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Chuck Lantz26-Jan-2013 07:29
Ken: Are you back in SF?
Chuck Lantz25-Mar-2012 08:00
Hiya, George: I wondered where you'd run off to. Sounds like you had a great time in NZ. Wish I was there, though I was virtually there for the Leg Five start of the vVOR race.
George E. Smith 22-Mar-2012 22:20
Hi Chuck,

I just got back from Auckland, where Cheryl and I watched the Volvo boats in the two in harbor races, and then chased them out of the Harbor. On Sat, 17, we sailed on Lion New Zealand, out to watch the VIH race, and then we put up sails and tooled around ourselves in Sir Peter Blake's first Whitbread boat, then on Sun, we watched the race from my cousin's 40 ft Launch, and then chased them out past Rangitoto, till we couldn't keep up with the race boats. Sailing one of those 70 footers is different again from the AC boats. Sail NZ now has AC#68, one of the 2003 German boats, as well as #41, the 1995 Japanese boat. By the Way; Camper easily won the Saturday in harbor race, by playing the tidal flow against the out of towners. Puma showed a lot of speed; good to see Ken Read still going at it.

Claude Kalter 21-Feb-2012 04:54
Hey Chuck ,

Keep up the good work, see you in VOR.

FocusingOnWildlife.com24-Oct-2010 12:26
superb images, will check your site on regular basis.
Pat 11-Oct-2010 23:37
Chuck, It was nice meeting you on Saturday...and thanks for the helpful info. We'll be sure to go earlier next year to avoid the crowds and traffic congestion. Great photos from the Blue Angels' practice last Thursday...
Guest 23-Jun-2010 02:45
hey chuck
when are you posting the april FP sessions?
Chuck Lantz12-Oct-2009 13:36
Guest 12-Aug-2009 02:46
Last thur near the cliff house you gave us helpful info. thanks
Chuck Lantz17-Mar-2009 09:29
"Sad"? Nahh! 64 is the new 63, right? And since we're talking about a tune by the boyz from Liverpool; ... re their last concert, I wish we'd bought a few dozen programs and dug through the debris for a bunch of ticket stubs from that night. We could ALL retire!
Guest 17-Mar-2009 01:59
Well, almost a year later, she gets the message! (I am a "techno-Amish!") By the way, you can sing that to me in August! (Sad, isn't it?) :(
Chuck Lantz07-Jun-2008 03:25
Susan: Wow! THAT was certainly unexpected. Many thanks!
Susan McAdam 06-Jun-2008 17:01
"When I get older, losin' my hair, many years from now, duh duh duddle dum...Ringo Starr"

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (Sorry...I just had to do it!) :)

pierre 05-Jun-2008 15:32
hey chuck you never posted the pictures from 4-29-08.
do you still have them and if you do can you send them to me.

thanks Pierre.
Chuck Lantz30-Apr-2008 13:03
Pierre: I'm glad you liked them.
pierre cugini 30-Apr-2008 00:25
thanks chuck for taking shots of me surfing on 4-29-08. i can send them to my family on the eastcoast.

thanks pierre
Chuck Lantz15-Jan-2008 02:08
Hiya Chris. Good to hear that you're back in my favorite place on the whole planet. Is Postcards still there?
chris paulson 14-Jan-2008 06:25
aloha chuck chris paulson here thankss for the great shots im back on kauai surfin warm perfect waves in hanalei bay say hi for me to da boyz at the fort mahaloa nui loa aloha
Margie and Huck Finn 19-Nov-2007 18:50
Thanks for the gorgeous photos of Huck (Bear #17, red/white/blue spinnaker) at the last Master Mariners. How much for an 8 x 10 or so?
Chuck Lantz07-Oct-2007 03:19
James: Thanks for the compliments. They mean a lot, especially from a shooter like yourself. Great images in your galleries, and 2,645,828 views! Nice work.
Guest 26-Sep-2007 15:45
Mr. Lantz,
Thank you for sharing these amazing photos! Your high-speed shots are incredible. Every image is carefully crafted and the presentation is top-notch. There's so much to learn from you and your photos.

You're a kind, humble man too, which makes you one of my favorite artist! Happy shooting.
Chuck Lantz27-Jun-2007 16:55
invaderchelsee: Wow! That's quite a compliment. Thanks! I'd suggest saving the money you'd spend on PhotoShop and check out Corel's PaintShopPro XI instead. It's much less expensive, and has all the features you'll need. I've used PaintShopPro for years for cropping and cleaning dust spots. The new Sigma SD14 and new Sigma PhotoPro program doesn't need much post-production tweaking. Maybe spend the money you'll save on good lenses? Which cameras are you considering?
Guest 27-Jun-2007 13:04
When I get photoshop and a new camera, I'm going to model my work after you.
Guest 08-Mar-2007 07:15
Keep going forward. You have so much potential.
Chuck Lantz26-Nov-2006 20:14
David: Thanks! Sorry I missed you at the Allianz Cup. I was shooting the event for and had to leave to upload photos as soon as we docked the RIB. So I missed all the fun stuff. Tough life ;)
Eric 13-Nov-2006 04:14
Wonderful and informative web site.I used information from that site its great.
Amy 25-Aug-2006 01:58
Excellent, love it!
Kevin 10-Aug-2006 05:22
What a great site
paul 08-Jul-2006 01:11
chuck, thanks for checking. You did have your camera out (I saw) but maybe you did not take any. Thnanks for looking. Paul.
Chuck Lantz06-Jul-2006 23:55
Paul: I checked my shots, and though I was out there on June 5th for awhile, I didn't do any shooting. Yet another boring meeting to attend instead.
Paul 06-Jul-2006 19:03
Hey chuck, how about 5 june Thanks again, Paul
Paul 27-Jun-2006 02:36
Yeah, June 5th. It was a MOnday and I remember you being there.
Chuck Lantz14-Jun-2006 06:40
Paul: I'm working on some of the recent days, but they're not first in line. Some shots from a wedding and a gallery opening have to be dealt with first. Are you certain it was June 5th? Maybe the 6th?
Paul 12-Jun-2006 17:55
Chuck do you have pictures from the fort from June 5?
Chuck Lantz11-Jun-2006 17:40
Joe: I use a Sigma/Foveon SD9.
Joe 10-Jun-2006 13:45
Great pics! What camera do you use?
Chuck Lantz01-Jun-2006 17:17
Lins: Damn. Thanks for the heads-up. I was going crazy trying to find "Autsralia" on the map. ;) ...and thanks for the kind words! Have you got your shots online?
Guest 01-Jun-2006 10:34
Ah shit.....That should be ....AUSTRALIA......just a typo!!
Lins Curtis 01-Jun-2006 10:32
Hey Mate...I am an amateur pic snapper with some damn good sailing action and general racing shots (in my opinion) but yours are the tops.
Love your website.
Lins Curtis
Sydney, Autsralia.
T 22-May-2006 17:28
Does anyone have pictures of fruty's memorial yesterday?
Chuck Lantz09-Jan-2006 19:44
Tony: Of course I remember you, and congratulations for those awards! I'll contact you by email.
Guest 09-Jan-2006 16:33
chuck, i dont know if you rember me but im bigt117 from aol, we use to talk regularaly about a year ago when you into duced me to sigma camera's i just wanted to let you know that i own a Sigma SA-7 now and am VERY pleased with it, i have entered photo's in 1 4-H compition and got blue ribbions on both of my pictures, and another one reciving honorable mention, i thank you very much for introducing me to Sigma camera's and wanted to stay in contact again, please email me at

thanks, tony
Chuck Lantz08-Jan-2006 05:31
Leo: The 12/24/05 shots are next in line for loading. They should be up by Monday or Tuesday, (1/9 1/10).
Leo 08-Jan-2006 03:10
Hi Chuck

Wondering when you think your photos from December 24th (christmas eve) at O.B. will go up. I was out in front of Sloat that day and got some good lefts, wondering how they came out. Judging from the stuff on your website they probably look really good.
Dora Gourley 05-Dec-2005 17:02
Hi Chuck
I just read your interview for the second time and viewed the photographs. It is easy to see where your heart lies! Wonderful job. It takes the viewer right to the ocean.
Renee does a great job with the interviews. Asks all the questions fellow artist like to hear! Dora (last month's interviewee!!!)
Chuck Lantz29-Nov-2005 05:36
Guest 28-Nov-2005 16:00
Chuck....keep firing away. Sure, be sensitive to crowding issues when appropriate but don't let the idiots tell you what to do. Everyone I know loves seeing your pics whether they were there that day or not. "After the fact" photo's are not the problem. Advanced forecasting and up to date reports are.
Swala 21-Oct-2005 02:55
Chuck put up your old surf pictures
Chuck Lantz17-Oct-2005 14:29
Ernsy: Yup, I'll be back soon. But first I have to finish the yacht stuff. Hell, I still have surfing shots from months ago to go through! See you out there.
Ernsy 16-Oct-2005 21:41
not coming back to the fort anymore?
Chuck Lantz20-Sep-2005 18:22

Thanks! I've got a bunch more to load from the BBS and Etchells Worlds. If all goes well, they'll be up later this week. Stay tuned.
Bob Beda 20-Sep-2005 16:28

Absoletely GREAT shots at the SF Rolex Big Boat Series as referenced on the 20 Sept., Sailing Anarchy web site. Fantastic job!
Chuck Lantz02-Jul-2005 07:21
Eli: I've got about 30 days of shots that need to be processed and posted. I'll put 3/10 at the top of the list. I'm still in North Carolina until July 10th, and on a dog-slow dial-up connection. I'll try to load 3/10, but they may have to wait till I get back to SF.
Chuck Lantz09-Jun-2005 19:50
Hiya, Mr. Follet. I figured you'd be in some Louisana prison farm by now. We're going back in your direction in two weeks, to Figure Eight and Wrightsville Beach in North Carolina. Just in time for hurricane season, again. I'll wave to ya as I fly over the dismal swamps.
Feu Follet 09-Jun-2005 04:33
I thought there was going to be photos of chuck in his leopard print speedos in his gallery site. Damn, I'm disappointed. (A wondering cajun)
Chuck Lantz26-Jan-2005 05:48
Wow! Now, THAT'S a compliment! Thanks! There's a bunch more from the Big Week that I'll be adding to the gallery soon.
Matt Crawford 22-Jan-2005 19:52
Now I've got a serious jones on. It looks so FUN. Maybe it's amnesia, but even that big day looks ... surfable:
The combination of beauty and power - I think I would try to paddle out even knowing I probably wouldn't make it past the whitewater, just to be near those waves, like prostrating myself before some goddess.
THis, on the other hand, is the picture that captures the vibe of fun for me, like the slightly fleshy, real friendly girl who keeps smiling at you with big sparkly eyes, and laughs at all your jokes, tossing her head back, then forward, and then looking at you through a curtain of silky hair:

--- Matt Feeney wrote:

> this might be a little too much of a tease for you,
> stuck in Richmond,
> but I was just made aware of this SF photographer's
> very
> enthusiastically updated web site - some great o.b.
> shots from the past
> big week.
Chuck Lantz28-Jul-2004 19:49
Everyone is fine, thanks! And you? We'll be North Carolina for the next few weeks, and I'll be shooting some East Coast surfers, for a change. I'll give you a call.
Chuck Burns 28-Jul-2004 19:28
Hi Chuck,

Just happened upon your site while surfing for double handed races.
How are you, Helen, and Max?

Best wishes, Chuck Burns
John 18-Mar-2004 20:20

You took some pictures two years ago of myself and crew. we had spoken originally about getting some however we never made contact again. How can I get in touch with you?