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Nikon D200 SLR Digital Camera Sample Photos

Marketed: 01-Nov-2005
Lens Mount: F
Megapixels: 10.2
Random Nikon D200 Samples from 907559 available Photos more
g1/02/440902/3/146561761.6GB3zHdV.jpg g3/67/384267/3/120560512.iEICE3ac.jpg g3/81/2881/3/54839321._DSC0157w.jpg g4/20/686920/3/138738482.DlPTembx.jpg
g3/35/629335/3/94553992.zmxA78hh.jpg g1/26/765026/3/125594125.4dTQrX9v.jpg g1/18/616718/3/128090593.KkvYnkc1.jpg g4/02/440902/3/137156511.oSrGRhBn.jpg
g5/87/506087/3/119471058.iQuQEqqL.jpg g1/07/673407/3/109174110.UKS94YrA.jpg g1/15/387615/3/110543289.S94qzqTd.jpg g6/74/593874/3/70691820.tbd82Ws5.jpg

Rob Craftsman01-Aug-2012 20:27
Really nice light balance on the indoor photo.
air ambulance20-Jun-2012 20:50
really awesome colors
Nick19-Nov-2010 12:43
The Nikon D200... Simply put the sturdiest, most trusty camera body I have ever owned (5th). It has been many places in the US, as well as overseas with me. I read a lot of whining about noise at high ISO which I think is hogwash... Learn your gear. Testing iso on random objects in a dimly lit office and posting them to a comparison site is not a fair test, they are not marketable photographs. As others have stated it is the person behind the camera that makes the pictures, learn how to squeeze the best photos you can out of your camera I promise you have not reached the potential of your D200 yet... Otherwise you would be buying a D3X right now with the overhead from your photo sales (but would probably still keep your D200 as your 2nd body) :) It is a dream for long exposures in low low light, the gentleman with the long exposure nature shots linked in this thread below has some amazing shots to prove that. the D200 is extremely solid it can be dropped, kicked, slammed around, out in the sun, in the sand, in the dirt, and as long as you have good glass and clean your gear it will deliver every time. It is a tank, but in the best way. I would reccomend this camera to anyone that wants a serious semi-pro body that can't afford FX yet (like me). FYI for those thinking of moving to D300S from the D200: I have shot with D300S and it is a sweet rig, but i wouldn't spend that money to get another DX with more features, buy better glass like the 70-200mm VR II, 24-70mm, or save up and get a FX like the D700, or if you have deep pockets... the D3's. That being said if you do not currently own a D200 or D300S and are wanting a top-shelf DX, I would spring for the D300S if you can. But really the D200 is plenty good enough tool to generate world class photographs, the rest is on you :)
TC Photo Club22-Jun-2010 20:47
I recommend this camera to anyone - So impressive - Im going to stick with it until it dies: Check out some of my Nikon D200 Pictures:
xmen8313-May-2010 17:43
Nikon D200 its a very good camera, fantastic(I think)I have two of them, I have obtained amazing results with them, amazing colors and terrific white balance. If youre looking for a camera i can recomend you nikon d200.
singapore_photographer16-Mar-2009 23:46
had it but was disappointed with the high grainy noise above iso 200
Guest 13-Sep-2008 14:17
Shhh! You're not supposed to say that. We're supposed to be conditioned to believe that the newer Nikon dslrs do not give out a pinkish fluorescent unrealistic skin tone.
Guest 06-Aug-2008 01:55
yes it is a superb camera.
i love it.
all the best .
James Clarke10-May-2008 13:20
Is it just me? but IMHO the colours look better from the D200 than the D300. I'm planning to upgrade my D50, not sure if I should go for the D200 or D300, but for me the colours are more important than an extra 2mpx.
Guest 18-Apr-2008 22:54
Here are some of my shots with the Nikon D200 with Nikkor 18-200mm DX VR Lens -

The Nikon D200 DSLR is my 1st camera, and it is absolutely amazing! I would highly
recommend it to anyone out there comparing even some higher megapixel Canon models. Get yourself a nice Nikkor 18-200mm DX VR and a 70-300mm DX VR lens, and a good polarizer, and you'll be set for a while.

But don't just take anyone's word for it - compare some of the pictures on this site, and you will see what it can do.

Here are some of my shots with the Nikon D200 with Nikkor 18-200mm DX VR Lens -
Guest 28-Feb-2008 15:54
I upgraded from the D80 and I found out that the matrix metering is very consistent with the D200. The D80 tends to blow the highlights so I had to compensate for it a lot which took fun away from photography.
Guest 14-Feb-2008 13:27
Whatever some people say about the D200 compare to the D300, it still a superb camera with more qualities than the compatition.
Guest 19-Jan-2008 14:24

This is my Original List.
Professional Digital SLR Cameras
1. Nikon D3
2. Nikon D2Xs
3. Canon 1Ds Mark 3
4. Canon 1D Mark 3

Semi Professional Digital SLR Cameras
1. Nikon D300
2. Nikon D200
3. Canon 5D
4. Fuji S5 Pro

Enthusiast Digital SLR cameras
1. Nikon D80
2. Canon 40D

Entry Level Digital SLR cameras
1. Nikon D40x
2. Canon 400D
3. Pentax K10D

Thats true I'm a Nikon user, I love it. Ive used other brand cameras but i didnt like them, NO OFFENCE. Nikon D3 & Nikon D300 have changed the users reviews thats y Nikon D3 & Nikon D300 are at the top. Nikon is the Best. (If the picture matters, the camera matters. At the Heart of the Image)
Guest 15-Jan-2008 13:52
New List
Professional Digital SLR Camera
1. Nikon D3
2. Nikon D2Xs
3. Canon 1Ds Mark 3
4. Canon 1D Mark 3

Semi Professional Digital SLR Camera
1. Nikon D300
2. Nikon D200
3. Canon 5D
4. Canon 40D
5. Pentax K10D
6. Fuji S5 Pro
7. Canon 30D
8. Nikon D80
9. Nikon D40x
10. Canon 400D
Guest 13-Jan-2008 18:58
Top Professional Digital SLR Cameras
1. Nikon D3
2. Nikon D2Xs
3. Canon 1Ds Mark 3
4. Canon 1D Mark 3

Top Semi Professional Digital SLR Cameras
1. Nikon D300
2. Nikon D200
3. Canon 5D
4. Canon 40D
5. Fuji S5 Pro
6. Canon 30D
7. Nikon D80
8. Pentax K10D
9. Nikon D40x
10. Canon 400D
Guest 27-Oct-2007 21:22
For more than forty years I´m a Nikon user.
I´ve fond memories of the first F, but the best and easier to use still is D200 I own from the day it got to Porto´s F.N.A.C.It was a good improvement over D70.
Reliable, sturdy, fast, perfect.
The Last European01-Oct-2007 17:20
I have the D200 now for about a month and I'm very pleased with it.

What I don't like about it are the extremely bad structured menus (I'm used to them now but that doesn't mean that they arent miserable!).
Also at least one button for changing the 4 shooting banks would be very helpful. Twiddeling around through the menus for choosing the banks manually isn't really fun (it doesn't take very long, don't get me wrong! BUT...) when you want to change your shooting technique rapidely as the situation demands it from you.

Well, all in all it's a great item - very quick and accurate.
See for yourself:

or directly my own homepage:

If you have any questions concerning the cam or my pictures, feel free to write me! Somewhere back in time I was a beginner too ;-) (I think I still am!):
Guest 01-Sep-2007 12:50
My apologies for the double post below ! I refreshed the screen and the thread duplicated. As well, I have no clue as to why the image appeared on the screen.
Guest 01-Sep-2007 12:46
With good glass the D200 is absolutely incredible! Here are a few examples from my galleries
Guest 01-Sep-2007 12:46
With good glass the D200 is absolutely incredible! Here are a few examples from my galleries
Bart Boodts Photography23-Aug-2007 08:30
I love the D200!!!
Guest 12-Aug-2007 07:41
Here are some sample of D200 images
Guest 04-Aug-2007 04:51
Guest 27-Jun-2007 07:03
Some long exposures of Fire-eaters taken with D200
Guest 26-Jun-2007 08:39
I like D200 very much and it help me to get so much images in my city for lovely bird.
Guest 17-Jun-2007 17:39
For all of you hasitating whether to buy D200 or something else, consider this gallery (view originals):
Apostolos Tikopoulos17-Apr-2007 21:35
Got my D200 last week and started working on it.Great camera..!
Guest 16-Feb-2007 02:01
Is the 18-200 just a great walking around lens, or is it good for portraits? And what's the difference between using 50mm with the 18-200, than buying the 50mm f1.4?
Peter Huang12-Feb-2007 20:55
If you enjoy taking pictures and wants to know how to get professional results, than you must consider this camera. The craftsmanship and features on the D200 is just amazing. The secret of a pro photographer is not all depended on their skills but also on their equipment.

Here are few sample shots.
Karen Grigoryan Wedding Photography09-Jan-2007 16:06
Have it for more then a year now... Just ordered the second one. What else can I say? Great camera... if you know how to use it ;o)...
Siggi Geirs09-Jan-2007 11:20
Here are some examples of my pictures with the Nikon D200 and the Nikon 18-200mm lens which I got last year. Defently the best combo I have ever owned:

And then I have some more examples here and there in my albums at
Guest 21-Dec-2006 22:01

Check the total number of shutter release for your D200 by Opanda IExif Viewer.

Guest 27-Oct-2006 03:32
Here are some of my shots with the Nikon D200 with Nikkor 18-200mm DX VR Lens -

The Nikon D200 DSLR is my 1st camera, and it is absolutely amazing! I would highly
recommend it to anyone out there comparing even some higher megapixel Canon models. Get yourself a nice Nikkor 18-200mm DX VR and a 70-300mm DX VR lens, and a good polarizer, and you'll be set for a while.

But don't just take anyone's word for it - compare some of the pictures on this site, and you will see what it can do.

Here are some of my shots with the Nikon D200 with Nikkor 18-200mm DX VR Lens -
Guest 22-Oct-2006 07:17
It's extraordinary camera. I make virtual visit (photos 360 degrees x 180 degrees) with Nikon 10.5 DX. I'm very happy. Examples:
Mike Stobbs18-Oct-2006 23:06
Some of my D200 images

Guest 12-Oct-2006 14:45
Started out with a D70 which was great but had to get teh D200 after seeing the images it creates. I'm not dissapointed, despite the odd 'quirk' such as it not turning off occasionally! the camera is brilliant.

Check out my galleries, 99% taken with the D200.. Oh yeah, I liked it so much I bought another one ;)
Guest 12-Oct-2006 00:34
Agreed with Colin. I had a D70 too and most of the pictures in my gallery are taken with it. However there is no compasrison with the D200. Its an amazing machine. I love it everytime I pick it up.
Colin Byers03-Oct-2006 16:04
My first DSLR was a D70, which changed my photography totally and I loved it! I moved to a D200 in March this year and it's even better - seems to me to offer most of the functions an amateur will ever need, but perhaps wouldn't withstand the abuse a Pro camera has to go through ;-) I often read that cameras don't make great pictures, the photographer does. That's certainly true, but a great, fast camera sure helps, especially where you need fast repeat rate, low light in good quality, etc. BTW - do get the grip - makes life much easier for Portrait shots!
My gallery's half D200 and half D70 now - but sadly the D70 rarely sees the light of day any more.
Guest 20-Sep-2006 09:21
I recently returned from Rome with my D200.

See my images here

Fatih Gumus30-Aug-2006 22:01
i just bought my D200 and started working on it.. Great camera..
Erik de Ruijter25-Aug-2006 16:04
After trying to take pictures from an awkward position, I wanted to step down but fell and dropped the D200 pretty hard on the concrete floor. It must have falen for at least 2m if not more. The lens cap broke, and it stopped working. Took out the battery, reinserted and took a picture. No problem. Could not believe it. Really rugged stuff. - Erik
Guest 16-Aug-2006 11:49
The major investment in any digital technology may be measured in both time and money.
After years of neglecting my old 35mm SLR equipment the Nikon D70 brought me back to the delights of still photography. The D200 was a natural progression, and although it is a steep learning curve the results when achieved feel well worth the effort.
The new oil was still wet on the D200 when I visited the South Island of New Zealand in June-July of this Year. See Gallery if interested.
Guest 07-Aug-2006 11:59
Well, after the slight focusing problem I had when I recieved mine more then half a year before, I have to say that this camera is a good match for the highest pro digital cameras. It focuses fast and with pin point acuracy with all my lens, perhaps it has a slight problem in the eddges of my 17mm, that I supose it has to do with the slight chromatic aberration it has. Never the less, I am working with it as my first camera in the pro photojournalistic world and if I have to compare it with my old D-100 I have to say that now I feel quite more competitive enfront of the D1's of some of my collegues.
Rob Cruse07-Aug-2006 11:21
This is a brilliant camera - I had an F100 then went to a D70 for my first digital. The D70 always felt like a let-down in terms of handling and build quality compared to the F100. The D200 has erased all that. I wan't really expecting a leap in image quality over the D70, but was pleasantly surprised. The better metering, focusing obviously a few extra pixels have made the jump totally worthwhile from an image quality perspective, as well as from a handling point of view.

Cheers, Rob.
Guest 06-Aug-2006 21:48
Coming from a D50 I thought I would be in way over my head getting a D200. But after reading a lot of threads in photography forums and learning about different settings I'm amazed how well my D200 performed after one month. Here's my 1st D200 Gallery!
Hope you think it's ok.
Guest 16-Jul-2006 05:03
I have been shooting Professionally for the last 20 years. I have been hesitant to switch from medium fomat to digital. I purchased the D200 last month and the camera has exceeded my expectations of the digital format. This camera is proffesionaly built and produces the quality that I have come to expect from film. Remember though that no matter how good a camera is: "It is the photographers skills that make the images come to life".
Guest 12-Jul-2006 23:44
In this gallery from Kenya almost all photos are with the d200
Guest 29-Jun-2006 19:43
Excellent camera!. Ergonomically and functionally.
Been using the camera for the last 6 months after using D70 for more than 2 years.

Highly recommended! :D
marita toftgard26-Jun-2006 14:40
this camera is everything..that nikon promised and more!
it is easy to use..
nice to hold..
a few pics
Guest 10-Jun-2006 09:38
The D200 is really a great camera. It even produces better quality pics than the D2H. Specialy withhigher ISO-settings.
Here some exemples with ISO 1600:
Guest 23-May-2006 10:23

Pictures with D200 in India
Guest 18-May-2006 16:37
Here are a few 1600 iso samples
Guest 18-May-2006 01:43
The D200 is a complicated camera, no? Great for gadget freaks like me :-). Had a play with my BIL's camera over the weekend and must say that it's easier to get nice skin tones of my baby twin daughters (even under warm, yellow lighting! - just set the WB to 2500K) than my D70 >> see - ISO1600 under energy-saving, tungsten-cast lighting, just resized and sharpened. FYI, I'll be collecting and posting links to interesting tips and information on this camera at my just-launched site at .
Guest 14-May-2006 17:28
This is a stunning camera. Once I had begun to master some of the settings, then the full potential began to emerge.The spot metering is brilliant and I prefer this to the matrix metering, once you have carefully selected the correct tonal area to meter. I have experimented with a small fraction of this cameras potential but have a long way to go to reach other photographer's standards as displayed in these comments.Have alook at A Taste of Oxford which I shot this week in May 2006.
Guest 10-May-2006 01:47
I love this camera - started out with the D70, and loved that camera, but now with the D200, everything is at a new level - I've taken 4,000 pics in about 5 months and have captured some great pics - with many more to come - if you are thinking about buying this camera, go do it - you won't regret your decision.
Guest 04-May-2006 22:33
Best camera I've ever owned! Images are clear, huge, and saturated. Right now I have a 50mm nikkor 1.4f lens on it and it takes beautifully crisp portraits. Camera is a MUST HAVE!!!
more info about Nikon D200
David Franklin29-Apr-2006 06:32
Received my D200 a couple of days ago. Had been using a Canon 300D with success but decided that an upgrade was due. After a great deal of research decided to sell my Canon gear and switch to Nikon, partly because of the 200D and partly because I was becoming slightly disillusioned with Canon despite good results from my kit. Something to do with the inability to get real vibrancy in my images and an overall soft feeling that I found difficult to correct.

The D200 is clearly a class or two above my previous camera. Initial results show a real improvement, but then this is a significant upgrade. My only observation is a philosophical one - this camera does so much that sometimes I harken back to the days of my old Canon Ai and remember what a pleasure it was to take photographs. The complexity of modern kit MAY detract from the actual pleasure of image making. Zooming here and there, adjusting settings, fiddling with this and that is all very interesting, but does it improve the creativity of taking pictures?

Now what I want is a simple no nonsense lens (perhaps the 85/1.4 or the 60/2.8 micro) and then go out and about for several months with just that one lens so that can find out exactly what this camera can do.
Guest 17-Apr-2006 18:10
The Nikon D200 produces great results, see the following link for various examples
Guest 28-Mar-2006 17:31
Nikon D200 with 105mm 2.8 VR ED WOW no words I am amazed
Hand held test
Guest 13-Mar-2006 14:32
A collection links to Nikon D200 images which I personally find quite amazing :>
Lou Giroud12-Mar-2006 12:12
Who will on the end not buy this camera for it's performance only. My wish would have been this camera with the 6 mpix chip of the D50 or the Fuji S3 chip.
The problem with pixel race is that the more you have, the finer and sharper the picture gets on one end, on the other you suffer from noise problems and bad light conditions. i can't realy understand how Nikon manages to take that much out of this chip anyway. It performs much better in the dark then the D50/70 series.
I think that a 14 mpix full size chip had been a better solution for such a beast.
Lenses get better, software for rework as well, so nothing realy could cause a problem anymore with full sized chip if lens developpement follows the trend.
I checked the pictures of the D50/D70 and the D200 as well as the D2x.
note that the D50 makes the better sharper shot, the D200 draws much softer and smooth and much closer to the film type photo. It is obvious that the basic D200 shot is based on Pro parameters and needs a rework to make it real good.
I tested basic jpegs and those are excellent if the light and focusing is ok. to say that you can use all of them as such would be overdriven.
All in all a fantastic performance case without any challenger yet. A better chip could make this an outperformer.
I can't understand Nikon to stick to Sony for the chips while Fuji makes one that would make this camera an unbeatable object for many years.
Guest 27-Feb-2006 21:15
You won't believe the difference a few years make. When the D100 came out I shelled out $2,000 and was a happy camper. A lot slower than my previous F100, but digital alas. No regrets leaving the D100 behind, this camera has it all and then some. Much quicker focusing with the long lens (80-400), much faster frame rate and super size buffer! Rear view screen is light years better than D100's. Skin tones much better and dynamic range............dynamic! If you own D100,D70 or D50 you're gonna love this camera. Heck I'd of bought this camera for the performance even if it didn't have more pixels.......but don't tell nikon ;-)
Guest 21-Feb-2006 11:30
Yes, I left a comment before, I just whanted to ask a question.
Has anyone had focusing problems with lenses like the 80-200 or the 300 at f-stop 2,8? My D-200 just focused like 5cm before or after but very few times were the focusing point was. I took it to Nikon service and I'm waiting for them to tell me what's the matter with it but I was wondering if it is a common thing or not... I had the same problem with the F-90X and they never realy were able to solve it, and that worries me a bit.
Guest 17-Feb-2006 15:32
The D200 is the perfect combination of travel dslr and studio. It is small enough to fit in a small camera bag (even with the heavy 17-55 glass that lives on mine) yet has all the features that you would expect of a professional dslr. Canon 5D is also a nice camera but I personally prefer the feel, build, and weather sealing of the D200 combined with their excellent lenses.

PaD with D200 Images:
Photos of New Orelans:
A train/road trip:
(this has some with D70, some with D200)
Alfred Arzt10-Feb-2006 10:58
D 200 with Metz flashes: I am still using my Metz 45Cl-4 (auto works great, no ttl). I just had to upgrade the Metz with SCA 3402 M3. Some pix:
Guest 10-Feb-2006 07:59
One little deception though, Since I have memory, I've always worked with Metz flashes and to my surprise, I could not youse any of them with the D200, no even in A mode!!! in the end I had to buy my self the SB-800, reason... the i-TTL, but for the Automatic? I don't know.
Alfred Arzt09-Feb-2006 12:04
I think the D200 is for me the best digital SLR on the market. Why? 10 megapixel is enough for 99% of pictures made (for the rest 1% MF with Phase One digital backs is the right solution). All features, everything of that camera is perfect. Skintones are excellent. Hi iso performance is also very good. 3200 iso is quite usable. Some galleries:
RH Photography07-Feb-2006 12:56
I've got three dSLRs.... Pentax *istD, Nikon D70s and now the brilliant Nikon D200.
I can tell you that you won't be disappointed by the incredible picture quality this level entry pro camera gives you. The auto white balance is spot on, even in difficult lighting conditions. The dynamic range is greater, especially in the midtones over the Nikon D70s and the colors this camera produces are very natural with true to life skin tones. The 10 megapixels gives you that extra cropping ability over a 6 MB camera.
The large LCD is bright, has a great off center viewing angle and is a joy to use.
The 5 fps for up to 22 RAW frames or 37 JPEGs is great for sports and action.
The viewfinder is huge and the glass pentaprism gives a sharp and bright view making focusing a breeze with manual focus lenses.
This is a camera that will not disappoint the serious or semi-pro photographer!

Here is a gallery of recent photos taken with the D200
Guest 03-Feb-2006 22:06
The truth is that I am impressed with this camera, my D200 arrived yasterday and I didn't have much time to work with it yet but the few things I did realy impress me quite a bit. I am propetary of the D100 too and I was quite happy with it though it has it's best and worst, but when I compare it with the D200 the D100 is not a match. The D200 is well built looks strong, it is visible too the evolution of the CCD, not only for it's resolution but general quality of the image for example, highlights are not that much of a problem (it has a larger exposure latitude). The colour is much more acurate to the reality of the things that you are shooting (the raw image doesen't need faar as much basic Photoshop as the images of the D100). Focus and shooting is much faster then it's predecesor and it's nice to be able to shoot many more pictures in a row at continuous high mode (that's good for anyone who has to work with it specially in photojounalism). Autofocus is faster and more acurate too... It even has a syncro conexion!!! Thing that for some ununderstandable reason the D100 doesen't. The soft is better then the one of the D100 though I don't understand why they didn't make the D200 to be able to produce TIF.* image format and only is possible to do JPEG.* or RAW.* files (probably this is the most bothersome point of the camera). Price? no need to say anything, when I bought the D100 it costed me 3000 € (3 years and a half ago) and this one is only 1700 € much better for a stronger and highly versatile camera, now the only thing I have to hope is that it will last the almost 130.000 shots the D-100 did and that, at least, I can work with it for the next 3 and a half years without having to change it because the digital world has evolved so fast that my clients start asking me larger resolutions. ;)
Guest 27-Jan-2006 06:27
i am getting amazing pictures pretty much right out of the camera, basically just set in capture the white balance and sharpening as i shoot RAW. just took these tonight, long tripod exposures, but clicked the button, so some vibration. i think these shots are amazing. they rendering of the images are so beautiful, i couldn't possibly be happier with this camera.

these shots are taken with just a couple candescent lights, worst lighting and the pictures are still amazing (at least i think so ;)
Guest 15-Jan-2006 10:54
I have made a diary for the last three weeks of my D200 images -

Also - I have some images on pbase with the D200, 70-200mm VR lens and SB800 flash
Thomas Gehlhaus02-Jan-2006 06:45
My first Nikon D200 images can be found here:
Guest 02-Jan-2006 02:23
Hi - feel free to read a short hands on summary at my site - There are also some samples (grouped by ISO) there too. Cheers, Lawrence
Jeanne Newman01-Jan-2006 20:53
All shot with the D200 and the Nikkor 85mm f/1.4D IF AF or the Nikkor 17-55mm f/2.8G ED-IF AF-S DX.
roastducks29-Dec-2005 08:14
Got my D200 today with 18-200VR. Here are caouple of test images:
Guest 27-Dec-2005 14:51
Some early test shots. Camera recieved 12/21/05. Weather was good all week & 86 degrees Chrstmas Eve.

First impressions: Wow! Looks great, feels great and my first large jeg's leap off my monitor with terrific clarity, contrast & detail. Unfortunatley, most of that cannot be seen in uploads to PBase.
The true test will be my first A3+, 13"x19" and larger prints, which is why I bought this baby.
Guest 27-Dec-2005 14:49
Some early test shots. Camera recieved 12/21/05. Weather was good all week & 86 degrees Chrstmas Eve.

First impressions: Wow! Looks great, feels great and my first large jeg's leap off my monitor with terrific clarity, contrast & detail. Unfortunatley, most of that cannot be seen in uploads to PBase.
The true test will be my first A3+, 13"x19" and larger prints, which is why I bought this baby.
Vilone25-Dec-2005 01:04
Got my D200 today :-)) few sample images ====>>
Jeanne Newman24-Dec-2005 04:41
The images on my site that I took with the D200 needed NO post-processing whatsoever. The B&W mode is exceptional.I am customizing the menus and will have mor eimages after the craziness of Christmas is over.
Guest 23-Dec-2005 06:16
Just a couple of D200 product shots: The wireless macro ring flashes (R200) might be available 2nd Qtr 2006.
Jeanne Newman22-Dec-2005 02:53
A test image from the D200.
Guest 19-Dec-2005 01:39
Sorry for the typos, try :)
Guest 19-Dec-2005 01:38
A few test shots at The 1600 and 3200 ISO shots lokk very promising.
Peter Eklöf07-Nov-2005 22:40
Carolyn LaBarbera Photography03-Nov-2005 12:30
Please post more Nikon D200 images and tell us your impression of the camera. Do the images require extensive post-processing OR are the images almost perfect straight from the camera?????????????????? Thanks for posting the few images that you've shared with the all the anxiously waiting Nikon fans.

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