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Guest 31-Mar-2010 16:49
Hallo Chris.

My name is Hellouisa.
Ilike the pictures.Very nice.
Jeffrey Lewis Knapp19-Dec-2009 05:37
hi Chris. I vote. Great pictures. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Happy Holidays. God bless you. Jeff K
FrancescoMelillo01-Jul-2009 12:15
Very good
Marzena Grabczynska 05-Jun-2009 12:58
Great collection of beautiful shots. I really enjoed and I'll come back to see more! :-)
Kimmberly 14-May-2009 23:45
Came across your page a few weeks ago when I was looking for info on Mr Frankel. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful. Retirement suits you. :) Hope all is well. It's great to see you.

Kerry Tingley14-Feb-2009 04:23
I found Roatan, Honduras on Google map. It's an isla. Just "up the road" from us on the Caribbean. We've had torential rains there too. My sister lives there and they had 4 feet of water and NO tourists in early December. It was terrible. We have Kayaks and our homes are on stilts. Kerry
Guest 06-Feb-2009 22:07
Hi dear Chris,
Thanks a lot for visiting my galleries and for your kind comments.
Best regards from IRAN.

Guest 08-Oct-2008 15:39
Many thanks Chris for the nice comment and vote on my Fall image, much appreciated...
Guest 02-Apr-2008 20:02
Great Gallery

website :
Darbowski22-Mar-2008 14:14
Thank you for your visit and comments ! You have beautiful gallerys and i'll often be back for visiting them !
Guest 12-Mar-2008 15:14
Thanks Chris for your nice comment on my mallards image...
Guest 24-Jan-2008 15:47
That bumper was on an old classic Chevy, Thanks for your nice comment...
Guest 23-Jan-2008 16:46
Thanks Chris for the nice comments on my images
Chris Thorpe 10-Jan-2008 03:28
Great website, just googled my name, Chris Thorpe, and found this. cool deal! Very amazing photos and images caught. Keep it up!
Guest 13-Dec-2007 17:00
Thanks Chris, all ways appreciate your comments...
Guest 08-Dec-2007 15:04
Thanks for the vote and nice comment on my pheasant image...
Guest 29-Nov-2007 16:45
Thanks Chris...
I really like your Home page image, very well composed...
Guest 28-Oct-2007 15:54
Thanks for the vote on my coyote image...
I like your home page imge, nicely done...
Karen Hoyt26-Aug-2007 03:31
Love your gallery.
Guest 20-Jun-2007 05:38
Awesome photo gallery.
Guest 18-May-2007 16:02
Your galleries make me want to pack up and move to New York!
Guest 16-May-2007 01:18
Thanks for the nice comment and vote on my squirrel image...
Guest 11-Apr-2007 18:09
All of your galleries are truly amazing. Thanks for the mental vacation!
Guest 08-Mar-2007 07:21
I'm totally speechless. Good stuff.
Bob White25-Feb-2007 18:42
Hello Chris
Thanks for your visit and comment.
You have some lovely images amongst your Galleries I shall be back for another visit
Guest 14-Feb-2007 14:37
Thanks Chris for the vote and nice comments on my images...
Guest 12-Feb-2007 15:05
Thanks for your nice comment on my image...
Guest 10-Feb-2007 14:34
Thanks Chris...
Guest 07-Feb-2007 05:30
Thanks Chris for the vote and nice comment on my Eagle image...
Guest 03-Feb-2007 14:50
Thanks Chris for your nice comment on my flower image...
Vincent Belford30-Jan-2007 13:11
I've been strolling through your galleries and they're all so terrific that I don't know where to start commenting . I'll be back soon for more looks.
Guest 29-Jan-2007 14:10
Thanks for the nice comment
Guest 27-Jan-2007 15:12
Thanks Chris for your nice comments...
Guest 21-Jan-2007 14:54
Thanks Chris...
Guest 17-Jan-2007 22:56
Thanks Chris, this image doesn't do justice to the real beauty of the momment...
Guest 13-Jan-2007 05:28
Thanks for nice comments on my imgages.
Guest 05-Dec-2006 14:16
Thanks for the nice comments on my pelicans
Guest 02-Dec-2006 15:41
Thanks for your vote and nice comment on my scenic...
Guest 01-Dec-2006 13:56
Chris thanks for all your nice comments and votes on my images...
Guest 30-Nov-2006 14:53
Thanks Chris, appreciate your vote on my deer image...
Guest 28-Nov-2006 13:21
Thanks Chris,
Thant drive up into the High Country is one of my favorites...
Guest 28-Nov-2006 00:11
Thanks Cris for the nice comments on my images...
Guest 26-Nov-2006 14:44
Thanks Chris...Will like it or not Winter is here...ten above this morning...
Guest 24-Nov-2006 14:34
A bit late on my compimates from the other day, thank you Chris...
Guest 24-Nov-2006 14:21
Thanks for your vote...he's in trouble I do not beleive he can find a replacement for it, lol
Guest 22-Nov-2006 17:41
Thanks Chris for your vote and nice comment on my duck image...
Guest 21-Nov-2006 13:42
Good morning Chris..
Thanks for your nice comment and vote on my Morning light image...
Guest 19-Nov-2006 15:49
Thanks for your comments on my image and I greatly appreciate your vote on it as will...
Guest 18-Nov-2006 04:43
Beautiful gallery.
Guest 17-Nov-2006 14:00
Thanks for your vote and comments on my deer image..
Guest 16-Nov-2006 13:56
Thanks Chris for your nice comment on my blackbird image...
Guest 15-Nov-2006 23:49
Yep, if they switch their tail and show a bit of intrest the buck is Johnny on the spot..LOL
Guest 11-Nov-2006 15:28
Thanks for your vote, much appreciated...
Guest 10-Nov-2006 14:43
Thanks for your nice comment on my turkeys...
Guest 09-Nov-2006 15:48
Thanks Chris
Guest 09-Nov-2006 13:50
Thanks Chris for your nice comment on my berries image...
Guest 05-Nov-2006 05:06
Thanks Chris
Guest 31-Oct-2006 22:12
Thanks Chris, really appreciate the vote and nice comment on my scenic...
Guest 30-Oct-2006 14:11
Thanks for the vote and very nice comments on my images...
Guest 29-Oct-2006 13:03
Thanks Chris for the vote and nice comment on my image...
Guest 27-Oct-2006 23:15
Thanks Chris for the nice comment on my image and I appreciate your vote...
Guest 19-Oct-2006 15:01
Thanks Chris, O Ya, he knew I was taking his picture...
Guest 18-Oct-2006 14:45
Thanks Chris for the nice comment on my image...
Guest 26-Aug-2006 18:54
Thank you for your comments on the boat guy!
Guest 25-Aug-2006 17:44
Thank you, Chris..I'm glad you liked Garden Benches!
Manas Khan26-Jul-2006 23:16
Thanks for your appreciation on my photograph

Guest 17-Jul-2006 08:49
Chris, thanks for your comments on my pictures. yes a year in advance as I had not set th etime yet on my new D200... Claudio
Bill Thorpe 11-Jul-2006 13:43
Thanks for a great time and great pictures to remember it by.... your bloodline from the heartland.
Guest 13-Jun-2006 02:07
Many thanks for your dropping e -mail.
Here is my private blog.
Please check the hyper-linkage to your site.
Guest 09-Jun-2006 23:38
Much appreciated for your nice gallery.
Some of them for my private blog with hyper-link to your site.
Robert Frankel 26-May-2006 11:46
Very beautiful pictures Chris. I enjoy looking at your creations.
Guest 13-May-2006 00:29
Hey! Chris.. what is the photo challenge today??? :) I look forward to seeing what you do for it! :)
Guest 09-May-2006 18:42
Thanks again for viewing and commenting on my photo!
Guest 09-May-2006 11:54
Wonderful galleries! Have added you to my favorites and will check back often. Cheers!
Guest 08-May-2006 22:30
Thank you for your nice comments on my tulips. I enjoy looking at your photos with your family.
Guest 08-May-2006 19:34
Sorry, I meant to say The Cottage!
Guest 08-May-2006 19:33
Thanks for your great comment on House in the woods!!
Guest 05-May-2006 16:40
Chris, thank you for your comments! It means alot to me!
Guest 04-May-2006 16:48
Thank you Chris on your nice comments!!
Nina 22-Apr-2006 15:41
I went to itay in november of 2005, I was with my family and they wanted to do all the tour & this and that; that by the time I wanted to go off and take photo's it was already time to leave and move on to the next country. so seeing you capture venice, and the rest of italy was awesome. Love the colors and the eye that sees them for what they truly are((( Beautiful.)))
arminb07-Apr-2006 12:39
"Work like you don't need the money, Dance like nobody is watching and Love like you have never been hurt" - wish it would always be easy to follow this excellent advice :)
Cheers, Armin
Marjo Lane 03-Apr-2006 15:01
Awesome! We travel so much but I am inspired to go farther and take more photos.
s_barbour17-Mar-2006 12:27
Hi Chris
I see that you are fairly new to pbase, welcome,I 'm sure that you will enjoy it very much. I have learned, and continue to learn a great deal from so many people on this site. Your work is breathtaking, so many gorgeous images. I am adding you to my favorites so that I can browse through your photography and keep up with your Pad.
Marcia Colelli16-Mar-2006 20:50
thank you so much for your comment on my photo
jypsee12-Mar-2006 01:02
hey... thanks for the kudos on my At Home in Florida gallery. Visit any time :^)
Guest 02-Mar-2006 05:39
Chris thank you for your comments, you have so many inspiring shots that I really appreciate the positive feedback. Thanks again, Vaughn
Chris P.24-Feb-2006 16:35
I enjoyed browsing your bi-coastal galleries. You have some beautiful scenics.