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Ryan Teurfs Marbles For Sale

Ryan Teurfs is a legend in the world of boro, and I'm proud to now be representing him and his marbles (and sometimes pendants) here at Glass ORBits! With a couple of decades of experience to his credit already, Ryan is known for being one of the earliest borosilicate murrine/milli artists in the world, and he has a long history of organizing some of the most epic boro milli ever created. His work has been used in just about every boro project you can think of and has been a massive influence behind the whole boro scene.

These days a lot of his work is going into creating the most flawless, perfect honeycomb milli cane the world has ever seen. The marbles that he produces using this cane will absolutely BLOW your mind, and they contain some of the greatest marble optics you'll ever see. Getting some of his work in your hands is essential to experiencing glass in a way that glass was really meant to be enjoyed. His most epic marbles, the 'Honeyspheres', are made from solid chunks of honeycomb cane that are then sphere ground into perfect spheres. As you stare down through the honeycomb pattern, the optics simply mesmerize you. YOU HAVE GOT TO SEE IT IN HAND!! Seriously, you do, it is AWESOME to behold. Some of Ryan's other styles involve either a slice of honeycomb under a large lens so you can have fun with the magnification, or honeycomb laid over top of the sphere so you can see all the angles of the honeycomb as you move the marble around. Every version has its own style of mind-blowing sweetness, and they are major smile producers. Like me, you'll probably want at least one of every style, especially after you get your first one in hand. Let the glass happiness begin!!

All of Ryan's cane and slice marbles will come with a killer honeycomb storage box/display stand, complete with Ryan's sig initials in one pane of the box. The included LED light fits perfectly inside the box and then the whole ensemble acts as a light base and stand once you turn on the LED. If you think the marbles are amazing in hand, just wait until you see them lit up on their light base!!!!!!

Please click on a gallery to see more images of each item and to purchase available pieces. I ship worldwide.

#2: Honeysphere  Size: 1.10  Price: $350
:: #2: "Honeysphere" Size: 1.10" Price: $350 ::
#3: Large Honeysphere  Size: 1.32  Price: $480
:: #3: "Large Honeysphere" Size: 1.32" Price: $480 ::
#4: Honeyhover  Size: 1.53  Price: $350
:: #4: "Honeyhover" Size: 1.53" Price: $350 ::
#7: Honeyhigh  Size: 2.01  Price: $200
:: #7: "Honeyhigh" Size: 2.01" Price: $200 ::
#8: Dark Comb  Size: 1.41  Price: $350
:: #8: "Dark Comb" Size: 1.41" Price: $350 ::
#9: Mini Layered Honeysphere Size: 0.84 Price: $200
:: #9: "Mini Layered Honeysphere" Size: 0.84" Price: $200  ::
#10: Circles Squared Size: 1.10 Price: $330
:: #10: "Circles Squared" Size: 1.10" Price: $330  ::
#12: Honeybomb Size: 1.31 Price: $250
:: #12: "Honeybomb" Size: 1.31" Price: $250  ::
#13: Cobalt CombOver Size: 1.77 Price: $500
:: #13: "Cobalt CombOver" Size: 1.77" Price: $500  ::
#14: Hovercomb Size: 1.95 Price: $350
:: #14: "Hovercomb" Size: 1.95" Price: $350  ::
#15: Honeywrap Size: 1.38 Price: $350
:: #15: "Honeywrap" Size: 1.38" Price: $350  ::
#16: Old Gold Size: 1.51 Price: $200
:: #16: "Old Gold" Size: 1.51" Price: $200  ::
#19: Large Honeysphere Size: 1.32 Price: $500
:: #19: "Large Honeysphere" Size: 1.32" Price: $500  ::
#20: Wish Ring Size: 1.44 Price: $230
:: #20: "Wish Ring" Size: 1.44" Price: $230  ::
Honeyhang Size: 2.07 Price: SOLD
:: "Honeyhang" Size: 2.07" Price: SOLD ::
Honeydrip Size: 2.74 Price: SOLD
:: "Honeydrip" Size: 2.74" Price: SOLD ::
Apple Honey  Size: 1.69  Price: SOLD
:: "Apple Honey" Size: 1.69" Price: SOLD ::
Mini Honeysphere Size: 0.75 Price: SOLD
:: "Mini Honeysphere" Size: 0.75" Price: SOLD ::
Honeywood  Size: 1.39  Price: SOLD
:: "Honeywood" Size: 1.39" Price: SOLD  ::
Mini Honeysphere  Size: 0.84  Price: SOLD
:: "Mini Honeysphere" Size: 0.84" Price: SOLD ::