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Dave Barnes18-Mar-2019 15:00
Some of the most interesting images on pbase. Great diversity but the portraits stand out for me. Wonderful stuff.
mike williams 16-May-2017 19:19
Hi Alan, just having a browse through your stuff. We met today at the Humber St gallery. Will be in touch. Mike W.
c. gg 20-Jan-2017 23:43
Of course, my remark should have gone to your other pbase-identity, which you started on
January, 10th.
c. geich-gimbel 05-Jan-2017 00:11
Delighted by your galleries, many impressive images, e.g. from amsterdam.
Concerning your photographer´s CV: Your camera appears to have been directed
quite recently to the beauty of women - some really good shots!
lomantink 07-Nov-2016 12:09
I'm very like your galleries,they are so beautiful.
pacs22-May-2015 18:44
great site!
cafe18-May-2015 09:38
Your gallery is very impressive
tresse15-May-2015 16:52
Je ne peux qu'être en admiration devant votre gallerie
jeff fahey 08-May-2015 21:09
Hi Alan ,It was nice to meet you again at wgw this April Im ....165_F66F1833.JPG in your pictures ,not sure if you will remember me but I do enjoy chatting to you .Your pictures are beautiful I could spend hours looking through them.
David Boudreaux17-Feb-2015 23:55
Very Nice Work !!!
hermankervel04-Nov-2014 08:23
Nice pictures
Jason Gilligan19-Nov-2013 17:30
Alan, I have enjoyed looking at your pictures. Nice work. -V
John and sandra 04-Jan-2013 07:49
Hi Alan, think you were in room 750 whilst we were in 728 over Xmas in the Monica. Remember seeing you with camera at 6 PM enjoying watching the Sun setting into the sea. Super picture of Ferrara the hotel cat.
nige5007-Nov-2011 21:36
Hi Alan did you hit the goths this week-end

Nige 50

Cool set in your gallery
Guest 04-Nov-2011 17:22
What a fabulous collection of photographs, especially of Whitby, my favourite place on the entire planet.
Dan29-Mar-2011 14:39
Very nice photography.
Guest 11-Feb-2011 13:48
Very nice work
Guest 11-Feb-2011 11:31
Dear Alan,
Nice to see the photographs. It will be better if U can give the place names with the photographs
Darre lnce 17-Dec-2010 19:50
Hi Allan
Its Darrel. I really enjoyed your photographs; youy missed your vocation
Wintermeer01-Nov-2010 17:33
Dear Alan,
once more I have come across your gallery, you intrigue me each and every time. And you keep me wondering, are just going to Whitby as " an innocent bystander" or do you don any fancy garbs yorself?

Kudos on your skillful work!

Best regards

Brian Cook30-Aug-2010 10:55
This is about the 3/4 time I've seen your name on the upload list this week....travelled around Europe a couple of times in my youth (a lifetime ago!) so really enjoy looking at "european" photos...especially Austria....yours are great!!!... brings back a lot of memories....
Guest 05-Aug-2010 18:41
dear Alan,

my husband, my children and myself are thrilled to see ourselves on your site: beautiful pictures, taken in gent. It's very special to see those pictures, and we really love them! how do you do this, going all over the world, and making people happy with your camera. Thank you!
petra and matthias demoen - van belleghem, lovendegem, belgium
Marijka23-Jun-2010 22:16
beautiful work-- i really enjoyed travelling with you through your view of world... beautiful...
Wintermeer13-Jun-2010 13:04
Dear Alan,
I spent several hours browsing your galleries, great work! I love the great variety of images you present. Everything from festival over landscapes to nature photography, I simply love it. I do envy you for your ability to travel a lot!
With best regards

Guest 03-May-2010 22:58
Dear Alan
Thanks for your very kind compliments.
I saw your gallery and are really spectacular.I love yuor works.
Dario 18-Apr-2010 23:47
Hello Alan,,,
I m from argentine, but Im living in Nerja for 8 years..
I was looking for pictures to see, and I found yours,,You have a very nice point of view,i like your photos!!
the photography is my hobbie,and is very nice when I find people like you,,
Sorry,, my english is very bad,,jejej
I hope you undertand,,
Thanks to show your work!!
Kim - madam rouge 04-Nov-2009 18:22
Hi Alan,
I just want to thank you so much for the great photos you have taken of me. I am the red head with the huge black hat from whitby goth weekend october 2009. (the picture currently being used as the catagory front) You really did me justice. I have had a professional photo portfolio taken a while back and non showed who I really was, but i feel your photo's show a sense of personality. You are skilled at what you do. I have worked in the modelling industry and now work in the fashion industry, its easy to capture a pose but I think it is much harder to capture beauty the way you have with some of the other people. Anyway,I just wanted to say thankyou for giving me something special to remember my 1st annaversary by.
Pawel Kazmierczyk06-Sep-2009 17:36
Hello Alan, what a fantastic collection of galleries.... You have a great eye for photography, and a unique sense of style. I have truly enjoyed going through your photos - the range and variety of topics, the originality of viewpoint, and the quality. Well done, keep it up ! Greetings from Poland. Pawel
gouws30-Aug-2009 17:39
Hi Prof
You are obviously a very talented and knowledgeable man,wish I could be one of your students as I run my own IT co and enjoy photography as well.Enjoying your galleries very much.Wish I could travel as much as you.Best wishes Bruce(Johannesburg).
Guest 11-May-2009 22:10
Good pics from Cuba.but is it safe to go there and make photos.
Guest 07-Apr-2009 11:25
Alan, I enjoyed viewing your galleries. Your composition is extraordinary. I hope you get to spend more time tkaing pictures in your retirement. Thanks for shairng. I will book ark your iste as a favorite so I can return and see your new pictures.

Regards, Steve
Guest 07-Apr-2009 11:24
Alan, I enjoyed viewing your galleries. Your composition is extraordinary. I hope you get to spend more time tkaing pictures in your retirement. Thanks for shairng. I will book ark your iste as a favorite so I can return and see your new pictures.

Reagrds, Steve
cyan 21-Aug-2008 13:42
love the WGW pics, i will be there for this years October event. who knows, you might even snap me!!! light and life, cyan
Guest 21-Jul-2008 15:11
Dear Prof. Clements,
to have shared the experience of Independence Day Parade 2008 with you, sitting next to you on the sidewalk, watching you taking your extraordinary pictures gave us a great pleasure. We took one picture of you while you were taking a shot of my husband ! Your whole photogallery is really awesome. We especially enjoy your pictures of the places we, too, have visited. Please go on and let us have more of your breathtaking looks at the world.
With best regards from Germany,
Family Christina and Jörg Hurtz
Susan (daughter of a Brit) 01-May-2008 03:55
Oh, and by the way, I emailed the little boat in Havana with "Habana" painted on it to my father. He is British, lives in Memphis, Tennessee, and his mother was originally from Cuba. He LOVES boats. So that picture should really justS about do the trick!
Susan (daughter of a Brit) 01-May-2008 03:51
Well you're just fabulous! I was first awe struck with your international images in your galleries and then I learned your a Brit! Then, to top it off, your a Computer Scientist / IEEE person. You're obviously very clever and you have a great eye, well, two great eyes! I love your work. Fantastic!
foto61.net13-Dec-2007 09:27
Dear Alan,

found your galleries when I searched for gothic (churches) and I can say since today I am a fan of gothic people. I like them very much and I think you push the button in the very right moment. Unfotunately where I live there are almost no gothic freaks or fans. Should I visit Whitby? I think I should. How long take these gothic days? Are they every year and if yes are they announced somewhere?

Kind regards
Steve (Vienna)
Guest 09-Dec-2007 18:12
Nice work Alan
Greg Little28-Oct-2007 21:42
Hi Alan,

Nice shots of Amsterdam. Hope you had a good time. Looks like you've picked up some new cameras. How do you like them?


Guest 16-Jun-2007 11:25
You got some mad skills.
Guest 18-May-2007 19:10

You have a tremendous body of work here. It has been some time since I have seen such an acomplished gallery.

Top shelf!

Guest 03-May-2007 23:36
Thank you for sharing I am glade I stopped by.
Guest 30-Apr-2007 18:20
Really nice gallery, Alan. Lots of interesting photos. Surely, I will come back for more.

Marvin Clements 11-Mar-2007 21:10
While surfing the net I stumbled across your pages, I really enjoyed the photos! I will book mark your page and checking back from time to time. I also do a little photography mostly for a hobbie, political photos mostly.
Guest 07-Mar-2007 14:44
Keep going forward. You have so much potential.
Guest 18-Feb-2007 22:34
Nice Gallery
Federico D'Incą20-Jan-2007 14:40
Great stuff Alan
Guest 19-Dec-2006 21:49
Really nice gallery, I enjoy your photo very much, thanks for sharing.
Guest 19-Dec-2006 19:57
Nice Galleries

cheesee 06-Nov-2006 10:31
Hi sue
Paul Davies24-Oct-2006 23:06
Wow! You've made me want to try my photography over in Venice. However, you've certainly set the highest of standards with your gallery Alan!
olivier bruning18-Sep-2006 23:19
man, you're so talented! I'd take great care for those eyes of yours!! I like the versatilty in your subjects. would love to fly with you in one of your piper trips! you shurely view thing from a different perspective up there! best wishes, olivier
Guest 15-Sep-2006 23:09
Enjoyed your galleries. The sculptures and monuments gallery gave me some ideas. Here's one I may start with:
Amornrak (Koy) 08-Jul-2006 13:58
At first, I just find out a photo about "Hanging out the washing" in Google. So I found your website and look at almost all of your photos. I like it very much. My husband & I also like to take a photographs where we visit. But just in our country,Thailand. (I'm a Thai Woman).
Glad to know you. Thank you for your beautiful galleries. I'll keep your website in my favorite site. Bye

Koy (Bangkok, THAILAND)
olaf loth 02-Jul-2006 18:36
nice pictures! thank you OLAF LOTH firefighter from germany
Guest 12-Apr-2006 03:37
Stunning photography. Your eye for composition is exquisite! I felt I was beginning to develop an eye for composition, myself, but after viewing your galleries I can see I have much to learn. I would love to know what lenses you favor for your Canon. Keep up the nice work.

Jeff, Los Angeles
shg231-Mar-2006 00:23
nice galleries, i enjoyed them, thanks for sharing
ilona verhagen 29-Mar-2006 07:20
your pictures are stunning. I spent hours looking at them. You have a great eye for detail. Please continue!.. It's a pleasure for the eye/

thanks a lot
Ilona Verhagen
a Dutch girl in the USA
Marķa 27-Mar-2006 00:23
Great gallery: very intelligent and beautiful vision of the world around. Thanks!!

María, Spain
Jon Trahujovych 25-Mar-2006 05:29
Great project.
Guest 21-Mar-2006 23:34
thanks for the great pictures!
Guest 01-Mar-2006 12:32
it is good
Guest 26-Feb-2006 23:52
I posted a comment on your "shutters" photo in Amsterdam. I have found myself totally mezmorized by your photos and the things you see. I hope this is something you will continue to update, and I must tell you I am inspired to get to know my newest digital in ways I never thought it should be used. I promise to let you know...thanks for your inspiration! Beth
Guest 22-Feb-2006 14:49
WoW,wooooooow wonderful. great galleries. Beautiful photos! Beautiful fancy! I very nice to see your gallery. I am set back by your colors in all your galleries. Really great work. you are very talented........... and ect/
Guest 05-Feb-2006 02:56
Love the aerial photos.
Jennifer 04-Feb-2006 23:03
Wonderful, wonderful photos! Here I'm studying 68k Assembly Language - not realizing that I could be a student of 'Clements Photography' too! I work harder every day on making sure that my life includes even half of the travels that you two have been on... what a wonderful life! Your New Orleans collection caught my eye and, honestly speaking, I think I've taken some of the same photos. I'm surprised that you have no cemetary photos... Where I come from (Michigan), everyone is completely buried - so, seeing crypts and above-ground tombs was very scary, intriguing and oddly beautiful.

My hat is off to you both... Your photo diary is amazing.
Guest 03-Feb-2006 07:41
excellent photos!!
Liked the colors and composition, everything!
what i see now, is really FANTASTIC
best regards,

Guest 01-Feb-2006 20:53

These are really excellent. Very best wishes,

Liz Long
Ron Grant 25-Jan-2006 23:29
Wonderful pictures Alan.For several years now I have wanted a photo of Runswick Bay taken from the beach and viewing the houses on the cliff,so I searched the Net.While your thatched cottage is realy nice it is not quite what I was after.I will however treasure yours as well as some of your Saltburn views.I was born in Middlesbrough and was evacuated to Canada during the war.Keep up the good work.
TS. Bok21-Jan-2006 14:28
Amazing galleries!. Thanks for sharing your excellent photos. :)
Guest 20-Jan-2006 18:59
Ya mrs is a teacher at me skool she is kwl nd quality she's betta than half the teachers at me skool may she grace the halls with our presence 4 many yearss 2 cum

love Paul kelly
melody 17-Jan-2006 17:17
Ure pictuers are throughly excellent i love the pictures of the power sations and the beaches i am from canada and i wud like to live in england 1 day
victor valle16-Jan-2006 02:08
Hi Alan,
Excellent galleries. I've also been to HK on numerous business trips and love it. I found it to be pretty much the same as NYC with respect to cleanliness, away from the central area, but the people are absolutely much friendlier. Anyway, I'm the Manager of Electrical Engineering for Gretagmacbeth, the color management company and I, at 52, also love this new digital era. Take care.
Guest 25-Dec-2005 15:03
Hi Alan. Stumbled across your gallery by chance - and what a find. Some simply fantastic shots in there. Will definitely be coming back to check up regularly so please keep shooting. I read your profile also - incidentally, I graduated in Computer Science / Software Engineering not a million miles away from you in Birmingham UK. That was in 97 - am now running my own software company in Singapore. Do stop by my own site should you get the chance - would welcome the feedback and any dialogue. Best rgds + merry xmas! Lawrence
Guest 24-Dec-2005 18:33
Hi Alan

Just looked at some of your photos - New Orleans and Savannah,as we were there June 2004. Will look at the others later - have saved them in our favourites.

Hope you both have a good Christmas.

love Sonia & Chas
joseph Rodriguez 12-Dec-2005 23:28
Muy bonitas e interesantes fotos, existe una observacion fuerte y la capacidad de transferencia de las emociones, muy concretas imagenes, en la escala del 1 al 10 tiene
mas 10.
Jose Enrique Chavez Rodriguez.
Peter Chou06-Nov-2005 18:18
Hi Alan,

I enjoyed your diverse photographic visions very much! Thanks for sharing and do keep the photos coming!

George McKenna 01-Nov-2005 02:31
Thank you for sharing your excellent photos. I noticed that you take a lot of your people close ups with a 400mm. Do you use a tripod to get the steady image. You have inspired me to go out and do some more people photos.
Dave Beedon30-Oct-2005 21:53
Alan, I love your aerial photos: nice colors, patterns, and so on. Wish I had the time to add comments to every one that appeals to me. Keep flying and shooting! Your land-based shots are nice too. Thanks for sharing your work.
Guest 13-Sep-2005 04:38
Lots of interesting compositions of little things...Love it!

Dennis :)
velvet6209-Sep-2005 10:46
Great Side of Landscape-Pictures
Guest 07-Sep-2005 00:28
Wondeful photographs. nYou have an amazing eye. Keep them coming
Dave Belcher05-Sep-2005 20:01
Fantastic photos, Alan. You must make it over to Canada and take some here.
More stuff on my Virtual Tourist pages.
Guest 11-Aug-2005 17:46
Hi Alan,
always a pleasure to come back to your galleries, and enjoy the 'trip'.
Best regards,
Seana Culwin 05-Aug-2005 15:52
Hi Alan,
Its Seana, Fintans daughter fron london! I sent u a e-mail a few days after I was you! I really do like some of your stuff, I really like most of your arial stuff its wonderfull and also some of the people photography is good.I think it would be good to focus in alittle more on just one or two subject areas and you will probably shine even more in them! Also I wonder if you have thought about converting some of them into black and white?

Good luck
Cheryl 21-Jun-2005 22:00
Hi Alan, beautiful photos, i come to pbase to wander photos, to see what might inspire me to paint.Sometimes just a photo will send me out with my camera to take some new pictures. You have been everywhere. I used to live in Chico, close to Red Bluff and noticed u had been to Red Bluff. nice web!! you do a great job of capturing a plethora of subjects, keep up the good work. Cheryl
Guest 19-Jun-2005 13:24
Excellent Galleries...
How do you get the air photos.. ARE YOU A PILOT?
janetspain08-Jun-2005 23:07
Alan, I visited your England last year and was delighted to find beauty, excitement, and serentiy. Your photos illuminate those wonderful memories. They are majestic images of a land of wonder...I hope to visit again soon! Janet
Erkan Erdem08-Jun-2005 22:30
Nice pictures...
But where are the English squirrels?!
Best Regards and Greetings...
Alfred F. Lee 12-May-2005 02:56
Alan; Your work is beautiful. I wish my photos were as good
Guest 12-Mar-2005 21:21
Interesantes fotografías
Gracias por compartirlas
Saludos desde España
Bill Zobrist 02-Mar-2005 17:24
Very nice Alan....very nice indeed. I could easily see a number of these ebing appropriate for a book cover.

Alan Clements22-Feb-2005 17:02
Hi Sam,
Would that I were a paid escort...
I would find that job very difficult as I can't drive (I never learned) although I can fly.
In reality, my days are spent slaving over a class of students trying to teach them how computers work. My evenings are spent creating leacture notes and writing text books. My free time is spent doing volunteer work for the IEEE Computer Society (like running their international competition).
In between all this, I take a few pictures and put them on the web... Cheers,
Guest 22-Feb-2005 16:45
Because he has it so easy, if you think that being a photographer is easy, then you should ask him what his day job is!

Just kidding, he has a difficult but fun day job, he should tell everyone about:
He is a paid escort for rich women in their 20s. Ha Ha. Just kidding.

Let's make him tell us about what his day job really is! Alan?

(Really, I was just kidding about him being a paid escort for rich young women.)
Guest 22-Feb-2005 16:32
You have a good eye! I really like your aerial pictures though, but the rest of your pictures are quite good. However, I think that a focus on the aerial themes would really differentiate your work.

The walk to work picture was quite nice as well.
Susanne21-Feb-2005 03:46
Hello Alan. I admired your statue images, probably because I discovered that I myself have a passion for statues. That discovery just developed within the last month and I started a statue gallerie myself. Yours is a lot of fun to look at, because of the different colors and the way you presented them. Just wanted to let you know what a great job you did and that I am glad I found you in the galleries. If you need a translation of what gabi said below I will be more then happy to help. I am german and speak her language. So just leave a note and I translate for you.

John Kennan, Liverpool 10-Feb-2005 13:42
Splendid, splendid work. I particularly enjoyed the landscapes and aerial photography. I'm surprised you bother going back to your 'day job' when you can produce photos like these!

Thanks again and keep up the good work.
Jeff Cochran03-Feb-2005 00:41
Great images. Cheers.
gabi 15-Nov-2004 23:40
Hallo Alan,
heute habe ich Deine Fotos bei Pbase angesehen.Und ich muss sagen, sie gefallen mir sehr gut.Besonders die Fotos von Sue fand ich lustig.Grüße sie bitte von mir und sage ihr, dass mir die vier Fotos von ihrem Besuch bei mir sehr gefallen.
Mach weiter so, Fotograf Alan.
Liebe grüße von Gabi