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Beopjusa Buddhist Temple 법주사 - Korea

Beopjusa Temple was founded by Priest Uisinjosa in the 14th year of Silla King Jinheung's reign (553) with the cherished desire for unification of the Three Kingdoms, and was renovated by Priest Jinpyoyulsa who added the gilt bronze Buddhist triad and aggrandized the temple into on of the top three sites of the Beopsang Order in the 12th year of King Hyegong's reign (776). After destruction by fire during the Japanese Invasion, Imjinwaeran, Priests Samyeongdaesa and Byeogamdaesa rebuilt the temple by the 2nd year of Joseon King Injo's reign (1624). Thereafter it underwent several renovations and repairs until it assumed today's appearance.

Inside and around the precinct, many precious cultural assets are scattered such as the Two-Lion Stone Lantern (National Treasure No. 5) Palsangjeon (National Treasure No. 55), the Seogyeonji (National Treasure No. 64), three pieces of the national treasures, six pieces of the treasures, a natural monument, 13 pieces of provincial cultural properties and many others. The grate bronze buddhist statue was completed in 1990 and one hundred pieces of the grate gilt bronze buddhist statue was retrofitted in 2002, they are demonstrated to all mankind as looks sublimity appearance.

70 pieces of small buddhist temple located in the mountain, but most of all vanished and then just only 10 pieces are maintained. Whole area of Mt. Songnisan including Beopjusa temple is preserved by designation for the historic and scenic sites No. 4.

363206N 1274938E

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