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【Tell the Taichung City Government take fully responsibilites for
20 neutered stray dogs massacre with poison】



Taiwan has been known having a bad reputation of animal welfare.
Not only the local residents in Taichung ignore animal protection
law, but also threaten dog loving rescuers/caregivers to poison
the strays who has been neutered and spayed (TNR) if they still
keep on feeding them.

According to the local loving rescuers/caregivers , it is 3rd
time dog massacre in this society. They acclaim the authorities
and local residents have not taken any responsibilities to get
strays neutered/spayed. It ended up all puppies have been dumped
either on the streets or brushes constantly year by year without
people knowing or proper care.

This is extremely unacceptable to slaughter 20 dogs with poison.
As you can see some of the dogs were swirling on the ground with
excruciating pain and some of dogs was falling to the water and
drawn. They were all eyes opened and vomiting with blood.

Today, we urgently ask you joining my petition to tell Taiwan
authorities taking fully responsibility for this dog massacre
and the ultimate goal is to push Taiwan authorities forward to
protect these vulnerable animals, reinforce the animal protection
law and punish this animal brutal activities.

You can link to this web down below. Unpleasant pictures contend

Animal protection in Taiwan is only 10 years old history
and the concepts of animal welfare have been mislead by
local authorities. As you can see, the local residents
could slaughter those starys regardless the animal protection
law upfront. It's hearbreaking and upsetting to see those dogs
who couldn't speak for themself got brutally perished.

Please help us save these strays and avoid further massacre
by sending an urgent message now to the Taiwan authorities
that this is ultimately unacceptable and they have to take
fully responsibilities, and then share with all your friends.


▲ 動新聞報導:
同條巷子 又7犬遭毒殺30狗命案未破「兇手會有報應」
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