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Guest 11-Oct-2014 16:42
we, nicol and virginia, visited your booth today at the port warwick art and sculpture event. your art is amazing and strikingly intriguing. we purchased le bouquet. thank you
Shirley Smith 09-Sep-2014 16:28
I giving in.. I've always loved your photo "Ferguson Center" and have decided that this for my living room . The arches in the walk way match the arch in my upper windows. This would look so pretty above my fireplace . We need to discuss size and boarder.
Guest 02-May-2014 23:19
Hello, Leo. I received my "Razzle-dazzle" print in the mail yesterday. I wanted to thank you for sending it so promptly and how happy I am to have it to go with the "Bedazzled" print. I absolutely love them and can't wait to frame them and hang them up this weekend. I only wish I had more walls so I could have more of your gorgeous work.

I hope to see you in Charlotte again!
Brenda Stubbs
Linda Richard Wilt 22-Apr-2014 23:37
Hi, Leo.
I got your web address from Louise recently and just now browsed your gallery. (big smile) Your art is breathtaking. I love that you have the ability to make me see a new piece of beauty in an everyday item. There are so many of your prints that I would love to have, but to start with it will be "Off To See the Wizard".
My bedroom is decorated with the artwork of people and places I loved the most, and I am VERY excited to add you to my collection!
Your cousin, Linda Richard Wilt
Starr Kurtz 19-May-2013 20:58
Hi Leo. I just wanted to tell you how nice it was to meet you at the Art on the Square in Belleville, Illinois. I just love your images and so glad I purchased 'Bedazzel". You are a fantastic artist, thank you for taking the time to talk to me. Your images inspire and facinate me.

I hope your stay in Belleville was pleasant.
Guest 25-Dec-2012 16:01
Appreciate your nice comment on my image...
Jim Newman Fine Art Photography09-Dec-2012 02:37
hi i have had you on my favorites list fore a while now just realized your bedazzel picture won the occassion for the arts show in williamsburg va Im from williamsburg and was in that show this year. Just wanted to say how great your work is! and how much I enjoy looking at it.
Marvin Reed 15-Feb-2012 15:02
Stunning photography, Leo. You are a man of many talents!
George A. Janca 25-Aug-2011 14:00
hi Leo, the 'not quite exactly the same piano' - (above mantle) art and "cheers! fun while it lasted" print (in the dining room) are such great additions to this home...thanks! saw you at the Boston Mills Art Fest this past year
Mirla 28-Mar-2011 01:32
Leo my friend - I'm so very blown away at this discovery of the astonishing extent of your right brain. I suppose this might be the way I stay in touch with you after you fly away from Oberlin. Be well.
Sheri & Doug Story 13-Jul-2010 14:22
Leo - we love our two newest additions to our art collection - "When Your Smiling" and "Fun While It Lasted!" Thank you! We'll definitely be following your work from now on and hope to see you again at the Krasl Art Fair.

Best regards,
Sheri & Doug Story

p.s. Congratulations on Best of Show in Photography!
Michelle Fields 05-Jan-2010 21:22
Hi- It was nice having dinner with you at the Ellises. Love your abstract/still life shots in particular! Best of luck to both of you.
nige5024-Nov-2009 21:15
Thanks for looking in
Amy P. 12-Aug-2009 13:04
Leo, I loved all your galleries-- great to see your work online. Hope you and your family are well. Best regards.
Michelle Bennett 10-Jun-2009 13:11
Met you briefly at the sidewalk art show in Roanoke. Love your work
Karen Knierim 08-Apr-2009 22:47
Wow, Leo! Your photo art is awesome! Jim McBride gave me your website and told me how much he had enjoyed catching up with you. This website presents a whole different you! Thanks for the images!
csmallari29-Nov-2007 01:06
Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my gallery and for the comments. You have so many fantastic images in your different galleries. Thanks for sharing them with us - I'm sure a lot of us get a lot of inspiration from them.
Guest 13-Jun-2007 16:07
For some reason, your pictures really cheered me up.
Guest 08-Mar-2007 13:56
Great work, your photo galleries are fantastic.
Guest 07-Mar-2007 14:27
Wonderfully magical.
Guest 05-Mar-2007 19:57
I love the light, happiness and the mode in your photos.. they are so colorfull and great...
tomr-photos03-Mar-2007 05:05
Thanks for visiting and commenting. :)
Guest 19-Feb-2007 20:39
you are a very talented and artistic person
Enrico Martinuzzi07-Feb-2007 12:36
Inspiring, wonderfully treated and framed, unconventional, funny, unique... What else?
Ah, yes!
Outstanding talent: it make me feel miles behind :)
Thanks for sharing

Robbie D7026-Jan-2007 19:29
Im still looking at your excellent photographs and still find them inspiring. How many years has it been now ? amazing work.
Mike Dunbar14-Jan-2007 14:55
The consistently mesmerising tones you're producing suggest to me that you're doing something very right! Keep up the great work. Thanks.
Guest 10-Jan-2007 04:24
Lovely work, I'm especially fond of your abstracts. Cheers!
Katarina Pantelic26-Dec-2006 07:56
thank you so much for sharing your wonderful world with us. you've been a real inspiration to me.
Guest 06-Dec-2006 00:53
Thanks for your comment
It caused me to visit your impressive galleries
I have added you to my favorites list
Nick Powell01-Dec-2006 20:17
As a new user to PBase, I've just found your galleries. Your photographs are really inspirational, I can only aspire to this level of photography. Definitely added to my favourites. Best Regards, Nick.
Katie Chew01-Sep-2006 00:06
Thank you so much for your comment on my photo of the Weed.
magoo20-Aug-2006 12:59
You are an amazing artist.
I love your way of looking at the world.
Guest 20-Aug-2006 08:30
One of the great galleries in PBase. Technique + humanity = art. Thanks for existing.
Guest 20-Jul-2006 21:47
Awesome galleries!
Guest 19-Jul-2006 17:43
Thank you so much for both your comments and votes!
Guest 09-Jul-2006 02:00
Autumn ... thanks for stopping by My PaD and the compliment. After browsing your wonderful galleries and fantastic collection of images, I'm flattered you took time to comment on one of mine. Cheers.
tomr-photos08-Jul-2006 12:06
One benefit of commenting on another's gallery: I never would have known what I was missing. Thanks for commenting...and for making me aware that your work exists. There are a bunch of really good photographers here. Unfortunately, some will remain unknown because they don't take the time to put in a word of encouragement for a fellow photographer. You taught me a lesson. As lousy as I am with my comments/critiquing, I'll make more of an effort to say something...even a simple word as "voted". - Tom
Naomi 02-Jun-2006 14:00
A pbase friend referred me to your galleries. They are indeed lovely!
Chuck Kuhn23-Mar-2006 14:33
Thanks for the comments on my Golden Gate bridge. I will come here, truly amazing photographer YOU ARE..
Guest 10-Mar-2006 15:01
On the subject of creativity, I think I find you the best photographer I've seen on Pbase.
Debbie Stahre02-Jan-2006 13:00
Very refreshing work in your galleries! I especially love the glassworks.
William L. Taylor 27-Dec-2005 06:39
I'm the "kite nut" you photographed. I looked at your site and was bowled over. As a retired lifetime professional photographer, I give you highest marks. You have a good eye, superb technique and visualization. Keep up the good work. With digital now, there is a whole new world for us out there. After a life time spent learning how to use film, now I need to learn how to use digital!
Lauren Stephan 19-Dec-2005 09:01
Leo~ It's 3:45 in the morning. I got up over 2 hrs ago to tend to one of the twins. I came downstairs to get a drink of water and I've been looking at your site ever since (only quiet, uniterrupted time I get). I can't even find the words to accurately describe how amazed I am with your work. I continue to be awestruck with your talent and so thrilled that you have let it OUT so we can ALL enjoy it! Can't wait to share your site with my family this Christmas. I think I'm going to want to do a "seasons" of Williamsburg selection for my home. It's just going to be so doggone hard to pick the actual photos 'cause they're all so great! I'll be in touch! ~Lauren
Andrew Lee08-Dec-2005 19:26
you've got an awesome gallery! Very inspiring and very talented!
Guest 15-Nov-2005 04:44
It means so much to me as an amateur photographer to see your nice comments. Thank you so much! :)
Guest 10-Nov-2005 11:30
I just keep coming back to your work over and over again. You have such a zest for life and shows! Please keep sharing your wonderful photographs with the world, it is certainly a pleasure to view...and so much fun!

Cory Bamburg
ctfchallenge27-Oct-2005 21:28
WOW...many of ur images left me speechless! I would feel more than honoured, if you could sop by at my pbase and leave some criticism! Best regards, Armin
Sheila Lauder aka Northbeach 22-Oct-2005 20:37
I don't know why I never looked here before...a veritable treasure trove of images. Your work is outstanding, evoking emotional response from laughter to sadness. I believe good photography engages the feelings as well as the eye.
Guest 20-Oct-2005 02:41
Hello, I've visited before, along with other members The Feminine Perspective and I thought you might like to see our 'Alphabet Soup' gallery that you inspired :) Thanks ~ Clare
CJ Burianek20-Oct-2005 02:11
Beautiful galleries! Will definitely be back!
Vixi 15-Oct-2005 15:34
Wat een prachtige vernieuwde website. Heldere opzet en ook een goede kleurstelling. Mooi.
Mijn complimenten!

Met vriendelijke groeten
Guest 07-Oct-2005 11:44
Your work is simply astonishing! I need to come back here every day. Your talent is overwhelming.
Guest 03-Oct-2005 04:22
I am sooooo glad I happened across your galleries. I have been shooting and posting on pbase for about a year and this is now my favorite gallery. Amazing talent you have! Thanks for sharing your work.
Guest 28-Sep-2005 17:36
WONDERFUL Galleries.
jim wesson 25-Sep-2005 20:51
enjoyed looking around.jim from aroma's and autumn leaves bandb
Guest 02-Sep-2005 01:43
these shots are beautiful! I especially like the shapes gallery and voted- great focus and color...can I ask what style sheet you use? It really sets off your pictures-
please let me know at
thank you!!
Guest 28-Aug-2005 16:08
Your galleries are really outstanding, and I very much enjoyed viewing them. Thanks for your kind words regarding my gallery -- it's great to receive positive comments from someone as photographically talented as yourself!
james morgan19-Aug-2005 20:43
Well as a backward geriatric buying used 5700 I came across your gallery today and talent of this magnitude earns tributes and wonder I now know the dross i produce I am in awe.
Guest 19-Aug-2005 12:38
You have a wonderful gallery. I love your pictures they are magnificent. Keep up your beautiful work.
BonsEYE15-Aug-2005 02:19
I really appreciate your comment on my PAD. I've had your "Self Exposed" gallery bookmarked since well before I even joined Pbase. Everything you've captured is such a great inspiration for me to keep picking up that camera, looking, exploring and trying to capture the world around me. Many thanks.
Guest 11-Aug-2005 16:08
Hi, just to tell you that I love your work!1 so full of creativity and a unique style. A pure pleasure... I'll come back, for sure.
Best regards,
Mal 08-Aug-2005 07:43
Wanted to get a new camera and then saw your gallery of amazing pictures with the E5700 Nikon. Changed my mind about upgrading!
Robbie D7003-Aug-2005 20:20
Hello , It never fails to amaze me the richness of this site and the fantastic photographs
found on p base. Your galleries have done this today ! I have found fresh inspiration
from your exciting work . Thanks and I will be back to view more.
Rene Hales01-Aug-2005 11:20
Thank you for your recent visit to my PaD and your most kind comments. I too enjoy popping over to see what you have been up to.--Rene
Guest 30-Jul-2005 03:37
Charette, your galleries are great, full of very creative, entertaining and inspiring work.
In fact, I got inspiration from your Marbles 'n' Glass gallery and used your 'Cheers' idea for an image of my own for an entry in KM C38: Chocolate:
I've acknowledged you and your work in the caption for that one. Thanks for the excellent idea! :^)
Cheers, John
Guest 25-Jul-2005 14:08
Thank you for visiting and commenting on my gallery. Your stuff is amazing.
John Potter24-Jul-2005 23:33
Autumn Sky: Had no idea you were in Virginia!! Thanks for the comment, John
Chuck Inglefield24-Jun-2005 15:06
Thanks for you recent comment. Your galleries are fantastic! I love the creativity! The "rumble" shot is priceless.

Rene Hales12-Jun-2005 12:08
Thank you for leaving a comment on "eggsactly". I have visited one or two of your iamges before, but I took a longer look around this time and have added you to my favorites. You have many wonderful and creative images, I will return often to enjoy and be inspired. The effect on "eggsactly" is called weird lines.--Rene
John Beck27-May-2005 00:42
What a wonderful gallery! I plan on stopping here often.
antje kroeger photograpie02-Apr-2005 23:05

s_barbour01-Apr-2005 20:27
Hello and thank you for leaving a comment in my PAD gallery. I have just been in to have a look at your is superb, I really enjoyed it. I will check back often to see what you are up to. Keep up the exceptional work.
Guest 24-Mar-2005 21:58
Followed a link from the challenge site - and so glad I did. I've really enjoyed looking through your galleries. You've got some beautiful and very original images. Thank you.
paul yung24-Mar-2005 16:05
We have an artist at work here! Each image is carefully crafted with love and passion. These galleries engender literately spirits. Congrat!
Kaj E24-Mar-2005 01:30
Great work! Creative and unconventional and a very personal style. This is true Art. Enjoyed it very much, thanks for sharing/
lebororo01-Mar-2005 22:08
Just beautiful !
Belle galerie à visiter pour s'évader.
Guest 24-Feb-2005 23:46
Thank you for commenting my photos. I really appreciate it, especially when coming from an outstanding photographer like you. All of your galleries are excellent work. And your still-life and abstract photos are my favorite!
markvm18-Feb-2005 00:06
Thanks for your comments! Yeah, that's me and I was using an aroma candle that comes in a glass jar for the lighting. Two wicks though..:)
Guest 12-Feb-2005 00:17
After viewing through your galleries, I can conclude that you are one of the best in Pbase. Perhaps I'm ignorant and haven't seen all of the excellent pictures yet.

Your pictures all have very natural and "COOL" color, and good constrast between the light and shadow. I'm amazed by how well you manipulate the lighting. I'm gonna start experimenting more with my camera.
Shelly- VA Beach06-Jan-2005 02:48
I live in Va Beach and have never appreciated Coll. of W&M or Wmburg as much as I have thru your pics! Will definitely have to revisit them both to "see" what you're seeing. Beautiful galleries, all.
Jim Woodworth24-Dec-2004 23:37
Beautiful images! You should post on DPReview more often, so others would discover these galleries.
Saskia 09-Dec-2004 19:30
Hi there,

Re my framing: what I do is use the same picture as a background (sometimes a crop if there's not enough going on around the edges) and add a gaussian blur. Then I make a new vector layer where I draw a box along the inside of the frame and blur that too, very lightly. That's it!
Stan Richard08-Dec-2004 12:56
Autumn Sky, thanks for the nice comments on my Fire in the Sky photo. Cheers! Stan
markvm15-Nov-2004 22:21
Thanks for your comments on my photo. I am only into my second week so I have a long way to go. Your gallery is very nice!
Guest 12-Nov-2004 21:46
I really like your style. nice variety of images.
great work!
Très belle gallerie avec beaucoup de variété
En fantastisk samling, mycket vackert.
Wundervolle Bilder.

Guest 06-Nov-2004 00:46
You are DEFINITLY one of my favorite artist on pbase! Your galleries are so inspiring to me... Tnx for sharing...
Stan Richard04-Nov-2004 22:33
Hello, thanks for the nice comments on my "White-out on the range" photo. Your photography is amazing. Stan
Vikki Hansen07-Jul-2004 02:40
Thank you for taking the time to comment on my work. Your comment expresses what I strive to achieve.
Guest 03-Jul-2004 01:51
Thank you for your comments and suggetions you left about my images. You are very good and I really appreciate your visit to my gallery.
Jeff Cochran17-May-2004 14:23
Hello, I enjoyed your photos.Thx for sharing. :)
Guest 12-Mar-2004 01:59
I live in Indiana now, but my heart still lives in Williamsburg. Thanks for the beautiful reminders of my favorite home.
Richard 27-Feb-2004 01:01
Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the photos of Colonial Williamsburg. Your work is the best on CW that I have found on the internet. This William and Mary alum thanks you for sharing.
Bob and Lil 28-Dec-2003 20:31
Just heard about your galleries from Linda. The work of His hands is just superb and you have captured it so well. Will continue to enjoy them from time to time.
gsjaa 08-Jul-2003 04:03
Nice to follow you from dp review to pbase. I liked your photos and their framing and arrangement too. Are all your photos with UZI?. Your place is virginia and my remote town in India grows virginina tobacco. Is there tobacco business in your state?
Guest 17-Jun-2003 15:32
Wonderful galleries! I especially like the Williamsburg & Jamestown Island photos--you've done a great job capturing the beauty in the area you live. Also I wanted to thank you for your generosty in sharing how you made your stylesheets. It's helped me tremendously! thanks again!
Guest 17-Mar-2003 17:38
Wonderful photographs! Very well composed and thought out. The colors are outstanding. You have a very good eye and talent at this!
Guest 22-Dec-2002 13:48
What a beautiful style sheet for your galleries! It seems as thought you can almost "feel" the texture of the snowflakes. Beautiful photographs...
Francis Toussaint27-Oct-2002 14:37
Beautiful galleries...
I wish to thank you for the inspiration and more particularly, for your excellent guide on how to customize PBase. I immediately used some of your recipes, and it worked great.
Many thanks again

connell patrick byrne12-Oct-2002 15:42
thank you for the links and the explanation it will be a big help.

Craig Sadler08-Oct-2002 02:13
Beautiful,inspiring,exceptional,thoughtfully composed, UUhhmm.. I think they call this talent:-) I'll stop by now and then for inspiration.

Guest 21-Sep-2002 03:52
Hey I love your photos! I actually live in Williamsburg, so its great to see some of these the river, the parkway, and CW gardens.. in a new light. Awesome!
Robin MacLeod 02-Sep-2002 14:12
What a great celebration! Pictures are wonderful. Thank you for sharing.