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James Nowak Marbles and Sculpture For Sale (Sold Out)

You've discovered the only place in the world where you can purchase James Nowak's amazing marbles. Made at my request, these fantastical and huge Underwater Anemone style marbles are visually stunning and an utter blast to explore! Sadly, these are the last of Jame's marbles and paperweights we will ever see since he has closed up his glass shop for good.

Each marble is bright and bold and FUN, with highly charged colors that sparkle and glint as the light plays over them. The various canes used bring the marble to life as they reach to the surface of the marble from the depths within. The 3-dimensional qualities of the marbles are awesome, something to behold in hand. All marble collections have sadly now become 'incomplete' until one of these marbles joins the ranks, wooohooo! Note: All of James' marbles are a bit rough on the bottom pole where the final punty was.

From James Nowak's website: "Northwest Glass artist James Nowak lives and works in Seattle, Washington, the worlds center of the art glass movement. Having studied at Pilchuck Glass School Pratt Fine Arts Center and Corning, New York provided James with a strong foundation to pursue his glass blowing career. By working closely with many of the Northwest's finest artists such as: Dale Chihuly, Ben Moore, Dante Marioni, Karen Willenbrink, Billy Morris and many others; James has developed a style which incorporates the best of the old European techniques coupled with newly developed processes and materials such as dichroic glass, glow glass, photographic glass and fluorescent glass. The incorporation of these new materials along with traditional Murano techniques like filigrana canes and murrini segments gives the work a contemporary flair with classical roots. The surfaces of Nowak's blown vessels, torsos and paperweights are alive with baroque designs and hidden surprises."

All of the marbles are signed and dated with a dremel or ti pen.

Please click on a gallery to see more images of each marble and to purchase available marbles. I ship worldwide.

Shells and Milleese  Size: 9.5 x 6 x 3.75  Price: SOLD
:: "Shells and Milleese" Size: 9.5" x 6" x 3.75" Price: SOLD  ::
Glownemone  Size: 3.09  Price: SOLD
:: "Glownemone" Size: 3.09" Price: SOLD ::
Color Parade Size: 2.48 Price: SOLD
:: "Color Parade" Size: 2.48" Price: SOLD ::
Skyward Ocean  Size: 2.75  Price: SOLD
:: "Skyward Ocean" Size: 2.75" Price: SOLD ::
SkyReach  Size: 2.88  Price: SOLD
:: "SkyReach" Size: 2.88" Price: SOLD ::
Color Overload Size: 2.78 Price: SOLD
:: "Color Overload" Size: 2.78" Price: SOLD  ::
Majesty Below Size: 2.78 Price: SOLD
:: "Majesty Below" Size: 2.78" Price: SOLD ::
Koral Kingdom  Size: 2.82  Price: SOLD
:: "Koral Kingdom" Size: 2.82" Price: SOLD ::
Coral Cacophony  Size: 2.71  Price: SOLD
:: "Coral Cacophony" Size: 2.71" Price: SOLD ::
Ocean Flow  Size: 2.65  Price: SOLD
:: "Ocean Flow" Size: 2.65" Price: SOLD ::
Jeweled Depths  Size: 2.81  Price: SOLD
:: "Jeweled Depths" Size: 2.81" Price: SOLD ::
Pacific Breeze  Size: 2.80  Price: SOLD
:: "Pacific Breeze" Size: 2.80" Price: SOLD ::
Killer Kane-age  Size: 2.84  Price: SOLD
:: "Killer Kane-age" Size: 2.84" Price: SOLD ::
Oceanic Menagerie  Size: 2.75  Price: SOLD
:: "Oceanic Menagerie" Size: 2.75" Price: SOLD ::
Triumphant Trumpets  Size: 2.87  Price: SOLD
:: "Triumphant Trumpets" Size: 2.87" Price: SOLD ::
Color Tubes  Size: 2.49  Price: SOLD
:: "Color Tubes" Size: 2.49 Price: SOLD ::
Dream Sequence Size: 2.45 Price: SOLD
:: "Dream Sequence" Size: 2.45" Price: SOLD ::
Color Canopy Size: 2.47 Price: SOLD
:: "Color Canopy" Size: 2.47" Price: SOLD ::
Fantasy Island Size: 2.54 Price: SOLD
:: "Fantasy Island" Size: 2.54" Price: SOLD ::
Rockin' Reef Size: 3.16 Price: SOLD
:: "Rockin' Reef" Size: 3.16" Price: SOLD ::
Side Shooter Size: 3.15 Price: SOLD
:: "Side Shooter" Size: 3.15" Price: SOLD ::
Lavender Delight Size: 2.48 Price: SOLD
:: "Lavender Delight" Size: 2.48" Price: SOLD ::
Launch Pad Size: 2.51 Price: SOLD
:: "Launch Pad" Size: 2.51" Price: SOLD ::
All That Jazz Size: 2.53 Price: SOLD
:: "All That Jazz" Size: 2.53" Price: SOLD ::
Triumphant Return Size: 2.54 Price: SOLD
:: "Triumphant Return" Size: 2.54" Price: SOLD ::
Effervescent Tubation Size: 2.64 Price: SOLD
:: "Effervescent Tubation" Size: 2.64" Price: SOLD ::
Sea Carnival Size: 3.01 Price: SOLD
:: "Sea Carnival" Size: 3.01" Price: SOLD ::
Mystic Launchpad Size: 3.22 Price: SOLD
:: "Mystic Launchpad" Size: 3.22" Price: SOLD ::
Rich Rewards Size: 3.11 Price: SOLD
:: "Rich Rewards" Size: 3.11" Price: SOLD ::
Totally Tubular Size: 3.19 Price: SOLD
:: "Totally Tubular" Size: 3.19" Price: SOLD ::
Colorful Cannons Size: 3.20 Price: SOLD
:: "Colorful Cannons" Size: 3.20" Price: SOLD ::
Royalty Size: 3.12 Price: SOLD
:: "Royalty" Size: 3.12" Price: SOLD ::
Tantalizing Ice Flow Size: 3.12 Price: SOLD
:: "Tantalizing Ice Flow" Size: 3.12" Price: SOLD ::
Majesty Size: 3.02 Price: SOLD
:: "Majesty" Size: 3.02" Price: SOLD ::
My Two Favorite Colors Size: 3.13 Price: SOLD
:: "My Two Favorite Colors" Size: 3.13" Price: SOLD ::
Sea Dazzle Size: 3.15 Price: SOLD
:: "Sea Dazzle" Size: 3.15" Price: SOLD ::
Undersea Greenland Size: 3.08 Price: SOLD
:: "Undersea Greenland" Size: 3.08" Price: SOLD ::