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Digital Photographs

g12/04/714204/3/171537495.wP5NoKQ6.jpg g12/04/714204/3/171537494.K948Xury.jpg g12/04/714204/3/171537493.4Nn8Ju4L.jpg daffodils Moon shot 36X
ear buds M'lady g12/04/714204/3/171347852.JjRIxh3B.jpg bizarre flower pot g12/04/714204/3/171347489.3966cGFx.jpg
regal buck record breakers metal ore mineral collection Pentax macro shot Christmas brought a small addition to the collection
delivered! ;-) Daughter-in-law's brand. Nativity scene Hudson Yards from my archives back yard shed
It's that scary time again! garden color Hi ISO+image stabilization test - sweater sleeve hand held at 900mm! cat and rats abstract detail from a painted barn
the dreaded Desoto old door detail Jaques of London Perfect spot roadside farmer's market
Hurricane Laura hand painted shack Dewey Beach continuation scenes from a lockdown room - the sonnets
scenes from a lockdown room - the game scenes from a lockdown room - desultory bookshelves solved! Our local farm market daydreams of a better life
hibiscus hibiscus hibiscus gimcracks - 17mm: 6 @f/4 details - old disused church
Dairy Farm in Ulster the Gunks - a detail sign of age Dairy Farm in Ulster social distancing
somewhat spotty perhaps the most erudite author ever to put pen to paper! into the light Lockdown diversions: Rozčs, Arturo Fuente, de Maupassant.... 50
the final cut playground Watchers g12/04/714204/3/170474012.2jJtdbR8.jpg Dafodil
Spring flower show the little kid Buddha with bamboo and white lotus Koi pond tiny heads g12/04/714204/3/170395301.ydkRKmwX.jpg
toying around with one of my old macro lenses another fish eye perspective painted storehouse at Vassar Farms Beechtree Grill....RIP And another one down and another one down and......
indulgence The great emptying? an art object g12/04/714204/3/170359686.PsnSy6AV.jpg patiently waiting
How to train your dragon g12/04/714204/3/170283952.nYaG8vqK.jpg g12/04/714204/3/170276802.T5wOOP5I.jpg Opus Stocking up
serenity classic street camera - small, light, unobtrusive classic rangefinder camera - the Wetzlar travel pack classic rangefinder camera strike a pose for Dia de los Muertos
she could have danced all night g12/04/714204/3/170003059.Aos5UlUj.jpg NYC Subway a photo blogger's dream Nikon show model
Brownian motion finishing touch vintage violet yarrow recreation wine glasses
IPA connecting with your inner orchid profusion of petals outdoor bar thunderstorm aftermath
g12/04/714204/3/169404204.d2pSzkwf.jpg relaxing on our deck...with a little Rosé wine patio pals be careful what you wish for.... more camera dreams - the whiteface
a gibson Lunch at the bar.... Babalu's Wedding Day! Gnomus mugs
selfie! pretty fish g11/04/714204/3/168702895.ApA9C8Re.jpg chain catshark Clown Triggerfish
Merry Christmas to ALL! ah, Provence! camera dreams Martin Lancelot Barre - the legendary rock icon from Jethro Tull the new photography (?)
downtown Miss Liberty Lens test 2 - early nikkor vs pro lens test - kit vs pro The magic of Valentina Lisitsa
September's End You been a good old wagon.....but daddy...ya done broke down g9/04/714204/3/152613746.5XwoHnxS.jpg The aforementioned mansion - Hyde Park, NY assiduously ignoring me
the dreaded Fence Eating Vine Ummm.....No...Actually we just came here to pick apples... Sushi Master just a matter of time Lotuseseses
after the toast 48 years Bed Time Stories MnM DOF 0
no guesswork g2/04/714204/3/147186395.LE8UVchJ.jpg RRS test small town shopping season's end
walk for the cure - Franklin D Roosevelt State Park interior g1/04/714204/3/146617882.LUvakO2l.jpg g1/04/714204/3/146588733.af7VB1y8.jpg tree
angel of music kanji on kanvas BFG filagree exotic faces
everyday essentials sushi curtain restaurant color check corner tavern
conservatory lofts Brooklyn Bridge a lamp post grows in Brooklyn.... :) Dutch artists at the gallery
particle board detail Manhattan from the Brooklyn Piers g4/04/714204/3/144379729.UN2iMe64.jpg a moment to remember Mrs B and a very special friend! :)
g4/04/714204/3/144227959.igLp8LmO.jpg jetski g4/04/714204/3/144163812.3Jrv0v8h.jpg g4/04/714204/3/144135209.OenrshRa.jpg docks and rowboats
boatyard osprey nest on the border private sunset
electric weather careful of the bees returning soon Deutsche Mark bank twice a week-sushi action
presidents in color - the engraver's art relaxing Happy New Year to all ....and to all.... matrix darth maul
Mrs B calm before the storm like a fish out of water boys at the show whalewatcher boat at the dock
docks mr moonlight floating at 36X pre war architecture - lower Manhattan bass waters
where we fish another local hotspot Lyndhurst mansion lyndhurst Hat sale
graduation dance, Vassar 2004 Photo Expo 2007 - Rad, Jeanne Newman, Boscodamus hawks Leica M3 redux super nova
Pacific walrus archer fish hiding in marsh grass dragonfly on wall tree boa
why bother? detail bokeh tree monitor arrogant ferocity
Soho Gallery To sleep, perchance to dream peaceful pasture Sleeping Bear Happy couple at the Bronx Zoo
hmmm...something doesn't feel quite right.... The Forest a conversation with witches Liebestod tiger lilly detail
Hillary cosmo after the storm green turning blue...waiting
old campus tree columns and doorway Fishing Boats Vassar College Chapel bondage
trophy blue marlin trophy striper trophy yellowfin tuna docks at 6AM blond on blond
bells bokeh 7 the divine Miss L country road tick tock
one tree bird cage sleeping cat 28 Pike emptied building
liquor store g6/04/714204/3/81175405.bbXk0Omz.jpg g6/04/714204/3/81175398.jz9icDsT.jpg serenity g6/04/714204/3/81175385.f6HspzRC.jpg
g6/04/714204/3/81175400.atdy5w7c.jpg Clear the Landing Zone with the excitement of the first day, reason and sobriety sometimes slowly fade shopping around 5, Cape May NJ dockside
old woodframe house giftshop decorative seahorse rainy morning at the north end islands sea plane parked in the fog
populated shoreline a mayfly town pano canoers get an early start. g6/04/714204/3/74006251.slEcI1Ur.jpg
reflections of the Metropolitan Opera 6 reflections of the Metropolitan Opera 2 reflections of the Metropolitan Opera 7 San Juan night 5 g3/04/714204/3/90145899.zhT4ldaq.jpg
g3/04/714204/3/90145894.WvbgYiBW.jpg if that fence wasn't there..... g6/04/714204/3/74342715.9iMSQaks.jpg g6/04/714204/3/73101784.fCoC8Cio.jpg g6/04/714204/3/69765497.tZgKFYK8.jpg
g6/04/714204/3/70010560.71JnQMbD.jpg PhotoPlus 2012
PhotoPlus 2012
Washington Street Mall, Cape May, New Jersey
Washington Street Mall, Cape May, New Jersey