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Mt. Adams

During the early 1800ís, Nicholas Longworth owned all of Mt. Adams,
cultivated the Catawba grapes used in making his famous champagne
known as Golden Wedding. For a brief period in history, Mt. Adams
was at the center of wine making in America!

Art came to Mt. Adams in 1892 when Maria Longworth Stroer moved her pottery
factory to the Hill. The grand-daughter of Nicholas Longworth, Maria
created a unique style of ceramic finishes and tints which she named
Rookwood Pottery. Quickly, it became internationally proclaimed for its
jewel-like porcelain finishes and still treasured by collectors today.

Today Mt. Adams is home to over 1300 residents and dozens of retail
businesses. The area has retained its charm with narrow, winding streets,
spectacular river and city views, a bustling commercial life and interesting
examples of architectural styles including five buildings currently listed
on the historic register.

Rookwood Pottery
Rookwood Pottery
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