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"Yabaton" Size: 2.09" Price: SOLD

This is a collaboration that Yoshi put together using two of Takao Miyake's amazing cabs in the design. This is one of the first three Yoshi-Takao collabs ever created, made specially for the July, 2015 All Japan Show in Tokyo, Japan. After you pick your jaw up off the floor I'll tell you more about it.

Yoshi named this one Yabaton which is a combination of two words, Yabai, a slang term meaning 'super cool and awesome' and Ton which means tunnel. So this is basically a super awesome tunnel, and as you stare at it, you will realize how many places this super awesome tunnel can take your mind to!! The craftsmanship and artistry is off the charts here, and it's almost impossible for glass to get more beautiful than this. You can see from the side shot that there is a large round opal in the middle of the marble with Yoshi's signature opal on top of that. That large opal shines colorfully through the smaller Takao section nicely, which you can see in the one pic. There are layers and layers of Yoshi's awesome dot-stacked perfection, and when you hit this magnificent creation with a black light, you find that it holds even more secrets! Yoshi's dot-stacking precision coupled with Takao's tiny dot-laying precision is almost too much for the human mind to handle.

To showcase his amazing creations, Yoshi has created special boxes to ship, display and store the marbles in. The last two pics show one of these boxes, and it comes complete with a removable black felt base which the marble can rest on either inside or outside of the box, depending on where you want to place the base. There are two nice little black pillows inside the box which hold the marble in place as the box clicks shut. It is a heavy, extremely well-crafted box that is lacquered to a deep, shiny black finish. This box then comes inside another black storage box. The whole design is extraordinarily brilliant, bringing a touch of class to marbles that deserve it far above and beyond all others. Yoshi is an artist at the highest level of artistry, and he respects his work on a level like it truly should be respected. Please forgive the bright shining dust in the pics - some of those particles fought a tough battle in trying to cling to this beautiful box. The box is WAAAAY better in hand, trust me.

You can also view a sweet HD video of the marble! Click on the first pic and then scroll down and you'll see the video below the picture. You can select a lower video quality for faster loading if you desire. Select 720p or 1080p for HD.

g9/17/390417/3/160942621.jPp9QDMO.jpg g9/17/390417/3/160942635.D0wIbH64.jpg g9/17/390417/3/160942632.fnYWLf7g.jpg g9/17/390417/3/160942633.XuBorR76.jpg
g9/17/390417/3/160942623.eglK7aC2.jpg g9/17/390417/3/160942624.goAGwQPD.jpg g9/17/390417/3/160942634.kf3pwBnF.jpg g9/17/390417/3/160942625.0JqTnSXH.jpg
g9/17/390417/3/160942626.Lu3uBRoq.jpg g9/17/390417/3/160942627.dZNAwFXG.jpg g9/17/390417/3/160942628.w5H0TalC.jpg g9/17/390417/3/160942629.g2QNVW6t.jpg
g9/17/390417/3/160942630.xeNVh8Hl.jpg g9/17/390417/3/160942636.k3c7VH42.jpg g9/17/390417/3/160942631.TewFp9i7.jpg g9/17/390417/3/160942661.ztqUcTl0.jpg