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Nessie Hunt

Why Scotland?? Read below, we won a trip for family of 4 to Scotland. I would like to Thank, Fiona Martin and All the wonderful people at VisitScotland for a Fantastic journey. Oh Yes!! We Did SEE NESSIE, pictures below
Subject: VisitScotland and the Water Horse trying to contact you

Dear Mr. Kuhn,

You entered VisitScotlandís online Water Horse Competition for a chance to win a trip to Scotland. I am pleased to inform you that you have been chosen as our winner! The grand prize is a trip for four (4) to Scotland in September 2008. I have attached the Terms & Conditions for your perusal.

Although Nessie was sighted as far back as the 6th century a.d. it is the modern day sightings that have captured the public imagination.
In the early part of the 1930's a new road was built around Loch Ness which in turn brought in a spate of new sightings from road users and sightseers. Up until this time stories of the monster circulated more within the local community but talk of other sightings were spreading outwith the village.
The first recorded sighting of Nessie on land was made by Mr Spicer and his wife, on July 22nd 1933, who were driving down the road between the Loch Ness side villages of Dores and Inverfarigaig. They caught sight of a large cumbersome animal crossing the road ahead, which was some 20 yards from the water. They first saw a long neck, forming a number of arches, a little thicker than a elephant's trunk and a huge lumbering body heading towards the Loch. It disappeared into the bushes out of sight. After this sighting reports flooded in and interest grew on an international scale. Speculators offered huge prizes for the animal, dead or alive. Circus owner Bertram Mills promised a sum of ?0,000 to any man who could bring the creature alive to his circus.

Probably one of the first photographs to be taken of the monster was snapped by a British Aluminium Company worker, Mr Hugh Gray, near Foyers. It showed a writhing creature creating a considerable disturbance on the surface of the Loch. He only saw part of the animal which he estimated to be around40 ft long, which included a thick rounded back and also a muscular looking tail.
In December of the same year a hippo's foot had been planted by a prankster and all was taken seriously until officials finally uncovered the truth. This had an affect on future reports of sightings, as theywere taken less seriously.But still reported sightings were becoming increasingly common and more intriguing.
more info on Castle-->>>
Nessie seeking food Nessie Alive and Well Will the REAL Nessie Please stand UP!! Nessie's Weekend job
It all started with entering Contest Water Horse 160.jpg 159.jpg Passage to Cruise ship
Boarding area Ticket agent for Cruise NessieFever -19.jpg
Sail the Loch Board the Loch Looking for Nessie
Sign of Life, could Nessie be near by?? Our first spot of Nessie the Lochness Monster
140.jpg Shores of the Loch Ness 134.jpgShores of the Loch Ness My Daughter Allyson
Lucky Family of 4 Kuhn Family Dad, Jennifer & Allyson Urquhart Castle
Urquhart Castle II Urquhart Castle from Cruise boat Urquhart Castle Urquhart Castle III
Urquhart Castle IV Urquhart Castle V Urquhart Castle VI Views from the Loch
Views of Beautiful Scotland Shores of the Loch Ness Shores of the Loch Ness Shores of the Loch Ness
Shores of the Loch Ness Shores of the Loch Ness -56.jpgShores of the Loch Ness -58.jpgShores of the Loch Ness
59.jpgShores of the Loch Ness s-62.jpg -63.jpg -64.jpg
-65.jpg -67.jpg Allyson was delighted she SAW Nessie