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"Akame" Size: 2.47" Price: SOLD

Here's your chance at a special historic gem created by Master Yoshi! The following is my original write-up on this marble from back in 2012....

Here's the problem - I'm quickly running out of adjectives that can properly convey how amazing these marbles are. As great as these pictures might look, you HAVE to see them in hand to even begin to understand the incredible glass work that is occurring here. It is beyond ANYTHING the world has ever seen before. And this marble is HUGE, with layer after layer of dot stack after dot stack, precise beyond belief. You spin it around in your hand, and your mind just keeps telling you - " NOT....POSSIBLE!!!!!"

If you asked me how long an artist takes to make a typical marble, I might tell you 2 hours..and 15 years (or however long that artist has been working with glass). Artists used to spend an hour or few on a marble years ago, and that was quite labor intensive, along with the prep work beforehand. Then more recently some artists started spending many hours on a marble, maybe even a whole day in the 6 to 8 hour range, and we started seeing some incredible masterpieces. But Yoshi, he's at a whole nutha' level - he doesn't just spend hours on a marble like this, it is DAYS, coming in and out of the kiln for the various layers of craziness that are added. It not only takes a precise hand and incredible glass control that most artists don't have, but it also takes time, patience, and I figure almost a zen-like approach to bringing a creation like this into being. In the world of marbles - this is insane.

It will take you a while to explore this marble, from the inside out, with the spherical opal right in the very center, and then layer after layer of dot work, with your mind trying to un-peel the layers of awesomeness. Whoever is the lucky owner of this one - HAVE FUN, wooohooo!! Signed 'YK 12'.

g2/17/390417/3/147524530.cb3xRHoT.jpg g2/17/390417/3/147524531.U7Bhd9rU.jpg g2/17/390417/3/147524532.TrAlsmrl.jpg g2/17/390417/3/147524533.ESoFx7xV.jpg
g2/17/390417/3/147524534.1627nBZk.jpg g2/17/390417/3/147524535.kMk2yacN.jpg g2/17/390417/3/147524536.a39lDinK.jpg g2/17/390417/3/147524537.mqbSnFgI.jpg
g2/17/390417/3/147524538.ap5K0hR0.jpg g2/17/390417/3/147524539.G13dWuIx.jpg