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Lunch At 5 Guys

In August of 2007, when our Granddaughter was 2-1/2 years old, we all went to a local 5 Guys Restaurant for lunch. I sat across from her with my camera and photographed everything she did. When I came home I had over 200 images. Looking through them in Lightroom, I saw a nice story emerge based on what she did during lunch. I selected 35 images that I felt best told the story of the day and added text to each one in her words, which was not hard to do based on how well I knew her and what she was doing. I filed this project away without sharing it with anyone for over 13 years. Just before her 16th birthday I had the images printed in a book which I gave her as a present from me to her. She laughed, and cried and was as excited about the project as I had been for all the years I kept it a secret. With only a few exceptions, all the photos are in chronological order. The only part that didn't happen that day was when she blamed her unborn brother for marking the table with a green crayon. That story line came from earlier in the week when she had made a mess and when questioned about it by her mother, she blamed it on her yet to be born brother. I had to include that in the story and the crayon mark was the perfect way.
g12/72/7972/3/171934311.88XXs7xD.jpg g12/72/7972/3/171934312.Yw4dT0rP.jpg g12/72/7972/3/171934313.Xg6MbH0t.jpg g12/72/7972/3/171934314.vXQEpLPy.jpg
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