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Don gray 23-Nov-2012 04:23
Where there is death there is life..we are all drawn,to someone are someplace in life it is the same in death.we are foolish to beleive we can see all things.and when we die it is like when we sleep and dream life at that point is just a blure....
heather 08-Aug-2011 16:10
How do u find out about getting tickets for this tourA????
austin 05-Jan-2011 21:16
ive never been thier but i really want to go i herd its really scary
Guest 05-Jan-2011 21:13
i want to go thier some day
Guest 05-Jan-2011 21:11
it sounds scary
justin 30-Jun-2009 01:18
i thank that it sonds scarey but i havent ben thair
Chris 22-Mar-2009 20:10
I have been to Waverly Hills and based on personal experience i can say first hand that there are thing that can be considered paranormal. Disembodied voices, walking shadows, screams from the woods, and just an eerie feeling throughout. If you can, and your in the Louisville, Ky area, i recommend visiting. The tours they have are very informative and reasonably priced. You can even stay overnight.
Guest 22-Mar-2009 19:51
you can laugh all you want about this Waverly Hills being a joke and fake. Listen to this, it's for real. I am married to a man who is 73 years old now. His mother was sent there several times in her young married life, she also had other children at home. After one trip there she came home and was 8 months pregnantB. By her husband I guess but one day when all were gone from the house but her 9year old son, who is now my husband said his mother asked him to load the old shotgun kept at home, she wanted to scare crows from the garden. He left the house to play and when one of her daughters came home she found her mother. She had shot herself in the head and died with child. I know this to be true!
Spotty 29-Oct-2008 23:17
I've always wanted to go to the Waverly Hills Sanitarium but after seeing the "Death Tunnel" Which is based on a true story I still want to go but i'm scared. And I feel sorry for all the people who deid from turberculosis because they didn't have a chance to live and the people who are now ghosts or spirits there never will know they deid of a incureable disease. - Spotty
Spotty 29-Oct-2008 23:17
I've always wanted to go to the Waverly Hills Sanitarium but after seeing the "Death Tunnel" Which is based on a true story I still want to go but i'm scared. And I feel sorry for all the people who deid from turberculosis because they didn't have a chance to live and the people who are now ghosts or spirits there never will know they deid of a incureable disease. - Spotty
Spotty 29-Oct-2008 23:15
I've always wanted to go to the Waverly Hills Sanitarium but after seeing the "Death Tunnel" Which is based on a true story I still want to go but i'm scared. And I feel sorry for all the people who deid from turberculosis because they didn't have a chance to live and the people who are now ghosts or spirits there never will know they deid of a incureable disease. - Spotty
Guest 28-Aug-2008 23:16
Went to Waverly Hills last weekend and witnessed a few things. I recommend everyone tour if you have the oportunity. Money well spent. They are getting ready for renovation to turn it into a hotel by 2010.
Baby Chewy 18-Jul-2008 17:01
Pucca gallery funny stuff, but where's Garu?
W.DRies 22-Jun-2008 06:50
I would love to see the old building restored. The fact that it exists says something for the people of Kentucky. I would love to work there or at least do something to aid in the restoration. My wife and I have both studied the hospitial. Reading some of the comments from people that have visited the place I gotta say I wish I could have been there! But what I have learned from the internet has been helpful. And i will close this by saying thaks to the Waverly historical board
Mothalove7 08-May-2008 18:24
Hey u got some great stuff. Still lookin forward to see more of ur awesome
Tanya 26-Jan-2008 20:31
hey mark, i just happened to stumble into your gallery, all i have to say is amazing!
Jessica Holbrook 12-Oct-2007 18:17
okay is it true timmy rolls a ball to you you have to roll it back or he will go off ive heard so much stuff i wanna visit room 502. i loved loved loved the movies the death tunnel i was scared shitless from tht and it was a movie
me and my boyfriend and his best friend and his best friends gurl are goin next year and i also heard if you make it out you get $300 back???
i dont know though.

well let me know something please i would be pleased thanks
jessica .
Guest 20-Jun-2007 07:27
Your stuff here makes me want to go out and take some pictures right now.
Guest 08-Mar-2007 08:47
You got great stuff. Looking forward to more of your work.
lisa huff 08-Sep-2006 06:45
iv all ways been intrestin inthis place my dads 2 wife died there of tb her name was ruth johnson my dads name is charles johnson stll alive my name is lisa huff
KIM 26-Jun-2006 04:24
jeffrey 19-Jun-2006 21:35
Lacey Cates 12-Jun-2006 02:48
Dear Mark, I was browsing infomation on Waverly after seeing it on the travel channel. Your black and whites of this place are un-nerving almost. I could see and feel all it used to be. You are so very talented, and have captured Waverly like nothing I've ever seen. Even the live footage pales in comparison. Bravo to you for bringing to life something thats been dead for so long despite the paranormal activities. Your pictures have moved me to invest some more time in researching Waverly, and contemplating an actual visit someday. Thank you for allowing me to see your work
Gracie 05-Apr-2006 00:36
I saw the show on Ghost Hunters a couple of nights ago...awesome place to experience paranormal activity. I was disappointed that the guys of that show did not get more activity on footage however. Guess the spirits werent willing to come out and play? Great website and pics.
jeffrey m. fritz 06-Jul-2005 21:02
hello hey mark!! i wrote you the first time i came onto your cool waverly site but dont think you ever got my letter!i have an all new email since then ... if you ever take anymore old abandoned building shots email me at: so i can check em out!!! ok?.. sincerly: jeffrey m. fritz victoria bc canada
Guest 25-Jun-2005 15:49
Great Photo`s.. and Gallery
Mark Ledford28-Mar-2005 00:39
Thanks, I'm just an enthusiast for the most part. I'm graduating from the Rochester Insitute of Technology with a degree in New Media Design and Imaging in May, but previously almost switched into their advertising photo. But eh, photography is more fun when its not your job, and it dosen't pay well for the most part.
Guest 14-Mar-2005 05:09
Your stuff Is awesome. Are you in Photography or what?
I am really digging some of your shots.

Brette 15-Oct-2004 19:33
mark, this stuff is awesome... i am so proud of your work. you should email me sometime. it would be cool to see you next time you're in the ville.
-Brette Chodyniecki
Mark Ledford26-Jun-2004 05:57
Thanks :) i sent it to their record label and they said they passed it on to the band.
Mark Ledford26-Jun-2004 05:56
What a small world :)
Thanks for visiting and goodluck to you too
Mark Ledford26-Jun-2004 05:56
erm. no. heh
paul 25-Jun-2004 21:00
Are you from Funchester, VA? If so, LETTUCE HABBIT bitch! If not, sorry for the vulgarity.
Please reply
Christina McCauley 18-Jun-2004 04:10
Hey Mark,
So I stumbled on your site while searching for used cars in Los Angeles. Hmmm... Well, anyway, my name is Christina, and I graduated from Manual last year, and I recognized your name from seeing your artwork in the school's gallery. So I decided to click on the link. I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your art and photos, especially the ones from Waverly. I moved out to California for college, and it's always fun to see stuff from Louisville. I went to Waverly once, and that was an awesome experience. Ok, that's all from me... Success to you!
Guest 06-Feb-2004 22:02
dude i love your GSYBE flash animation
CoUrTnEy 24-Oct-2003 20:35
wOw iM gLaD i gOt sO iNtErEsTeD iN Waverly Hills so i could find ur website! its great i love ur pictures!
in those ones in black in white of Waverly Hills are they GhOsTs?
hav u actually went in thur and took the pics or were they sent?
if u did did u do n e Grafetti in n e particular room?
Did u go in rOoM 5o2?
~get back with me on these i cant wait!~
LoVe aLwAyS,
Jared'sgurl 29-Sep-2003 14:56
i think that good charlotte rocks! they have the looks & the music talent. i hope they r alwayz a band! i love joel! he is so freakin' hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
BTM 28-Aug-2003 13:47
Outstanding photos Mark!
Guest 10-Jul-2003 17:44
hi mark, i'm just a random visitor. I like your computer graphics, and i'm also in new media major!
Guest 06-May-2003 13:22
hi mark, thanks for seeing my gallerie, i use a cool pix 995, and also a nikon f5, it took me a while to improve the photos but now they just came natural, you have some realy nice photos i like the one´s from "rit", gallerie, and you have a very , very good photo, the best one that i seen for a while, it s the one with a dog a leach and is wonner, very well done, keep the good work

PS you also have some realy nice photos of concert, you get the spirit and felin of the concerts
sonia 28-Jan-2003 01:57
very nice pictures of waverly sanitorium.
Guest 26-Oct-2002 23:21
COOL! Like those with the decks as well as the girl with the wacky hairstyle
Guest 21-Oct-2002 20:52
Thanks for visiting my album!!! :o)
I know the picture of the sealion is very interesting, you should visit sandiego-seaworld is amazing seeing this animals upclose.... you have a awesome galleries yourself.
Guest 24-Aug-2002 22:54
hey, i just randomly stumbled onto your site. You are very talented! (I like your artwork too.)
Brette 24-Jan-2002 17:35
hey mark! i was looking up waverly to show my friends how freaky it is and your site came up! it's really awesome! good work. talk to you soon. bye!
Guest 29-Nov-2001 15:23
who the hell are you?
how did i find this site?
Guest 19-Nov-2001 16:53
Great galleries, thanks for sharing. I have 990 also, and love that thing to death.

keep up the great shooting.

Changxin Fang 13-Oct-2001 00:05
Hi Mark! I really enjoyed my visit to RIT! Your work is so inspiring! I like the Ilia pictures the best, and I used one of the pictures from Mount Hope cemetary as my wallpaper. Thanks again for taking pictures of me and Terry! They are awesome! I am so glad that I have them.
Leslie 30-Sep-2001 23:09
Mark, you sent me to this site. Good pics--really. Is the "fun with fisheye" at work? Good old PH. When I become a famous photographer, you can say you knew me and that i visited your site! Luv ya, Leslie
WYK10-Jul-2001 03:32
The zoo pics are great. I found the zebra photograph very interesting.

Guest 01-Jul-2001 05:33
Great stuff Mark! I appreciate all of your help and insight this past year. Thanks for being such a friend as to be honest :)
Guest 28-Jun-2001 19:22
you left a note in my guestbook recently about b&w photos. I recently added some black and white photos in my gallery.

- timmyg
Melissa 10-May-2001 23:44
I just checked out your website because I went to LRS fest last year and had a blast and you also happen to have the same name as one of my best friends. Your pictures are awesome by the way, you are incredibly talented.
Krystal 12-Dec-2000 23:12
wow! Mark Ledford is a really good photographer, I am so jealous, but not really.