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Robert Levy04-Dec-2010 20:14
You have some beautiful work here. Congratulations!
Guest 27-Dec-2007 16:23
Fantastic collections! You have a keen sense for composition. Very inspirational. I look forward to more of your work.

Happy shooting.
Guest 25-Dec-2007 20:51
Hey Joseph,
no words can describe how I love your work...

Merry Christmas.
Karen Hoyt23-Sep-2007 23:54
Can you share the program you use to create the HDR images? and how many shots do you take? I would like to try a few. Yours are great.
Greg Rushlow23-Jul-2007 11:36
Incredible IR work. What an inspiration. Mighty hard to tell you technique. Can't tell on some if that camera of yours is modified or not.
Whatever you are doing, you are doing it well.
Thank you!!
Paul DuBose09-Jul-2007 17:05
Very nice work. Where were you when you took the shot of St. Philips? I'll be there later this month. Check mine out.
Paul DuBose
LC Goh21-May-2007 14:04
Beautiful galleries.
Guest 30-Apr-2007 06:25
Thank you kindly, I admire your work.

Guest 10-Apr-2007 06:47
Dear Joseph,
You have so beautifuly photos in yours portfolio...Excellent my friend...Greetings from Montenegro, old/new country in Europa...I will come back with pleasure...
Will Denney28-Dec-2006 22:16
Wow...some great shots. Definitely an add to the favorites. Keep it up!
Guest 07-Dec-2006 18:01
Joseph,Your IR Galleries are FANTASTIC ! I absolutely love your work.
Guest 07-Dec-2006 18:00
Joseph,Your IR Galleries are FANTASTIC ! I absolutely love your work.
Guest 06-Dec-2006 13:52
great galleries! I rally like your night shots and especailly your IR shots. Did you modify your sony or do you use a filter because they are fast exposures. Thanks. James
Guest 07-Nov-2006 15:54
You are AMAZING!!! A photographer I can definitly look up to! Tremendous talent!!
Allan Levin15-Sep-2006 14:43

Enjoyed your galleries. Very good quality.

Guest 10-Sep-2006 22:17
your photos are the best I've seen in my entire life... Respect !
Ralph ceglia 02-Sep-2006 01:43
You photos are awesome.
Dan Martin 27-Aug-2006 19:00
The quality of your work is fantastic. Thank you for putting it online so people like me can take a look at the world through your lense!
glimpses by lu25-Aug-2006 00:31
I have so enjoyed viewing your excellent variety of images. You do beautiful work with all of your topics. Wonderful eye and creativity!! I will be visiting again for sure. Lu
Matt Latham 21-Aug-2006 19:41
Hi Joseph. Your gallery is amazing. I am thinking of buying the canon 300mm f4 IS lens and this is real advertisement for the lens. I was wondering what your thoughts were of the lens with 1.4x convereter - any loss in quality and AF speed?

zeusho27-Jun-2006 08:24
I am running a Sony Forum, I found that you photos taken by Sony DC are great, would you mind I post your pics in my forum for the members' reference,and I promise I will post your name and Phase's links, looking forward to your reply.
Guest 12-Jun-2006 14:44
Very nice images and very intensive work on them. Do you have any idea why your workflow doesn´t work with the F828?.Thnaks!
Rogers family 01-Jun-2006 18:36
We visited Atalaya in May,2006, loved it but were depressed seeing it in such poor shape. Searching for pictures of the castle in better days we found your site. All of the photos are superb. The pictures of Atalaya, esp. the infra-red, help to preserve the feeling of the work of art that it was meant to be. We'll revisit your gallery often and pass your address to family and friends. Thank you for sharing the beauty and preserving it.
Guest 01-May-2006 02:37
Excellent collection of images. I like it!
amanda 29-Apr-2006 20:57
i thought i would leave you a little message WOW your disney photos are excellent just the disney fix i needed keep up the good work Thank You
CarlosGi 21-Apr-2006 22:58
Outstanding work !
Guest 10-Apr-2006 02:23
Your galleries are very inspirational. I came across them through a search for Disney photos as Myself and family are frequent visitors and avid fans. That said, the rest of your stuff blows me away. Great work!
katherine 24-Mar-2006 22:18
Mr. Levy~You are outstanding-I will try and look at taking more exciting pictures during my next trip to Disney World-mine looked so ordinary! You have a flair and great eyes! Breathtaking photography!
Lion18-Mar-2006 20:11
Say were did that car show take place ?????
yackery 12-Feb-2006 19:21
Your IR work is impressive, and your workflow is an IR attraction. Thanks for both. I have a modified F828 and have to recombine split components from natural and IR of the same shot to get color. I use PSP 8 and am having no success adapting your workflow (it's Photoshop, right?) as I get B+W like Aaron Altman. Any suggestions?
Guest 05-Feb-2006 19:11
Hi Joseph,
I would love to talk to you about using one or more of your photos in my book, A Scrapbooker's Guide to Walt Disney World.
Many thanks,
Sharla Whalen
Aaron Altman 08-Jan-2006 16:08
Joseph, first off I love your work, second off I am in need of some help. I was using your IR technique with my Sony F717 then decided to upgrade to the V3, well the technique didnt work, so I assumed it had a different color filter array like the F828, well I went and got a V1 because you said the same workflow applied, but it isn't working, just like the V3, your technique ends up with black and white images instead of color. I am afraid I am going to have to buy back a F717, but I am broke from having to buy the V3 and V1 and filter holders etc. Any help of the workflow for a V1 and V3 would be greatly appreciated.
Camilo Cano08-Dec-2005 17:56
Hi Joseph. Thank you for commenting and visiting my galleries. I have been looking at yours for the last half hour, but I have to get back to work now. They are addicting. One conclusion: I need to go to Walt Disney World with my camera... last time I was there I was 6 years old.
Downforce Photography18-Nov-2005 16:02
Joseph, my goodness. I'm so glad I stumbled across your gallery. It began with IR, and I drooled, and then your Floral Colors, which my heart literally skipped a beat. I'm adding y ou to my favorites and telling all my photography buddies about your work. Wow. I'd love to know how you get such sharp and colorful results. I use a 20D with the 50mm 1.4 and the 70-200 f4L... but all of my pictures on pbase are with the 24-85 f3.5. I can't wait to start using my new lenses... I also process via Dan Margulis' LAB method lately. Hopefully I can come close to your work... but it's your EYE that I won't be able to replicate. Thanks for the Inspiration. Rob
Guest 14-Nov-2005 03:42
Hello Joseph ! I am trying to get the results you do and I cant. I own the 717 Sony with the Hoya R72 as well as the Canon 20D but use the 717 for infared. My question is should I buy the B & W 110 Nd Filter if i already own three ND4 filters already (Quantaray) Can I use this instead of the B & W ND Filter or am I losing the richness of colors the B & W gets. Thanks Kevin
Guest 11-Nov-2005 16:43
Are you using the Hoya R72 for your infrared?
Piotr Stankiewicz30-Oct-2005 18:39

You have many great photos! I'm impressed.

K. Shaffer 12-Oct-2005 00:26
Hi Joseph, Great name by the way! Our family was at Disney World for Xmas last year also and your pictures amazingly make it more magical than it is. Thank you for sharing these with us. You are very creative and a wonderful photographer. Keep it up. We all agree that these are fantastic!!
Guest 11-Oct-2005 03:10
Great pictures! I love the macro work you do, I hope to be half that good someday! Ron
Guest 26-Sep-2005 23:24
Hello Joseph,
Very nice gallery you have here. I specially like the macro shots. They are all superb. Really nice ...
Jose Reyes
Doug 22-Sep-2005 17:18
WOW! Great pictures! I see a few of them are from my home town of Charleston SC from the USS Yorktown with the old Copper River Bridges in the back, as well as Boone Hall Plantation.
Brando Ho20-Sep-2005 00:07
Hello Joseph,
You had an excellent macro gallery. great composition, color....and nice subject capture. I am thinking about a Canon 100mm macro lens. Seeing your pictures.....the lens is a must have. Thank you for sharing. ^_^
Mark Koeppen15-Sep-2005 15:05
Hi Joseph,
Truly fascinating galleries throughout. Excellent photography and post processing. We share much of the same lenses and I'm always curious which of your lenses you consider your all around favorite and most versitle. If you could only take one lens, which would it be? As for me, that is an extremely tough question, but I tend to carry my 28-135 IS the most,(for outdoor and indoor) but always have my 17-40 F2.8L in the bag along with a 50mm F1.4.

Added you to my fav's list.

Mark 09-Sep-2005 18:22
Love the style u have there.....very nice...CONGRATS!...
Olivier Perrin 03-Sep-2005 04:20
VOtre Galerie est Superbe, je suis vraiment impressioné...Merci
lin 02-Sep-2005 07:31
excellent werk!! Levy!!
best all...
thnx for sharing
Guest 29-Aug-2005 16:36
Hi Joseph, I love your color infrared photos. I want to try this technique and I have the 20D. Would you mind telling me exactly what to buy for my 20D to try this technique. Thanks
Andriy Yatsenko 02-Aug-2005 07:41
Wonderful galery. I couldn't take my eyes form it. I wanted actually to ask you something. I want to beging IR too. I have a Sony f828 and recently I bought R72 filter. And I was kind of dissapointed becasue still the intensity of light is too strong and all my picture are overexposed. I am using Nightshot Mode+R72 and all my dark filter that I have. And you are using Neutral Dencity filter B+W 110. So you think I should buy that filter and that will solve my problem. If Yes can I buy 106 how much it is differentfrom 110. Or maybe there is something else I should do. My email is if you will have time please let me know. Thanks a lot.
Guest 29-Jul-2005 18:22
Whoops! I just posted and did not post my name or and I do hope you might consider the vow renewal photography. We also plan on doing the ceremony at the Polynesian on the beach.
Guest 29-Jul-2005 18:20
Amazing photos! I also have the 20D and absoluely love it, but I have not learned nearly enought about using it yet. Do you live in the Orlando area? I will be doing a vow renewal next October 2006 at Disney World and I wonder if you would be interested in doing my photography? We will be having the reception inside the Great Movie it might be a fun event to add to your portfolio. Thanks again!
Laura 29-Jul-2005 16:31
Your work is amazing! I had never seen any works using the infared technique since hearing about it in a photography is really fascinating how you can alter a photo with it...I love how the palms look like ice! I also enjoyed your shots from did you ever manage to get shots of the castle, spaceship earth, and the sorcerer's hat with so few people in the shots? I aspire to have photos that look 1/4 as amazing as yours! Thanks for the inspiration!!!
Guest 29-Jul-2005 15:31
Your photos are absolutely beautiful. I would love to use some on my desktop. Would you allow that?

holly 29-Jul-2005 01:55
this is absolutely the best site ever!!!! you rock!!!!! i especially love the walt disney world photos! thank you so so much for sharing.
JIM 28-Jul-2005 21:58
Guest 28-Jul-2005 15:51
Thank you for your beautiful photographs, they are truly outstanding!
Brando Ho23-Jul-2005 09:12
Hello Joseph,

You have some very nice GALLERIES!! Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing.
Ben 30-Jun-2005 08:40
Hey, Awesome pics. I noticed you have a few cameras the including Canon 20D and Rebel 300D.
I'm just wondering if theres a big significance between those two cameras in terms of quality and performance.

Im considering getting the Canon Rebel XT (350d) which is simular or the 20d (or perhaps a Nikon D70. I've tried out the RebelXT and D70 and the Nikon D70 feels better (its bigger and heavier which makes it seem higher quality and has a better feel in my hand) but the guy at the store says the Canon camera is better, all those cams make awesome pics though.

Feel free to email me with your preference if you have one :)
Guest 27-Jun-2005 17:42
Great work here, I especially enjoy your Brookgreen Gardens infrared photos. Brookgreen is a wonderful place, each year on vacation at Litchfield, my wife and I spend a couple of days with our cameras roaming the Brookgreen grounds. You have peaked my interest in infrared now!
ray karaman23-Jun-2005 20:34
wow, you have some amazing stuff on, creative, colorful...keep it up!
Cesar Paniamogan, Jr.12-Jun-2005 07:57
Wow! Great galleries! Great pictures!
Mark L26-Apr-2005 03:12
Excellent galleries Joseph, I will be back to visit all of them when time permits.
Marc Vermeulen22-Mar-2005 14:25
You have some beautiful work here
Guest 15-Mar-2005 08:53
Oops, sorry... My email:

Guest 15-Mar-2005 08:52
Hi Joseph, thank-you very much for sharing the steps on IR and brought us to the art of Infrared. You have a great and beautiful portfolio.

Need your advise... normally my shot is red in color and I'm not able to get the result of what you are having. I could not get the blue sky too.

What white balance settings did you set on your camera ?

Many thanks.

Cheers ! Bobby
Benoît Jolivet04-Mar-2005 04:58
Wonderful work, espacialy the infrared galleries !!! Your are in my best artist list right now !!
Matylda Lempel-Chareza Photography04-Feb-2005 18:35
hi,not"job"-your work!
Matylda Lempel-Chareza Photography04-Feb-2005 18:33
hello !
you are my ...favorite.
Thanks you of your job..
Matylda Lempel-Chareza
Jaime 04-Feb-2005 16:12
How did you control Shutter speed in your IR pictures ? In my Sony F717 the shutter speed go no lower than 1/30s, but in your gallery I see IR pictures with 1/10 Sec. Also how do you get rid of the two red beams of light comming out of the F717 ?

Guest 02-Feb-2005 00:57
Your work is really great...and thanks for the step-by-step on shooting IR - I was wondering how you did it! This is a great way to use your artistic talents to teach others - thanks!
brian burmaster 26-Jan-2005 06:19
i eas just checking sites out for my mother, for her grand kids. she is so excited to take them to walt disney world.i am trying to make our own personal inventaions,and i found your site.iam not a photo man iam a elevator man!!!but i really love to see good photography,yours is wild and excepsional.dont mind the spelling.but keep up the good work i hope i can comunicate here and there if you dont mind.feel free to email anytime for ideas or thoughts im in canada.and had my days!!!!!
Naturephoto Monique04-Jan-2005 21:52
Wonderful work Joseph! Your IR pictures are amazing

gayle 07-Dec-2004 08:49
hi, do u do tfp?gayle
mike 01-Aug-2004 01:28
I did som IR shots today with my 828 and when I tried to process them
using your tutoral, all they did was turn red during the "master" hue/saturation step. Could I possibly e-mail you one of them and have you process it to tell me what to do different? Your shots are among the "coolest" i've ever seen and to come close would be awsome! I really want to get this figured out!
Thanks SO much!!
Mike VanderStelt (STF)
Joseph Levy19-Jul-2004 08:15
Hello , yes I do cover my IR sensors with a piece of sheet plastic which I have cut to fit in the lens barrel. I shot in P mode and always in nightshot mode. Hopes this helps.
Guest 18-Jul-2004 18:53
are you taping over the sensors or using a donut cutout? Your initial picture is so much sharper than mine but cleans ok after many tweaks. What mode are you shooting in and are you using Nightshot? thanks
Zman 25-Jun-2004 12:50
Ok I also have tried your Infrared tips with my OlyE20 and dont even get close? First of all my images are red staright out of the camera. What are we doing wrong? Come on Joe help all of us out.
Guest 28-May-2004 11:52
I really love your galleries. Your work is excellent.
augusto 26-May-2004 14:39
hi. I like very much yours infrared photo. is fantastic and very pretty. I liked to know, but I do not know:(
My machine is sony Dsc F-707, is possivel photograph (infrared)? How(for possivel)?
Sorry my English, because I am from the Portugal
Jeff 12-May-2004 22:02
Joe, Best IR pics I have seen. I've tried to reproduce your workflow posted on DPReview with my F828 ( Hoya 72IR, 8 stop ND filter, nightshot mode) but only really get BW versions. The initial green tint changes, but no blue skies. Any suggestions. Thanks again for such great images. Jeff
Jeff Cochran15-Mar-2004 05:42
Hello, I enjoyed your photos.Thx for sharing. :)
Guest 01-Mar-2004 05:44
Very beautiful
Bob 27-Jan-2004 11:05
hello Joseph,
Did you take a photo of a Wooden Indian for a catalogue of the Museum of American Folk Art in NY? There is an image in it signed by a certain Jioseph Levy, taken in 1998, and I am looking to get an original copy, if possible. Please let me know if yes or no.

Thanks in advance / Bob
Guest 06-Jan-2004 23:17
Joseph, You have a beautiful family gallery. Very artistic indeed. Do visit my Family and friends gallery when you have the time.
Dorothy 30-Nov-2003 14:09
Love your photos. Would like more information on them.
Thanks Dorothy
Guest 05-Nov-2003 20:16
curious how you eliminate the greens...
Cami 17-Oct-2003 18:44
You have beautiful infrared photos. Could you tell me how to get the color in the infrareds?
aMJel 4 ever 14-Sep-2003 18:44
hi Josseph! I am Josseph Levy too! LOL!
I am from Israel. I have a gallery too.

Joseph PETER 24-Jul-2003 07:15
Vos photos IR sont de toute beauté, bravo.