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Bev Wigney04-Sep-2011 05:43
Hi Dave, Thanks for leaving a comment. I am glad you are finding my photo collections useful. It took time to put them together, and a lot of fieldwork too! Regards, bev
Sky 17-Jun-2010 11:49
Your photographs are staggeringly beautiful. I've been out looking for wasps and bees on my sumac which is flower and managed to take several photographs, but none compare to the detail you've captured. Thank you for sharing your passion with the world!
Guest 17-May-2010 14:20
I discovered your website via NatureNS and am enjoying browsing your photos!
kylie 01-Feb-2010 05:23
my email address is thanks kylie
kylie 01-Feb-2010 05:22
Hello! I have desperately been searching the internet for information about a beaver car. Its very similar to the penguin. Do you know how I can find out more information? ANYTHING will help. Thanks Kylie

P.S. I love your other photos!
michell 26-Jan-2010 09:11
Cathy LaFever 25-Nov-2009 20:44
Hello, Bev,

Your photos are wonderful and they helped me to identify several animals in my own photos. Thank you for your hard work!
Happy Thanksgiving,
Cathy LaFever
sa, 18-Nov-2009 08:22
hello everybody
carlie 12-Sep-2009 22:11
hi there, i have a couple of butterfly cocoons in my garden and wondered if you could shed any light one what type of butterfly they may be, they are brown in colour and look like a shriveled leaf and seem to have a few dots of gold on them. any ideas??
Steve O'Connor 29-Apr-2009 20:02
Hi Bev. Love your hiking photo's. I have just recently started hiking the area between Ottawa and Kingston, Your pictures have given me many ideas for future hikes. I actually have a picture that I took, of my wife in place of Sabrina, in your photo labelled Sabrina with an Ent.LOL
Thanks for sharing!
Anna Belanger 12-Jan-2009 23:57
A much unexpected treasure your work...writing, photography and informative blog. Thanks for sharing.
When I viewed your Icy Spider Webs it reminded me of “Charlotte’s Web” one of my all time favorite children’s stories. I would very much appreciate if I could post them on my blog and maybe be inspired to write a little something in prose. My husband bought me a camera last February but alas I haven’t still gotten the hang of it yet. Hoping to learn it this year and find some beautiful subjects out in the wild and just maybe be lucky enough to capture some lovely shots like you; although the spider’s icy webs are quite unique!

While looking for fireflies I happened upon your site...glad I did.
Nice to have met you Bev.

blog {pastoraldreams}
Guest 11-Jan-2009 04:37
Nice Galleries
Guest 11-Jan-2009 04:37
Nice Galleries
Joe Maddison 08-Jan-2009 01:07
Very enjoyable site.Live a short distance from Maccan and the tidal bore.
TIM MUSSAW 03-Jan-2009 02:46
is your last name mussaw if so i am maybe a distant reletive
Tammoura Curry 28-Nov-2008 00:37
Beautiful photos, I spent almost 2 hours looking through them
Elly Garrett 02-Nov-2008 18:41
Hi Bev. I have a picture of a very unusual caterpillar, if you would like to see it I will send it to you. It looks like a cartoon character, and is very tiny. By the way you have a very interesting website. Thanks............. Elly
Sylvia Dudek 28-Sep-2008 00:11
I enjoyed lookig at your pictures. Thanks for sharing!
Bev Wigney27-Sep-2008 13:31
Hi Margaret,
I just read your comment. Thanks! I'm not sure about that caterpillar. There are a few that are similar to the White Admiral -- obviously, a great camouflage tactic!
Margaret Rose 24-Sep-2008 01:19
Hi Bev. Amazing photos. I teach art and I will show my kids some of your phtots of nature, hope this is ok.

Here is a question, I found a caterpillar on a house plant I had placed outside (this is Kansas). Frankly it looks like bird poop, gray-ish black and white. It doesnt look like a white admiral. Any other guesses? I've searched all that I can at this point! Margaret
Bev Wigney19-Jul-2008 03:07
Hi Rosemarie,
Thanks! Glad you enjoyed visiting my galleries!
Rosemarie Kusserow18-Jul-2008 20:09
I´m pleased to found your grandios shots Bev, I put you to my favorities to come back soon and enjoy again, regards, Rosemarie :o)
Bev Wigney12-Jul-2008 10:31
Thanks, Tammy!
Tammy Yee 12-Jul-2008 02:58
FANTASTIC! I've always been fascinated with arthropods and nature and I'm passing your gallery on for others to enjoy!
Bev Wigney28-Jun-2008 02:54
The only moth that comes to mind and might fit your description is the Cinnabar Moth (Tyria jacobaeae). It is an old world moth whose caterpillars feed mainly on Tansy Ragwort. They have been purposefully introduced into areas of North America to feed on and destroy Tansy as it is considered a noxious weed. Here are some photos of this species.
Tila Kellman 26-Jun-2008 23:02
Hello, Bev. I found your incredible Web site last year and was motivated to get a small digital camera with which I could chase butterflies and moths--and a calligrapha beetle (but not those on your site). This all got started with an incredible ?moth that I've seen for the last three years--last year only one, this year the same. It has a brilliant red hindwing, and a grey forewing with red lines near the leading edge, and two red hemispherical dots on the edges. The body is red. It lights on grasses. I live on the NE coast of Nova Scotia. I can find nothing like it illustrated. May I somehow post you a photo? This animal has me looking hard at our lepidoptera, and I'd like to find out more from you and your other readers. THANKS! and keep working!
Roy U. Cushing 24-Jun-2008 00:29
Bev. YOU have some great Pictures!!!!!!!!!! I will get in touch later, i take a few and maybe could share some pictures with you. i live in Nebraska a few miles from you
Thank you for sharing your pictures. 21-Jun-2008 02:14
I was researching muskrats and stumbled across your image of the one killed on the road. Then I proceeded to look at your gallery. At first I was uneasy. I think I still am uneasy. But I appreciate your feelings towards animals and how man continually does thing for his/her own convenience w/o regard to the environment, or wildlife all around. Progress really bothers me, especially when it's selfish progress.
Chris Upton 21-Dec-2007 14:56
I hope you don't mind, but I loved your photos so much that I put a link up for my Biology Students at the American School for the Deaf in Hartford, CT.

thanks for the wonderful photos AND writings on yur website. Christine Upton
Guest 21-Jun-2007 19:02
Great Gallery
Guest 13-Jun-2007 15:36
Pure talent.
Bev Wigney08-Mar-2007 11:44
Thanks, takezhiros!
Guest 07-Mar-2007 14:27
Your work is amazing!
Bev Wigney08-Jan-2007 21:39
Hi Nick -- Thanks! I do quite a lot of shooting, so the practice has definitely helped me to get good at the macro work! (-:
Nick Powell08-Jan-2007 19:20
The diversity and quality of macro shots in your galleries is amazing, well done! Definitely added to my favourites list, thanks for posting to PBase.
Bev Wigney23-Nov-2006 14:59
Thanks, fizia!
fizia 23-Nov-2006 01:25
you live in such a beautiful place:) and i love your pictures:)
Bev Wigney19-Nov-2006 00:25
Thank you! I'm very glad that you've enjoyed the photos.
Harald Schillhammer23-Nov-2005 12:16
Erich Mangl just directed me to your site. The diversity displayed here is simply stunning. It's always nice to see another naturalist's good work.

Muskrat's Photos19-Oct-2005 01:37
What an amazing array of Nature photos...I thoroughly enjoyed visiting your galleries!!!
Bev Wigney12-Oct-2005 01:24
Thanks, Norman and Janet!
Guest 12-Oct-2005 00:10
You have so many photos that are so pretty, you are a great photographer.
Janet Forjan-Freedman07-Oct-2005 21:33
Your work reflects your patience, knowledge and skill as a photographer and a first class naturalist! Janet
Frances O'Brien 14-Aug-2005 03:59
Wonderful photos!
lebororo31-May-2005 12:52
Beautiful collection
thanks for sharing
Michele Rodrick 09-Mar-2005 14:38
Hi Bev! Followed the link from the Ottawa Field Naturalists website where you are listed as having the best nature photos on the Internet. After looking at all your photos, there's no doubt about that. More real than reality. Keep up the excellent work!
Peter Chou13-Feb-2005 16:12
Outstanding nature photography!
Guest 05-Dec-2004 04:59
Beautiful photography...keep on shooting and posting.
Dot 04-Nov-2004 02:24
I'm really impressed with your photos. I couldn't resist downloading a few for my personal use in a screen saver slide show. Thanks for sharing these!
Lisa22-Sep-2004 14:15
Thank you for dropping by and letting me know what the big black fly was. Took me by surprise one day, just sitting on the deck railing and wouldn't move. Seemed like it was larger than 1 inch, but probably because it scared the heck out of me. I was lucky to get this shot as I have seen them since and they move very fast.
Donutrun18-Sep-2004 20:45
Crocodile -- this is an impressive collection ... and my friends think I'm the only one stalking about taking macro pictures of creepy crawly things!!! You're work is very inspiring -- I've picked up many ideas from looking through your images. Thanks for posting.

Bev Wigney17-Sep-2004 23:41
Thank you for the nice remarks which you've posted on some of my galleries today. -- bev
EMangl17-Sep-2004 18:06
the macro-galleries here are one the best, schools should link to them
Bev Wigney30-May-2004 12:31
Hi Ben, Just looking at that spider that you posted a photo of, I'd say it looks more like a female Dolomedes spider such as Dolomedes tenebrosus (Dark Fishing Spider). Although they are called "Fishing" spiders, this species is often found away from water, wandering around in the forest, around cottages, docks, etc... They tend to be large and have banded (annulated) legs. Also, they have a conspicuously large pair of posterior medial eyes (the hind center eyes are quite large compared to all of the other eyes). In contrast, the Araneidae (orb weaving spiders) tend to have smaller eyes all grouped together in a row towards the front of the head. You might be able to see that in some of the photos of the Argiope spinning the egg case in last year's spider gallery photos.
There are some photos of Dolomedes spiders in the "Spiders - 2004" gallery which I've just started. One of them is fairly similar to the spider photo which you've posted.
By the way, a nice little fieldguide for spiders which I recently bought is "Spiders of the North Woods" by Larry Weber (North Woods Naturalist Series). The writer is from Minnesota, and the spiders which are included in the book are mainly species which are found in north-east U.S. and Canada, so would probably be very useful for your area if you want to know more about spiders. It's a small book, but has lots of photos and good descriptions of each species along with notes about its typical habitat, behaviour, webs, etc...
Thanks for writing and posting your spider photo. It's always nice to see interesting spiders. - bev
Ben Moss 30-May-2004 03:19
Hi. I came across your gallery while doing some research on Argiope trifasciata. Your photos are really superb! Thanks for sharing them. Here's the spider I am researching, we found this guy in our area Upsate NY.I think he's in the Argiope family, but I'm not an expert. Thanks again!
Jeff Cochran01-Mar-2004 17:21
Hello, I enjoyed your photos.Thx for sharing. :)
Bev Wigney16-Nov-2003 13:29
Thanks, David, Gill and Ken. Glad that you enjoyed the nature photos, and yes, I will try to keep adding to them, especially once springtime rolls around again!
Ken Mulliner 15-Nov-2003 22:21
I too picked up your website via Uncle Frank's recommendation on DPReview. Speaking as another crocodile (named as such by my 3 year old step-daughter some 30 years ago) I'm overwhelmed by the sheer number of beautiful images. You should be very proud of what you have produced here.
Guest 15-Nov-2003 18:09
Came to your site via Uncle Frank's link. Fantastic pictures. I especially like the caterpillar/butterfly/moth shots. Gill
Guest 30-Oct-2003 01:37
Uncle Frank pointed out your gallery to me at . Superb pics! Keep 'em coming.
Bev Wigney28-Sep-2003 21:51
Hi Susan,

Thanks for you comments about the insect photos. And yes, I never think of the insects as "objects" but try to understand something of their world when I'm photographing them. It's great to hear that that has come across in the photos.
Susan Samila 28-Sep-2003 18:30
Hi Bev -- Just reviewed all of your photos of insects and caterpillars...Feel so much awe for nature's inventions...........and also your capacity to create photos in which the insects are not objects, but living, precious life. Thank you!!!
Guest 13-Sep-2003 14:18
You have some absolutely incredible insect shots! Just getting into shooting them in the last couple of months and find your shots truly inspiring. Thanks!