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mtDNA Haplogroup U8a (Clan Ursula) U8a1a2

August 2013: Haplogroup U8a1a2
FTDNA Haplogroup U8a1 (FGS Test in April 2010)
HVR1: 16146G 16260T 16342C (146G 260T 342C)
HVR2: 073G 150T 263G 282C 315.1C

Scots/Irish from Butler Co PA: (County Donegal, Lough Erne, Ulster, Ireland)

A recent study in Spain by Gonzalez et al was published for peer review in May of 2006 and found a rare sub-clade of Haplogroup U in the Basques regions of Spain and France dating back to Paleolithic times. (Haplogroup U8a)

In the study they identified the CRS difference which make our test results so unique:
When only RFLPs and/or partial sequence data are available, U8a haplotypes in general can be identified by the -7055 Alu I RFLP or the 73, 282 HVSII motif, and the majority of U8a1 derivates in particular by the 16146, 16342 HVSI motif. In turn, U8b can be classified by the 16189, 16234 HVSI motif. From a total of 20,563 sequences studied 10,677 could be, unequivocally, U8a analyzed (see 1) and referenced (see 2). For the remaining (9,886), in general, only their U8a1 assignation was possible. Analysis of 19,133 Eurasian, and 1,430 North African published and unpublished RFLP/HVSI/HVSII sequences showed a scattered but widespread U8a/1 distribution that is restricted to Europe. Its frequency (See 1 for the European distribution of subhaplogroup U8a, and 2 for references) ranges from 0 in the majority of samples to 8% (although with a 95% coefficient range around 2.921.4) in the region of Var in Southeast France [22]. In spite of its moderate sample size an important characteristic of this region is its high U8a polymorphism as all the three lineages detected are different.

The presence of U8a was tested in published sequences by the 16146 16342 HVSI motif and/or the 73 282 HVSII motif, and U8b by the 16189 16234 motif. 19,133 Eurasian and 1,430 North-African published and unpublished HVSI/HVSII sequences were analyzed.

Full Text Report:
The mitochondrial lineage U8a reveals a Paleolithic settlement in the Basque country

In October 2007, a request was made of the authors of the above research paper to review this Haplotype and make recommendations for any additional testing which may confirm Haplogroup U8a. The following reply was received from Dr. Vicente M Cabrera of Spain:

Sent: Mon, 15 Oct 2007 1:02 pm
Subject: Re: Haplogroup U8a

Dear David Boyett,

It is a pleasure for us that our U8a article has been useful to you. You do not need further checking.

Positions 282 in HVSII and positions 16146 and 16342 are diagnostic mutations for U8a. In addition, your wife haplotype matches with a Scottish individual as both share the additional mutation 16260. So it is pretty sure that your wife belongs to the mtDNA haplogroup U8a and that, most probably, she has Scottish maternal ancestry.



Another matching sample has been found in the OXFORD GENETIC ATLAS PROJECT (OGAP). The sample was number 830 from the Strathclyde area (Glasgow Scotland). The sample represents a subject of the study with a maternal line including the grandmother to have been from this area. The information from this study is now published in a book called "Blood of the Isles", in the US the book is sold as "Saxons, Vikings, and Celts: The Genetic Roots of Britain and Ireland"
The mtDNA data that was used in the Oxford study and book is listed bottom of page 33. OGAP_mDNA.pdf

mtDNA line (confirmed)
Carol Knierman b. 1925 Crawford Co PA m Wesley Earl Huffman d 13 Aug 2002 Meadville Crawford Co PA
Ethel M. Moore b. 1901 d. 1988 Crawford Co PA m. Raymond Knierman b. 1898 d. 1995
Clara I. Sheakley b. 1870 d. 1946 Butler Co PA m. David K. Moore
Louisa E. Campbell b. 1848 d. 1924 Butler Co PA m. John C. Sheakley/Shakeley b. abt 1844
Sarah J. Hindman b. 1818 d. 1875 Butler/Armstrong Co PA m. Robert W. Campbell b. abt 1816
Nancy HAll b. 1794 Slate Lick, Armstrong Co PA m. John Hindman
Jane Jackson b. 1765 PA or Ireland d. 1848 m. 1781 David Hall b. 1762 d. 1836
Not Confirmed
Agnes McIntire m. 28 Jan 1761 Lancaster Co PA, John Jackson

A member of the Campbell DNA Surname Project matches the line of Louisa E. Campbell daughter of Robert W. Campbell b. 1816 and Sarah Campbell.
Campbell DNA Surname Project, R1b1b2a1b5 Group 30, Kit 68948:
Robert Campbell b. 1777 m. Jane Cumberland
John Campbell b. ca. 1755 (moved from Westmoreland Co Polk Run in 1798 to Butler Co PA)
Campbell Report:

Butler Co PA (Campbell Family Links)

Clarion Co PA and Armstrong Co PA Campbell Links:

Other Haplogroup U8a Lineage (FTDNA R*):
Atwood, Fuller, MacTavish, Wotherspoon, Ogden, Glover

David Boyett
(Boyette, Langston and Hooks DNA Surname Projects)
mtDNA Haplogroup U8a
mtDNA Haplogroup U8a
Clara I. Sheakley Moore b. 1870 Butler Co PA
Clara I. Sheakley Moore b. 1870 Butler Co PA
Jackson Family - Carrickfergus Ireland
Jackson Family - Carrickfergus Ireland
Jackson Family - Carrickfergus Ireland
Jackson Family - Carrickfergus Ireland