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Fishing the St Lawrence River - 2011

This one is for the boys...

The St Lawrence Seaway is an awesome body of water and we enjoyed fishing it.
We stayed in Clayton, NY in a region called the Thousand Islands.
A mix of fish pictures and images of representative scenery on the river and in Clayton.

Totals: 147 fish
Freddie O (successfully defended his 2010 title) - 65 fish
Jesse - 35 fish
Richie - 27 fish* (left early...extrapolation 33-40 fish)
Frank - 20 fish
Top fish:
Richie, smallmouth bass 4 lbs +
Freddie O, smallmouth bass 4 lbs +
Frank, pike 28 1/2 " 6 lbs
Frank, pike 28"
Frank, largemouth bass 3lbs 10oz
First fish: Jesse, pike
Last fish: Jesse, smallmouth bass
starting point our boat the gear g4/04/714204/3/135160506.iUJ0b1Lr.jpg out on the water!
river scenery g4/04/714204/3/135150342.cvr6xOm5.jpg Jesse gets the first fish!...a northern pike Richie's turn container ship
layers.... ) a huge freighter evening at our dock area moored sailboat Seaway Slips headquarters
nice property g4/04/714204/3/135155204.uooYgoiT.jpg g4/04/714204/3/135155209.jrsgl2Gx.jpg a little cockeyed around the bend to Eel Bay
Mosquito Island g4/04/714204/3/135155337.B2FTsD57.jpg g4/04/714204/3/135155341.nRkYqO7S.jpg g4/04/714204/3/135155344.jcb1RkYy.jpg g4/04/714204/3/135155850.DCm9Nl8m.jpg
g4/04/714204/3/135155855.650t32EN.jpg g4/04/714204/3/135155857.MXJnyhC0.jpg 27 Pike g4/04/714204/3/135155876.nBO2IuJn.jpg a beautiful smallmouth bass
fishing in gale winds g4/04/714204/3/135160524.xYcu9Gk9.jpg g4/04/714204/3/135160527.yN3MRHfS.jpg finally! working boats out of Clayton
g4/04/714204/3/135160676.v9VHkdTb.jpg g4/04/714204/3/135160699.0O8pLBg9.jpg another Smallie g4/04/714204/3/135163449.mrkoCE84.jpg g4/04/714204/3/135163457.avsxZlnf.jpg
g4/04/714204/3/135163493.L7NZf5Zv.jpg Smallmouth Bass over 4lbs for Rich! g4/04/714204/3/135163532.ZA6cgyUE.jpg I got my smallie... g4/04/714204/3/135163541.8Jl644Sv.jpg
a double... another 4lb + smallmouth bass g4/04/714204/3/135163555.sqK91P0n.jpg Richie with a nice pike g4/04/714204/3/135163597.AYhvWuYw.jpg
g4/04/714204/3/135163610.UoymotTG.jpg g4/04/714204/3/135163623.F5B4AsNF.jpg looks like a little snake.. :-)) shorline at Eel Bay g4/04/714204/3/135163664.a3o5Tc4o.jpg
g4/04/714204/3/135163675.jsfQc2yo.jpg g4/04/714204/3/135163692.zKA4T8du.jpg g4/04/714204/3/135163699.5xLnZLJ3.jpg g4/04/714204/3/135163709.oZhBB12K.jpg another really fine smallmouth bass for Richie
a Rock Bass the vastness of the St Lawrence can be intimidating... post-storm light Clayton, NY at river level g4/04/714204/3/135170812.uXCLWHeV.jpg
a hit! g4/04/714204/3/135170906.1TcQSs4N.jpg the town docks sunset over Grindstone Island g4/04/714204/3/135171063.GIPgA3aH.jpg
g4/04/714204/3/135171100.R8xvOATP.jpg bridge connecting the US and Canada private residence in Alexandria Bay big container ship negotiating the shipping channel at Alexandria Bay castle island...a tourist spot
g4/04/714204/3/135171255.ciN5TwJ8.jpg freighter and lighthouse on the St Lawrence onlooker g4/04/714204/3/135177349.wMev7cCv.jpg feisty little bugger to hit that big lure...
g4/04/714204/3/135177371.P289C4yU.jpg blacksnake passge (the rift) Blanket Island g4/04/714204/3/135177464.qPDLhIVF.jpg Island scene
g4/04/714204/3/135177618.yjqZAT6E.jpg g4/04/714204/3/135177624.YMkoE81g.jpg g4/04/714204/3/135177627.Nsi8uWTz.jpg refuge waiting it out
g4/04/714204/3/135177762.GPCvQUPU.jpg a 27 of the larger ones... good times g4/04/714204/3/135177917.zqSvC7p1.jpg the medal ceremony
a 3lb 10 oz Largemouth Bass 28 1/2 inch Pike g4/04/714204/3/135178004.iW4DvVOk.jpg Captain Fred at the helm the very last hour...a little gloomy
Osprey nest next to last fish last fish....2011 is a wrap