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"Ukiwa" Size: 2.25" Price: SOLD

'Ukiwa' translates to 'flotation device' in Japanese, aka a Life Preserver, and this is SO appropriate, because this marble could actually SAVE YOUR LIFE some day! Life got you down? Just take a deep look into this marble and you will suddenly feel better again! The power of art, our Creator working through human hands, can not be trifled with. And let me tell you, THIS is an amazing creation!!

This gem is a collaboration between Akio (Akihisa Izumi) and Yoshi, in which Yoshi took two different incredible 'amicello' discs from Akio and worked them into the amazing pattern of one of his dot stacked masterpiece marbles. In the very middle of all that is a seriously wild, huge and staggeringly beautiful 30mm opal disc. It splits the marble in the middle, and the fire and green bling which you can see in this opal is almost too much to believe. It is ASTOUNDING in hand! But let's get back to Akio's amicellos. The one side features the first collaboration with one of his discs where he featured a clear ring in the middle of the amicello pattern. It is ridiculously tight and controlled, and the results, with that opal behind it, are legendary! The other side features a full amicello, so you get the best of both worlds from Akio. The amicello design just flows so smoothly with the rest of Yoshi's work, and it is gorgeous glass. Yoshi's layered dot stacking then extends all around the middle portion of the marble in true life preserving fashion, with killer patterns and even some faces seen in there. This piece is flat out AWESOME, and will be a jaw-dropping centerpiece for even the finest of collections! Signed 'Akio 16' with Yoshi's signature 'YK' opal.

To showcase his amazing creations, Yoshi has created special boxes to ship, display and store the marbles in. The last two pics show one of these boxes, and it comes complete with a removable black felt base which the marble can rest on either inside or outside of the box, depending on where you want to place the base. There are two nice little black pillows inside the box which hold the marble in place as the box clicks shut. It is a heavy, extremely well-crafted box that is lacquered to a deep, shiny black finish. This box then comes inside another black storage box. The whole design is extraordinarily brilliant, bringing a touch of class to marbles that deserve it far above and beyond all others. Yoshi is an artist at the highest level of artistry, and he respects his work on a level like it truly should be respected. Please forgive the bright shining dust in the pics - some of those particles fought a tough battle in trying to cling to this beautiful box. The box is WAAAAY better in hand, trust me.

g9/17/390417/3/162802583.38mXDuel.jpg g9/17/390417/3/162802584.5Ql8YE12.jpg g9/17/390417/3/162802585.zySdVOd8.jpg g9/17/390417/3/162802586.WoODko0n.jpg
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g9/17/390417/3/162802591.lU5fSIOf.jpg g9/17/390417/3/162802592.XbwUuFgI.jpg g9/17/390417/3/160942661.ztqUcTl0.jpg g9/17/390417/3/160942662.e4iWoOI5.jpg