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Roe..12-Nov-2016 14:45
A cup of coffee and spending time in your galleries = a perfect morning. thanks Ray
jeanb18-Mar-2015 01:29
Your photos get more and more interesting.
Anitta03-Feb-2013 15:18
Hello Ray! Just wanted to thank you for sharing your awesome work with us! Always looking forward your new shots. You have a very good eye for photography. Thank you also for your many kind comments to my images. I'm grateful of your support. Wishing you all the best, my friend. - Anitta
Guest 31-Dec-2012 01:50
Beautiful work.Thanks for sharing!
Stephanie22-Dec-2011 23:12
Greetings Ray ~
I just wanted to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and the Happiest and Healthiest of New Years!
Steph :)
an nguyen09-Dec-2010 04:21
Thanks for stopping by .
Like your photo perspective a lot .
Dan Chusid29-Sep-2009 04:59
Too bad I couldn't stay 'round for the last few days...

It was a superb gathering of the minds.
DasBoogz aka Kathy Colby Kurasch22-Sep-2009 01:53
Really, really great work Ray. Thank you for sharing!
Deborah Lewis17-Jan-2009 19:17
Happy Birthday Ray and many more!
Adalberto Tiburzi29-Dec-2008 20:48
Seems Ray Pettit has taken... flight ;-)
High New Year Ray.
Jim P21-Dec-2008 22:50
Thank you for commenting on my gallery.
You have unbelievable pics in here! They're great... and I'll be sure to comment on them.
Thanks, Jim P's youngest daughter, "Little E"
Guest 24-Oct-2008 14:08
wow ... i really enjoy your work Ray!
keep up shooting and sharing it here in PBase :o)
ili :o)
Davidjohn12-Jul-2008 07:06
One of my favorites on pbase. Keep up the good work.
Doug Kessler22-Jun-2008 21:43
I think that time spent looking at your galleries is time well spent. Wonderful collection.

Guest 21-May-2008 17:52
Really enjoy your work Ray... Thanks so much for sharing!!! Hope you don't mind that I have added you to my favorites...
Ciao dawn
John Pratt24-Feb-2008 19:39
Beautiful work Ray! Images like yours keep me inspired. Keep up the good work.


Guest 10-Feb-2008 02:38
hey Ray!!
thanks for stopping by!!
im in love with ur photographs!

Guest 17-Jan-2008 16:49
I found you through Sabine Stetson's galleries. Happy Birthday, Ray!! Best wishes and happy shooting.
Zak17-Jan-2008 15:49
let me be the first guestbook comment of the year, Happy Birthday! ;-)
Jarek M14-Nov-2007 10:20

Thanks for visiting my gallery and your comments,

Adalberto Tiburzi12-Nov-2007 16:18
I like a lot the "artistic period" you seem to have recently opened ;-)
kieran crawford 01-Nov-2007 10:12
hi ray

im doin gphoography a level, and i was wondering if you could spice up ur profile so that i can actually see what kind of imagery has inspired you ect
thanks anyways
Barry S Moore03-Oct-2007 12:57
Hello Ray,

I enjoyed the browse around your images tonight and will look forward to a return visit. The is a lot of talent on Pbase and your photographs are amoung the best for creativity and originality.

Best wishes Barry
virginiacoastline02-Sep-2007 01:34
It's quite a statement, I think, of how your photography has grown over the years and what a mass appeal your shots have . . . .you have just over 4000 images online and waaaaay over 3 million hits. Pretty darn impressive =)
Johnnie Rogers 13-Jun-2007 16:44
Hi Ray,
thanks for stopping by my Bath gallery. Your people shots and street scenes are well observed and a treat to look at. Hope you can make a PBase meet in the future.
Regards, John.
Guest 03-Jun-2007 12:35
Ray, your eye for composition is outstanding, I enjoy your portfolios immensely.

G Phillips - USA
Guest 28-Apr-2007 20:32
Hi Ray
Thank you so very much for your recent messages about images from my galleries and your constant support.I apologise for not responding to every recent message or your images but I hope to do better in the future!My very best wishes and thanks, David. :0)
Guest 19-Apr-2007 11:33
Dear Ray,
You have so beautifuly photos in yours portfolio...Excellent my friend...Excellent work...Greetings from Montenegro and i will come back with pleasure...
Guest 04-Apr-2007 15:35

Hi Ray
you got here great galleries, with some great ideas!!
i enjoyed having a look
keep up, and keep in touch !

Rulon03-Apr-2007 20:01
I have found on very interesting photographer. It you!)
Guest 01-Mar-2007 18:23
Hi Ray!

I enjoyed viewing your galleries! Fantastic shots here. Keep it up! c",)
Guest 05-Feb-2007 21:12
Dear Ray, thank you for exhibiting your talent to the world, and as I can see, the world always gives you a heartfelt feedback! Keep on exploring like a child! Best regards, Sofia
Guest 03-Feb-2007 02:48
I've spent the better part of last hour looking through your galleries and I have to say it was a pleasure. I am flattered that you've commented on one of my photos, because your work is wonderful. Thank you. Anne
Dan Chusid18-Jan-2007 20:32
I've spoken to the Queen and she's agreed to Knight you.

When can you get over there?
: )
Thierry Lucas15-Jan-2007 12:36
Hello Ray,
sorry for the late answer, I had big problems with my computer.
Thank you very much for your nice comments, and votes.
You have very nice pictures.
Will go back to see more.

Guest 29-Dec-2006 01:23
Thx for your comments in my gallery. Best regards, Adrian.
Guest 18-Nov-2006 00:48
Thanks for taking the time to visit my gallery. Your shots on here are a definate inspiration.
Guest 26-Oct-2006 14:58
thank you Ray! a pleasure to read your thoughts... as well as a pleasure to come over and visit. wonderful photos.
Latifa Messaoudi11-Oct-2006 23:41
love the new picture on your profile!
Lilith12-Sep-2006 15:33
Oh and in case it doesn't have. Enjoy!!!!
You see, that's my problem.
Lilith12-Sep-2006 15:31
I hesitate, does your comment have a double meaning? I don't speak English like a native, so I am uncertain.
Well, in case it has. Enjoy!!!!
Einar Johannessen03-Sep-2006 14:34
Hi, Ray,
thanks for stopping by my galleries and for clearing up the issue of the retire date of the Viking.

I admire your expertise in taking portraits. I never mastered that, so I gave it up for the other stuff that I do.
Waqas Usman02-Sep-2006 05:17
Deja vu... Yes I've been here before, I've seen your "Dance City" and Candid photos.
Waqas Usman02-Sep-2006 05:13
Thanks for your comment and your vote. You have got some amazing photos here yourself, I have yet to explore them. I am relatively new to photography, it's been only a few years, and I have a backlog of loads photos to process already :)
Eric Carrère01-Sep-2006 13:56
Merci pour les commentaires sympa sur ma galerie " mes préférées ", ainsi que pour la rectification sur Portsmouth.
A+, Eric Carrere.
Lilith01-Sep-2006 11:49
Thanks for your comment. You're right, it's supposed to be funny.
Dale John Larsen22-Aug-2006 15:09
I love your work. It is apparent that you have a natural eye for capturing the image and the skill and patience to present your photos in an engaging fashion.
Guest 22-Aug-2006 10:07
Hello Ray,

you have a very creative imagination and of course you know how to make good photos.
I enjoyed a lot, thanks very much for sharing.
If you like, have a look to my galleries, any comment highly welcome.

krgds, Volker
Emad Omar02-Jul-2006 10:59
I am always so impressed with your work .
Such excellent work.
you have a very sensitive gallery
please check out my gallery
Latifa Messaoudi01-Jul-2006 22:44
hello Ray!

thanks so much to have take the time to see my gallry: your is beautiful:)
Guest 27-Jun-2006 19:05
I appreciate your comment regarding this picture, There is a television screen showing a football pitch However, it is obscured by some chap's head, also, there was another tele off stage left. The wide-angle lense that I have ordered has not arrived yet, so I was unable to capture that also. Thanks again for your comments and kind words. I love your "St. George's Cross" Gallery. GO ENGLAND!!!
Michael Buckeridge26-Jun-2006 14:22
Ray, thanks for your comments on a couple of my pictures. Have enjoyed having a real good trawl through your much to appreciate! Also like the way you have set up your themes in the galleries. You have very consistent work....I like it!! Mike.
Guest 18-Jun-2006 20:37
Hi Ray-Thank you for visiting my pbase galleries and for leaving your comments on my PAD yesterday.Thanks
Ryan Brooks 06-Jun-2006 16:55
Love your image "Pulling My Hair Out." Wondering if I could use it as an illustration for a sermon series about stress. I don't want to use it without your permission, so please let me know. Thanks a ton!
Einar Johannessen31-May-2006 18:41
Hi, Ray!
Thanks for stopping by my Vintage Aircraft Gallery! I do admire your fantastic portraits, especially since I have no talent with portraits myself, so I stay away from it. I guess I'm just more of a recorder than an artist.
Guest 15-May-2006 12:07
All your photos are incredible - great work - thanks for sharing.
Guest 12-May-2006 14:51
Hi Ray, Just seen the visit maps in your welcome message. Saw the world one some time ago on another site but didn't think we could inclue it here. So it's not just photography tips we can pick up here - Thanks. Ian
Mike Forhan 27-Apr-2006 14:48
Hello, amature photographer here. Just getting started in the last two years with a Canon 20D. I have a hard time accepting the equipment your using with what I saw on your site. Outstanding. Not only do you have a great eye for composure, but you also seem to know your equipment like the back of your hand. This is where I want to be in a few years or so. In the future, hopefully near futre I hope to get a pbase account up and running. When I do I'll let you know the location. As for your site I think I will be adding it to my favorites to keep an eye on your future work. By the way I noticed that you rank yourself as just a hobbiest. With just the quick look that I took I noticed that there were more than a few shots that could net you some cash when it comes to stock photog. Take care and keep up the great work.

Mike Forhan / Amature in Edmonton Canada.
Guest 10-Apr-2006 12:18
Just looking at your pictures almost brings tears to my eyes. I'm not sure why but somehow it touches me in a very special way.
Guest 10-Apr-2006 03:02
Hi RayPettit,

Your beautiful pictures puts a lot of aspiring people like myself to shame.

Rene Hales09-Apr-2006 19:59
Hope you and your computer are soon feeling much better. Hurry back and take care.--Rene
David Friedl31-Mar-2006 12:53
Amazing Pictures
Oleg Birioukov29-Mar-2006 02:16
Hi Ray,

I was browsing PBase Topics and suddenly I've run into one of yours . I could not believe my eyes! I thought I accidentally clicked on my own topic What an amazing match of choices, isn't it? I'd love to hear from you what do you think about it. Please let me know.

Guest 26-Mar-2006 13:43
Hi Ray, thanks for naming my planes! (How on earth did you know that was a Bristol Britannia?!!!) And thanks for the creative inspiration in your galleries. Kind regards, Lee (Lillymoll)
Guest 18-Mar-2006 10:59
Hallo Ray,
respect, you are a great photographer! your candid shots are one of the best on pbase.
nice greetings,
Guest 01-Mar-2006 21:08
Fantastic gallery; I must've lost an hour in here...I'll be back for more time loss for sure!
Guest 09-Feb-2006 22:27
Excellent photography and a great"eye" I enjoyed visiting you at pbase.
Tanja 08-Feb-2006 08:27
we want to help the homeless people in england. but here we cAN´T BUY THE BIG ISSUE.
Guenter Eh03-Feb-2006 22:19
With your permission - I put you on my fav list! Exciting pictures! This is a great find for me! And a bunch of new inspirations too. Thanks Ray!

Paolo Flores31-Jan-2006 22:03
Ray, thanks for visiting my galleries - you have some really great photos here, unfortunately I'm on dial-up and it takes a looong time to go through so many, but I'll be back!
david procter31-Jan-2006 11:57
added to favourites! some of the best work on pBase - love the humanity.
Guest 30-Jan-2006 19:35
thanks for your kind comment :)
Guest 30-Jan-2006 15:18
excellent photos!!
Liked the colors and composition, everything!
what i see now, is really FANTASTIC
best regards,

Photodelles25-Jan-2006 22:52
Thanks for your comments.

Guest 23-Jan-2006 17:34
shirley 13-Jan-2006 00:59
my wife love you, every since she stumbled into the middle of one of your sets at covent garden
Kees Terberg13-Jan-2006 00:44
These are truely magnificent captures that reveal a life in Britain the way only a local can capture it. Unfortunately the system has crashed on me a few times with efforts to write a comment but I have managed to vote a few times. These are truely magnificent captures and soem of the images I visited reminded me of the work of Herb Ritts. Please do see that as a compliment.
Guest 11-Jan-2006 00:26
Awesome gallery! You have a mix of everything!!
A. Morgan 29-Dec-2005 17:36
This is why we all pick up a camera - incredible work
Guest 18-Dec-2005 14:31
Was an absolute pleasure viewing your work.

Offer Goldfarb17-Dec-2005 18:43
Hi Ray
I think you are amazing artist
keep doing your great work !
please visit me at
take care
Tania Szabo 17-Dec-2005 16:23
Hello Ray and friends,
I wonder if you have any photos of Cobham Common, especially summer solstice. I believe that in WWII (& other times of course) people collected to watch the sun rise amidst laughter and fun.
My mother was Violette Szabo GC, hero in SOE. I'm gathering information for her archives. If you can help I would be very happy.
Great buses - which is where I landed.
Thanks a lot.
Tania Szabo - contact: and I live in the lovely island of Jersey.
Guest 09-Dec-2005 16:01
Fine work! DD
Kees Terberg05-Dec-2005 23:27
An impressive PAD gallery, with a consitent high quality that does not deter in caliber. The whole range of galleries is great but I have not yet been able to go through all of them yet. The captures that you have made reflect a spontanious and confident photographer that makes teh captured images speak. That is a trait to be proud of. Well done!
Pascale Guittonneau05-Dec-2005 12:37
Hi Ray!
Thanks for your interesting comments. Why do you say that this Neptune is a dutch plane?
My father had a training in Netherlands, but not these years and the airport on the picture is a french airport. And why Jodel D112 instead D111? Your answers interest me very well.
Best wishes, Pascale.
kathy 22-Nov-2005 17:01
I use to go to the studly arms many years ago it is a shame to see it close down like it did....
arminb09-Nov-2005 21:07
Oh my god, what a variety of pictures with "human interest," this is unbelievable, guess it will take my at least days to browse through your outstanding work! ~Armin
Derek Slater01-Nov-2005 20:05
Hi Ray, Thanks for dropping by my galleries and the comment about "keeping your eye out " for shots. Looking though just some of your stuff , esp the PaDs I can see you certainly have an eye for a good shot. BRILLIANT esp the people shots, something I wish I could feel more comfortable with. Enjoyed the Leicester gallery too, brought back some memories for me as I worked around there a couple of ( 30+ ) years ago :-)
Cheers Derek
Guest 27-Oct-2005 13:10
Great writing to go with your excellent images. I love it!
Guest 19-Oct-2005 12:21
You're an ace!
Heidi Jonker17-Oct-2005 20:43
I'm impressed by your galleries. You do very well with people.
Peter 15-Oct-2005 18:34
Hi! I ocasionally found your site and I think it is very informative. I've found very much interesting stuff for me... Thanks for your site!
Vixi 15-Oct-2005 15:38
Wat een prachtige vernieuwde website. Heldere opzet en ook een goede kleurstelling. Mooi.
Mijn complimenten!

Met vriendelijke groeten
li'l jade@cymyx 05-Oct-2005 14:51
hi can i be a part of your dance group plsss???
SRW24-Sep-2005 08:54
Thanks for a huge heap of inspiring images! If I ever needed reminding why I started the stressful (and, after only seven days, already incredibly stretching...) challenge of a PaD, I only need to come back here: it really does "make you see things in a new light.... [and] trains your eye". Thank you....
Kimberley Hannaman Taylor15-Sep-2005 00:56
Hi Ray:
Thanks for stopping by my but you have an extensive body of work here..and over a million views! Wowee! Great job. I love Pbase - it's a wonderful opportunity for us all to learn and be inspired by eachother..and it's ADDICTIVE!
By the way...ok, I admit my curiosity is picqued. What's with the guest link mentioned by Michael Martin? And also whatever loss you suffered in August - my condolensces. Damn I'm nosy.
Looking forward to spending some more time in your world. Thanks for sharing it.
K in Vermont
Naturephoto Monique01-Sep-2005 10:56
Hi Ray,
I'm realy impressed by your work, so much talent, thanks for sharing all your beautiful work.
Guest 20-Aug-2005 07:45
Ray - so sorry for your loss. Thinking of you at this time
Guest 10-Aug-2005 14:01
Hi ray pettitt
Please can you take a few more picture of a few more speakers. You seems to have a very good talnet for this .Hope to see all the speakers pictures on your website
paul yung05-Aug-2005 19:18
A wonderful collection of fine images. An artist at work! Congrats!
s_barbour28-Jul-2005 12:56
Hello Ray,
Thanks for stopping by my PaD gallery last evening. I'm glad that you did because it brought me to view your work. You have an amazing talent for photography! I have started to look through your work but there are so many terric pictures, I will be returning over and over again to view them all. When you shoot your expressions, do these people realize that you are photographing them?
Keep up the terrific work Ray, you are a real inspiration to me.
Sandy Barbour
Brian McAllister15-Jul-2005 21:40
Hello Ray. I just started the PAD thing and came across your galleries today. In short, inspirational!!! I have you as a favorite artist and will return often. Thanks for sharing your amazing work.

Best regards from Vancouver Island, Canada
Guest 05-Jul-2005 00:26
I was going to post a positive comment on your excellent galleries when I did a double take on that guest message. I got one exactly like first guess is the link would be bad news. Anyway, very fine galleries...brings all sorts of inspiration to mind.

Mike Martin
Guest 30-Jun-2005 11:40
Wow, you've got some great photo galleries
keep up the good work
Rene Hales21-Jun-2005 14:56
I have added you to my favorites and will be visiting often. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on news-aix en provence.--Rene
Si Kirk14-Jun-2005 21:36
Cannot beleive i have not done this before but i feel my time at Pbase is getting short, you were one of the first people to comment on my photos back in the day, since then i have both been amazed and marveled at you photos, your candids and expressive self portraits are something to behold, I just want to say thanks for you help, comments and inspiration!

Guest 09-Jun-2005 01:48
You have a great eye for catchy and powerful composition. I hope you get published a lot and become famous - talent like this ought to be richly rewarded. I loved the shadows gallery. The Love one was fun too.
Guest 25-May-2005 08:23
G'day Ray,
Thanks for your comment in my PAD gallery. I was trying to find a photo of yours to comment on but there just too many to choose from! I'll be sure to pop back from time to time to keep up with what you're doing.
John Lumb17-May-2005 12:46
Ray just added you to my fav artist list, fab galleries wish i had half your artistic eyes and skill.
Guest 13-May-2005 12:45
Thank you for your kind message, Ray. I found the umbrella shop in New Oxford st (or maybe in Bloomsbury Way, I dont' remember exactly). In any case, near of the British Museum.
Mark L29-Apr-2005 11:58
Just a message to let you know that I used one of your stylesheets as a base to customize my own. Hope that is OK with you.
I like the presentation of your galleries and the photos are excellent.

Thankyou, Mark L.
Guest 27-Apr-2005 13:14
Some grand images here, Ray - you're certainly a master of the 'Candid Camera.' I shall return to soak up some more of the atmosphere you've captured.
Gul Chotrani23-Apr-2005 03:58
Hello Ray...
Thanks for visiting my gallery - I had many problems with color issues on editing until I recalibrated my monitor, so I've been catching up with lots pictures taken in the past year or so - still have about 500 pics more to process and upload.

I've also been neglecting the comments/messages received for a while now, and thought I should visit others too. You have a very impressive set up here.

Kind regards, Gul
Guest 12-Apr-2005 10:57 have that know the love the way you capture people...your timing is right're not in their faces...I see respect...I just had to to ya
Guest 03-Apr-2005 20:10
Your shots of people are outstanding. my hat's off...
paul yung15-Mar-2005 15:10
A wonderful collection of world class images. Congrat!!
Peter Chou10-Feb-2005 12:14
Love your street work! I am greatly inspired by your photographic vision. Do take a look at my humble gallery and I appreciate your advice and comments.
Guest 12-Jan-2005 21:44
Ray, really enjoyed looking at your galleries.
I also live in Woking and was taking photographs of the French Market same day as you.
Great minds!!!
Maybe bump into one day.
Macastat04-Jan-2005 19:15
Ray, Thank you for your correspondence regarding public markets. We are indeed trying to change the American landscape, one small town at a time, starting with our humble public market in Viroqua, WI USA. These small-scale merchant-based enterprises are the antithesis of the big box stores that dominate our culture. While hopelessly unable to compete relative to gross income, public markets do offer the one thing big corporations cannot: a soulful connection to the maker of an item one is to purchase! And, once again, thank you for showing us, the world, what your little French market is like. Best regards, Tony M.
Ivy Lui 24-Dec-2004 10:51
I'm writing on behalf of a Hong Kong educational publishing company. We would like to request for permission of the use of your photo titled "Perfume Shot". Would you mind telling us your e-mail address so that we can discuss in details? My e-mail address is I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,
Guest 28-Nov-2004 04:44
Ray, your galleries are inspirational! I truly enjoyed your work and you've certainly got my vote! EK
Guest 18-Nov-2004 00:13
Ray, Thanks for stopping by and looking at my candids... in reference to this shot , no I did not get squirted on that shot-I was far enough away. After taking this series though starting w/ this one: someone did come over and squirt me after taking the shots. No prob though, it was all in fun. And she (the one in the latter photo) even smiled as I shot some more. Your photos are awesome! Great would seem that your neck of the woods leads for some great candids opptunity as well as New York City!
Stan Richard10-Nov-2004 21:37
Ray, thanks for the nice comments on my aurora image, yes it does kind of look like a Turner painting, thanks for the link. Cheers! Stan
Guest 12-Oct-2004 18:36
I love your candid photos! They're awesome.
Irene Wehrli11-Oct-2004 11:35
Thank you Ray for taking your time to leave some comments in my galleries. I still admire your great work!
Greetings from Switzerland
Ernst Sch14-Sep-2004 14:34
thanks for your remark in my air show gallery. I followed your advice and put the formation of formations as the representative picture of the gallery.
Tim 08-Sep-2004 11:25
Great photos of the 'Come Together' Festival in Henley.
Just one point: The surname of Amy from 'Wire Jesus' is Barton, not Burton.
Guest 24-Aug-2004 17:11
One of your gallery is featured in Pbase's popular gallery and it's awesome. Following the link, then I saw your PaD project. Anyway, after visit several other PaD-ers, I just want to try it. Thanks for your comments on my gallery. It's very inspiring!
Aivis Ilsters19-Aug-2004 20:18
Thank you Ray, for visiting my gallery. As i just looked through some of your pictures i remembered what i once thought about photography - "It is like fishing, you never know what and when you will get some nice ONE ("big fish"). Looks that you like to make pictures of people. I also more and more realize the beauty of filming them. sincerely aivis.
jypsee13-Aug-2004 01:48
Thanks for your nice comment on my duotone of the river and clouds. I like your self portraits; they're so expressive.
Dan08-Aug-2004 13:50
Thanks for the visit and comments in my galleries. I enjoyed visiting yours as you have some very nice images.
Neda Atash02-Aug-2004 12:59
Thanks for the positive response... sometimes you just have to do a check with the sane to make sure you're still sane....
Guest 28-Jun-2004 11:34
Hi Ray! Thanks for leaving comments on my photos. I just had the pleasure of checking out your galleries and your work truly inspires me!

I love your stylesheet too. Keep it going!

All the best :)
(: a.
Irene Wehrli14-May-2004 18:53
Hi Ray
what a wonderful collection of Fotos you have in your galleries. I can't stop looking....
thank you very much for sharing with us!
Kind regards
Irene from Switzerland
Aivis Ilsters26-Apr-2004 09:23
I love to see a nice pictures - thoughtful, clever, arty. Yours are very good and i will come back to see more of your works. I am trying to hear evaluation of my pictures which i am just starting to share with others. I would be very thankful to hear your thoughts on them. sincerely aivis -
Guest 15-Apr-2004 12:17
Hi Ray

Great you must be doing something right :o)
Thanks for your comments on my gallery.


Gary Watt
Aberdeen, Scotland
Guest 27-Mar-2004 16:46
Preciosas fotos
saludos y gracias por compartirlas
Guest 18-Mar-2004 21:10
Thought it was high time I had a browse at your galleries! You've got some amazing stuff in here; will be back asap to pick out some favourites. I love your PAD shots - I keep meaning to join in someday...
Costi Jacky 14-Mar-2004 18:25
Hi ray

Thanks for yhe warm words
Jeff Cochran10-Mar-2004 20:52
Hello, I enjoyed your photos.Thx for sharing. :)
Barb25-Feb-2004 01:49
Hi Ray. Enjoyed looking at your excellent photos and also PAD gallery.
Thanks for leaving comment in my PAD. Yes we do have lots of snow.
Received over 64 inches in Jan and has snowed off and on every since.
Barb S
Guest 23-Feb-2004 02:43
Hello Ray;

Thanks for stopping by, thanks for the compliment. Glad you liked it. I came around to look at your reflection photos... found lots of great stuff!

- Bruce
Anna Yu09-Feb-2004 20:14
Hi Ray,
Thx for visiting my bird gallery and leaving a kind note. I would really like to have a 300mm zoom too! I enjoyed browsing through your galleries and like particularly the street candids. Will be back to browse more.
Guest 03-Feb-2004 02:33
Hi Ray! Thanks for the welcome at the PAD...Nice Gallery! :-) Ray J.
ofer ashel02-Feb-2004 19:06
great pictures
hope to see more:+)
Linda Vich02-Feb-2004 14:05
Hi Ray! Thanks for taking a peek at my galleries. I have also enjoyed paging through yours - I definitely will be returning! I look forward to participating in the PAD.

Linda V.
Guest 01-Jan-2004 11:12
Hi Ray,

Here's looking forward to seeing many more of your fine photographs in 2004 - your style has been ever improving, and I look forward to seeing what comes next.

All the best,

Carol E Sandgren19-Dec-2003 22:47
Thanks Ray, for your kind comments on my Dreams gallery! No sooner than I had just posted my latest image did I find your nice message! I have always enjoyed your photos as well, such a sense of whimsy about them make them really fun and amusing. Have a great holiday season!!
Guest 30-Nov-2003 03:04
Thanks for stoping by and leaving the kind words in my galleries.
Pall Gudjonsson01-Nov-2003 13:59
Thanks Ray for looking into my EOS 10D gallery, I really appreciate your opinion and comments.
The 10D is a wonderful instrument which has opened a whole new world to me. My 12 years old and faithful EOS 100 was no longer fit for my needs, but is kept as a back-up camera. The 10D has certain minor flaws though so I suggest you do some search over the net to know exactly what to expect. If you e-mail to me I can then direct you to some of the treads I found very useful in my preparations ( maybe you have done all this already )
Richard 20-Oct-2003 05:21
I live in Woking (next to the park), your pictures of the town achieve the impossible: they make the place look interesting!
Guest 08-Sep-2003 23:24
Ray - I love your galleries! The reflections are really good, I spend hours on our boat looking at reflections on the river, and have yet to see some as special as these! I also love the simplicity of some of the shots - the clock on the green, and the 'but is it art?' spring to mind!