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Raj Kommineni Marbles For Sale (Sold Out)

Raj is one of the old school marble makers, at it for over a decade now! I'll never forget when I saw my first Raj K marble back in 2004, as it was the first time I'd ever seen super cool milli used all over the surface of a marble like Raj did, seamlessly mingled in with the pinwheeling. It was a novel concept and as far as I know, Raj and Jerry Kelly (his shopmate back then) were the first ones to do it with marbles, where the milli weren't simply covering the entire marble, but were really worked so nicely into a more complete design. Raj has been making his original milli for a very long time now, and they just keep getting more and more complex and beautiful. However, some of his original marbles are still some of the coolest in this style that you'll ever see. Raj has also done a lot of nice fume work as well over the years. Gotta get some Raj in your collection!!

Please click on a gallery to see more images of each item and to purchase available pieces. I ship worldwide.

Fractal Monactal Size: 1.95 Price: SOLD
:: "Fractal Monactal" Size: 1.95" Price: SOLD ::
Porthole Fractal Size: 1.91 Price: SOLD
:: "Porthole Fractal" Size: 1.91" Price: SOLD ::
Fractal Bluebell Size: 1.86 Price: SOLD
:: "Fractal Bluebell" Size: 1.86" Price: SOLD ::
Confetti Fractal Size: 2.02 Price: SOLD
:: "Confetti Fractal" Size: 2.02" Price: SOLD ::
Milli Money  Size: 2.01  Price: SOLD
:: "Milli Money" Size: 2.01" Price: SOLD ::
Pterodactyl Fractal Size: 1.90 Price: SOLD
:: "Pterodactyl Fractal" Size: 1.90" Price: SOLD ::
Pinpoint Fractal Size: 1.86 Price: SOLD
:: "Pinpoint Fractal" Size: 1.86" Price: SOLD  ::
Fractal Harvest Size: 1.99 Price: SOLD
:: "Fractal Harvest" Size: 1.99" Price: SOLD  ::
Golden Fumery Size: 1.97 Price: SOLD
:: "Golden Fumery" Size: 1.97" Price: SOLD ::
Trapped in Splendor  Size: 1.81  Price: SOLD
:: "Trapped in Splendor" Size: 1.81" Price: SOLD ::
Flower Basket Size: 1.65 Price: SOLD
:: "Flower Basket" Size: 1.65" Price: SOLD ::
Honey Heaven Size: 1.93 Price: SOLD
:: "Honey Heaven" Size: 1.93" Price: SOLD ::
Galactic Millie Monster Size: 1.72 Price: SOLD
:: "Galactic Millie Monster" Size: 1.72" Price: SOLD ::
Twisted Fume Flush  Size: 1.35  Price: SOLD
:: "Twisted Fume Flush" Size: 1.35" Price: SOLD ::
Silver Fumed Chaos  Size: 1.37  Price: SOLD
:: "Silver Fumed Chaos" Size: 1.37" Price: SOLD ::
Billiards Honeycomb  Size: 1.78  Price: SOLD
:: "Billiards Honeycomb" Size: 1.78" Price: SOLD ::
Honeycomb in Space  Size: 2.06  Price: SOLD
:: "Honeycomb in Space" Size: 2.06" Price: SOLD ::
Honeycomb Patterns  Size: 1.86  Price: SOLD
:: "Honeycomb Patterns" Size: 1.86" Price: SOLD ::
Sunken Billiards  Size: 1.73  Price: SOLD
:: "Sunken Billiards" Size: 1.73" Price: SOLD ::