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Harel Boren | all galleries >> Galleries >> Southern Sky Gems Observatory > Thackerays Globules & Churchill's Cigar in the Running Chicken Nebula / IC 2944 IC 2948 (Centaurus)
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April 24-May 9, 2015 Harel Boren & Tal Faibish

Thackerays Globules & Churchill's Cigar in the Running Chicken Nebula / IC 2944 IC 2948 (Centaurus)

Southern Sky Gems Observatory, Kalahari Desert, Namibia
Officina Stellare RiDK 305 F7.9 OTA

Total Exposure Time: 11:30 hours Bin1:L 15 x 10 min.;R,G,B 20x10 min.; Ha 34 x 10 min.
This image is 1900x1435 pixels

SBIG STF8300M, AP GTO1200 mount, guided w/MaximDL
Size: 25.8 x 19.5 arcmin
RA 11h 38m 03.7s, Dec -63 23' 03.0"
Pos Angle +270 02.9', FL 2400 mm, 0.46"/Pixel

Processed with PixInSight using IP4AP methodologies (

Check out

: Bright nebulae abound in and around the expansive southern constellation of Centaurus. The bright red emission nebulae, cataloged as IC 2948/2944, are near the star Lambda Centauri (just off the left of the frame) and not far on the sky from the better known Eta Carinae Nebula. Embedded in the reddish glowing cloud of hydrogen gas, is the energetic young star cluster Collinder 249. Seen in silhouette at the very center of the view are small, dark clouds of obscuring cosmic dust. Called Thackeray's Globules for their discoverer, they are potential sites for the formation of new stars, but are likely being eroded by the intense radiation from the nearby young stars. The gorgeous skyscape spans about 70 light-years at the nebula's estimated 6,000 light-year distance. (ref. )

On the bottom right of the image lies a wispy dark nebula hiding some of the bright red emmission and meeting a bright star at its end. I have seen it's been named "Churchill's Cigar" at least once, and repeat the name here too.

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