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Curtis Crenshaw

Here is an updated bio from Curtis:
Three years of Electrical Engineering right after high school
Was drafted into the Army, Feb 67, went to Vietnam, was hit during Tet Offensive, received Bronze Star and purple heart
Married my one and only in July 1969 (44 years and counting. Riddle: I've been married twice, never divorced, my first wife did not die, and I'm not a bigamist? What is the answer? My wife and I renewed our wedding vows on the 25th anniversary.)
Took two degrees in seven years 1969-76), all in theology and biblical studies.
Been in the pastorate since 1976, soon to retire from that.
Been with a seminary, Cranmer Theological House, since 1994, and dean since 2004. I teach theology, pastoral courses, Hebrew, Greek, books of the Bible, etc.
Fall of 1994 was awarded a doctor's degree for a thesis that took 4 1/2 years to write.
We have a son and a daughter, and each has two children.
I was a defendant in the largest and longest trial in Six Circuit Federal Court history there in Memphis in a church state battle (arrested Jan 9th, 1990, equitted July 9, 1991, exactly three periods of six months to the day, 6-6-6! Not sure what to make of that). Twenty-six were arrested, 18 went to trial, and none from my church pled out since we were not guilty. After 4 1/2 months of trial, 4 to 5 days a week, all defendants not guilty on all counts.
I've written six books (
I've been in the Houston area since July 2001, starting and pastoring a church and dean of the seminary just mentioned, hoping to move back to Memphis soon where all our family is.
In the fall of 2010, I had 14 inches of my colon removed after a routine colonoscopy revealed a large growth. I do not have cancer! Subsequent colonoscopies have been negative.
If you want the fuller version of my life, contact me (, and I'll make arrangements to send you a short autobiography titled Why Is God Always Late?

After Central, I attended CBC (Christian Brothers College as it was called in those days) for 3 years. Then at my mothers request, I attended a local Bible college to take a year before I finished at CBC. The draft board would not allow me to change majors, so I was taken out of the Bible college and put into the Army. I spent 2 years in the army, 1 year in Vietnam, where I received 3 awards: a written one, a purple heart, and a bronze star.

After the Army, I was married to my beloved wife (now 34 years), returned to the Bible college, having abandoned electrical engineering, and graduated with a BA 3 years later (1972). Then I attended Dallas Theological Seminary and was graduated in 1976 with a Th.M. (4 year master's degree). I pastored churches for many years, then received the Th.D. (same as Ph.D.) in 1994. Since that time, I have been teaching at the graduate level in a seminary in Houston, TX. I teach biblical Hebrew and Greek along with some theology and many biblical courses.

I have 2 children: a son who is married with 2 sons, and a daughter who is married but without children. They love the Lord, and are a joy to my wife and me.

I have written 4 full length books, many booklets, and too many articles in journals and sites to remember. I have also written many course for seminary, some of which I hope to turn into books.

I have been through a major trial (affliction) every 10 years of my life. In junior high school, my step father tried to kill my mother who was pregnant with my half brother. It did not work, and I have a half brother. In my 20s, I went to Vietnam, barely escaping death many times. In my 30s, I was working at a major insurance and investment firm in Memphis when I discovered a fraud scheme in the company. After going to the FBI (it was interstate), attorney general, and others, no one would do anything. It was too difficult to prove, they said. Thus I went to a local tv station that investigated it, and for 5 nights they interviewed me, genera
Curtis Crenshaw
Curtis Crenshaw
Curt Turns 60
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Ruth and Curtis
Ruth and Curtis