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Eli Sipsas Marbles and Pendants For Sale

I am proud to present to you the fantastic artistry of the brilliant Eli Sipsas! I have known Eli for many years now, and it has been a true pleasure to watch the progression of Eli's art, starting in the world of graphic design and then transitioning that vision into glass as well. Eli has a true passion for the glass medium, as he started as a collector and lover of the spherical glass form, and then pushed himself to develop his own style and voice in the glass, which hints at the graphical design roots that inform his vision.

Eli graduated in 2006 with a BFA degree from the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA and he hit the ground running from there, creating amazing and complex graphical prints that project a style all his own. His designs can be seen throughout the glass community as he has worked on the logos and other prints/paintings for many of the most well known artists in our community, including my own logo! However, Eli's drive for progression and his love of glass pushed him to move beyond the graphics and get into the hot world of glass himself, so in 2011 he bought his first glass tools, started blowing glass full time in 2014, and he now thrives in this medium as well! In 2016 he joined the famous Main Circle glass shop in Portland, OR, and he now works daily with some of the best in the biz. His marbles and pendants mostly feature complex layers of gold and silver fuming, mixed with just the right amounts of color and also UV glass. They are fascinating to behold in hand, as they highlight the combination of light and glass, with movement in and throughout the glass that you can study for days. Some of them can look like webbed mineral spheres in normal light, and then when you hit them with the black light, a whole nother world of glass comes to life inside! Eli is incredibly meticulous in all of his art work, and this means he has just the right amount of OCD that we love in marble artists to make his marbles tightly patterned and round, giving you that sense of wonderfully controlled chaos as you reflect on the glass.

This young artist is going places, and you NEED to get some of his work in your collection. Grab the early years now, because you'll want more and more as time passes! Each of Eli's marbles comes with Sips Slaps (stickers).

Please click on a gallery to see more images of each item and to purchase available pieces. I ship worldwide.

#1: Nova Fire  Size: 0.99  Price: $210
:: #1: "Nova Fire" Size: 0.99" Price: $210 ::
#7: Infinity Core  Size: 1.27  Price: $230
:: #7: "Infinity Core" Size: 1.27" Price: $230 ::
#10: A Marquise Affair  Size: 1.30  Price: $350
:: #10: "A Marquise Affair" Size: 1.30" Price: $350 ::
Borg Core  Size: 1.20  Price: SOLD
:: "Borg Core" Size: 1.20" Price: SOLD ::
Snedronningen's Tear  Size: 1.27  Price: SOLD
:: "Snedronningen's Tear" Size: 1.27" Price: SOLD  ::
Neural Genesis  Size: 1.23  Price: SOLD
:: "Neural Genesis" Size: 1.23" Price: SOLD  ::
Sipstopia  Size: 2.09/1.55 x .79  Price: SOLD
:: "Sipstopia" Size: 2.09"/1.55" x .79" Price: SOLD ::
Landmine Lucy  Size: 0.90  Price: SOLD
:: "Landmine Lucy" Size: 0.90" Price: SOLD ::
Living Light  Size: 1.07  Price: SOLD
:: "Living Light" Size: 1.07" Price: SOLD  ::
Symbiosis  Size: 1.13  Price: SOLD
:: "Symbiosis" Size: 1.13" Price: SOLD  ::
Radiated Spheretron  Size: 1.51  Price: SOLD
:: "Radiated Spheretron" Size: 1.51" Price: SOLD  ::
Galaxion Web  Size: 1.42  Price: SOLD
:: "Galaxion Web" Size: 1.42" Price: SOLD  ::
Ice King  Size: 0.97  Price: SOLD
:: "Ice King" Size: 0.97" Price: SOLD  ::