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Canal Parade: Trotse Lesboot (2007-2011)

Gay Pride, Canal Parade The biggest event of the annual gay pride in Amsterdam, is the canal parade. For five years I was assigned by Stichting Ondersteboven to photograph (on) one of the women boats, the 'Trotse Lesboot.'* The organisation of the boat wanted to show lesbians and bisexual women in all their diversity, young, old, black, white, colored, feminine, butchy/tough. *'Trots' means 'proud'. 'Lesbo' means 'lesbian', and 'boot' means 'boat', that makes 'lesboot' :-)
g1/63/771763/3/126561684.IVh9mAZu.jpg g1/63/771763/3/127330675.sy0PNxCX.jpg g1/63/771763/3/126561731.PExyMyOE.jpg g1/63/771763/3/126561877.o5PEr1R8.jpg g1/63/771763/3/126561683.Il4jjC78.jpg g1/63/771763/3/126561666.CuJ2CtIw.jpg
g1/63/771763/3/127317032.fUP39hLp.jpg g4/63/771763/3/137096672.PZJASMGS.jpg g1/63/771763/3/126561719.JIJUIQ2e.jpg Canal Parade 2009 g1/63/771763/3/126561656.ywKjBuJ4.jpg g4/63/771763/3/137067081.Y04DG962.jpg
g1/63/771763/3/127312561.8XSFGQzV.jpg g1/63/771763/3/127332119.WGDoDK1s.jpg g1/63/771763/3/126561848.aX65Sl2C.jpg g4/63/771763/3/137096098.G4f5bpPq.jpg Canal Parade 2010 Canal Parade 2011
(c) daan stringer Trotse Lesboot 012.jpg g4/63/771763/3/137067053.y2OjIwvB.jpg g1/63/771763/3/127311236.hGfP39Q9.jpg g1/63/771763/3/126561737.4dfR7VxE.jpg Canal Parade 2011 g1/63/771763/3/126561736.GG7V2ydq.jpg