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