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Glass Art Galleries

These are pictures of *other* glass in my collection, non-marbles. Once I started collecting marbles, I fell in love with glass in general, and now it's VERY hard to resist collecting other forms of glass as well. As you can see, I often fail in my attempts to resist....
'Empyrean Cruiser #1' by Gateson Recko
:: 'Empyrean Cruiser #1' by Gateson Recko ::
Onigari, aka The Demon Hunter
:: "Onigari", aka The Demon Hunter ::
Glass Sculptures by Devin Somerville
:: Glass Sculptures by Devin Somerville ::
Glass Insects by Wesley Fleming
:: Glass Insects by Wesley Fleming ::
Plasma Jellyfish by Bernd Wienmayer
:: Plasma Jellyfish by Bernd Wienmayer ::
Art Glass by Paul Harrie
:: Art Glass by Paul Harrie ::
Spider Pendant by Atsushi Ono
:: Spider Pendant by Atsushi Ono ::
Glass Insects by Toru Shimizu
:: Glass Insects by Toru Shimizu ::
Glass Sculpture by Shawn Tsai
:: Glass Sculpture by Shawn Tsai ::
Monster Pendant by Japanese artist Take
:: Monster Pendant by Japanese artist Take ::
Wheaton Village Marble Weekend 2005 Collaboration
:: Wheaton Village Marble Weekend 2005 Collaboration ::
Wheaton Village 2006 Collab Bowl
:: Wheaton Village 2006 Collab Bowl ::
Glass Christmas Ornaments - Various Artists
:: Glass Christmas Ornaments - Various Artists ::
Glass by Rolf and Genie Wald
:: Glass by Rolf and Genie Wald ::
Sculpture by Boyd Miller
:: Sculpture by Boyd Miller ::
Other Glass Art
:: Other Glass Art ::
Paperweights/Sculpture by Andrew Brown
:: Paperweights/Sculpture by Andrew Brown ::
Rose Roads (Junichi Kojima) Mini Discs
Rose Roads (Junichi Kojima) Mini Discs
Rose Roads
Rose Roads
Jason Lee x Yoshinori Kondo sherlock, with Steve McCarthy marble
Jason Lee x Yoshinori Kondo sherlock, with Steve McCarthy marble
g9/17/390417/3/156419363.o1tcoogJ.jpg Team Japan Dome, Size: 2.14 x 1.24
:: Team Japan Dome, Size: 2.14" x 1.24" ::
Yoshinori Kondo x SLOP set
:: Yoshinori Kondo x SLOP set ::
Mark Lammi x Yoshinori Kondo Sherlock (2015)
:: Mark Lammi x Yoshinori Kondo Sherlock (2015) ::
Rose Roads x Akio Sherlock
:: Rose Roads x Akio Sherlock ::
Murrine and Milli
:: Murrine and Milli ::
g9/17/390417/3/160440014.JV5Pk3J1.jpg g9/17/390417/3/160440013.QN2ScBhv.jpg
Marble Giveaway
Marble Giveaway
Marble Giveaway
Marble Giveaway
AKM Skulls
:: AKM Skulls ::
Richard Hollingshead Spoons
:: Richard Hollingshead Spoons ::
Adam Reetz Sherlocks
:: Adam Reetz Sherlocks ::
Mike Gong Acid Eaters
Mike Gong Acid Eaters
Rose Roads x Kinoko Heads
Rose Roads x Kinoko Heads
Koichi Yajima Sherlock and Jar
:: Koichi Yajima Sherlock and Jar ::
Kenan Tiemeyer x Justin Carter Sherlock
:: Kenan Tiemeyer x Justin Carter Sherlock ::
Josh Simpson Blue New Mexico Vase
:: Josh Simpson Blue New Mexico Vase ::