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All Cameras >> Sigma >> Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 APO Macro Super II

Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 APO Macro Super II Lens Sample Photos

Marketed: 28-Feb-2003
Random Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 APO Macro Super II Samples from 8444 available Photos more
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Barri Olson25-Jul-2009 02:17
My opinion is that it doesn't get much better than this for the price.
Slawek Staszczuk20-Mar-2008 00:25
If you put effort to it you can squeeze some decent results out of this lens. But no miracles can be expected from a lens at this price, you won't get really crisp detail shooting objects further than 2.5-3m away. Personally I'm not a great fan of its bokeh. AF is quite slow, quite noisy and far from infallible ;-). Macro mode is a nice add-on if you don't have a decicated macro lens.
I'll be getting rid of my copy shortly, in favour of a prime lens, as its shortcomings limit me too much in my wildlife photography. Still I think thanks to its price-to-performance ratio it's a good deal for someone starting in photography - a training lens.
Take a look at some examples (almost all of them are uncropped):
Ali Majdfar01-Mar-2007 18:30
Compared to its price, this is an excellent tele zoom. Its macro works well when the light is sufficient. It's a fun to combine it with extension tubes; the results for me are superb:
Also see some combination experiments at:
Lord Throplebury of Winklesham22-Nov-2006 17:03
I've been playing with the MTF figures over at (extrapolating the data that the 70-300 would give on a D200 body to compare with the Nikon lens tests), and have made a startling discovery (well, not that startling to be honest); The Sigma AF 70-300/4-5.6 APO is sharper in the centre at 200mm and f/8-f/11 that any of the other similar range lenses tested (Nikkor AF-S 55-200/4.5-5.6, Nikkor AF-S 18-200VR/4-5.6, Nikkor AF 75-300/4-5.6, Nikkor AF 70-210/4, and Nikkor AF 80-400/4.5-5.6. The cheapest lens to top the Sigma AF 70-300/4-5.6 APO for sharpness is the Nikon AF 80-200/2.8 Pro lens!
Guest 08-May-2006 14:11
For all those looking for images of Sigma 70-300 APO DG Macro, please see the link below for some photographs uploaded recently. All images have been post processed and cropped. Its a very good lens for the price.
Ben D. Mor03-May-2006 10:14
For SURFING pictures taken with this lens, see my gallery at:
Guest 05-Feb-2006 06:31
Very satisfied with the 70-300mm APO DG version of this lens. The next step up costs $350 more, the Canon 70-300mm IS USM.
Guest 11-Jan-2006 10:05
It's inexpensive but good in good light conditions. I like it a lot. A whole lot. I take macro shots with it, and also portraits at a distance for the magnificently shallow DOF it produces. Images with this lens are all over my galleries. If you want to know about some, just ask me.
Muthu Vinayagam17-Nov-2005 15:47
I forget to mention about the Macro option it has. You can't ask more than this. It is worth each and every penny you have spent.
Muthu Vinayagam17-Nov-2005 15:40
One of the best lens of its class. Price is very affordable and the sharpness at 300 is simply amazing. Highly recommended.
Guest 29-Oct-2005 00:53
from some reason (well, the keep making new onse) Pbase only has two options of the 70-300 sigma.
I have the APO DG (red stripe).
It is sharp, great lense that will grant you beautiful depth of field results.
it is VERY slow though, this is it's main flaw, but if you don't want to sell your house for a 70-300 it's a great choice.
The macro ability is somehow limited...(only 1:2) you will not be able to bring a full frame eye of a fly with it.
Check out my macro gallery for some nice shots, and most of my other galleries will have many pic's with it.
Guest 09-Jun-2005 06:02
i got this lens for my yellowstone/grand teton trip. optically ok but got some annoying bokeh problem, at least stop down to F8. mechanically, well it's just a low end tele.
Guest 05-Jun-2005 06:24
Well, it's a great bargan lens. It's quite sharp from 70-200mm, after which it tends to be quite soft unless stopped down to an extreme of f/8 or f/16 (not such a bad thing when doing macro). Having the 1:2 macro makes it quite verital. The lenses biggest flaw is focusing. It's slow to such a degree that it's not possible to auto-focusing on fast moving objects. Overall the lens has a cheap feel to its construction. To its credit it's not so cheap that you won't have to worry about it falling apart, that is as long as you take care of it. The f/4 to f/5.6 means this lens likes bright sunny days. It has captured some good photos for me. A recent one can be seen here:
Guest 15-May-2005 09:05
Cheap lens which produces great results!
You can check my Sigma Galleries at
Guest 02-May-2005 13:17
It is a great lense with a reasonable price check my homepage
Guest 11-Apr-2005 19:18
Great lens for the price!
You can see picturs i takeen with this lens in:
Guest 16-Mar-2005 18:19
Does anybody have photos taken of indoor sports with this lens. How does it work in low light situations?
Christina Craft09-Jan-2005 08:07
I've created a gallery of images taken with this great lens:
Guest 03-Oct-2004 15:06
I use this lens to take sports photos. You are welcome to see them.
Guest 15-Sep-2004 21:27
Hello I have many tests here of this lens and it's filters on the Canon 300D here:

Also many pictures I have taken with the 300D and this lens:
Guest 27-Aug-2004 15:56
this is a great lens for the price. Very sturdy too.

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