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Safari based from the Tintswalo Safari Lodge located on the on the Manyeleti Game Reserve. Late August, 2012
Johannesburg Airport on way from Cape Town to Tintswalo:  Laughing Dove nests of Southern Masked Weavers Southern Masked Weaver African Stone Chat, also at airport
Location of Tintswalo Safari Lodge, South Africa Location of Tintswalo Lodge, in the Manyeleti Game Reserve, west of Kruger g2/15/788915/3/146882914.qur12bbC.jpg Hooded Vulture
Blue-breasted Cordon-bleu (Waxbills) and Canary Waterbuck Crested Barbet Helmeted Guineafowl
g2/15/788915/3/146882930.EAg7HwvC.jpg g2/15/788915/3/146882932.6QsI5OY5.jpg Red-headed Weavers at watering hole Greater Blue-eared Starling
g2/15/788915/3/146882929.uaJiGrx1.jpg Water Buffalo with Oxpeckers on board Congregation of Red-billed Oxpeckers on Ox (Water Buffalo) Burchell's Starling
Grey Go-Away Bird (because their call sounds like Go 'WAY!) Vervet Monkey Nyala Natal Francolin (Spurfowl)
Water Buffalo with Red-billed Oxpeckers Brown-headed Parrots and Cape Turtle Doves Red-billed Hornbill Hooded Vulture
Saddle-billed Stork Saddle-billed Stork Lilac-breasted Roller a Family of elephants- females and juveniles
We would stop at sunset each day- Guide and tracker would set a table with snacks and drinks.  Sunset, forst day Safari continued into the night- African Civet Our bedroom in our hut
Craig on deck, spotting a bird (they would sometimes come to the plunge pool right behind him to drink) Our hut.  We would meet at main building at sunrise briefly for coffee and pastries ... This is what I found right outside our hut as I walked to the main house the one morning. ...then go out in the Land Rover for the morning, returning around 10 for Breakfast.  Behind us is a Sociable Weaver nest.
Social Weaver and nest complex Arrow-marked Babbler Natal Spurfowl Impalas
African Green Pigeons Yellow-billed Hornbill Green Wood-Hoopoe Green Wood-Hoopoe
Green Wood-Hoopoe Magpie Shrike 5 ft tall termite nest Eurasian Hoopoe
A Pool (herd?) of Waterbuck Wildebeeste Our Tracker and Guide, following tracks (of course) Zebra
g2/15/788915/3/146883821.PjfX0Ytp.jpg Oxpecker/Zebra Blacksmith Plover Blacksmith Plover nestling (looked like a hole in the ground from a distance)
close up of previous Egyptian Geese Egyptian Goose African Spoonbills with Egyptian Geese
Marabou Stork Crocodile African Spoonbill Black Heron
White-backed Vulture on nest Kudu Yellow-billed Hornbills Bataleur
African Spoonbills Saddle-billed Stork Hippo + turtles (sometimes they have Oxpeckers) Water Buffalo
Greater Blue-eared Starling Bearded Woodpecker- male Male Elephant in a group of males.  Guide said that there are times, when ready to mate, they are too dangerous to go near. Can you see the Crested Barbet?  Although very colorful, they blend in at a distance
Closeup of previous. I think he looks like he's dressed up in a yellow vest, polkadot coat and a black hat. Crested Barbet Crested Barbet another Crested Barbet
Bearded Woodpecker female Black-backed Puffback Natal Spurfolw At breakfast.  Ferdinand in background (a wild Yellow-billed Hornbill who had become used to finding scraps around the tables.)
Alek and Hornbill friend White-backed Vulture Water Buffalo at watering hole Gymnogene (African Harrier Hawk)
Red billed Oxpecker (L) AND Yellow-billed Oxpecker (far R) on same Giraffe Yellow-billed Oxpecker Many animals tolerate Oxpeckers (However, elephants do not) African Fish-Eagle
Saddle-billed Stork Hippos- we were told they are the most dangerous animal in Africa- kill more humans than any other Croc- one of rare times we saw any of them moving Gray Go-Away Bird
Hammerkop- because head shaped like hammer (Kopf is head in German) Kudu Male Fork-tailed Drongo Crested Francolin
Rhinos.  Bad eyesight; good hearing. shhh! Red-billed Buffalo Weavers Red-billed Buffalo Weavers
At lunch on deck of main house.  Notice elephants in distance.  A family of them came to the watering hole right below the deck. The elephants at the watering hole by deck lunch visitors g2/15/788915/3/146909129.t5F69YYP.jpg
Getting a drink by our lunch table Craig and me in front of main building White-backed Vulture g2/15/788915/3/146909310.ZTjZ5Bqj.jpg
Brown-hooded Kingfisher Lilac-breasted Roller baby Zebra Forked-tailed Drongo in front of Elephant
close-up g2/15/788915/3/146909202.PKtTZGIB.jpg Wooly-necked Stork Gray Heron with frog dinner
Waterbuck male Lion A scarred up male lion. Wahlberg's Eagles
African Stonechat We got very close to some of the wildlife. Looks like he's about to charge, but wasn't really Red-crested Korhaan
Yellow-fronted Canary Grandchildren Kira & Alek with Son-in-Law, Howard.  He arranged the trip.  Yellow-billed Hornbill Vervet Monkey
Baboon.  Looking innocent.  There was a huge baboon fight not long after this.  Very noisy. Helmeted Guineafowl Red-headed Weaver Wildebeest
More Zebra g2/15/788915/3/146909224.5x0a4pOy.jpg Puff Adder.  Really big. Martial Eagle nest- Guide said they are always square.  Tracker spotted it from a long distance.  We then went to find the Eagle
and found him.  Martial Eagle.  Rhinos were watching (listning to?) us while we were watching Eagle Egyptian Goose Herd of Hippos.
Double-banded Sandgrouse Another jeep came up to us with this running after.  They turned off engine, everyone was quiet, & he went away. Black-backed Jackal Hyena
Hyena- we saw a few but this one was close Rufous-chested Swallow African Barred Owlet Back of his head- he has two black spots that may look like eyes
Open-billed Stork Impalas fighting Helmeted Guineafowl Last night- still out on safari, Guide and Tracker danced and sang for us- Alek joined them.
Our family, Guide, and Tracker by Jeep.  Daughter (far right) was photoshopped in.  She took photo. Tintswalo airstrip.  (It was a VERY small plane.) Secretary Bird- taken by Sian (our daughter) Pearl-spotted Owlet- outside of Sian's hut
Gray-headed Bushshrike African Barred Owlet White-backed Mousebird Acacia Pied Barbet
Violet-eared Waxbill Green-Winged Pytilia White-faced Owl Animals with Oxpeckers:  Nyala
Water Buffalo Giraffe (don't the Oxpeckers look like barrettes?) Impalas Hippos
Rhino Zebras Leopard found on night safari