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Stephanie22-Dec-2011 23:43
Greetings Christine ~
I just wanted to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and the Happiest and Healthiest of New Years!
Hopefully we will be able to meet up in 2012! Looking forward to it! :)
Steph :)
FocusingOnWildlife.com27-Nov-2010 14:53
superb images, will check your site on regular basis.
Guest 10-Oct-2010 11:29
Had a nice time viewing your galleries, nice work!

krishan30-Jan-2010 10:58
Hi.... like your photos so much..... you are really great photographer..... im an artist and i paint on canvas. I hope we can be good friends.

Sam X01-Jan-2008 04:06
Happy New Year... and many happy shots in a new 2008. Thanks for Your support
Guest 20-Jun-2007 18:22
I can tell that you put a lot of effort into your pictures.
Guest 08-Mar-2007 06:57
I'm simply loss for words. Kudos!
Graham Tomlin12-Nov-2006 10:35
all the best on your Birthday best always Helen
Henk Binnendijk08-Aug-2006 12:51
Hello Chris,

Yes Anna came with us to Belle Ile en Mer, and she loved it, she even caught a bunny in the yard of our vacation home:

Hope you and your family are OK
The French are very good with dogs. Anna was welcome in hotels and restaurants, everybody was very friendly.
Guest 13-Apr-2006 16:26
Thanks for the nice comment Chris,
Guest 12-Apr-2006 23:04
Thanks Chris for your nice comment on my wood duck...
Gilles Navet05-Apr-2006 11:52
Je découvre et avec grand plaisir ta PaD et quelques autres galeries.
Superbe composition, sens du détail, originalité dans certains cadrage
Arno Meintjes Wildlife30-Mar-2006 20:01
Thanks for the comment Chris
Here is that same juvenile with his mom and then a close up of the bird.
Arno Meintjes Wildlife15-Mar-2006 11:27
I have put a small gallery together about life in and around the Kruger National Park.
I hope this will give you an idea where we are off to every now and then.
You are welcome to visit it here :
Arno Meintjes Wildlife07-Mar-2006 14:01
Thanks for the comment on the vultures. This is what happened afterwards
Arno Meintjes Wildlife06-Mar-2006 05:02
Thank you for the visit and comment. Please have a look at :
Weather over the weekend in the Kruger National Park
Chris Thorpe03-Mar-2006 20:16
Chris, Thank you for your kind comments. Your galleries are varied and interesting. I had a nice visit.
Arno Meintjes Wildlife21-Feb-2006 05:19
Thank you for your continued support and comments. I opened this album to the public, but be warned it is about injured and killed animals.
Arno Meintjes Wildlife19-Feb-2006 17:43
Chris, thanks for your comment on the leopard. He was afraid of getting down.
See the poor guy here
Arno Meintjes Wildlife12-Feb-2006 15:13
Thanks for the visit and comment
Sorry I had to add a small image after your visit.
Please feel free to have a look again.
Guest 06-Feb-2006 07:33
Chris , Thanks for your comment on my Squirrel Series image.
Arno Meintjes Wildlife05-Feb-2006 16:15
Chris, thank you for the guestbook entry, much appreciated.
You have stopped posting images long long ago. I am in the beginnig but hope to improve. As I say, i have the most beautiful models in the world. Arno
Guest 23-Jan-2006 22:50
Hi Cris,thanks for your comments on my "cat Snoozzzzz" picture :-)
You have lovely galleries,beautiful colours, excellent work, inspiring!
Best of luck
Guest 23-Jan-2006 16:43
Thanks for the nice comment...
Guest 11-Jan-2006 13:26
good werk....Chris
Your photos are very good especially for the Pad 2006.
thnx for showing the world!!
Guest 09-Dec-2005 19:25
Thanks Chris, he will not be on the dinner table, but he could succumb to a fox or coyote. The area that they call home is in a non hunting area....
Guest 06-Dec-2005 00:39
Thanks Chris, yes we have been having some really nice snow storms in the high country and I enjoy snowshoeing the back country...
Guest 27-Nov-2005 18:10
Thanks Chris for your nice comments on my horse picture, most ranchers just let their horses roam, they are working horses and are used to the changeing weather...
Guest 07-Nov-2005 08:49
Thanks for your lovely comment...
royalld05-Nov-2005 15:57
Thank you for visiting my PaD Gallery, last week.
I enjoyed my tour through your galleries this morning.
I was a pleasant why to start my week-end.
Richard Haas 07-Oct-2005 14:32
could you please conatct me. Thanks in advance
Henk Binnendijk14-Aug-2005 18:22
Thanks Chris for your support and your comments. We still can't imagine our life without Joop, it'll take time to accept the fact that he's gone for good. He was a sweet strong dog with an overdose of character. He was family.
Matylda Lempel-Chareza Photography16-Mar-2005 18:05
Tkanks ,my snow is natural.
Guest 07-Mar-2005 16:54
Hi Chris. Thanks very much for your message ... I've only just caught up with it. I'm hopeless about checking for them! I keep in touch with what you're up to through your own ever increasingly super pictures and it seems you're having a great time ... and recording it all beautifully too! Take care. Yours ever, Simon
Ian Clowes19-Jan-2005 21:34
hi Chris - just saw your comment on the sunrise. You're right it's a view across the Babcock dockyard towards the road and Forth rail bridge.
Guest 14-Jan-2005 17:09
You had some very nice pics on your gallery there! The Vegas gallery was my favorite..
Danny Finlay 13-Dec-2004 22:43
Chris: Interesting pictures. not viewed them all yet


Michele Rodgers05-Dec-2004 17:48
Thanks for the comments on my "Norman" gallery. I have a balcony off my den where the computer is and he comes each day and basically knocks on the door to tell me he is waiting for his peanuts ... he is very bold. So far I have not used a tripod ... I take the pictures and most do not have blur. I also have the Canon S1 IS and it has the stabilizer ... it is super ... no blur at all when using it. Life can be so hectic so I just laugh and take the time when Norman comes to call.

Your photos (and country) are very beautiful.

Bill Miller08-Oct-2004 15:06
Hi Chris, Thanks for your comments on my North Berwick gallery - just catching up with comments now. I have recently added a gallery with Tantallon and another with Gullane Bents. The cafe you mentioned has changed hands, and now does a great all-you-can-eat Scottish breakfast on a Sunday. Lovely after a walk on a cold, windy morning. Bill
c hadden 19-Sep-2004 09:51
hey chris,nice name is chris hadden im an ironworker from east coast you know what your roots are?where did the hadden name come from?the only haddens i know are my family (about ten of us)your the only other chris hadden besides myself im aware of.oh well hope i didnt freak you out,later.
Guest 14-Mar-2004 21:41
Hi Chris,

Your Max seems to be a real character, just as Mahjong, the Malinois, that you commented on last week. Mahjong is 8 years old, and he knows he is beautiful! It is always a pleasure to see great pictures of animals, thanks for yours.