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Long Lake

home for a week main cabin Captain Freddie O Jesse and Frank
piloting g6/04/714204/3/81175395.dcrYs5Ar.jpg g6/04/714204/3/81054169.M4qKNY1Q.jpg will it ever stop?
g6/04/714204/3/81175403.P0ESz4UY.jpg pays off! g6/04/714204/3/81175404.7cGgNxuX.jpg g6/04/714204/3/81175410.aHYGSiml.jpg
Richie with a pike caught off the weedline g6/04/714204/3/81175411.moZS0Wcn.jpg g6/04/714204/3/81175390.YADs4e9i.jpg g6/04/714204/3/81175397.Nl74eQNJ.jpg
g6/04/714204/3/81175356.QekVGDPB.jpg the boys g6/04/714204/3/81175352.fZ7ZDxqg.jpg Richie with a pike on the classic
g6/04/714204/3/81175394.bIXUcBkE.jpg a study in concentration northern pike largemouth bass
The surgeon at work getting late g6/04/714204/3/81175402.ycuwEWIQ.jpg g6/04/714204/3/81175337.8sTubx2a.jpg
g6/04/714204/3/81175407.faUbE0vg.jpg and a nice smallmouth bass smallmouth bass g6/04/714204/3/81175349.h971J0oe.jpg
marina dock g6/04/714204/3/81175371.g7Ym1yxC.jpg g6/04/714204/3/81175377.2Q4wnyjw.jpg g6/04/714204/3/81175381.73mvxTD2.jpg
g6/04/714204/3/81175388.MEiKgUzu.jpg g6/04/714204/3/81175406.HKsH3SA1.jpg g6/04/714204/3/81175414.SFjKPTNi.jpg g6/04/714204/3/81175424.v5VYRjqP.jpg
doubleheader g6/04/714204/3/81175343.q7YUAX85.jpg g6/04/714204/3/81175346.c07zrguH.jpg largemouth on the trip's top producing lure
the smallest pike g6/04/714204/3/81175365.3lT7mMNZ.jpg g6/04/714204/3/81175338.qxjwuaGd.jpg Early out
g6/04/714204/3/81175396.ipbwG09w.jpg in fog, you have to have one of these! GPS allows you to avoid stuff like this in the fog g6/04/714204/3/81175340.NZgHBAk3.jpg
g6/04/714204/3/81175344.3Bl6wCB5.jpg Jesse and Rich g6/04/714204/3/81175359.AjPWf2FY.jpg g6/04/714204/3/81175362.7daLtT3B.jpg
g6/04/714204/3/81175367.pxtxW2C1.jpg g6/04/714204/3/81175392.dFX38IZ9.jpg Rich has another smallmouth it really doesn't get any better than this
Jesse's big pike wacky worm...the trip's best lure sea plane tours for 75 bucks a head Freddie with #100
g6/04/714204/3/81175399.6jKl6xz4.jpg There's a definite nip in the air g6/04/714204/3/81175389.g3d7E45a.jpg the photographer
g6/04/714204/3/81175412.WiEt5oq9.jpg g6/04/714204/3/81175417.B06a5rzA.jpg g6/04/714204/3/81175421.NfcBv3Tc.jpg Freddie
champion's medal presentation ceremony The 2007 champ is Richie The boys bid goodbye....for now...