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Eclipse 2017

After the totality ended I stayed for a while, but didn't stay until the moon had finished transitioning, so the end of the series isn't as complete as the beginning.
I was anxious to get back on the road and get ahead of some of the traffic; I'm not sure that ended up helping at all - staying another half hour probably wouldn't have made any difference...

(I'm not sure why the pictures uploaded with splotchy/pixelated rings...the actual pictures are much cleaner.)
DSC04918 Custom.JPG DSC04921 Custom.JPG DSC04927 Custom.JPG 20170821-DSC04939 (Custom).jpg 20170821-DSC04967 (Custom).jpg
20170821-DSC04968 (Custom).jpg DSC04874 First Contact (Custom).jpg DSC04878 (Custom).jpg 20170821-DSC04891 (Custom).jpg 20170821-DSC04926 (Custom).jpg
20170821-DSC04934 (Custom).jpg 20170821-DSC04961 (Custom).jpg 20170821-DSC04963 (Custom).jpg 20170821-DSC04977 (Custom).jpg 20170821-DSC04988 (Custom).jpg
20170821-DSC05004 (Custom).jpg DSC05046.jpg 20170821-DSC05060 (Custom).jpg 20170821-DSC05061 (Custom).jpg 20170821-DSC05062 (Custom).jpg
20170821-DSC05063 (Custom).jpg 20170821-DSC05064 (Custom).jpg 20170821-DSC05065 (Custom).jpg 20170821-DSC05066 (Custom).jpg 20170821-DSC05067 (Custom).jpg
20170821-DSC05068 (Custom).jpg 20170821-DSC05069 (Custom).jpg 20170821-DSC05070 (Custom).jpg 20170821-DSC05071 (Custom).jpg 20170821-DSC05072 (Custom).jpg
20170821-DSC05073 (Custom).jpg 20170821-DSC05074 (Custom).jpg 20170821-DSC05077 (Custom).jpg 20170821-DSC05078 (Custom).jpg 20170821-DSC05079 (Custom).jpg
20170821-DSC05086 Custom.jpg 20170821-DSC05112 Custom.jpg 20170821-DSC05133 Custom.jpg 20170821-DSC05148 Custom.jpg 20170821-DSC05165 Custom.jpg
20170821-DSC05170 Custom.jpg 20170821-DSC05175 Custom.jpg 20170821-DSC05176 (Custom).jpg