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Sony DSC-P100 Digital Camera Sample Photos

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Marketed: 11-Feb-2004
Megapixels: 5
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Guest 15-Jun-2006 19:14
Hello, I have had my Sony P100 for couple years now, just started actually using it for anything but vacation photos. I'd love input on how to make my next model shoot better, from you P100 experts.
Guest 01-Jan-2005 02:25
I just purchased my DSC-P100. I am very pleased with the camera. It is perfect for my photos, general amateur use. Of course I still have my Kodak DC20 for comparison! The Sony is the best miniature digital camera for the price. Very advanced, user-friendly with minimal delays between functions. The mating of the Sony 5.1 MP imager with the Zeiss Vario-Tessar is near perfect. Any shortcomings it may have are minor.. I have always believed that a poor picture is usually the photographer's fault, and I have taken many! The erase button is very convenient in these cases. Becoming familiar with a new camera is an interesting adventure more than a bother to me.
Guest 14-Sep-2004 06:28
Hi there, I am a new DSC P100 user (have been using Canon G3 earlier), I bought it after a great deal of research. Initially camera looked good, however I am a bit disappointed now. For example camera take dull pics under cloudy conditions/faces are always dark compared to canon. Can I do something to improve this ? white balance setting didnt improve this much. Another problem is fast mode, requires a lot of light else I cant take pics. Does this happens on your camera also ? My LCD turns too dark on switching to fast mode. Is there any work around ?
I have been using auto & some scene modes. Can you please tell which setting can produce portrait effect ?(blurred background, sharp foreground )
I appriciate any help on this. Other then mentioned above, I am quite happy with the camera. If you want to check, you can have a look at pics I took with P100 at my website (all galleries with date imprinted on them (recent ones from top) are taken with P100, rest with canon G3)
Guest 22-Jun-2004 02:25

Thanks for the kind words!

Guest 22-Jun-2004 00:32
Hi Frank! Those are great pictures! You are a good photographer! I like the angles you shoot on. Do you like your P100 now or are you still unhappy? If you are, try the different settings, like what I was talking about in the previous post.
Guest 21-Jun-2004 09:09

on Pbase of course!

Guest 21-Jun-2004 07:13
Hi, where are your new pictures Frank? On the website? I did look at those and they are very good! I have another tip:
Put your setting on the "P" and go through the menu and pick + saturation and + sharp, and leave it on MAF then hold the shutter button half-way down and wait for the beep and then continue pressing it down. It made my pictures even better! You'll notice on Sunny days your photos will look really cool!
Guest 21-Jun-2004 01:09
please check out my new images...

Best regards,

Guest 19-Jun-2004 23:18
Hi Frank! Thanks for that link to that imaging website. It's great!!!
Guest 19-Jun-2004 08:34
Dear KAT,

thank you for the link to Those images taken with the Sony P100 are magnificent!! Hopefully with some more practice, I can produce the same results!!

Best regards,

Frank Todd
Guest 19-Jun-2004 05:30
Hi Frank,
Do you hold the shutter button half-way down and wait til the focus locks and you hear a beep and then press it all the way to take a photo? I always do that whether it's on a Digital Camera or an SLR. I've tried Sony, Canon, Fuji, Panasonic, Pentax, and Toshiba digital cameras and I love Sony best for it's colors. You can't beat Sony's Reds! Here is a website with more Sony P100 photos:

And here is something you might want to try (I haven't received mine yet so I can't recommend it but I just wanted to show you it, I saw it on ebay. It might help)
Anonymous 19-Jun-2004 05:13
Hi Frank,
Do you press the shutter button half-way down and wait until the focus beeps and the green light comes on and then push it all the way? Because I always do this. I found that it's good to do that with any camera that has auto focus, even SLR cameras.
This camera does need a steady hand. You shouldn't need a tripod all the time but do you have one? And if you do, try putting it on the tripod and then push the button half-way only until you here beeps and see the green light and then it will focus better. I've tried Toshiba, Canon, Sony, Pentax, Fuji, and Panasonic digital cameras either 3MP or 5MP and this Sony has given me the best pictures. I have noticed with EVERY digital Camera and EVERY SLR camera that I've ever used it can have blurry pictures. But your Sony should not be blurry for every picture. Maybe there is something wrong with it. If you can get a refund, then get one, or at least exchange it. Sometimes like with every kind of product and every company you can get a lemon. Sometimes it's the person and the camera, a certain camera body might not fit properly in your hand and it's hard to hold steady so your pictures can be blurry. For me, this camera fits well, but for some it might be hard to not shake. Here is a link to a website with more Sony P100 sample photos:
Also, you might like to look at this which I saw on eBay. (I'm not recommending this item, I don't even have it yet, I'm buying it but I just wanted to mention it cause it might help)
Guest 18-Jun-2004 23:37

thanks for your input.

Frank Todd
FrankTodd Group
Guest 18-Jun-2004 22:52
more Sony DSC-P100 Sample Photos on my homepage ;-)
Guest 18-Jun-2004 21:09
thanks for your feedback. Your night shots are very well... congratulation.
I've tested with Center Auto Focus but there is still problem with blurry pictures.
Guest 18-Jun-2004 01:20
Here are my pictures. Look at these night shots on the "Twilight Setting". You just need a steady hand. I didn't use a tripod even. I just leaned on my elbows and took the pics. I don't have Photo Shop either. My images are untouched and actual straight from my Sony P100. The problem with the newspaper might have been that you had it on the MAF setting which means Multi Auto Focus. Try putting it on Center Auto Focus. If you're still getting blurry shots. Return the camera because there might be something wrong with it. Here are the night shots: (please wait for images to load: )

Guest 17-Jun-2004 22:57
I bought the DSC-P100 and now I'm unhappy. The camera ist nice but the images are always blurred. Example a old newspaper (with tripod and flash): Look at the left side... is that normal?
Guest 17-Jun-2004 08:15

What do you suggest I do different? Please also note that these photos have NOT been modified with Photoshop.


Guest 16-Jun-2004 23:19
Those are not good pictures. You don't know what your camera can do. You have to take more. My pictures turned out amazing! I took them off the site because I'm not a paid member and I don't want pbase to use them for free. But they are beautiful pictures! I've seen the F828 photos on here and my p100 pictures blew them away! It's the way a person takes them. The only thing I'd add to my P100 to make it better would be more Optical Zoom. 3x Optical Zoom is the standard but if it had 10x optical zoom, it would be the perfect camera for even distances. Still, even with three times optical my pictures turned out great, even of Niagara Falls which I took from a great distance. The FireWorks setting is absolutely flawless. Anyone can email me to see my P100 photos. Sony rules!
Guest 16-Jun-2004 00:28
I should have kept the Sony F828 digi cam. When Sony releases the replacement for the F828, I'm jumping on one!!
Guest 15-Jun-2004 19:55
please check out my p100 gallery when you get a chance.


Guest 13-Jun-2004 05:40
just purchased the new Sony P100 on 6/12/2004. Haven't taken any photos with it yet, but I'll update you on my progress.
Guest 01-Jun-2004 02:25
Ha ha, I know, that's so funny "try not to be so shaky". I previously had the Sony P92 and my brother, the techno buff, convinced me to sell it on eBay because Sony was coming out with new 5MP. I sold the P92 in March and was waiting 2 months without a camera!! Ugghhh! So when I got my P100 last week, I was so excited that I was shaking taking pictures and then I thought it wasn't so good, but since then I improved. I have to remove my 3 current pictures to put up these new ones. I took a night shot too.
Guest 31-May-2004 11:42
KAT please upload more photos, because you are the only active user of P100 who si willing to upload some pictures. And please try not to be so shaky when taking pictures :)
Guest 29-May-2004 23:49
Thanks KAT for your opinion. I think i'm going to buy P100 instead of Canon IXUS500 which was my second candidate.
Guest 29-May-2004 02:48
Hi, Bimmer2
I love the P100. The video is great using a memory stick pro you get 30 fps and it really is TV quality. The sound is excellent too, but my P92 had even louder sound on the camera, on your computer it's the same I guess.
As for pictures, I'm not an experienced photographer so I'm sure my pictures can be clearer than they are. I need to bring my tripod out, although, the P100 is still pretty good even when I shake. I've tried a few different cameras Pentax, Canon, Panasonic, Fuji, Toshiba and they were all pretty good but Sony is the digital that impressed me the most.
As for the P100 when you push the power button it starts immediately ready to take a photo, I've never seen a lens extend that fast on any other digital I've tried. I've uploaded a picture I took today outside in Toronto, again, I was shaky and it was really windy so I know the picture can be better but I think it's pretty good anyway. And it IS true what they say about Sony Digitals that they have the best reds! I agree 100%. I'm going to take more photos soon with a tripod this time so I can see just how sharp the images can get on the P100 and I'll post them here.
Guest 28-May-2004 22:38
KAT could you please upload some outdoor photos and some photos with plenty of colours on it. I'm planning to buy P100 but silver edition. Did you ever use Canon Ixus400 or 500 cameras and how do you compare P100 to other cameras you have tried.
And could you please tell us something more about camera ?
Guest 28-May-2004 00:26
Okay this is a weird website. I've uploaded a photo from my Sony P100 and yet they still haven't updated their camera search page to include the photo from the P100.
Hello? Anyone there?
Guest 26-May-2004 22:07
Okay I got my P100. I love it! It's so small! Beautiful Blue, but how do I post a sample of it on this list? I'm trying. Someone tell me.....
Guest 27-Apr-2004 23:52
I am planning to buy this as soon as it come out, right now it's on pre-order with I hope anyone here can post some sample photos?

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