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2002-2011. This gallery contains pictures, potentially suitable for print display advertising, editorial illustration or
interior design. The rights to "unlimited use" (but not on-sale) for any of these images may be obtained for a small fee.
Orders of five or more images may be purchased at a discounted rate. Contact me at
for detailed information. Images will be supplied as full sized JPEG files i.e. 3000 x 2000 pixels or greater.

auto gearshift  v.jpg antique carriage 1 h.jpg antique carriage 2 h.jpg belt h.jpg bench v.jpg
books v.jpg boot 1 v.jpg boot 2 v.jpg boot 3 v.jpg boule set v.jpg
boule set 2 h.jpg bowl of eggs v.jpg brake wheel h.jpg bright nails 3 h.jpg brick column v.jpg
cafe chair v.jpg bumper steam h.jpg cafe chairs h.jpg cafe sugar v.jpg cake tray 1 h.jpg
cake tray 2 h.jpg camera 1 h.jpg camera 2 h.jpg camera 3 h.jpg camera 4 v.jpg
camera 5 h.jpg car 2 v.jpg car 3 v.jpg car 4 v.jpg car 5 v.jpg
car 6 v.jpg car v.jpg caution sign v.jpg close up lens h.jpg close up lens mount h.jpg
cobweb v.jpg coffee plunger v.jpg coin 1 v.jpg coins 1 h.jpg coins 2 h.jpg
coins 3 h.jpg corkscrew 1 h.jpg corkscrew 2 h.jpg corkscrew 3 h.jpg coupling h.jpg
cup 1 v.jpg cup 2 v.jpg cup and saucer h.jpg dried leaves 2 h.jpg dripping awning h.jpg
egg h.jpg fire alarm v.jpg fork v.jpg garage door h.jpg garden loco 1 h.jpg
garden loco 2 h.jpg gulls 1 v.jpg hammer and nails h.jpg hand vac 1 v.jpg hand vac 2 v.jpg
headset h.jpg keys h.jpg large steam loco 2 h.jpg lens head on h.jpg loco front 1 v.jpg
loco front 2 v.jpg loco front 3 v.jpg nut bolt washer h.jpg old door v.jpg old pentax 1 h.jpg
old pentax 2 h.jpg padlock 1 v.jpg padlock 2 h.jpg paper clip h.jpg pelican 2 v.jpg
pipe in hand h.jpg pizza cutter h.jpg post top v.jpg rain window 1 v.jpg rain window 3 h.jpg
rain wndow 2 h.jpg rear vision h.jpg rm williams button v.jpg ruler h.jpg rusted hub h.jpg
rusted wheel 2 v.jpg rusty cog 2 h.jpg rusty cog v.jpg rusty iron 1 v.jpg rusty iron 2 v.jpg
rusty loco 1 h.jpg rusty loco 2 h.jpg rusty wagon h.jpg sharpening steel 1 h.jpg sharpening steel 2 h.jpg
smart phone h.jpg smashed window v.jpg spectacles on newspaper v.jpg spiral stairs v.jpg spoon handle v.jpg
staples sq.jpg steam kettle h.jpg steam motor v.jpg steel wheels v.jpg stone wall v.jpg
tap 2 v.jpg tap v.jpg teaspoon h.jpg tube h.jpg tube v.jpg
twisted wire h.jpg tyres 1 h.jpg ukelele 1 v.jpg ukelele 2 v.jpg valve gear h.jpg
valve gear v.jpg water pour v.jpg waiters friend.jpg whisky bottle 1 v.jpg whisky bottle 2 v.jpg
whisky bottle 3 v.jpg wine 1 h.jpg wine 3 v.jpg wine 4 v.jpg wine 5 v.jpg
wine 6 v.jpg wine 7 v.jpg wine 8 v.jpg zipper handle v.jpg camera 3 h framed.jpg