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Nikon D70s SLR Digital Camera Sample Photos

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Marketed: 20-Apr-2005
Megapixels: 6.1
Random Nikon D70s Samples from 132255 available Photos more
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g6/08/479108/3/74226746.N2oUGhh6.jpg g3/04/836804/3/115390990.MotY4t1T.jpg g6/86/715486/3/75382645.S2VoDTGt.jpg g4/49/807049/3/142984611.wECvyDiX.jpg

Guest 15-Jan-2008 14:04
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Milos Markovic26-Jul-2007 10:14
You do not have to wonder about this camera, or read numerous reviews.
It is a great extension of the photographers vision and can do anything you need.
Just look at the galleries and decide for yourself.
Guest 13-May-2007 14:17
I love this site
David T.19-Feb-2007 17:31
I liked the D50 so much I couldn't pass up a chance to buy a friends D70s...he was upgrading to a D200. So now I have two Nikons that I enjoy very much and I'm not constantly changing lenes, just cameras.
Right now, given a choice I'd go with the D70s simply based on the built in flash commander function.
I only wish they shared the same memory cards. No big deal.
Happy shooting.
Guest 13-Nov-2006 01:48
I have just made the decision to go with the Nikon D70s over the Canon 350D, and I amd happier than I expected with my choice. This camera is awesome, I dont feel at all limited by its performance and functions, and it doesnt feel like a toy (350D is small, light and plastic feeling). If you are considering this camera, dont worry, you will NOT be dissapointed.
Guest 28-Oct-2006 06:47
I love my D70s,
Guest 27-Sep-2006 18:04
I just bought my first Digital Nikon D70 my lens is a sigma 18-55mm, my old one is a Nikon FG w/a Nikkor 35-105 lens with macro. The D70 is a Japan made while D70s is Thailand. So i bought the D70 at half the price of d70s (sale) so i grab it, I like the nikon output colors are so balance from the red and green hues. Sigma lens are much cheaper than nikon and much larger in diameter next im planning to buy the 55-200mm Sigma. Does you guys encounter any problems with Nikon vis a Sigma lens? Can someone help me how to use the techniques in photograhpy especially outdoor shooting on what to use (f stop/shutter) have this 2 Nikon (FG & D70) but i seldom use the manual mode on both. appreciate it so much, many thanks.
Guest 22-Aug-2006 16:20
Anyone know what lens mount this camera has? I am assuming F but just want to make sure before buying.
Guest 19-Jul-2006 05:57
Enjoy these amazing Nikon D70 images from Afghanistan shot by Will Hall :>
Guest 08-May-2006 21:19
I bought the Nikon D70S. Some things you should know about this camera.
1. Get a flash. It will help out so much especially when taking picures in low light. I am going to get the SB-800.
2. Get a good camera bag.
3. Get a manual if your new to photography. I think this camera is a great way to start photography.
4. Get a wide range of lenses. Remember that different lenses change a picture. I have a wide angle lense that completely changes the way the pic looks.
5. Get a tripod or monopod so that your pictures can be clear.
6. Filters is my next project. These things will dramatically change your picture and even correct the way the camera records and image. Have you ever took a picture and noticed that it looked to blue or yellow?

more information about Nikon D70s >>
Guest 06-May-2006 00:33
I've had my D70s for a year now and have never regretted buying it. It is easy to use and has never let me down. The lens that came with it 18-70 is very sharp and clear.
Guest 04-May-2006 09:29
Superb landscape pics, with "nothing more" than a Nikon D70s and an 18-70mm lens :>
Guest 26-Apr-2006 07:37
It's remarkable how far digital cameras have come in the last few years.
For an essentially entry level camera, this is fantastic!
Guest 15-Apr-2006 04:32
Re: shutter life. Common estimate is that it's rated for around 50-60k acutations, but some have had it fail sooner, and others have claimed >>100k and still going strong.
Guest 23-Jan-2006 19:50
Does anyone have any idea about the shutter life of the D70 or D70s? How many have some of you shot?
Guest 08-Jan-2006 21:27
I have got the D70s now for some time, and i like it allot. It totally satisfied my neads for an camera with high quality images and the need to arrange shuitter speeds change lensen and use tons of options i did not even try yet. to conclude, a great camera as well for the pro as for the starting photographer. and the big difrence between the D70 and the D70s is the speed of the camera. very fine product
Guest 15-Dec-2005 11:16
Has just recently bought the D70s. Still experimenting with it. Here are some samples if you're insterested.
Guest 05-Dec-2005 20:25
I recently graduated from the Olympus C-5060WZ (which I still use), and I'm finding that switching to an SLR requires learning to take photos all over again. It takes great practice and patience, but I love the results I am getting...An SLR photo is distinctly different from a point-n-shoot, and I will post the good pics as I take them.
Guest 01-Dec-2005 09:45
I'm surprise seeing all these wonderful pictures here :)

John Kennekam, the D70/D70s is capable of printing larger than A3 :)
Here's one printer at 30x20
It's slightly soft but the detail is still there. I will snap a picture of another poster at 12x18 and post it on my 'experiment' gallery soon
John Kennekam09-Oct-2005 13:37
I find the D70 to be a hardy camera which handles well. Unless you want to print A3 and bigger, 6.2 megapixels are fine.
Guest 15-Sep-2005 12:11
Is Nikon D70s good for shooting Portrait & Fashion for magazines for example?
Guest 26-Jul-2005 07:49
High flash sync and color metering. I would like a camera to have such features.
Guest 14-Jul-2005 01:34
IExif 2.2 can show you the Total Number of Shutter Releases for your D70s.

The freeware is here:
Guest 02-Jul-2005 17:30
I have just bought D70s, may I ask if the ISO information missing in EXIF is normal?? thx
from the only change is the 2in monitor
that was the old d 70 i meant
Lou Giroud02-Jun-2005 18:45
The D70 was one of the best cameras and still is one of them. But, "replacing" it by the D70S for a little higher price is realy a big deception. Paying same price for this one as the ancient owners paid a year ago for the D70 is ok, but the fact that they sold the last "old" D70's for half price is showing the world how much they play with your best parts.
On the other end, this camera is overdue in technology and not competitive anymore with what other brands offer at the moment. If one starts today with a dslr, the solid Canon's 20D and the plastaga 350 series are for sure the better choice.
Sorry Nikon, but there is some efforts to do in a very near future. Marketing this camera was realy a "waste of time". We wait for a real "new" Nikon in a comfortable price range. Hope we will see one before we have to go "elsewhere".
Guest 02-May-2005 01:41
To my experience, the best non-pro camera in the market

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